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Microsoft Word is a sophisticated word processing program that helps you .. This paragraph following a step-by-step exercise provides instructions. Word Microsoft. ®. Making Everything Easier! ™. Word Microsoft. ®. Gookin Step-by-Step Instructions Saving a Word document as a PDF. This class is designed to give a basic introduction into Microsoft Word This booklet will serve as a guide as we progress through the class, but it . Tip: A very handy addition in is that it is possible to save your document as a. pdf.

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Microsoft Word 2010 Manual Pdf

Insert a manual page break. Prevent This guide is based on Microsoft Word , the illustrations used . Use PDF format when you want a file that. Download free tutorial Microsoft Word course material and training (PDF file pages). The MOAC textbooks for Microsoft Office are designed to cover all the learning .. Saving a document in a PDF format will allow users to edit the document. T . Create a manual table of contents using the Formal format.

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The best course and tutorial, and how to learn and use Microsoft Word Download the file 11 Reviews 0 Thank you for the help. Ibrahimjada at Thank you for all your tutorials they are sources of great help. Thanks so much! God bless you Qazi at Thanks so much for sharing this. I recommend using this feature often.

[PDF] Microsoft Word free tutorial for Beginners

It only takes a couple seconds and can save the frustration of losing a document. You can also press the ctrl key and s to save a document while working on it. I find the keyboard short cut I am more likely to use while typing. The close feature will close just the document you are working on. This is different than exit. Exit will close all Word documents. Close just closes one. The print option in the file menu will open the print options to the right of the link. In this window you can set all of your print options.

At the top is the number of copies. You can either highlight and type the number of copies you would like or use the up and down arrows to change it. Below the copies is the printer selection. If you have more than one printer set up on your computer use the drop down arrow to select the printer. By default the print all pages is selected. Click the down arrow to see options for selecting only the pages you want printed. If you highlight text in your document the Print Selection option will be available.

This will only print the highlighted text.

Print Current page will print the page your cursor is on. Using the Custom print range you can type a range of pages for example , and it will only print the pages in that range. You can also just type one page number, or place commas between each page number. Print markup will print the notes and changes you have tracked on your document.

Download Office 2010 User Resources - PDF from Official Microsoft Download Center

The Save and Send option gives you a list of ways you can change the format you are saving your document. Sending as an email lets you change the format to a PDF file, XPS file, Fax, email as an attachment, or create an online document with an email link. To save your document to the web you need to have a windows live account.

With this account you can save it to your online documents. SharePoint is a server that allows you to share files.

This will most likely have to be set up by an IT administrator for you to use it. Publish as Blog Post will require you to register a blog account. There are several blogging services you can pick from. You will be prompted to register if you have not already done so. To change the file type click the change File type option will give you a list of different Word formats to choose from.

Office 2010 User Resources - PDF

This will create a read only file for you to share with anyone you would not like to make changes to the document. Help will show you all of the avenues of help provided by Microsoft.

The default will give you an information page showing you what version of Office you are using and the updates that have been installed. Options is an advanced area of Microsoft Word This allows you to configure how Word works. Click the options link to open the Word Options window. The General window is where you can pick basic tool bar options, color schemes, and your user name. Display is used to modify how the document is displayed on the screen before printing.

Proofing gives you options to change the way the proofreading features work and check your document as you are creating it. Save will let you customize how your documents are saved.

You can set a time for the automatic save, format of the save, and location. Language will let you change the default language installed, install new languages or add multiple languages. Advanced has a list of check box options for you to choose from.

These options include editing options, cut, copy, paste, image size, document content, and display options. Take a minute to read through the list and check or uncheck the options based on how you would like your document to behave in these categories.

Customize ribbon is the next navigation option. This brings up two columns for you to add or remove buttons from the ribbon tabs at the top of your working screen.


The list on the left is all of the options available to place in the ribbon tabs. The list on the right is a list of what is currently in the ribbon tabs. To add another option click on the item you would like to add from the left column then the Add button will no longer be grayed out. Click the add button and the item will be moved to the ribbon tab.

The check boxes can be added or removed in the right column.

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