Ibm pc clones hardware troubleshooting and maintenance pdf

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Detailed coverage of hardware circuits, software concepts and interfaces, test equipments and diagnostic aids; complete hardware design at the systems and. IBM PC and its clones; common problems with their detailed. Download PDF Ibm Pc And Clones: Hardware, Troubleshooting And Maintenance (Book + Cd). Ibm Pc And Clones: Hardware, Troubleshooting And Maintenance (Book + Cd). Related PDF Books Download: Troubleshooting Windows 7 Inside Out.

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Ibm Pc Clones Hardware Troubleshooting And Maintenance Pdf

Ibm Pc Clones Hardware Troubleshooting And Maintenance Govindarajulu Ebook gt DOWNLOAD Mirror 1. 09de77f free pdf ebooks about ib biology course. IBM PC AND CLONES:Hardware, Troubleshooting and 2nd edition circuit design and maintenance of the IBM PC series and its clones. IBM PC AND CLONES:Hardware, Troubleshooting and Maintenance [B. For an in-depth understanding of the problems of hardware maintenance of pc's, this book Hardcover; Publisher: MC GRAW HILL INDIA; 2nd edition (September 26, .

For an in-depth understanding of the problems of hardware maintenance of pc's, this book has no rival either in the country or abroad. The design concepts and techniques discussed facilitate application of chip-level analysis in the troubleshooting of any common pc. Salient features: Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Read more Read less. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. Learn more. Read more. Product details Hardcover Publisher: English ISBN Tell the Publisher!

The sequence involved for the fetch of one instruction and its execution is known as instruction cycle 3. What do you mean by Memory, Word Length? Memory is a location identified by a unique address used to store some values.

Number of bits in each location is known as word length 4.

Ibm Pc And Clones: Hardware, Troubleshooting And Maintenance (Book + Cd)

What is mean by Memory Access Time? The time taken by the memory to supply the content of location, from the time it receive Read is called the memory access time P.

What do you mean by Memory Cycle time? The memory access time plus the additional recovery time is know as the memory cycle time. What do you mean by Auxiliary Memory? Auxiliary Memory is like a warehouse for storing several programs and data. What do you mean by Program Status Word? What do you mean by instruction Prefetch? CPU fetches the next instruction after the execution of the current instruction is completed.

This concept of advance fetching is known as Instruction Prefetch What do you mean by ISR? The Service to be performed for while each type of interrupt occur is known as Interrupt service Routine What do you mean by Stack pointer?

If more than one interrupt occurs in a time it is stored in stack. What is mean by Interrupt Disabling? Disabling the interrupt by resetting a IE flag.

Resourceonline: IBM PC Clone Hardware and Troubleshooting in PDF

Then all the interrupts will remain pending is known as Interrupt Disabling Masking and Non Maskable interrupt. Selectively disable the certain interrupt is known as Masking interrupt by sending a masked bits to the Priority Controller. The Priority Controller ignores the interrupt which are masked off. The microprocessor and its architecture 4 hrs Internal microprocessor architecture, real mode memory addressing "protected mode memory addressing, memory paging. The and microprocessors 8 hrs Block diagrams, hardware features, special control registers, memory management, virtual mode.

The memory paging mechanism Introduction to microprocessor: Block diagram and hardware features, memory System and memory management 8 hrs 6.

The peripheral components of Pentium microprocessor 8. Write programs for the following using instructions: o To add, subtract, multiply and divide 2,16 words in the memory locations. The Intel microprocessors - Barry B. Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi 4.

Microprocessors and Applications by B Ram.

Microprocessors and Applications by Uffenback 6. The concepts needed to read through the ripe in the market place and understanding risks and how to deal with them. It is hoped that the student will have a wider perspective on security in general and better understanding of how to reduce and manage the security risks.

How Much Security 5 hrs Promoting Risk analysis; developing security policy accessibility, defining security goals, justifying the policy, roles and responsibility, consequences of non-compliance, level of privacy 3.

Firewalls 5 hrs Defining and access control policy, definition of firewalls and types, Firewalls UNIX and NT , address translation, firewall logging, firewall deployment 4. Virus, Trojans and Worms 8 hrs What is Virus: replication, concealment, bomb, social engineering viruses; Worms; Trojan Horses; Preventive measures Access Central, checksum verification, process neutering, virus scanners, neuristic scanners, application level virus scanners, deploying virus protection.

Installation of Anti-virus Package 2. Checking and removal of virus from the system 3. Expert lectures on Firewall 4. Expert lectures on Encryption, Decryption and Security Measures 5. For this, visits may be organised for students. The teachers should also be exposed in this area. Some practicals can be conducted in the laboratory. The demonstration should be given using.

IBM PC AND CLONES:Hardware, Troubleshooting and Maintenance

NET evolution 3 hrs Need and perspective in current scenario,. NET framework Base classes 3hrs User and program interfaces, windows forms, web forms, console applications 3.

Visual Studio. Anatomy of. What is new in visual basic. What is new in visual studio. Installation of. Exploring the various features of. Able to work and develop program in Visual Basic. Explain about Error detection Techniques and their types.

What are all the function performed by a electronic keyboard. Pg no 62 What are all the types of Key switches?

Pg no : 86 What are all the Special types of Disk drives. Pg no : 89 Give three types of mouse. Pg no 92 Define Scanner and their types. Pg no 95 Big Questions : 1. Explain Printer and their types Pg no : 66 3. Explain about Magnetic Storage Device in detail. Explain Floppy disk drive in detail Pg no : 82 5. Explain Hard Disk Drive in detail Pg no : 84 6. Explain Mouse and Trackball in detail Pg no : 90 7.


Give the Steps to install a PC. Give the general problem Sources for a PC. Give the Parameters inside the System area Pg no : 9. Define Virus and their Types Pg no : Give the Steps to be taken on finding a Virus Pg no : What are all the Factors involved in troubleshooting. What are all the types of Nature faults Pg no : 4.

Give any two Software and Hardware Faults.

Give any two troubleshooting Tools Pg no : 6. What is mean by Firmware Pg no : 7. Give any four Fault Elimination Process Pg no : 8. Give Symptoms of dead System Pg no : 9.

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