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Love Systems Routines Manual VOLUME 1 - Free ebook download as PDF File ( .pdf), Text File .txt) We created a compilation volume - The Love Systems Routines Manual - of the very best and most LSi: Top 20 PUA Questions w/ Cajun. manual is not to give the reader a script to memorize, but to give examples and explanations of how routines work so that the PUA can eventually remove the. PUA - iNFOTHREAD Love Systems' ROUTINES MANUAL - iNFOTHREAD This is Tape 1, Side 1 Ross BHSC _New_

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PUA ROUTINES MANUAL - Pua Routines Manual (FREE) manual pdf le croquemort est bon vivant star trek strange new worlds viii bk 8. pua routines manual pdf download - wordpress pick up lines, build attraction, mystery pick up artisteatest collection of mystery openers, mystery routines. One of the advantages of ebooks is that you can download Pua Routines Manual pdf along with hundreds of other books into your device and adjust the font.

Also with: So, here it is. Presents and others. These are the workhorses used by Love Systems instructors and other masters around the world. A routine is any piece of prepared verbal or non—verbal material used for attracting women and beginning a romantic or sexual relationship.

Classical and folk dance forms also emerged from Indian traditions, epics and mythology. The dancer acts out a story almost exclusively through gestures. Most of the classical dances of India enact stories from Hindu mythology.

Classical dance is distinguished from folk dance because it has been regulated by the rules of the Natyashastra and all classical dances are performed only in accordance with them. The dance is usually accompanied by classical Carnatic music.

The Kuchipudi performance includes pure dance nritta , [71] and expressive part of the performance nritya , where rhythmic gestures as a sign language mime the play. Mohiniyattam developed in the state of Kerala , gets its name from Mohini — the seductress avatar of Vishnu, who in Hindu mythology uses her charms to help the good prevail in a battle between good and evil. The repertoire of Mohiniyattam includes pure and expressive dance-drama performance, timed to sopana slower melody styled music, [99] [] with recitation.

The songs are typically in Malayalam-Sanskrit hybrid called Manipravala. The Natya Shastra includes group dances of women as a preliminary dance performed in prelude to a drama. India has numerous folk dances. Tribal Dances in India are inspired by the tribal folklore.

G-String Opener Hey girls, I need female opinion on something My friend totally fucked up his relationship with his GF. Actually they are still together Masturbate in Shower PUA: No PUA: And do you know what they sing?

No, what? Oh you must be one of the girls that masturbates then. Trust Test 7. The idea is not to insult her, but rather to create the impression that you are not chasing her. Err on the side of being funny and teasing rather than serious and insulting.

Some disqualifiers will be ambiguous, so go out of your way to not come off as a hostile jerk. Hey, that guy over there looks perfect for you. You're either like the coolest person I've ever met I'm kind of curious about you. Framing and frame control are crucial concepts in Love Systems. I need lots of comfort and trust first. Role-playing Routines in Attraction Role-playing routines involve giving people, usually including yourself, characters or situations to act out.

Done playfully, this can lead a woman on an emotional journey and build attraction. With role-playing, you are limited only by your imagination. This also allows a woman to take on a role and say or do things that she might otherwise resist. A good role-play is like your own mini Halloween.

These routines allow a woman to be much more emotional than logical. This is to your advantage, since attraction, especially for women, is based on emotion, not logic. Doing so will allow you to stand out and be more successful.

And you can order anything on the menu. Improvise from here with all of these routines. Get her involved in the role-play.

And the winner gets to hang out with me all night!

Dance in India - Wikipedia

You guys are spunky. I like it. Shake it girl… Do the butt shake. Daddy likes.

You know what I would do with you? I would dress you up in a red PVC devil outfit.. Your Bodyguard This is a great routine if she acts tough, punches you, shakes hands too hard, or does something to imply that she is strong or aggressive. I mean, do you know how many people applied for this position?

But you do get to carry a big flashlight and wear a walkie- talkie. If I go to the bar, you lead the way and clear a path. Later, if anyone touches you or bumps into you, even by accident, threaten to fire her. This routine also makes for great call-back humor. See the Stripper Name routine in Chapter 4: Oh, sometimes I think I treat you too good. Oh, and they better have a continental breakfast!

If you try and get cheap on me and skimp on the continental breakfast, there will be trouble! This routine needs to be delivered in a playful tone. Get the general idea from the text above, but there is no need to match it word-for-word. I think I just need some time to clear my head. Here are the rules for our break up though.

