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But you can setup Google Analytics to track your downloads. Do you have a whitepaper, ebook, PDF, or other files offered as downloads on your website? Using event tracking and virtual page views to track downloads. Clicks on links to downloadable files (e.g. PDF, AVI, WMV) can be measured as Events or virtual pageviews. When you set up an Event to capture clicks on a link . By default Google Analytics (GA) can't track any event which does not generate pageview when . pdf” .

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Google Analytics Track Pdf Events

4 days ago By default, Google Analytics doesn't support file downloads tracking. Here, the event action is; Event label. Learn ways to properly track downloads in Google Analytics. Additionally, I personally like to use event tracking for PDFs (easy to change in. Learn how to track file downloads as Events in Google Universal Let's say we want to track file downloads of PDF files across the website.

And there are two ways you can go about setting it up: Manually. This takes a little bit of extra coding know-how. Google Tag Manager recommended. This requires little to no coding knowledge. What is Google Analytics event tracking used for?

When you do not specify field names, you then need to supply field values in a particular order.

Since event value accepts value of type integer, the code above will create tracking issues. So that just by looking at the name, a person can understand what type of data is being collected.

Otherwise, you will end up creating several different event categories which all hold same type of event data. Then work with your report users, to make sure that your hierarchy is understandable:. Since a user can interact with a web page element via: The most common mouse event handler is onClick. It executes a method in response to click on a web page element like button or link. Here, we are tracking number of downloads of social media guide by tracking clicks on a link.

The other but less popular mouse event handlers are: All of these mouse event handlers can be used to execute event tracking code.

If you want to track clicks on external links, clicks on file downloads and other buttons in Google Tag Manager , then read the following articles:.

Using Google Analytics Event Tracking | Setting Up Event Tracking with GTM

The most common form event handler is onSubmit. Other commonly used form event handlers are: All of these event handlers are frequently used for advanced form tracking. There are two ways in which you can make sure that event tracking is working as intended: Trigger the event you are tracking via GA event tracking and then look at the real time events report to check whether the event data category,action,label is being passed to Google Analytics.

Trigger the event you are tracking via GA event tracking and then look at the Google developer console to check whether the event data category,action,label, value is being passed to Google Analytics: I prefer to use this method, as developer console provides much more detailed information about fired events than real time events report.

The Google developer console also provide error messages in case the event does not fire. The real time events report in GA does not provide any such information.

So if your event is not firing and you just rely on real time events report, then you will have hard time diagnosing event tracking issues. Just like event category, the event action is also a require field. The purpose of this article is to teach you the fundamentals of event tracking so that you can use this information to deploy event tracking code via Google Tag Manager.

That would be insane, esp.

How to Track PDF Views in Google Analytics

Here is an article which can help you do that: Video Tracking in Google Tag Manager. Through scroll tracking you can get an insight into, how people are consuming your website contents.

Again, GTM is the best tool to scale and automate scroll tracking on a website. To learn more about implementing scroll tracking via GTM, read the following article: Scroll tracking in Google Tag Manager.

How to track PDF downloads using Google Tag Manager

Though it is strictly, not an event tracking application, it heavily use the logic behind event tracking, to track various types of ecommerce events. These ecommerce events could be: In case of enhanced ecommerce, various ecommerce events are usually tracked via enhanced ecommerce tracking code and not via the traditional event tracking code. However in some cases, traditional event tracking code can also be used. Cross device tracking is the most advanced application of event tracking, where you send event hits from devices other than laptops, mobile, desktops and tablets via measurement protocol.


After the setup, file downloads tracking will be enabled automatically without any further configuration. In Google Analytics, events tracking are used to measure user interactions with content like downloads, mobile ad clicks, video plays, etc.

By default, MonsterInsights lets you track downloads of the following file extensions: Step 1: It is a screenshot of real-time Analytics stats, so you can figure out how downloads data are being shown in Google Analytics. There are several important components in every events report whether it be downloads, ad clicks, video play or any other. They are:. You can learn how to identify your high converting landing pages in Google Analytics.

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