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Paul H. Wender, who has been studying and writing about this disorder for more than 25 Utah Criteria for ADHD in Adults. Wender Utah Rating Scale. Objective: The aim of this study was to examine the psychometric properties and diagnostic accuracy of the Swedish version of the Wender Utah Rating Scale. Please, help me to find this wender utah rating scale deutsch pdf to jpg. . pdf ebooks, programs, music, films, etc, but I don't know if there is wender utah rating .

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Wender Utah Rating Scale Ebook

The authors examined the factor structure and discriminant validity of the Wender Utah Rating Scale (WURS) in adults seeking evaluation for. Adult Self Report Scale (ASRS):This is based on self-report of current Wender Utah ADHD Rating Scale (WURS): The WURS includes a long. Editorial Reviews. Review. "[A] reliable resource that is free of psychiatric jargon.. .[A]n essential and Changes Over Time in Children, Adolescents, and Adults eBook: Paul H. Wender, David A. Tomb: Kindle Store. as well as comprehensive instructions and rating scales to help parents best help their child and to help.

Fragmented comprehension Fragmented representation Integration Key concepts are Key concepts are Representations of identified, either then grouped into numerical data and with a visual mark union-intersection known information highlight or topics, specify are sewn together drawing to numerical to form a holistic represent known representations. However, their attention span -the time in which they concentrate on that item or task- stays relatively the same without any significant change. Implementation Effect 1. Find truth in every answer Yes, 5 and 5 1. Never speak ill of students in or out of the 2. Focusing on positive student qualities results classroom in more positive behavior. Give students undivided attention with lots 3. Students reciprocate those listening of eye contact! Constructive feedback as opposed to 4. Students achieve more when told what they deconstructive criticism. Facilitate a safe learning environment where 5. Students become more comfortable with failing, success and attempt are all held to themselves and with each other.

Methods: It supports and extends the arguments by Billieux, Schimmenti et al.

wender utah rating scale deutsch pdf to jpg

This tends to lead to theories that lack specificity and a neglect of the underlying processes that might explain why repetitive problem behaviors occur. Results: In this commentary I extend the arguments by Billieux, Schimmenti et al. Furthermore, I discuss whether the empirical support for conceptualizing repetitive problem behaviors as addictions might rest on research practices that have been methodologically biased to produce a result congruent with the proposal that substance addictions and behavioral addictions share similar traits.

Conclusions: I conclude by presenting a number of ways of going forward, chief of which is the proposal that we might wish to go beyond a priori assumptions of addiction in favor of identifying the essential problem manifestations for each new potential behavioral addiction.

Methods: We re-visited the theory and basic calculations of diagnostic accuracy. Results: In general, the lower the prevalence the worse the predictive value is.

adhd research | Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder | Attention

Involvement of mechanical stress in androgenetic alopecia p. Recent research shows that hair follicle androgen sensitivity is regulated by Hic-5, an androgen receptor co-activator which may be activated by the mechanical stimulation.

Moreover, the dermis of scalp susceptible to be affected by AGA is firmly bounded to the galea aponeurotica, so the physical force exerted by the occipitofrontalis muscle is transmitted to the scalp skin. Aims: To know whether mechanical stress supported by hair follicles is involved in AGA phenomenon.

Materials and Methods: It is performed with a finite element analysis of a galea model and a schematic representation of AGA progression according to Hamilton—Norwood scale in order to establish the correlation between elastic deformation in scalp and clinical progression of male pattern baldness.

Conclusions: All these data suggest that mechanical stress determines AGA patterning and a stretch-induced and androgen-mediated mechanotransduction in dermal papilla cells could be the primary mechanism in AGA pathogenesis.

Possible relationship between chronic telogen effluvium and changes in lead, cadmium, zinc, and iron total blood levels in females: A case-control study p. Chronic telogen effluvium CTE is idiopathic diffuse scalp hair shedding of at least 6 months duration.

List of Scales – Adults

Hair loss can be one of the symptoms of metal toxicity. Lead Pb and cadmium Cd are highly toxic metals that can cause acute and chronic health problems in human. The aim of the present study is to determine if there is a relationship between these metals and CTE in women and if CTE is also associated with changes in zinc Zn or iron Fe blood levels.

Materials and Methods: Pb, Cd, Fe and Zn total blood levels were determined in 40 female patients fulfilling the criteria of CTH and compared with total blood levels of same elements in 30 well-matched healthy women. Results: Quantitative analysis of total blood Fe, Zn, Pb and Cd revealed that there were no significant differences between patients and controls regarding Fe, Zn, and Pb. Yet, Cd level was significantly higher in patients than controls.

In addition, Cd level showed significant positive correlation with the patient's body weight. Conclusion: Estimation of blood Pb and Cd levels can be important in cases of CTE as Cd toxicity can be the underlying hidden cause of such idiopathic condition. Resolving or improving ADHD symptoms can bring relief to the individual as well as to society at large.

Only 2 out of 30 prison inmates confirmed with ADHD had received a diagnosis of ADHD during childhood, despite most needed health services and educational support. All subjects reported lifetime substance use disorder SUD where amphetamine was the most common drug. Mood and anxiety disorders were present among half of subjects; autism spectrum disorder ASD among one fourth and psychopathy among one tenth.


Personality disorders were common; almost all inmates presented conduct disorder CD before antisocial personality disorder APD. Our findings imply the need for considering these severities when designing treatment programmes for prison inmates with ADHD J Atten Disord.

Epub Sep Black University of Iowa, Iowa City, donald-black uiowa. ADHD was present in 68 subjects They also had higher rates of mood, anxiety, psychotic, and somatoform disorders. Antisocial and borderline personality disorders were also more common among offenders with ADHD. The authors conclude that ADHD is common in offenders and is associated with comorbid disorders, worse quality of life, and higher risk for suicidal behaviors.

Its presence should alert prison staff that the offender is likely to require more intensive mental health services. Fortschr Neurol Psychiatr. Conversely, studies of drug abusing participants and delinquents revealed a high prevalence of ADHD comorbidity. In this study young male prison inmates were systematically examined for ADHD and substance use disorders. Opioid dependence was more common in delinquents without ADHD.

Addicted delinquents with ADHD showed worse social environment and a higher degree of psychopathology, including externalizing and internalizing behavior, compared to addicted delinquents without ADHD. The results underline the need of adequate therapeutic programs for addicted young prison inmates considering ADHD comorbidity, which is associated with additional psychopathology and social problems.

Nord J Psychiatry. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD is a developmental disorder, which is associated with a number of psychiatric conditions, mostly personality disorder, substance misuse, anxiety, and depression. The aim of the present study was to investigate the relationship between ADHD symptoms and associated psychiatric conditions among prisoners.

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