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A Midsummer Tights Dream Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream (Cliffs Notes) A Midsummer Night's Dream (Webster's Thesaurus Edition). A Midsummer Tights Dream by Louise Rennison - Free download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Read an excerpt from A Midsummer. Hold on to your tights!! Because I am holding on to mine, I can tell you. Or 'the theatre of dreams' as Sidone Beaver, the principal, calls it. I am truly on the.

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A Midsummer Tights Dream The Misadventures Of Tallulah. Casey 2 Louise Rennison survival executive jungle chester burger collier,suzuki bandit midsummer tights dream misadventures of tallulah casey ebook ebook a midsummer tights his eye is on the sparrow, musical bio of ethel waters. a midsummer tights dream pdf a midsummer tights dream the misadventures of tallulah casey 2 The Shakespearean fool is a recurring character type in the.

Louise rennison a midsummer night's dream pdf download Louise Rennison is the internationally bestselling and awardwinning author of Withering Tights, A Midsummer Tights Dream, and the angstfilled Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series. We are returning with funnygirl Tallulah as she takes on her first term at Dother Hall and wild hijinks ensue! Tallulah is a really fun character, so reading about her misadventures is always interesting. It portrays the events surrounding the marriage of the Duke of Athens, Theseus, and Hippolyta. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android Louise Rennison, nationally bestselling author of the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series, returns with another hilarious adventure starring Georgias cousin Tallulah Casey.

Which they would have done, had my home been in an oak tree. I put the squirrel slippers into the bed for company. Well, one looks like a squirrel and the other one looks like a hamster. My brother, Connor, set fire to one of the tail bits so its just a stump. I looked around at the familiar carved wooden wardrobe acorn theme and the wooden dressing table with the carved squirrel legs and the wooden, well, everything really. You name it, if it was in the room, it was wooden.

But wood was OK. Everything was OK. I put my case on the bed and started to unpack. Georgia and her Ace Gang helped me choose cool things to suit my shape. Like dark tights and bright little skirts. And hats. The Ace Gang said I needed to de-emphasize my bad bits nobbly knees and emphasize my good bits catty eyes and nice swishy black hair. Georgia said to 16 distract boys from my knee area I should swish my hair almost constantly.

Although not to fiddle with my fringe, because she personally thought that was a killing offense. I hung all my stuff in the wooden wardrobe. I even have a special underwear drawer. With bras in it. Oh yes! Yes, I now officially wear corker holders. And whats more, I have corkers to put in them!! Ive got the tiniest corker appliances you can get 30A , but I have high hopes for a growth spurt when I start tapdancing my way to the top of the showbiz ladder.

Not that I can tap-dance, but I could do something on the ladder, Im sure. Its just a question of finding it and not falling off the ladder in the meantime. Even though you cant see the ladder.

Ooh, it will be so nice to see little Vaisey again and her cheeky bottom and all my new arty mates. Im putting my new shiny, fruity performance-art notebook under my pillow for when I come up with more whizzo creative projects.

I cant wait to see Dr. Lightowlers face when she has to hand me my golden slippers of applause. She doesnt like me. I dont know why. It was after I did my owl-laying-an-egg mime in her class. I think she took against me then. Maybe she thought I was pretending to be her because 17 she looks like an owl.

She said I was silly and shouldnt be at Dother Hall. But Dr. Owly is in for a surprise when she gets to see how unsilly I can be. Im going to put my corker-measuring tape measure in my corker-holder drawer, next to my corker holders. I wonder if my corkers have grown since I last measured them? I did a sneaky measuring in the lavatory on the train, which is only about three hours ago, but growing could happen any time, couldnt it? It could happen the minute after you took the corkermeasuring tape measure away.

Anyway, I am not going to risk doing a measure. It would be just my luck for the lunatic twins to come barging in. Last term, unfortunately I tried my method in front of the window. And Cain Hinchcliff was out there in the undergrowth, snogging some village girl, and hed seen me, seen me doing my method.

Hed seen me rubbing my corkers with my hiking socks on my hands. To make them grow. My corkers, not the socks. The socks were huge. Best not to think about it. I shivered at the memory. Still, that was all in the past. Split splat!!! I shook my hair and gave it a bit of a va-va-voom.

