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Locke & Key – Small World () December 22, → · Locke & Key – Keys to the Kingdom 05 (of 06) (). October 20, →. Locke & Key (Collection) FREE Comics Download on CBR CBZ Format. Locke & Key is a comic book series written by Joe Hill, illustrated by. 0 – 6 (TPB) (): Locke & Key tells of the Locke family, and the family's ancestral home, Keyhouse, a New England mansion with a.

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Read Locke & Key () comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. Read Locke & Key: Head Games comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. Locke & Key is an American comic book series written by Joe Hill, illustrated by Gabriel Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

Plot summary[ edit ] This plot is presented in non-chronological order. During the American Revolution , a group of Rebels, hiding beneath the future Keyhouse, discover a portal to another dimension, the plains of Leng filled with demons which can mesmerize any who see them and possess through touch. However, when the demons attempt to enter the real world, they collapse into lumps of "whispering iron", which young smith Benjamin Locke forges into a variety of magical keys, including the Omega Key, which seals the entrance to the dimension. The magic of the Keyhouse gradually evolves over the years, including a spell which causes occupants to forget about the keys and the magic of the house when they pass their 18th birthday. In , a group of teenagers, having used the keys extensively in their high school years to their great delight, decide to open the black door with the Omega Key, hoping to trick a demon into entering the real world in order to provide more metal with which to make more keys. However, Rendell Locke's younger brother follows the group and is mesmerized by the door. Attempting to walk through it, he is stopped by Dodge, who accidentally puts his hand through the door, becoming possessed. After plotting and attempting to kill his friends and enslave the others at the behest of the Child of Leng possessing him, Dodge is killed by Rendell, trapping his possessed soul in the well.

In the epilogue, Tyler returns to the well to finally free Dodge's spirit from the demon, having used a sliver of whispering iron inherited from his father to forge an "Alpha Key" capable of undoing possession. Tyler is able to speak with his father one last time, and restore Bode's physical form.

Each arc consisting of two storylines of monthly six issues apiece.

The first issue of Welcome to Lovecraft was released on February 20, and sold out in a single day, requiring a second printing to be done immediately. The first five story arcs were to have been released in a monthly format with the sixth published as an original graphic novel. The plan changed and the concluding story arc appeared in monthly installments. You can help by converting this table , if appropriate.

Editing help is available. May Kinsey, Tyler, and Bode discover the head key allows them to open up people's minds and play with their memories. Duncan Locke finds himself faced with a dizzying, impossible revelation; Tyler makes the ill-considered decision to share with others the unlikely powers of the head key; and Kinsey opts to remove troubling emotions from her mind. Dodge uses the head key on Duncan Locke, sparing his life but inadvertently leading to the injury of Locke's live-in-boyfriend.

Army of One [3].

We learn how Dodge maintains control of Ellie even without the use of a head key in a flashback sequence. The Haunting of Keyhouse [10].

Sam Lesser may be dead and gone, but Dodge still has uses for him, and in the first chill days of October, will make contact with him again.

The dead know things the living may not, and Sam's restless spirit has had time to discover the thing Dodge wants to know most of all Far below Keyhouse lies the Drowning Cave, a place where shadows obscure ancient secrets, and the stones are stained with ancient blood. Kinsey Locke descends into the cavern, looking for answers to her family's troubled past, only to discover that it's easier to get in than it is to get out Last Light [11].

Dodge takes possession of the crown of shadows, and darkness falls upon Keyhouse Shadow Play [12].

PDF Locke Key Volume 1 Welcome to Lovecraft Free Books

Kinsey and Bode find themselves in a desperate, seemingly unwinnable battle against a rising army of living shadows, while Tyler faces down Dodge in a terrifying duel of wits and wills. Light of Day [13]. Beyond Repair [14]. In a terrible night of grief and rage, Nina Locke discovers a new key, one which opens a cabinet capable of mending smashed objects; but some things, she will learn, are beyond repair As the new arc begins, Bode Locke discovers a key that unlocks the world of tooth, fang, claw, and feather, in a story that leaves hundreds dead!

