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Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition: The Dark Ages - It's The Mongol army PDF + Hardcover Color Book (Premium). $ $ Items 1 - 12 of 12 Here's what the Vampire 20th Anniversary: The Dark Ages Storyteller's Screen includes: A full-color collage of selected beautiful clan art from. Price: Print: $ PDF: $ Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition: The Dark Ages is a storytelling game of horrific power. Featuring 13 clans and

The year is The Mongol army crushed Baghdad and then Russia under its heel, and then moved on to devastate Poland and Hungary. The Holy Roman Empire stood to war with the Papacy. The vampire War of Princes rages. Patricide looms. Young powers look up the ladder to the next rungs, and see stagnation and hypocrisy. They see targets. When they look down, they see humanity. They see a power that could change everything. They see mortals organizing into universities and empires. In the mortal world of , power shifted at the rate an army marched. For the undead, power shifts faster than a fire overtakes a haven.

If they go everywhere, like you say. I allowed my hearing to search ahead of us for any sign of threat. I heard clicking. Click, Click, Click, Click. Things live down here, and one of them is nearby. Whatever I could hear, I could only hope it was in a different tunnel.

Combat Rules Perhaps the weakest chapter, in terms of how necessary it was, would be the chapter covering combat and Warfare. A large portion of this chapter is devoted to adding historical accuracy about weapons of the era, bringing specificity to the weaponry present, whereas the V20 Vampire the Dark Ages core book is a tad more generic. That being said, none of the content is necessary to play the game, as you get all the rules you need in the core book. However, the section on weapons and armour is unlikely to make a huge impact on my games.

It is good to know, but most players simply want to know if they have a sword or a bow, and how much damage they do. I suspect the reason for this was that a significant amount of mechanical detail on combat in Dark Ages already appeared in V20 Tome of Secrets. It has rules on specific combat maneuvers, and even details on large scale warfare — and is definitely worth checking out However, the final pages of this chapter were incredibly useful in their presentation of rules to streamline the combat system.

Any player of tabletop Vampire will confirm combat can be very clunky, with 4 rolls of the dice required to complete a single action.

If you add super-speed to the mix, the game slows considerably There is irony in that. The optional system cuts the number of dice rolls in half, and reduces the effect of random chance on aspects of combat that tend to be more annoying than anything else when cursed bad luck strikes.

Basically, in the old system players roll to hit, the defenders gets to react, if the reaction fails the attacker rolls damage and this is where the unarmed peasant survives if you roll low despite lack of armour and then the defender rolls their soak the point where someone in plate armour can be eviscerated by a butter knife due to poor roll of the dice.

Thus the new system has 2 dice rolls rather than 4, with more realism added to damage. The Mithraist Army camped in a clearing just beyond the forest. Elspeth and I lurked in the shadows awaiting the next foot patrol, our orders to get into the camp and cause as much disruption as possible. Were I alone, that would have been easy.

However, Gangrels do not have the same arts so we would need to use more standard intrusion methods. The foot patrol was a solitary man using a spear more as a crutch than anything else. He approached her position, paying only minimal attention, his eyes droopy with fatigue. She caught his falling form before it could disturb nearby sleepers.

And then a second patrol appeared. He was more alert and saw what had happened to his companion. Turning away, he tried to run and raise the alarm.

He did not see me hidden nearby, arrow ready. He fell forwards unceremoniously with a thump, and I could see several sleeping forms starting to move in response to the noise. So much for stealth.

I howled into the night, telling Artemis it was time for her to do her part. Building your own Domain Probably my favourite chapter within the entire book was Chapter 7, which was about how players can build their own domains within the game.

For me, the appeal of V20 Vampire the Dark Ages has always been about creating a character and watching that character grow over the years.

There is the image of Vampires accumulating vast wealth and legions of followers and lackeys as they grow older. For me, I actually like to play in mini stories in between the main chapters where my character is building alliances and networks necessary to stay one step ahead.

The rules governing domain building are very useful in this respect. The chapter covers vassalage in the respect of the players controlling vassals, or even laying claim to settlements. The army was in disarray. Rumours had flown through the camp that the Lordling commanding it had slain his war council breaking the loyalty and morale of the troops.

When the horses stampeded, spooked by a lurking she-wolf, the army had scattered. It would take days to reassemble, if it ever did. Menw, Elspeth and I made good our escape in the confusion. My Elder scouted ahead leaving me to talk with the Gangrel. Why risk your life? Such recognition only happens with service. The Cainite Conspiracies Anthology. Customers Who Bought this Title also downloadd. Reviews Please log in to add or reply to comments. Binding was not sewn nor attached to the spine in any way.

The book cover fell off after couple of months of use at gaming table. downloadd hardcover book premium heavy weight. Will not be downloading again from this company until they integrate better quality control.

Michael B May 17, 6: Can anyone tell me if they ever made updates to the book to include the Paths that they talk about but never gave any info on such as the Path of the Scholar under the Road of Bones on page ? Kristof R April 01, 6: Is there something new in this one that isn't in the ones I already have?