When I opened my door, there they were. The twins. Blinking and sucking on their dodies. As if they knew that I had nearly measured my corkers. Perhaps they have a corker-sensing gene. Perhaps all boys do. What a horrific thought. After tea local eggs and a local sausage , I said, Im just going to pop to The Blind Pig to see Ruby and then we might pop and visit the owlets.

Ive entered the popping zone again. I like it. Its very me. As I went out the door Dibdobs said, Put this hat on in case of rain. Its my camping hat. I said, Ill be all ri But she was ramming the waterproof hat on my head, completely squashing my va-va-voomed hair.

Id have to not take it off now in case of hat hair. Dobbins said, Oooooh, look at you!! Youre gorgeous. Youve grown! And she hugged me again. And so did the boys. Its very hard to walk when youve got three people doing hugging. Maybe the right thing to do was to hug them back and then they would let me go. But that made it worse. Dibdobs started hugging more tightly and I think she might have been crying. I got away at last by saying, Bye then!!! I was only going three feet across the green.

What if we went on a school trip? The sign a pig in dark glasses with a white stick was creaking in the cold wind. I remembered last sitting here. On the wall next to the pub. With Alex. Dreamy Alex. Hed looked at me and smiled his smile.

It was the best moment of my life so far. We were so close. I wanted to say so much. I wanted my eyes to speak the words I couldnt say. Which actually might have been a bit of a surprise to both of us if they had done. So I had said to him, My knees are too far up. Why would you say that? And then he had wanted to look at my knees to see how far up they were, and the whole thing had gone wrong, leaving him thinking I was just a stupid little kid.

Well, I will not be saying that sort of thing to him again. In fact Im going to make a normal list in my performance-art notebook. Topics that a normal person would talk about. Topics that are not knee-based. Like theater. Yes, yes, I will tell him about the plays I have seen.

Well, actually I havent seen any plays. Books, then. Yes, books. I could say, That Dickens writes a lot, doesnt he? Ruby came bursting out of the pub door. I saw you through the winder.

Ullo ullo. Its me!!! And Matilda!!! Matilda was barking and throwing herself at me, jumping up. Well, sort of. She was just thudding against my calves to be fair.

Her bulldoggy face looks like she is doing a turned-down squashy smile all the time. Maybe she is. Ruby was laughing and her pigtails were jiggling about like ears underneath her hat. She was still yelling, Ullo ullo!!!

It was so nice to see her little freckly face and gappy teeth. She was skipping around me and shouting, Shes 21 back, shes back!!! Matilda, show Loobylullah how tha can die for England! Matilda stopped leaping and lay on her back with her stumpy bow legs in the air. Ruby said, Do your Irish dancing over her. She likes that. Go on. Ill do the singing. Hiddly diddly diddly. As she was bobbing around she said, You should see the owlets! Shall we go for a wander now?

Youll not believe it. Theyve got right fat. Come on, come on. As she went skipping off, I said, Should you tell your dad where youre going? She shouted back, Hes not in.

Hes forming a heavy metal band in Ormskirk. I caught up with her crossing the green. I said, Alex has formed a heavy metal band in Ormskirk? But She said, Not Alex, tha barm pot. Alex has gone off tcollege. Me dad. You should see him in his band stuff. Hes got these right tight leather trousers.

Its horrible, and sometimes he cant get them off. Or walk up stairs in them. As we went down by the side of the sheep field, I said, I didnt even know your dad could play a guitar. Believe mehe cantbut he can shout bloody loud and hes got his own Viking helmet.

Its a tribute band. And she said, No, its a tribute band to pies. Theyre called The Iron Pies. I hope I never have to see them. So no Alex around then. I sighed. No Mr. Darcy to look at and try out my new boy skills on. As we walked along I said, Rubes, do you think my knees have got less nobblier?

Ruby stopped hopping and looked at them. Then she bent down and knocked my knee with her fist. Quite hard. I said, Owww. She said, Aye, I think they av a bit. Then she looked up at me. I tell thee what, that corker rubbing has worked a bit too.

Tha looks like youve got two walnuts down your jumper. You havent, have you? I tried not to smirk. Walnuts now but maybe coconuts soon. We were passing by the back of the Dobbinses house.