The Case for Reparations by Ta-Nehisi Coates - The Atlantic

Hundreds of birds, that is. October 20, [16]. On a bitter winter day, Kinsey Locke encounters a madwoman who just might be able to unlock the darkest secrets of Keyhouse. But forcing the truth out of her won't be easy, and besides Dodge has no intention of ever giving Erin Voss a chance to tell what she knows. Dodge and the Locke children do battle via their keys over 29 days. The cover image shows a February calendar page the final 2 in is obscured by a bloody hand print, but only fits, being a leap year February beginning on a Wednesday.

January 26, [18]. When Squadron Strange accept a mission from a ghost, they find themselves on their most perilous raid ever Rufus Whedon and Corporal Bode Locke have a terrifying lesson to learn: March 2, [19].

Tyler Locke begins, finally, to consider what he knows about the terrifying but mysterious enemy that has harrowed the Locke family for months—only to find that all the evidence points to a single suspect: Zack Wells.

Tyler came armed with the truth; Dodge prefers sharper instruments, and shows his willingness to use them. July 20, [20].

Colonel Adam Crais's minutemen are literally trapped between a rock and a hard place; in the first days of the Revolutionary War, they find themselves hiding beneath feet of New England stone, with a full regiment of redcoats waiting for them in the daylight August 31, [21]. Terror runs wild, and the Locke family comes to grief in the smash-ingest story of the series yet! December 14, [22]. February 1, [23]. The tamers of The Tempest—Rendell Locke, Dodge Caravaggio, and their friends—descend into the Drowning Cave to open the Black Door, hoping to get their hands on some of the fabled whispering iron, the material from which all of the keys are forged.

And everything goes according to plan! March 14, [24]. Lucas "Dodge" Caravaggio returns from the Drowning Cave, infected by a parasite of the soul; the good and loving friend has been left behind, and replaced by something free of all human feeling.

Searching for a way to control him, the Keepers of the Keys make a dreadful choice May 16, [25]. As a storm thunders up the coast to Lovecraft, Massachusetts, the Keepers of the Keys face Dodge a final time, under three hundred feet of stone, in the darkness before the Black Door. The beginning of the end starts here.

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Dodge has the Omega key, and nothing can stop him from using it A ghost haunts the long halls of Keyhouse—the spirit of Bode Locke, cast out of his body by the Demon named Dodge—and only one person can hear his voice: Bode's old playmate, Rufus Whedon.

As Kinsey Locke and the other students head to a dance at Lovecraft Academy, the demonic Dodge gathers shadowy forces of his own and enacts his evil endgame. The bottomless pit of the Drowning Cave threatens to become a mass grave, as Dodge springs a fatal trap on the senior class of Lovecraft Academy. Hope is as fragile as a candle-flame wavering in the night.

In the Drowning Cave, the black door is open at last, and for the kids trapped down there, the choice is simple: In the hole beneath Keyhouse the stones run with blood, the living shadows run riot, and time runs out Alpha 1 [29]. September 11, [30]. The shadows have never been darker and the end has never been closer.

Turn the key and open the last door; it's time to say goodbye.

December 18, [32]. A key scrapes in a last rusted lock. It ends here: This special standalone issue features an expanded Guide to the Known Keys, an all-new Guide to Failed Keys, and a story of summer night magic titled "Open the Moon", set in Keyhouse's unlikely past. Set in the glare of a Depression-era summer, in which three Canuck gangsters carry out a heist and hide out at the Keyhouse.

Grindhouse includes an expanded "Guide to Keyhouse" describing the mansion. An impossible birthday gift for two little girls unexpectedly throws open a door to a monster on eight legs. Joe Hill has said that the title is a shout out to the horror novel of the same name by his mother Tabitha King.

Small World [36]. Heaven and Earth [37]. To make matters much, much worse, it also turns out that the murder of Mr. Locke was not random at all, and the family will find itself beset by nightmares both human and not human while they try and exorcise their grief and reassemble some semblance of a life.

One of my favorite of these moments is when Bode, testing out one of the houses many unusual attributes, secretly visits his sister as she relives the day their father died. It is sad and moving, but ends comically in a perfect older sister, younger brother moment. It's perfect. These quiet moments of reflection are necessary to heighten the emotional investment of the reader, and make the more aggressive events much scarier. So, add this series to the ever growing pile of recent graphic novels that have really raised the bar.

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