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Gov't: State from the story Compilation of LET Reviewer: Social Studies by dandanstories (DMarunong) with reads. geography, currenteve. LET Reviewer Social Studies - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Social The Philippine legislature is divided into two major bodies. LET Reviewer: Social Studies Major. Part 1: 1. Rennaisance is a French word meaning__________. a. awakening b. birth c. peak d. rebirth. 2.

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Let Reviewer For Social Studies Major Pdf

View Notes - LET-Reviewer-in-SOCIAL-STUDIES from EDUCATION at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. LET Reviewer in SOCIAL STUDIES Part 1. MAJORSHIP LET REVIEWER IN SOCIAL SCIENCE / SOCIAL STUDIES / ARALING PANLIPUNAN 1. Which of the following in NOT a major feature of Southeast. SOCIAL STUDIES LET REVIEW has members. On May 22, , Dan Louis R. Atengco, a Social Science enthusiast, made a group that will cater.

The datu exercised all the powers of government. Laws were formulated by a law making body elected by the datu. Laws were formulated by a law making body elected by the community. There was a court created by the datu to hear complaints. Presidential system of government with three branches. Parliamentary system of government. The three branches of government are separate and independent of one another. The three branches of government have a check and balance over one another. If our present government is a democracy, where does power reside?

It has been colonized by two European colonial powers. Guerilla warfare against the US was initiated. Legaspi concluded a blood compact with the chief of Bohol. It has been an independent nation ever since. It has evolved from a colony to a fully independent nation. In Land distribution Nepotism and corruption Graft and corruption Environmental degeneration Aguinaldo declared Philippine independence.

The first female president in Asia. Who is referred to? Which of the following was first to happen? What was the first book published in the Philippines? While in the capitalist system. During the Spanish era. Ethnocentrism Xenocentrism Favoritism Racial discrimination I rent out for Php How do you describe a typical social structure which describes a pattern through which relationships at work are ordered?

Which is an unlawful act of escaping from payment of taxes? Property tax Professional tax Income tax Community tax Reduce inequalities in wealth and incomes. Assessment Tariff Subsidiary Revenue Evasion Avoidance Exemption Shifting Goods are distributed among the members but benefiting mostly the policymaking body.

Goods are distributed among the members but elected and appointed officials get more to comprehensive their service. Fortify the government against invaders. Social injustice b. Make the country a leading industrialized country in the world. When parents decide to send their children to a private school and pay their tuition fee instead of sending them to public school.

Goods are distributed among the members. Raise revenue for the support of the government. Which term refers to duties payable on goods. Technological Communistic Capitalistic Bureaucratic Double jeopardy 9.

Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. A rule of the few rich A form of dictatorship Anti-poor Elitist 6. Parliamentary Dictatorial Monarchial Presidential 7. Parliamentary Presidential Aristocracy Monarchical 8.

Democracy 1 Which type of governance is characterized by a union of partially self. Double taxation d. Social inequity Bhong Libantino. Jessica Marie. Rena Quimpo Idorot. Kim Aquino. Divine Habel. Andeng Bautista. Michael Vincent Montero. Lilibeth Mabiscay. Rose Tejada. Cruz L Antonio. Weng Malate. Iyen Dalisay. Richard Lim. Maria Victoria Padro. Maria Vanessa Jimenez Resullar.

Irene Quimson. Chris Taclan Near. More From Bhong Libantino.

Joy Cadayday. Nisha Vasudev R. Popular in Public Law. Poonam Bansal. Cesyl Patricia Ballesteros. San Marcos Mercury. United States v. Maivi Rodriguez, 11th Cir.


Scribd Government Docs. Rule Testimonial Oral Evidence. Zulueta v CA. Denise Subramaniam. Lira Mirandus Manik. Cs Garment, Inc. Commissioner of Internal Revenue. Kia Biado. DrSwagath Narayan. Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association. Arisa Bajana. WKMS News. The boys opted to make a choral rendition of the theme song of the movie "Titanic. Which statement best indicates a balance between responsibility and authority? Miss Soriano has just provided a group activity to her class.

While the class is at it, she says You can talk as much as you want. You are forbidden to talk with each other. I'll send you out of the room if you so much create noise. You can talk provided you finish the work on time and do not disturb the other group Which of the following behaviors bespeaks of a professional teacher? Speaks ill of the Filipino ways B. Advocates the theme of nationhood C.

Imparts his personal beliefs and ideology D. Seeks the cooperation of the parents for her own interests Which situation shows a desirable relationship between teachers and other groups of people? Magsino, a newly-assigned principal to Barangay San Andres, calls on the barangay chairman. The new teacher was requested to help the barangay council in a case involving one of his students.

He declined. Tiglao feels that the barangay council is against his plans; so, he does not consult the council even if there is a need for it. The principal does her own way of campaigning for cleanliness in and outside the school; she never gets involved with the same campaign of the barangay officials. If you were Mrs. Norman, which action would you take to show a balance between balance and accountability?

Give them more free time during the camping period. See to it that the older boy scouts take charge of the safety of the group C.

Let the boy scouts do the scheduled activities during the camping while he had a drinking spree with the other scout masters. Prepare structured activities that allow independent work among the boy scout groups and rate them according to the agreed criteria.

Which two characteristics of eastern philosophies might have influenced Philippine education? Focus on the individual. The group is above self. Knowledge comes about through meditation. Man's way of life must be characterized by harmony. Which situation shows that action is legal but not moral? Public official, entitled to specific privileges from the government A. Takes the most economical fare in going about his duties.

Does his job without getting favors from the client he serves. Buys the latest and the most expensive car model for his department. Which assumption underlies the teacher's use of performance objectives? Not every form of learning is observable. Performance objectives assure the learrier of learning.