That includes sleeping with your friends. See, this is why we need this break up. You just refuse to compromise. I ask for a few simple things from you and look how you react. Divide household possessions, argue abut the kids or exotic pets, and so on.

When using this make sure you already have some rapport and she knows you are joking and that you are not really the creepy needy guy. This is a fun routine because it implies, first, that you have enough social intuition one of the attraction switches from earlier to know how many men behave around beautiful women, making her feel that you understand her reality, and, second, that you are different from such men.

Use this right after getting her phone number. Suddenly start acting like a total creep. This is so cool. This is a huge moment. An actual girls phone number! Did I do something wrong? I know what it is…. This role-play creates opportunities for call-back humor. When you do get her on the phone:. They are so excited that we are moving in with them in their basement and that you are my first girlfriend.

I went through your purse last night while you were in the bathroom but none of the cards in your wallet had your middle name on it.

Be careful not to dwell forever in this routine. The longer you do, the more you risk her subconsciously responding to the role you are playing, instead of to you. Pause …. You know this is kinda more your fault than it is mine.

You were the one who said it feels better to thumb wrestle or whatever you did without a glove. I mean you did kinda guilt trip me into that. Fights and Make-up Sex This role-play can be used anytime you disagree with each other. You know how emotional sex makes me. You need to be gentle with my delicate feelings. Smoking The Smoking role-play can be used anytime she wants a cigarette. It can also be used as an opener. Are you crazy, my Mom is going to kill you… You know she hates smokers.

Lemme guess Are you kidding me? My mom is never going to approve. Now what? How are we going to explain this? What is this like the 5th night this week? What did you do with the money I gave you for cooking class? Are you gambling again? Or let me guess….. Another pair of shoes, right? Physical Escalation Routines Physical escalation is the process of touching a woman and making her used to physical contact with you.

We start touching initially out of social playfulness and move steadily towards more intimate sexual touching that ultimately leads to sex. Touching should start at the very beginning of the conversation, and intensify as your emotional connection intensifies.

The level of touching normally goes through a progression. However, physical escalation is a process that starts within seconds of meeting a woman, and continues right up until sex. Here are some sequentially escalating physical escalation tactics to build your arsenal:.

Pushing Any sort of pushing and playful shoving is a great way to initiate your initial touching. If a woman says something silly, sarcastic or lame, laugh and push her on the arm or shoulder Make the touching playful and fun.

Otherwise you will creep her out. Always be smiling when you do this. As an opener: This can also be used as an opener. If she pushes you back you probably have some initial attraction. When she offers it up take it formally, like she is going to curtsey and gently slap it. Then say:. City Handshakes These handshakes are more involved versions of the High Five Routine earlier in this chapter.

Obviously, change the origin cities of the handshakes to something relevant to you and her. Go on a cocky tirade about how you were the Middle School thumb wrestling champion and there is still a plaque of you hanging on the wall there. TV Test This is a great routine to transition from being playful to getting a woman imagining the two of you together as a couple.

Your tone should still be fun and light. Take the woman in your arms so that you are hugging her, but she is facing away from you, and you are both looking in the same direction. What are we watching? Depending on her answer and how enthusiastically she responds to the hug, you can choose to reward or punish her. To reward her, congratulate her on her taste. You can even move into some Qualification routines Chapter 5.

To punish her if she says something silly or she is stiff and unenthusiastic about the routine shove her away playfully and say:. Spin Move Use this routine to reward a woman for something, to move her a short distance inside the venue, or just for the heck of it. Take a position inside her group whenever possible, rather than getting stuck standing in open space like a stranger.

You need to demonstrate more value using Attraction material and routines from this chapter. Now you are leaning against the bar in a power position instead of her, and she is facing you with her back to the room. Run another routine to keep her logical mind occupied and continue stimulating her with Attraction material.

Spin Test A variation on these spin moves allows you to get into Qualification Chapter 5 a little bit. When she lands from the spin, break into Thumb Wrestling earlier in this chapter immediately. That was the fun test, and you just totally failed. She looks fun Trust Test The Trust Test is a good way to move things in a subtly romantic direction.

Then tell her if she passed or failed and that this tells you a lot about her ability to connect with and trust people. Tension Test The Tension Test is essentially a pretext to allow you to touch and massage her. The key here is to deliver compelling Cold Reads Chapter 3 based on her reactions as you do so. Massage your hands up her spine until you reach her shoulders and then massage them. Then rub your fingers down either side of her spine with a firm, even pressure.

