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satisfaction from the unique range of technical features on your BMW. This Owner's Manual should be considered a permanent part of this vehicle. It. maximum satisfaction from your BMW's unique array of advanced technical fea- This Owner's Manual should be considered a permanent part of this vehicle. It. BMW 3 E46 Manual _Eng - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. BMW 3 Series E

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Bmw E46 Manual Pdf

General 1 of 5 20Manuals/0 How to Use This Manual WARNING! Your common sense and. Documents are official BMW 3 series manuals in standard PDF format. . 01 41 0 | MB | Download; BMW Ci, Ci (e46) Convertable | Owner's. Workshop and owners manuals for the BMW 3 Series. To read online or download as a PDF. E46 Facelift Owner's Manual. English. Covers BMW 3 Series.

Simple maintenance of the battery and its terminal connections will ensure maximum starting performance, especially in winter when colder temperatures reduce battery power. Note: Design characteristics of the convertible body cause vibrations in the trunk area. Therefore, E46 Convertibles require a special battery designed for constant vibration. When replacing the battery, be sure the replacement is designed specifically for the Convertible. Battery cables should be tight. The terminals, the cable clamps, and the battery case should be free of the white deposits that indicate corrosion and acid salts. Even a thin layer of dust containing conductive acid salts can cause battery discharge. Disconnect negative - cable first. Remove battery from trunk. Clean terminal posts and cable clamps with a wire brush.

BMW 3 Series

Although the brakes are equipped with a brake pad warning system, the system only monitors one wheel per axle.

It is recommended that pad thickness should be checked whenever the wheels are off or brake work is being done.

Disc brake pad wear can be checked through opening in caliper: Measure distance A of brake pad "ear" to brake rotor. See Brakes. Compare to specification below. Unbolt caliper from steering arm to properly inspect: Brake pad thickness A Brake rotors Condition of caliper seal B Condition of caliper slider bolts C Note: Brake caliper removal and installation procedures are given in Brakes.

Brake pad lining minimum thickness Front or rear pad Dimension A 3. Check that brake hoses are correctly routed to avoid chafing or kinking. Inspect unions and brake calipers for signs of fluid leaks. Inspect rigid lines for corrosion, dents, or other damage. Inspect flexible hoses for cracking. Replace faulty hoses or lines, see Brakes.

Incorrect installation or overtightening hoses, lines, and unions may cause chafing or leakage. This can lead to partial or complete brake system failure. Parking brake, checking The parking brake system is independent of the main braking system and may require periodic adjustment depending on use.

Adjust the parking brake if the brake lever can be pulled up more than 8 clicks. Check that the cable moves freely. A description of the parking brake and parking brake adjustment can be found in Brakes. Note: The parking brake may lose some of its effectiveness if it is not used frequently. This is due to corrosion build-up on the parking brake drum. Drive the car approximately meters 1, ft.


To recheck the adjustment of the parking brake see Brakes. Clutch fluid, checking The hydraulic clutch and the brake system share the same reservoir and the same brake fluid. Clutch fluid level and brake fluid level are checked at the same time. Note: See Brakes for more information. See Clutch for information on the clutch and the hydraulic clutch operating system. Drive axle joint CV joint boots, inspecting CV joint protective boots must be closely inspected for cracks and any other damage that will allow contaminants to get into the joint.

If the rubber boots fail, the water and dirt that enter the joint will quickly damage it.

E46 Owners Manual

If shortdistance driving predominates, the moisture and condensation in the system will not fully dry out. This will lead to early corrosion damage and more frequent replacement.

Scheduled maintenance of the exhaust system is limited to inspection: Check to see that all the hangers arrow are in place and properly supporting the system and that the system does not strike the body. Check for restrictions due to dents or kinks. Check for weakness or perforation due to rust.

Note: Alignment of the system and the location of the hangers are described in Exhaust System. Differential oil level, checking The differential units in E46 models are filled with lifetime oil that ordinarily does not need to be changed. Immediately BMW Service. For any pronounced braking and steering If the V-belt is defective, do not more information, see page 59 manoeuvres while doing so. A defective V-belt also means panied by an acoustic signal.

For more information on seat belts, see page 46 handbook.

BMW 3 Series (E46) Service Manual: 1999-2005

The system is active, and regulates For more information, see page tractive and braking forces. For more information, see pages 60, 63 DSC has been switched off, or it is defective. ADB-X is ready. Do not drive more than approx.

For more information, see page 66 ble, have been switched off at the but- You can continue to drive, but ton, or are defective. Cruise control engine power is cut back and engine Please consult the nearest BMW Comes on when the system is speed is reduced.

Please arrange for Service.