Learning is defined as a change in the learner's observable performance. The success of learner is based on teacher performance. In the parlance of test construction what does TOS mean?

The Ultimate LET Reviewer 2019 (Gen. Ed, Prof. Ed. and Major)

Table of Specifics B. Table of Specifications C. Table of Specific Test Items D. Team of Specifications 3. A student passes a research report poorly written but ornately presented in a folder to make up for the poor quality of the book report content.

Which Filipino trait does this practice prove? In a criterion-referenced testing, what must you do to ensure that your test is fair? Make all of the questions true or false. Ask each student to contribute one question. Make twenty questions but ask the students to answer only ten of their choice.

Use the objectives for the units as guide in your test construction. Which does Noam Chomsky, assert about language learning for children?

Young children learn and apply grammatical rules and vocabulary as they are exposed to them. Begin formal teaching of grammatical rules to children as early as possible. Do not require initial formal language teaching for children. I and III B. II only C. I only D. I and II 6. Which Filipino trait works against the shift in teacher's role from teacher as a fountain of information to teacher as facilitator? Authoritativeness B.

Authoritarianism C. Hiya D. Pakikisama 7. If a teacher plans a constructivist lesson, what will he most likely do? Plan how he can A. Who among the following needs less verbal counseling but needs more concrete and operational forms of assistance? How would you select the most fit in government positions? Applying Confucius teachings, which would be the answer?

LET Reviewer - General Education (SOCIAL SCIENCE - Society, Culture and Family Planning 1)

By course accreditation of an accrediting body B. By merit system and course accreditation C. By merit system D. By government examinations Which types of play is most characteristic of a four to six-year old child? Solitary and onlooker plays B. Associative and coooperative plays C. Associative and onlooker plays D. Cooperative and solitary plays Teacher T taught a lesson denoting ownership by means of possessives.

He first introduced the rule, then gave examples, followed by class exercises, then back to the rule before he moved into the second rule. Which presenting technique did he use? Combinatorial B. Comparative C. Part-whole D. Sequence Teacher E discussed how electricity flows through wires and what generates the electric charge.

Then she gave the students wires, bulbs, switches, and dry cells and told the class to create a circuit that will increase the brightness of each bulb. Which one best describes the approach used? It used a taxonomy of basic thinking skills B. It was contructivist C. It helped students understand scientific methodolgy D. It used cooperative learning Teacher B uses the direct instruction strategy. Which sequence of steps will she follow? Independent practice II.

Feedback and correctiveness III. Guided student practice IV. Presenting and structuring V. Reviewing the previous day's work A. Which are direct measures of competence? Personality tests B. Performance tests C. Paper-and-pencil tests D. Standardized test Under which program were students who were not accommodated in public elementary and secondary schools because of lack of classroom, teachers, and instructional materials, were enrolled in private schools in their respective communities at the government's expense?

Government Assistance Program B. Study Now-Pay Later C. Educational Service Contract System D. National Scholarship Program Which activity should a teacher have more for his students if he wants them to develop logical-mathematical thinking? Problem solving B. Choral reading C. Drama D. Storytelling An effective classroom manager uses low-profile classroom control.

Which is a low-profile classroom technique? Note to parents B. After-school detention C. Withdrawal of privileges D. Those born by artificial insemination.

Those legitimated. Those born during a valid marriage of parents. Those born out of a valid marriage of the parents. Which location should have most nearly twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of darkness during December? Halfway between the Equator and the South Pole. Close to the Equator. Close to the North Pole. Close to the South Pole. Sociologists define culture as: a.

Pakikisama b. The occurrence of graft and corruption, nepotism and favoritism in the Philippines if often attributed to the value of: a.

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Personalism b. Impersonalism c. The type of residence which permits the newly married couple to reside independently of the parents of the bride and the groom is a. The movement of a person or group of persons to another place more or less for permanent residence is a. The division of society into layers in termed as a.

The most preferred form of marriage in human societies is a. What is writ of habeas data? Right to information privacy b. Right to accumulate data 6 c. Right to transmit data d. Right to search for private information When a teacher is charged with an administrative case committed in the lawful discharge of professional duties, what right may the teacher invoke for her defense?

Right to receive compensation for the duration of the case. Right to be given the due process of law. Right to be provided with free legal service by the appropriate office. Can you be arrested without a warrant of arrest? No, if you are a minor. No, if you are more than 60 years old. Yes, if you were reported to have committed a crime. Yes, if you are in the act of committing a crime. Can a person be imprisoned for debt? No, if he cant pay the interest of his debt.

Yes, if he has no property with which to pay his debt. Yes, if he stubbornly refuses to pay. What does presumption of innocence mean in so far as human rights are concerned? A suspect is considered guilty until proven otherwise. A suspect has the right to remain silent. A suspect has the right to a legal counsel. A suspect remains innocent until proven guilty. Natural born citizen b. Resident of the Philippines for at least 2 years c. At least 21 years old d. Professional Who has the power to declare the existence of a state of war?

Chief justice President Senate President Congress How is the crime of rape classified? Heinous Homicide Slander Malicious Mischief All Filipino citizens have the right to vote and to be voted upon as a government official. What is this constitutional right called? Passive right to vote Political franchise Suffrage Electoral right 7 It has never been an independent nation. It has been an independent nation ever since.

It has evolved from a colony to a fully independent nation. It has not achieved full independence from the very beginning. Land distribution Nepotism and corruption Graft and corruption Environmental degeneration It has been colonized by two European colonial powers.

It has never been united as a nation. There have been attempts to change its government to a parliamentary form. It is the only Christian country in Asia. The first female president of the Philippines.

The first female president in Asia. Described as the icon of democracy. Which of the following was first to happen? Aguinaldo was captured. Aguinaldo declared Philippine independence.

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