As you do this, make up a cold read up based on the tension you claim to have felt in her back. Arm to Hand Moving The first time you move her within the venue to change locations, e. Later, when you move again and you have hopefully built up some comfort and intimacy, stand and offer your hand and lead her across the venue holding hands. This implies greater commitment and signals non—verbally that the relationship has moved forward.

Move her a few feet from her group and say:. Then take her somewhere private within the venue or even walk right out the front door and go for a walk. This maneuver happens so fast and appears so weird that they will seldom protest.

Tap Cheek for Kiss If a woman is already attracted to you and ideally you and her are alone, then take a couple of opportunities to pause, lean in a bit, tap your cheek, and wait for her to kiss it. Do this after she compliments you or after you do something cool, like deliver a great cold read. Do this in a fun spirit. This can become especially powerful if you and her are doing something involving repeated and somewhat unpredictable events. For example, if you and her are playing blackjack, point at your cheek every time you win a hand.

Not only do you get repeated kisses and contact out of this, but when you get blackjack, you can turn your head slightly when she comes in for the kiss. You can use the same structure if you are both playing a trivia game at a bar. Get a cheek kiss every time you get a question right and turn your head for a lip peck after an infrequent positive event, like winning the game. Attraction is a trickier concept than Opening or Transitioning. It goes through the 8 attraction triggers, the 5 ways of conveying each attraction characteristic to a group of strangers, and discusses the underlying concept of Value.

Value is such a critical component of attraction that we felt it worth the type of in-depth analysis and toolkit that is part of every volume of the interview series. There is also a significant amount of time during our bootcamps devoted to both the Attraction and Comfort phases, with the extra benefit of being able to apply these techniques when interacting — live — with beautiful women and having a Love Systems instructor like one of us looking on and helping you improve after each attempt.

Women become attracted to men all the time. However, when you call her afterward, there is a difference in thinking between men and women. He must be desperate or just want sex. This is why the Qualification phase is important.

To get her to see you again, or to have her willing to invest herself emotionally and build comfort with you the next phase of the Emotional Progession Model , you need to convince her that you like her for reasons other than her looks and sexuality. Ideally, those should reflect your standards and what you actually like.

Paradoxically, the more beautiful a woman, the less effort she will generally put into developing and demonstrating attractive. Many beautiful women are accustomed to men being interested in them without having to actually do anything.

This is true even though what most really want is a man who is challenging her, and who has enough standards and experience with beautiful women that he is not won over by her looks alone. You can find these by asking her questions, or through statements that are essentially hoops for her to jump through.

Suivre l'auteur

Of course, if she has already told you a bit about herself, look for positive qualities there and start with those. If you are using hoops see below for examples , start by making them small and innocuous. Small hoops reflect questions that ask her to confirm or deny that she possesses a specific characteristic, usually one that most women want to think of themselves as having. She should be able to answer yes to a small hoop without thinking.

Medium hoops require a little more effort on her part and are better tests of her interest in you. In that case, go back to the Attraction phase Chapter 4 and try again in a few minutes. If she. The result of her jumping through hoops is that you will be able to show interest in her and give her compliments. I love German girls.

My ex-girlfriend was German and we went over there and traced her whole family tree. The compliment, like the hoop, should be non-generic and non-physical. The more in-depth and specific you can be, the more she will feel that she has genuinely earned your interest, and, consequently, that you are the type of man who deserves her emotional investment. Let her understand why you like a given quality of hers, as in the above example, without going overboard.

You should also sometimes release the tension after a compliment with a non-sequitur tease, something along the lines of: Keep this process going even after she passes a large hoop and you move on from the Qualification phase. When you are stuck for things to say on a date or ten years into your marriage, find a reason to tell her why you like her. It still works as effectively as in the first ten minutes. Much of the above theory and structure, as well as many examples of hoops below, can be credited to Sinn, Love Systems Instructor.

Because in high school, the really beautiful girls, they could get by just on their looks, but the fat girls had to actually develop a personality to be popular. You have a fat girl personality. Statements of Interest Use statements of interest after she jumps through a large hoop, or after a medium hoop that she gives a great answer to.

This is an oft-neglected area of dating science. So many men are hung up on being a challenge that they forget to tell a woman that they like her when the time is right. This is an extremely important thing to remember to do, especially when you obviously both like each other.

Qualification is often misunderstood, so we tried to include a pretty detailed overview in the introduction to this chapter, but you should also check out Chapter 8 of Magic Bullets for more detail and precision. The vast majority of time you spend with a woman before your relationship becomes physical will probably be spent in the Comfort phase. The result of this is that you are unavoidably going to need to develop your own style for the Comfort phase.