It seemed so familiar to be back here, but so much had changed. I was a woman now with womanly bits. And womanly bits holders. In various colors. Ruby said, Ay up, what did tha mean in your letter? You know, you said you would tell me abaht Charlie when you saw me. Yes, you thought he thought you were a long 23 lanky twit and that, didnt you? I said, Er, Ruby. No, I didnt think he thought I was a long lanky twit, actually. Im not a long lanky tw At which point I caught my head a glancing blow on a low-lying branch.

Ruby tried not to laugh. I rubbed my head as we walked on through the dark woods and crouched a bit. Ruby said, Go on then. I wasnt her plaything. I was a sensitive human being. I said, I think youre too young. I dont think youd understand.

A Midsummer Tights Dream

She said, Well, I understood about Ben, when you said kissing him were like having a little bat trapped in your mouth. She was going on, toddling around in front of me. Some boys are so useless at snogging. I dont know why they dont practice before they come bothering you. They could practice on.

There was a whole world of snogging I knew nothing about and Ruby was only eleven. Actually, it was making me feel sad thinking about Charlie. Id really liked him. He made me laugh. And I thought he sort of liked me. We were at the barn by now.

I wanted to make sure that Connie had gone off. I said to Rube, I dont want my head pecked off by an enormous angry barn owl. Its not 24 even as though she would peck it off at once and get it over and done with. I saw her eat a mouse, head first, bit by bit. Till only its tail was hanging out of her beak. So Ruby crept off and opened the barn door while I crouched behind a bush. I noticed Matilda sat down behind me.

Clearly she didnt want her head pecked off either. Ruby came back skipping and said, Theyre on their own, come in!!! I went into the barn and when my eyes adjusted to the dark I could see them. Little Ruby and Little Lullah. Our little owlets. Little owlets?

They were HUGE! We spent an hour with the furry freaks. They can flutter about now, although they do crash into the walls. And they swooped down onto our hats. I think they love us and think we are their stupid friends who dont even know how to fly. Well, maybe I cant fly but I dont poo myself all the time.

I said to Ruby, Look, they are pooing while they are eating. Ruby said, Ah know, sometimes you can see little mouse claws in the poo pellets. It was getting cold and late, so Ruby put them back on their hay pile. I didnt want to handle them in case I was involved in a poo situation.

But they were so sweet and they fluffed their feathers up to make themselves look bigger. And did head swiveling, to show off how far they could swivel.

I feel proud of them. As she pulled her hat down she said, Dont make me have to go say owt to me dad about you saying an owlet looks like you. It was spooky down the dark lane with the noises in the fields and the rain and moaning wind. There were strange rustlings in the trees and a far-off hooting.

Ruby huddled into her jacket and threw a stick for Matilda. Matilda looked at the stick as it flew over her head. Then she just went on toddling along. She knows that its not a biscuit, so why would she bother to go and get it? Ruby said, The Hinchcliffs have had a reight big fight. They smashed the Bottomlys outdoor lavatory when they fell into it. I tutted. What were they fighting about this time? Who was the stupidest? Ruby said, No, Ruben found out that Cain had been laiking around with his girlfriend.

I tutted again. Ruby went on. Cain made it worse by saying he was only doing Ruben a favor because she was a real mardy bum. And thick. Ill gi it thee tomorrow. I tried not to leap in the air or do Irish dancing. I said, Oh, well. You know I had better.

Ruby rolled her eyes at me. Come on then, soft lass. We went across the green to The Blind Pig and Ruby ran up the back stairs to her room. I was hovering around by the door. With a bit of luck, I wouldnt have to bump into Ted. I couldnt help noticing he had a Viking helmet on. And a guitar in his hand. And was wearing a very tight pair of leather trousers. He was walking with small steps. His whole big face lit up when he saw me.

Oh dear. Well, what a lovely surprisethe thespian is back at last. Thank the Lord. Now then. Dont tell me, let me guess what you are pretending to be this time.

I said politely, Hello, Mr. Barraclough, I He waved his helmet about. No, dunt tell me, dunt tell me. Are you a historic figure? Im thinking the woolly tights. Your rain hat, the slight roll as you walk. Are you Nelson? Im right, arent I?