B October 26, 9: There is plenty of new in here to make the PDF at least worth download. New bloodlines, now takes on various un-dead moralities, new approaches to the whole experience of roleplaying, too. It's not enough to completely invalidate the previous books, but it IS in this downloadr's opinion enough to make it worth downloading. Jonathan N March 14, Is there going to be a storyteller screen for this book? I missed the kickstarter and bought the book, but am very disappointed that I can't download the screen even in pdf.

I think this a very bad company choice and will make me second guess downloading any other books that Onyx comes out with in any of the other themes of Old World of Darkness. Stefan V January 12, 7: I'm curious if anyone can answer this, what quality is the paper used for the premium color compared to say the prints of books that are made in black and white? The prints I've bought that were in black and white were everything but satisfactory feels like your average office printer paper.

Are the premium colour prints more comparable to the old printed books or are they also a lackluster in comparison? Yes, paper quality is important to me. Natalie S February 08, Alen M January 11, Or maybee the Pdf? William S July 31, 4: When I download a DVD collectors edition, there is some sort of additional material that I'm getting for downloading it again. So what makes this different from the original?

Review – Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition

July 31, 6: Except for the nickutuk nothing, but its a compilation of suplements and the flavour text is new too. And some disciplines functions diferently. Olivia H August 05, 1: There's a completely new system for koldunism.

There's a couple of new bloodlines.

We did completely new bloodlines to represent the Kindred of Africa. There's an entirely new caste of Salubri that's been mentioned numerous times but never really fleshed out. We compiled material from the core, much of the High and Low Clans books, some of the Roads books, and some other content there. We've retooled the system, so it's a bit of an evolution from V20, instead of Dark Ages Revised. We offer new options for the physical Disciplines, as well as numerous alternate powers for the existing Disciplines.

We added a lot of sample human and other characters to help flesh out your chronicle.

July 29, Baghdad didn't fall to the Mongols until and what a ghastly mess that was. A quibble, to be sure, but it caught my historian's eye. Be nice if the preview included the table of contents rather than the character sheet , but that's another quibble. Hardy L July 29, 9: There also weren't supernatural entities manipulating the world from the shadows in our real world history.

I don't think historical quibbles make much since in an alt-history setting. Charles S July 30, 3: It's not alt-history though. History in vampire progressed pretty much how it did in real life, except behind it all was vampires.

Sometimes people make mistakes, you don't need to try to genre away every tiny hiccup. Hardy L July 30, 4: I don't understand how you can state it isn't alt-history, and then acknowledge that most of that history's "great men" were fictitious supernatural monsters.

The Dark Age World of Darkness setting is radically different from our real world history, and being nitpicky about a given date is nonsensical. In fairness: That wasn't a mistake.

At least, not a proper mistake. I thought it'd be way more transparent than it was.

The idea is, we're making little shifts and changes. This is more about romantic fiction than hard history. So we're picking, choosing, and bottlenecking facts to make for the best stories.

V20 Vampire the Dark Ages Companion – Review – It's More than Just Gaming

That maybe wasn't as obvious as it could have been. In the book proper, the Mongols are actually in Volga Bulgaria right now. Which is a great great way to make bad stories, and an even greater way to help gamemasters make worse stories because they don't have the Real Life to Unicorn Land Dictionary. Seth B August 23, 1: Yeah, so, any actual historical research I did would be useless?

I WAS going to download this.

Vampire: The Dark Ages

Good thing I checked the comments first. The charm of world of darkness is rooting real world. So respecting real history in certain degree is necessary. I don't think V20 dark age is totally overlooking real history and picking whatever they like and then messing up the rest.

I am very appreciated Tim R point the mismatch in the book. It could help us do better for running a game. It is alt-history but still rooting real world. Certain mistake should be tolerated because white wolf is not a history academy and it shouldn't.

However, totally overlooking real world also shouldn't be encouraged because it will ruin a lot fun of V20 dark age.

Ben W April 22, 6: Thankfully this isn't Historical Re-enactment: The Game, so people thinking that they need a Unicorn Land dictionary may also realize that nothing in a game text will ever be one-to-one with the real world; hell, you can throw most history texts in there as well. The following review was originally published in Mephisto 64 and translated from German find orignal German review below. Katriel P. I liked the PDF so much of this, I bought the deluxe hardcover edition later.

I was in a game that took place in the s and went on to modern day, and having a lot of the lore and continuity here helped me even though we ended up homebrewing a lot [ Elizabeth M.

This was just what I needed. I'm getting into the Dark Ages with my gaming group. This was on sale randomly right around when I needed to pick up a copy. The art is amazing. The layout? Beautiful and perfect.

It's such an easy read. Jean M. Simply amazing! I bought the standard version, but I feared that it would not have a good quality, thanks God I was wrong. If this is the quality of the standard version, so the Premiun version is a masterpiece sent from Heaven. Incredible quality, cov [ Jean C. This book brings to you all you need to run an excellent dark ages vampire campaign.