You need to flesh out who the two of you really are and how you connect. Comfort routines are generally longer than routines for previous phases, because you are usually in a quieter and less intense. Let your guard down but keep in mind to stay away from saying anything that demonstrates low value. Maintain both attraction and qualification levels and continue escalating physically towards sex. Truth Game This routine is often used right at the beginning of the Comfort phase just after you have qualified her.

It is fantastic for building a connection and exchanging personal information with a woman. Probe deeper on some of her answers. But you have to play fair. You have to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Ask personal questions. You can either explain that Strawberry Fields is a psychological experiment, or you can just jump into it. How high is the fence? X number! Number of Strawberries: The Farmer: Basically, you are telling her that she is highly sexual and that she follows her feelings and not what society or her friends tell her to do.

She will likely want to live up to this, and it will make her more comfortable with and responsive to sexual intimacy later. Her friends may ask you to do this routine on them later. Try not to. If you have to do something, substitute another similar routine like 4 Questions or Family Room, which are given below. Describe your feelings. What are three adjectives to describe it? What are your feelings? What do you do? You said you felt x,y,z. You said… qualities x,y,z.

You said… qualities a,b,c. You described it as… e,f,g.

You may have to probe a bit when she is answering the questions so that her answers have enough depth for your analysis to be meaningful. Like in the Strawberry Fields routine. Rather, the goal is to help her feel connected, understood, and sexual. White Room.

Her responses: Favorite color. Favorite Animal. Body of water. You feel at peace you feel calm and relaxed about it. You find yourself wanting to just let yourself go to all the passion and excitement and the deep connection you can experience. Now think about your family members.

Choose a family member and put that person in the room somewhere. Then have her do this with all of her other family members too, one at a time, and describe where they are in the room. For example, nearer to the front means that the person is either the more dominant member or a pioneer in the family. Closer to the back indicates the opposite. The proximity of people to each other indicates closeness and vice versa.

It cements that you really like her as an individual for. See the section on Statements of Interest Chapter 5 for ideas. Months later she may still ask you. Unknown Sleepless Sleepless is an excellent routine, developed by Rokker, another top Love Systems instructor. He uses it to communicate that he is a person with purpose and direction, and that his life is exciting, fulfilling and something she would probably want to be a part of. I wanted to sleep, but I also wanted to keep that good feeling.

Felt really amazing to have this burst of creativeness in the middle of the pitch black night when you are supposed to sleep. Ever had one of those days? Many Comfort routines will be like this, for reasons explained in the introduction to this chapter. You will have to adapt them to your unique identity. Now normally this only happens like the day before a [big presentation, I go rock climbing, etc] or something but this.

I wanted to sleep, but I also wanted to keep that good feeling, right?

PUA Routines.pdf - iNFOTHREAD

Invented by Love Systems Instructor Captain Jack, they are tailored around the idea that sharing intimate personal information and revealing deep vulnerabilities heightens intimacy and trust. While we were talking I noticed my Grandmother kept looking at my jeans. I was wearing a pair that came with holes already in them, a designer jeans day I guess After a while my mom got up to check on something in the other room.

My grandmother waited till my mom was out of hearing range…. One night when I was laying in bed I overheard my mom talking on the phone to one of her friends. She was worried about how she was going to pay the light bill. I started at one end of the street and sold the toys to the neighborhood kids. She started crying. She was so tiny and helpless.

I was amazed. I wanted to work harder and become more successful so that she could have everything she needed. Something about having kids depending on you really makes you stronger and hungrier for success than ever This allows her to get a look inside who you are, understand how you see the world and to see the fact that you have a distinct, interesting point of view.

Having a point of view and an understanding of how the world works implies that you are a confident person with an interesting life, not an ignorant conformist lemming. This routine is an excellent example of how to communicate a personal philosophy on life, and help you create something that is based on your real beliefs. There is also tons of sub- communication in this routine. You also frame her as being sexually open, which is great.

You and I both have more chances in life than a starving orphan somewhere. I remember back in high school, one thing I wanted to do was read the bible from start to finish. You know, how. God and Satan make a bet, and Satan is going to make all these bad things happen to Job, and the bet is about whether Job renounces God when this happens. I believe you have to take life for what it is, and take the world for what it is.

Or like I have this great friend Katie, who is awesome. So she always felt guilty after sex, and it was even worse the more pleasure she had. She was so used to being defined by others. You see that a lot with women of exceptional beauty, not always, but definitely sometimes….