I said, Im not doing mime. Im just collecting 27 Ah, the good days are back again. I really have. Monday, I will once more hear the sound of you cantering to Dither Hall on your imaginary ponies. Actually, Vaisey did have an imaginary pony. Black Beauty. Had he been spying on us? Ruby came back and handed a letter to me.

She said, Dont go daft. I took the letter and said to her, Heeee-heee, why should I go daft, its only a letter from, you know, a mate to another mate, heeee, I dont know what you mean.

She just looked at me and shook her hair. Then she said to her dad, How did The Iron Pies rehearsal go? He said, Bloody marvelous. The Iron Pies are going to be the biggest thing this side of Grimbottom. We are quite literally a sound sensation. Ruby said, Oh yeah? How many songs have you got? Well, fust of all, weve done some belters for the mums and dads.

All with the original pie theme. Ruby said, Like what?

A Midsummer Tights Dream by Louise Rennison | Leisure

Then a bit of a classic for the rockers, Rock Around the Pie. Well be cracking. Ill have groupies trying to get hold of my pies. I didnt know what to say, and I also didnt want to think about his pies anymore. I was dying to read my letter. So I said I had to go because Dibdobs was waiting for me. I ran across the green and into Dandelion Cottage. Harold was back from his knitting workshop and I had to do more hugging duties with him.

Then I started yawning to give him the idea of beddy-byes, but he said, Tallulah, before you go up the wooden stairs to Noddsville, let me just show you my new cloak. Its hand-knitted, and as you can see it has shell buttons. As he was swishing around modeling it for me, he said, You see, the shells show mans connection with the earth or, in this case, Skegness beach.

At last I was in my squirrel room. I have my squirrel lamp switched on by my bed, and outside the wind is howling across the moors.

But I am snug inside with my letter. My letter from the Dream Boy. I paused before I opened it. To drink in its atmosphere of boyness. Then I sniffed it. And licked it. Im turning into Matilda. I can imagine him writing it.

With a quill pen probably. A candle guttering late at night in his room. He is wearing his usual late-night wearvelveteen breeches and flouncy shirt. I dont know why his shirt is wet as he writes. Maybe he has been for a midnight swim. Or a latenight, fully clothed bath. To cool his ardor and passions, which are running riot. He looks out of his window over the moonlit dales, thinking of me as he last saw me in late summer. My long dark tresses framing my face. Looking up at him with my green eyes.

And as he looks long and deep into my eyes, I feel an urge to raise my bottom eyelids and. Hang on a minuteI have changed into an owlet!!!

Get a grip, Tallulah!! I opened the envelope. Well done for making it to the new term personally, I think it was your spectacular Sugar Plum Bikey that did it. I dont think any of us who were there will forget your skirt catching in the back spokes, and you flying off into the backstage area.

I am off to Liverpool tonight to start my course but hope to see you in a couple of weeks when I come home. Good luck. Knock em dead, but try not to break a leg! Lots of love, Alex xxx Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Outside in the dark I can hear an owl hooting. It will be big Connie out there, collecting food for the owlets. She is holding her own mouse massacre. Ruby says the owlets will start hunting for themselves in a week or two.

Having to do their own hunting will be a shock for them. They probably think there is a big owl in the sky that just hands them stuff. I dont think you would poo in front of the big owl in the sky. At the same time as eating. Pooing and eating doesnt seem right to me. Still, what does make sense in Nature?

Anyway to heck with Nature. Im not interested in Nature. I am only interested in Alex. Alex in his velveteen breeches. Alex who said, Hello, Green Eyes.

And, Hope to see you in a couple of weeks. And who said, Lots of love. And put three kisses. That Alex. I am keeping his letter under my pillow. Maybe I should write a letter back. Night-night, Dream Boy. Night-night, world. The next day I woke up to the pitter-pattering of light hail on my window.

The church bells chimed nine oclock but its still so dark it could be nighttime. I got out of my snuggly squirrel bed and had a look out of the window. This is the life, minus fifty degrees. There is a slight frost on the window. On the inside. When I rubbed it away I could see that even the sheep are huddling together for warmth. And they are practically walking jumpers.

