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Bringing an end to our student's anticipation we provide you with a sure shot solution for your worries regarding the preparation of Computer. Here we give you Free PDF of The Computer Aptitude Capsule for IBPS Clerk Mains In IBPS Clerk Mains Examination Computer. IT Officer Professional Knowledge Notes: The OSI Model · Computer Knowledge Study Notes on MS Office for IBPS RRB Exam.

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Bankers Adda Computer Capsule Pdf

Computer Awareness PDF: AC Computer Awareness PDF Capsule for Computer Section is the easiest section in every exam to boost up your marks. Railways RRB JE Take 15 Tests, 1 Free · SSC CGL: 50 Tests. We are presenting you the Computer Capsule. As per PDF. Portable Document Format. SQL. Structured Query Language. USB. Computer Capsule for IBPS RRB and UIIC Assistant Mains 1 www. | | | adda the official.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Santha Vardhan. As per our commitments towards the needs of every student, this capsule contains all the important facts and details that can be asked in the Upcoming Exams IBPS Exams. We are starting this with the introduction of the Syllabus. Let us begin now: Syllabus of The Computer Section 1. Fundamentals of the Computer: Internet 3. Microsoft Office MS-Office 4. Networking 5. Programming Languages 7.

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Then, select the text or symbol and A Formatting toolbar click the Edit menu followed by Paste Special. C Page Setup dialog box D Standard toolbar AutoCorrect was originally designed to Which of the following is the second step in Which of the following symbol sets would be creating a macro?

When assigning a shortcut key to a symbol, D From the same font family as the symbol. How can you access the font size tool on C Set the mailing list parameters formatting toolbar?

Which of the following button will allow you to add, delete, or change records in your Data How can you make the selected character Source? What happens if you mark on Hidden check box of Font dialog box after you select some text? What is the default font size of a new Word A The text is deleted from document and you need to document based on Normal template?

A 10 pt B 12 pt B The text is hidden and you need to bring it by C 14 pt D None of above removing the check box if needed again C The text is deleted and cannot be returned back How can you increase the font size of selected C Algerian D Preeti text by one point every time?

A Font tab B Character Spacing Which of the following line spacing is invalid? If you need to double underline a word, how will you do that? A Go to Format menu and then Font option. DropCap means Then type the new text again. What is the short cut key to open Font dialog box? What should you do if you require pasting the same format in many places? A Click the Format painter and go on pasting in many places holding Alt Key B Double click the format painter then go on pasting in many places C Click the format painter then go on pasting to many places holding Ctrl Key D All of above On which toolbar can you find Format Painter tool?

Which indent marker controls all the lines except first line? How can you remove tab stop markers from ruler? Which operation you will perform if you need millions of private, public, academic, business, to move a block of text? What is the extension of Word files? A home page usually refers to: The list of CCed recipients is the web browser. The user can not shown on any other recipient's copy including specify the URL of the page to be loaded, or other BCC recipients alternatively choose e.

A communication channel is of 3 URL is a specific character string that constitutes a types: In this, communication is unidirectional URL of a web page is displayed on top inside an i. For eg. Either of the devices can act as system from a remote system, or to initiate such a transmitter or receiver but only one device can data transfer transmit the data at one time.

Here also communication is in both another client with the intent that the remote directions and both the devices can system should store a copy of the data being simultaneously transmit the data.

It acts as an identifier for a and network devices connected together, usually computer. It is a unique address for every within the same building. By definition, the computer. It uses physical state or country. A bridge uses organization or accessible to the public.

The Spanning tree Algorithm for data transmission so as technology is high speed and relatively expensive. Modem stands for Modulator- Demodulator. It is used to connect computers for communication via telephone lines. It works at the Physical layer. It just acts like a connector of several computers i. It broadcasts all the data packets arriving at it with no filtering capacity. It works at the Data Link Layer.

It is used for dividing a network into segments called subnets. It provides filtering of data packets and prevents network traffic also. It operates at thePhysical Layer. It can only join the networks that computer system to another system.

A computer transmit similar data packets. It does not have virus has the capacity to corrupt or to delete data on filtering capacity i. In help in reducing network traffic. It works at the Network Layer and is used everything on your hard disk.

The purpose of it is to to connect different networks that have different disrupt the operation of the computer or the architectures and protocols. It sends the data program. It viruses. Availability of path and software used to disrupt computer operation, cost of transmission decide sending of data over gather sensitive information, or gain access to that path.

It is of 2 types: It can appear in the form configuration of routing table is needed and of executable code, scripts, active content, and other dynamic automatically discovers paths. It can be used to connect remove the virus from them. Some of the famous two different networks having different anti — viruses available are Avast! It Kaspersky, AVG, etc. They are used two connect two LANs with rights to resources related to information security the same standard but using different types of and computer security in general and to access cables.

It provides an intelligent connection by control in particular.

More formally, "to authorize" allowing only desired messages to cross the is to define an access policy. Most logic gates have two inputs labelling claim to be. In other words, Authentication and one output.

At any given moment, every often involves verifying the validity of at least one terminal is in one of the two binary conditions form of identification. Seven layers of OSI Model are: There are two basic categories of network topologies: Physical topology is the placement of the various components of a network, including device location and cable installation, while logical topology illustrates how data flows within a network, regardless of its physical design.

Various types of topologies are: DBMS is a collection of interrelated data entities and the relationship among them are and a set of programs to access this data in a included. One conceptual view represents the entire convenient and efficient way. It controls the database called conceptual schema. A data model is a plan for building a those portions of database of concern to a user or database. The model represents data conceptually, Application program.

Each user has a different the way the user sees it, rather than how computers www. Attributes can be: It is an so that the computer does not retrieve them from internet search tool that allows users to access slow storage devices. High clock speed is synonymous menus to carry out commands such as opening files, with high processing capability. It is measured in delete files, move files etc..

The Computer Capsule for IBPS Clerk Mains

Megahertz MHz. A as a document, program, folder or disk drive. A format to hundreds of billions of bytes of stored data. They for storing complex graphics in compressed form. Used to measure the speed K of a processor.

One kilobyte represents bytes. Also more than one program at a time. They are of three types i. Each node has its own address on the network so that it can be uniquely identified and can communicate with other nodes on the same or different network. A procedure information. The smaller the pixels, the higher the resolution. It is defined as number of pixels per square inch on a computer generated display. Notification Released. Bihar State Cooperative Bank Assistant Apply Onilne Eligibility Criteria.

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South Indian Bank PO Notification, Exam Dates, Vacancies and Eligibility.

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