Drugs vs. It lets you utilize the environment to begin building a more serious connection in the face of all these distractions. Look at all the people drinking water around here. A friend of mine was really into the scene and he said that people drinking water all the time in these kind of clubs are usually on drugs A side effect of the drugs is it makes you feel affectionate, you want to be touched, you enjoy and seek touch much more than without them.

When we are born and are still babies, we get lots of touch, we need lots of touch to develop and grow in the right way. I read about this study decades ago where they took ten newborn babies and isolated each of them in a separate cell. But no one was allowed to speak to them, play with them, give them a hug, caress their head, be in their presence for long, and so on.

Human contact was held to a minimum. We need human touch, it is essential. You can see incredibly successful people who have it all; money, cars, everything And not only rich people feel that way, but also many regular people too A lot of people have no one to touch them lovingly like their parents did when they were young.

Some download love like with prostitutes or something, but they know it is not the same. They suffer from the effect of the substitute I will guarantee you that these people value a real.

Drugs like ecstasy multiply this need by hundreds and make it obvious to many of those people…so obvious that they go for it and actually feel really fulfilled, for once in their life, they see that that was the part that was missing from their life. But then it wears off and they link it to the drug and they take it again and again.

But in fact the need is always there, it is always inside you and always longs to be fulfilled. Imagine what it would feel like if I would just lightly touch and caress the back of your neck Do you think it would feel good?

The answer is obvious. A substitute can never beat the real thing Ideal Relationship Values This routine is great for when you are alone, having a private and deep conversation, particularly when the topic of relationships has come up and sexual tension is increasing.

First of all you need passion. Next you need intimacy. Then you need commitment. Now, all relationships are based on varying degrees of each one of these elements. Like a one night stand or something… nothing more, nothing less….

If you have just intimacy, but no passion or commitment, then that would be just friendship. And we all have those…. If you have just commitment, but no passion or intimacy, then that would be an empty relationship. Like a lot of married people out there… so sad. Then you can have passion and intimacy, but no commitment. And you can have passion and commitment, but no intimacy. That is like people who stay together because they really like the sex.

And you can have intimacy and commitment but no passion. And of course the ideal, as with all things… is about balance, where you can have just the right amount of passion, just the right amount of intimacy, and just the right amount of commitment… well… now that I think about it, an extra little bit more passion would be nice… What do you think? The Shadow and the Rising Sun Like the previous routine, this one is long and somewhat heavy. What is necessary is to convey the main themes.

Here, it is that she can let out what she is repressing. And how opposites are really the same thing And then I remembered something that a psychologist friend of mine said once He said that everyone has a Shadow This is that part of you that you hide from the rest of the world The Shadow is a good thing, he believed Now, this sense of balance is very important because the concept that whatever you repress grows and begins to spill over into other parts of your life.

If your shadow is repressed it grows and grows Jung said it was like the rising sun This was the concept behind mid—life crisis. Now what if you were to step into your shadow right now, and see the world through the eyes of your shadow…. What would that say about the person that you are now vs. What is it… that this shadow most wants and desires right now? What do you deserve to enjoy now in your life? Comfort is the longest and probably most difficult phase of the Emotional Progression Model.

Chapter 9 of Magic Bullets provides a great overview of different approaches to build comfort. The best training for this comes from either a full bootcamp, which is heavy on Attraction and Comfort drills and live practice in restaurants, bars, and clubs, or from the innovative new one-day Breakthrough Comfort seminars.

Breakthrough Comfort is a rapid form of comfort-building designed by Sinn and Future that builds a very deep emotional connection very quickly. However, there are good ways and there are awkward ways to do this. You can also slip in little elements into getting her phone number that are specifically designed to make her more likely to answer the phone when you call, to create call-back humor opportunities for the first phone conversation, or to make her more likely to see you again.

This is one of those elements of Love Systems which is very subtle but also very important. We should continue this conversation some other time. These can either be plans for that night; for example, you could be telling a woman about a party or another venue where you and your friends are going that you could invite her to. You will to do some work on the phone re-establishing attraction and qualification levels as well as reconfirming her comfort with you before most women will see you again.

Still, making such plans provide a good path to getting her phone number. I was going to check out to check out the Rodin exhibit at the art museum on Sunday. You can come along if you want.

This concept, with examples, is explained in Chapter 4 Attraction routines , especially the Stripper Name routine. Use her picture to create call-back humor. If she drew a stick figure, tease her for this for a second. When you call her, you can say something like:. I have a picture here of a stick figure.

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