I dont know what to wear. Something cozy but glam. Thick tights and my new short green wool skirt, black top, and new leather over-the-knee boots? And a hat so that the hail cant take all the bouncy bounce out of my hair. When I was fully togged up, I went downstairs into the kitchen.

Even though it is Antarctic conditions, the Dobbinses have left a note to say that after church they are going out on their Earth Sky walk with the young Christian Table Tennis Team. They were sorry I was missing it. Well, they are on their own there!

I had a crumpet and some honey and milky coffee. The honey is local of course. Harold is obsessed with local produce.

I bet he knows the bees by name. And has made them little winter cloaks like his. And is paying their tuition fees to Bee Academy. So they can better themselves and get out of the worker-bee trap.

Oooooh, I am so excited my legs are wiggling around for no reason. They are uncontrollable. They might calm down when I shove them in my boots. I feel soooo lucky to be here.

It feels great to have proper friends and to be on the brink of being a showbiz legend. Or, well, being on the course. I know its childish but I wanted to dance and sing with pleasure. I only wish I could do either. Anything goes in the crazy world of theater, dahling. That would make Alex know I was proper girlfriend material, and not some little girl with nobbly knees.

I can imagine myself in the Swiss Alps actually. In a big flouncy dress dancing with goats. The hills are alive with the sound of music. I got bundled up in my coat and hat and left the house. I had to walk slightly bent because there was a mini gale blasting across the moors and fields. But at least it had stopped hailing. The sheep were still huddled together against the wind. Looking at me. I shouted to the sheep. I love you, my little woolly friends. They didnt like it. They didnt want to be my friends.

They wanted to be my unfriends. They shuffled off as a group and tried to get in the hedge. And looked at me from there. They are very cross-eyed. Maybe it is so they can see round corners? That would be handy if there were wolves creeping up behind you. Hang onyour eyes should go outward to do that, not inward so that you just see your own looming nose. How useful would that be?

Anyway, I cant be bothered about the animal kingdom, 35 I am too busy being in a good mood. Im going to do runrun-leap to The Sound of Music to keep me warm.

Run, run, leap. The hills are alive with the sound of. Oh great balls of fire. Leaning against the gate of the churchyard, like a great dark crow, was him. The Dark Force of Heckmondwhite. The Black Hearted Prince himself. Cain Hinchcliff. He was dressed all in black, a long black coat and black boots. He had his collar turned up against the wind. His hair is longer than when I last saw him. And it looks even blacker.

He saw me, so I stopped leaping and started pretending that my boots were falling down. A half smile crossed his face. Not a nice beamy smile, a dark twisty smile. He pushed his hair back and looked me right in the eyes. His eyes are so black you cant tell what he is thinking. I know what I am thinking.

I am thinking, Oh, banana skins and bejesus, hes seen me leaping, and talking to sheep. Cain licked his lips like a hungry wolf and said, Well, well, well. Then he ran his eyes up and down my body and said, Thas grown a bit.

Oh, how bloody well dare he?! How could he see through my coat? Maybe he had X-ray vision. What color pants had I got on? Oh, stop it, of course he couldnt see through my coat and see my pants. He was just being him.

Rude and crude and horrible. I only had my hat or my mittens and that didnt seem nearly violent enough. He was like an animal in trousers. Still, on the other hand, he had said Id grown a bit, which means, Id grown a bit. Not that I care what he thinks. As the wind plucked at his hair and whipped it round his face, I remembered the last time I had seen him.

It was in the barn and he was poking the owlets with a little stick. All dark, with his dark broody eyes. And his black hair. And his long black eyelashes. Hes not good like Alex. Good and tall and brownhaired Alex. With his frilly shirt and his eyes and so on. He was still just staring at me. He doesnt seem to know that staring is rude. Well, two can play at that game. I stared back. And Im not going to blink either. That will show him.

Then he stopped staring and came toward me and did up-close staring. His face was only about a foot away from mine. Looking right in my eyes. He said, Thas got eyes like a wild cat. I could out-stare him any day. Any day.

It suddenly started to hail quite heavily. I could hear 37 the pattering and bouncing on my hat. I could see the hailstones on his dark hair, hanging there like handfuls of pearls.

