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Aproximadamente una de cada cinco muertes por síndrome de muerte súbita del lactante. (SMSL) se produce mientras el bebé está al cuidado de una persona. La traducción directa del término médico en español es síndrome de muerte súbita del lactante. Es la muerte de un bebé menor de un año de edad, que ocurre. del síndrome de muerte súbita del lactante. Ann Esp Pinho AS. Fatores de risco da síndrome da morte súbita do codigosguias/ Access.

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Muerte Subita Del Lactante Pdf Download

PDF | Ikenna Kingsley Ndu Department of Paediatrics, Enugu State University Teaching Hospital, Enugu, Nigeria Download full-text PDF. PDF | The Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) has four distinctive characteristics that must be explained by Download full-text PDF Síndrome infantil de muerte súbita: el riesgo que afrontan los lactantes en Bogotá, D.C., Colombia. Indicaciones a los autores para el envío de artículos (descargar PDF). 2. Muerte Súbita del Lactante; Factores de Riesgo; Posición Prona; Lactancia Materna.

However, even if Their training on this topic seemed insufficient, since only This remarkable difference between the two distributions suggests that respondents could be differentiating between conversations about SIDS and conversations about sleep position, thus not realizing that a conversation about the safest sleep position is, even if indirectly, a conversation about SIDS. Paediatricians rated their own knowledge about SIDS as very high or somewhat high in However, only These percentages are in line with those measured in Italy between and de Luca and Vida In both studies, a significant proportion of respondents stated that the lateral position is also acceptable, which is surprising as we are considering a highly qualified population. The most immediate consequence of this situation was that a significant proportion of children did not get the most protective advice, which is highly undesirable. We observed that these percentages were not affected by standard demographic and professional variables e. Specifically, those who did not consider themselves as qualified to advise parents but still gave recommendations to them, had a level of knowledge which was on average 7 percentage points lower than the one of other paediatricians If properly encouraged under the right circumstances, this self- evaluation could lead those who do not feel confident or knowledgeable enough on this topic to seek specific training on SIDS in order to fill any gap they might have identified. This would also imply that paediatricians themselves might already have all the tools which would be needed to improve this situation.

Hospital Universitario de Fuenlabrada. Fuenlabrada, Madrid. Correspondence: MA Zafra. Email: miguelzafraanta gmail. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. In the past, these events were termed apparent life-threatening events ALTE.


It provides an approach to patient evaluation, and management recommendations. Objective: to describe the clinical characteristics and the evolution of patients enrolled in a CRD monitoring program in a second level hospital.

We assess this work according to the new guide from the AAP. Methods: retrospective study of all patients with indication of monitoring CRD, enrolled in a secondary level hospital, in Pediatric Neumology consultation The mean age of indication was Because of the diverse presentations, causes, risk factors, and prognosis of infants presenting with acute events, evaluation and management should be individualized.

Most of the patients in which monitoring CRD is indicated may have tracking in a second level hospital.

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Long-term follow-up programs of infants with a BRUE-ALTE could contribute to adapt the healthcare activities to the needs of each patient and confirm the medical diagnosis.

Keywords: Ambulatoty monitoring. Sudden infant death.

Infantile apparent life-threatening event. For a long time, the use of this label for the purpose of diagnosis has been in question. This guideline proposes an approach to the management of BRUE by levels of risk defined by the clinical manifestations and the presence or absence of risk factors.

Many protocols reserved the working diagnosis of ALTE for cases in which the patient required intense stimulation or resuscitation measures to recover. The infants eligible for home cardiorespiratory monitoring CRM are a heterogeneous group that, until recently, ranged from healthy infants with a history of SIDS in one or more siblings to infants that had experienced an ALTE and with underlying disease or risk factors preterm birth and apnoeic episodes, recurrent ALTEs, and other.

It is essential that the approach to the management of these patients be based on the characteristics of the event and a careful history and physical examination, both of which should be reassessed at a later time. London: Scientific Press; Macht DI. The commonest natural causes of sudden death.

Mobile, Ala: publisher not identified; Medicina Legal de Costa Rica. Department of the Attorney General. Investigating sudden death [videorecording]. Edmonton, Alta. Incidence of sudden unexpected death in an adult outpatient cohort with epilepsy at a tertiary referral centre.

J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. Opeskin K, Berkovic SF. Risk factors for sudden unexpected death in epilepsy: a controlled prospective study based on coroners cases. Epilepsy, vagal nerve stimulation by the NCP system, all cause mortality, and sudden, unexpected, unexplained death. Sperling MR. Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy. Epilepsy Currents.

Paediatricians’ Practice About SUDDEN Infant Death Syndrome in Catalonia, Spain

Epilepsy and sudden death. New York: Dekker; Medicina Legal Costa Rica. Sawaguchi T. Sudden infant death syndrome: from pathophysiological prospects. Tokyo: Springer; Sudden death in infancy, childhood, and adolescence. School of Medicine. Conference on Causes of Sudden Death of Infants. Washington; Knight B.

Sudden death in infancy: the "cot death" syndrome. London: Faber and Faber; Great Britain. Ministry of Health. Enquiry into sudden death in infancy. London; Sudden death in infants; proceedings.

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Passive smoking and sudden infant death syndrome: review of the epidemiological evidence. Sudden infant deaths: stress, arousal and SIDS. Review of risk factors for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Paediatr Perinat Epidemiol. Ethnicity, infection and sudden infant death syndrome. Mage DT.

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Seasonal variation of sudden infant death syndrome in Hawaii. J Epidemiol Community Health. Blood-Siegfried J. Immunopharmacol Immuno-toxicol.

Dwyer T, Ponsonby AL. Ann Epidemiol.