He didnt seem to notice. Just went on staring right into my eyes. Then I felt a hailstone hit my face. It didnt just ping offit started slipping slowly down the middle of my forehead. Then it got to my eyebrows and I thought it had gone. But then I felt it start slipping down the side of my nose, like a tear. First there's Charlie who only wants to be friends and the local bar Landlord son Alex who comes back from college with a girlfriend and now local bad boy Cain seems to have a strange interest in her for some reason Throw all boy problems, with some drama and lots of humour and you a massive feel good, Laugh out loud story.

But I feel like they could be a hit or miss depending on the reader, If you are a teenage girl-or boy! I love this book and this series so, so much - it's so silly and fabulous and hysterically funny, and I was laughing from pretty much the first paragraph, which begins: Performing Arts College, here I come again! Hold on to your tights!! Because I am holding on to mine, I can tell you.

Which makes it difficult to go to the loo, but that is the price of fame!!! And fame is my game! I adore Georgia's voice and her whole wonderful group of friends and the total wackiness of their eccentric performing arts school set in a fabulously grim Yorkshire village.

And yes, having lived in Yorkshire for 7 years - and worked at a performing arts camp - makes me love this series even more. It's all hilarious and wonderful on its own, but it's even better if you also happen to have read Cold Comfort Farm. But you definitely don't need to have read any other books - not even the first one - to find this book incredibly funny, joyous, exuberant and warmhearted, just like its heroine.

Now I want to go back and re-read the first book in the series immediately! Further embarrassment, boy drama and Irish dancing await Tallulah she returns to Dother Hall for the autumn term. The crazily-staffed all-girls is facing financial difficulties from cruel-hearted bankers who have no empathy with Artistry and simply say, "We do not care about ballet, get out your wallet! And Cain Cain is wandering about on the moors with his dog, annoying the Bottomleys and confusing Tallulah.

Can Tallulah forget about the thing whatever it was that Charlie told her to try to forget about? Will Cain ever stop hanging around listening in the shadows? How can the students and teachers save Dother Hall? May 19, Natalie rated it really liked it Shelves: Well, this was simply delightful. This second volume in the Misadventures of Tallulah Casey has more hilarious boy and theater-related mishaps for Tallulah and her gang of crazy friends.

The series has pretty much the same elements as the Confessions of Georgia Nicolsen: This series has the added inc Well, this was simply delightful. This series has the added incentive of Rennison's wonderful satire of performing-arts schools, complete with Irish-dancing Heathcliffs and insane professors. Recommended for those looking for a fun and light read.

I really enjoy the recurring theme of tights in the titles. My high school is very different from Tallulah's, it's more traditional, so I enjoy reading about life at other schools. I can't wait to see what happens to Tallulah in Ms. Rennison's next book! Nov 28, Aimee Isenhour rated it liked it.

Other books: DREAM GIVER PDF

I read this and the first book in this series because I'm a huge fan of her other series, the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson Sad to say I was disappointed.

I don't know if it's because I didn't get the British humor or if they're just not funny. There were a few giggles but nothing like I was expecting. View 1 comment. Aug 17, Rea K rated it it was amazing. And I spent most of both books if not the entire books having this knowing that Cain totally likes Tallulah Tallulah just dramas about him all the time Hoping for more to happen between Cain and Tallulah.

Can't wait for more! I am really enjoying Lullah and her band of performance arts friends. She has grown up in appearance since book 2 but she is just as imature and kooky and the first book - and I love it! I love these books. They're ridiculous, but so much fun. Book 2 int Tallulah Casey's adventures at drama boarding school, sees the school struggling to stay open, and Lulles trying to figure out which boy she likes.

As ever, Louise Rennison's writing is funny, and I would love to see Tallulah's irish dancing in person, but I never felt that this series is as light and warm as Confessions of Georgia Nicholson. I can't put my finger on it, and I still really enjoyed reading about Tallulah's thespian drama adventures, but it just doesn't have the feel o Book 2 int Tallulah Casey's adventures at drama boarding school, sees the school struggling to stay open, and Lulles trying to figure out which boy she likes.

I can't put my finger on it, and I still really enjoyed reading about Tallulah's thespian drama adventures, but it just doesn't have the feel of the Georgia's diaries. Still enjoyed the book I couldn't get into this one. I found the main character annoying and the book was all over the place. I honestly didn't really like any of the characters and the only part that made me laugh was when Cain licked the hail off her face but that was mostly because she was so appalled by it.

Do girls really talk about their corkers that much? This book definitely not for me. Dec 23, Rita rated it really liked it. This review can be viewed in all it's bloggy glory, here. Ah, I love this! With these books I have made a new discovery of a series I love!! Excuse me if it's extremely mean of me to laugh at Tallulah's mishaps.. If you can make it through any of these books with a straight face then I will give you a prize On that delightful note, I had such a laugh when Tallulah- Lullah for short -was looking back on the even This review can be viewed in all it's bloggy glory, here.

On that delightful note, I had such a laugh when Tallulah- Lullah for short -was looking back on the events of Withering Tights. Her thoughts were very funny because I think she seems to be in a bit of a daze after the events happen and then she looks back and realizes what she's done Basically, it includes a lot of Why?

If you've read this series, then you'll have to agree with me that there is no denying that you have a soft spot for Tallulah's Irish Dancing. If you haven't read it then you are missing out. What brought this down to a 4 star book for me though, was though I did still laugh a lot, I found that there weren't as many laugh out loud moments in my opinion- just a load of idiotic, mad smiling.

Now that I think about it, this is not a book you want to read in public. That is, unless you're completely fine with being given weird looks for looking like a lunatic when you try to hold back your laughter. Don't say I didn't warn you..

I could go on and on, really.. You see, the sheep don't like her for some reason, and neither does Connie the owl, but Connie isn't exactly a fan of people either. Still, Matilda the bulldog loves her and so do the owlets, Lullah and Rubes! I do understand her situation with the sheep, because I was once chased by one..

Don't ask.. I feel so sorry for Lullah, because she always end up so confused and doesn't know what to do.

That's when he's not being a meany because then I want to go all Rapunzel on him and hit him with a frying pan. It's all so conflicting and I can't imagine how Lullah feels!! Anyway, the boys do mean that the Tree Sisters have some extremely entertaining adventures! They all have such funny personalities and they're all so quirky and different! To be honest, These five girls manage to take on the world in a way that's never been seen before To Sum It Up: A Midsummer Tights Dream will never fail to make you laugh, no matter what your mood is.

Nov 06, Pelks rated it it was ok. Rennison is still very a funny author and maintains her gift for capturing a lot of what it feels like to be a hormonal adolescent girl, but Tullulah is just not as compelling a character as Georgia of Angus, Thongs fame. Okay, this one was much better than the first one. I still feel like the writing is a bit all over the place, but the story was a bit more concise. I'm really, really curious as to who Tallulah ends up with.

Can't wait! Oct 29, Cheryl Warren rated it it was amazing. I think that this book is absolutely hilarious I recommend it. Dec 11, Hannah rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this book more than the first one but I still prefer the Georgia Nicolson books!!

Jun 25, Grace Sargeant rated it liked it. Liked it. I love Louise Rennison's writing and am so sad she's gone. Jul 18, Anna Fennell rated it liked it.

Second installation of Tallulah.

A Midsummer Tights Dream by Louise Rennison

Once more, I felt like this was a watered down version of Georgia for a younger audience. It was still amusing and I look forward to the third book. Originally reviewed here. Why I Read It: I became a fan of Louise Rennison about three summers ago when I devoured her Georgia Nicholson series. I was very happy and excited when she released the first book of her Tallulah Casey series, Withering Tights. While I didn't love the first installment in this new series quite as much as Georgia , it was enough to make me want to come back for more.

So shortly after this second book was released, it was brought into my public library and I promptly signe Originally reviewed here. So shortly after this second book was released, it was brought into my public library and I promptly signed it out. Spoiler-free review ahead.

Before starting out to write this review, I checked out my review of Withering Tights , just to refresh my memory on some thoughts I had on it and to see how they compared to what I thought of this installment in the series. And what I found is that they were mostly the same: I mentioned in my first review that Tallulah isn't quite as funny as her cousin Georgia, but definitely more likable and relatable. That remains true in this story as well, as well as the fact that while Lullah is certainly curious about boys and would like to find a boyfriend, she isn't boy-obsessed.

Actually, I was really happy with the way that Rennison dealt with some of the situations Lullah found herself in with some boys, case in point, the kiss Lullah and guy-friend Charlie shared at the end of the first novel, only to be told that he already has a girlfriend.

I'm not going to go into any further detail, but I applauded the way Tallulah handled the situation; she's obviously awkward and doesn't know QUITE what to do, but she also holds her head high. And when the time comes to really talk about with Charlie, the two learn to become friends and she doesn't hold a grudge though I think the relationship between the two of them will further explored in future books. However, while Tallulah is an enjoyable character to read about, her friends at the academy lack depth and characterization.

One of my complaints about Withering Tights was that I couldn't differentiate all her friends from one another and it holds true in this book as well.

The only thing that helped me keep some of them straight was one defining trait ie. Honey having a lisp; Jo being very short; other than that, I couldn't tell you who was who and nothing else. Where this affects the story is that when things happened to the girls as a group, such as Honey being scouted and moving to Hollywood, it was hard to bring myself to care because I still don't know these girls.

BUT, it is nice to read some YA even if it's the younger spectrum of YA where female friendship is featured so prominently. The plot this time had a tighter focus, and was a little more than Tallulah going to school and kissing boys. This time, the fate of Dother Hall is at stake, and the novel takes place over a much shorter period of time, which made for a tighter and more focused plot. It's still fluffy and fun and ridiculous, but it still felt more fine-tuned than Withering Tights.

Some of the developments in this book, mostly regarding asshole bad-boy Cain, were predictable, but still entertaining and leading to some funny moments.

It'll be interesting to see what happens in the next book, because while I do have my reservations, I'm definitely coming back for more. Final Verdict: The plot was much tighter and focused, which was nice, and there were some interesting albeit predictable developments that I found quite amusing. I plan on continuing the series, and I'm excited to see where Tallulah ends up next -- I just hope I get to know some of the secondary characters a bit better in future volumes.

Mar 15, Naomi Grace rated it it was ok. Cute and sweet, but nowhere near as good as the Georgia Nicholson series. So, this book felt like coming home. I love Tallulah! She is such a great character. She is confused about her sticky outy parts and doesn't know what to do about any of it or who to talk to about it. For instance, she claims she has Tourette's of the legs as she is prone to break out I have to say, I love British humor and have done since back in the days when Monty Python was being aired on PBS.

For instance, she claims she has Tourette's of the legs as she is prone to break out into spontaneous Irish dancing. She is obsessed with the length of her legs and the fact that she has nobby knees, hoping to one day grow into her knees. She is waiting for normal body parts to grow and keeps measuring her chest to see if her bust size has increased.

She is at a performing arts school, but by her confession, cannot sing, dance or act, but she so desperately wants to climb the ladder of Showbiz and wear the golden slippers of applause.

Then there are the boys in her life. There is Ben, who kissed her in Book 1 who she refers to as Bat Boy. When he kissed her, she said it was like a bat flying about in her mouth. There is Charlie, who kissed her in Book 1, but then told her he had a girlfriend. Alex is her dream guy who she refers to as Alex the Good, but he is also away at college. And then there's Cain, the resident bad boy who seems to be a player and always seems to have a way of showing up at the worst of times when Tallulah is acting less than normal.

She is confused about her body, confused about boys and what they want as well as how to interact with them on a romantic level.

It is amusing to follow along as she and her Tree Sister friends stumble their way through adolescence, love and relationships with a bit of Irish dancing thrown in the mix. Her sole source of wisdom and expertise is her cousin Georgia and Georgia's mates and if any of you have read the Confessions of Georgia Nicholson series, only hilarity can ensue. If you're looking for a lighthearted laugh, I would highly recommend these books.

Book 1 in the series is Withering Tights and they are well worth the time to read. They'll have you "laughing like a loon on loon tablets"! Contents include snogging and lots of talk about snogging. I wouldn't recommend for the very young. Who suits Tallulah? Readers Also Enjoyed. Young Adult.

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