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Items 16 - 21 This manual is for use with the model PX ACCESSORIES AND OPTIONS-. INSTRUCTION MANUAL Downloaded by. aracer.mobi View and Download Puxing PX service manual online. UHF/VHF FM TRANSCEIVER. PX Transceiver pdf manual download. Also for: Px, Px- View and Download Puxing PX user manual online. FM VHF/UHF Radio. PX Two-Way Radio pdf manual download.

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Puxing Px-777 Manual Download

PX Operation Guide. The Puxing PX is an excellent, inexpensive handheld radio. The English- language documentation provided by the manufacturer. Puxing PX+ Service Manual free download. Data. File name. Size, 0 B. Downloads, Language. License. Author. Website. Puxing PX - Transceiver - Service Manual -- Free Service Manuals.

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The radio has two main modes: Frequency and Channel. When in frequency mode, the display shows the operating frequency in MHz with or without a channel number on the right -- more about that in a second.

In channel mode, you'll see the name of the channel by default "CH-001" or "CH-100" or whatever number the channel is on. To change modes, start with the radio turned off. The radio remembers the mode until you change it again. In VFO mode, no channel number appears in the right of the display and the encoder just changes the frequency as you'd expect. In MR mode the channel number appears on the far right of the display and the encoder changes the channel number.

Although the device has 128 memories, if you don't set a channel it doesn't show up as "empty"; it just doesn't show up. When displaying channel memories you'll hear a gentle beep when you hit channel 1 unless you have sounds turned off.

When receiving, the keypad lets you set the frequency VFO mode or the channel channel memory mode. Note that this does NOT lock the push to talk or the transmitter, just the keyboard and the encoder knob. When locked a little key appears in the LCD.

Puxing 777 or PX777 Programming the frequencies

You can also press and hold it for 2 seconds to reverse the transmit and receive frequencies assuming they are different. This lets you listen to the input of a repeater, for example. When transmitting, the keypad sends TouchTones this can be programmed, but I'm assuming that's how yours is programmed. On the left side of the radio is an orange "call" button.

This is used with selective calling, so I doubt us hams will use that very much. The small black button is the monitor button. Pressing it opens the squelch so you can hear anything being transmitted. This is especially useful if you have the tone squelch on, you see the "S meter" moving but you don't hear anything.

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Pressing both the orange and black buttons and holding them will transmit an "alarm" signal which is probably not a good idea! The menu system is very simple. Press MENU and then you can select a function with the keypad or the encoder there are more functions than keys.

When you see the function you want followed by a question mark, press Enter. Then use the encoder or keyboard to pick a value. Assuming we are programming the Nome, Alaska channels, lets start with that channel CH-001. A random frequency will appear.

Programming the PX-777+

Using the keypad, enter the proper frequency; all six digits 146940 without periods. When you hit that last "0" digit, you will hear a double beep. This was your receive RX frequency. Now the word OFF appears in the display. That referst to the receive PL tone for the channel in question. The number 67. That is a PL tone, but you don't want 67.

Note that on the right hand side of the display, little number 04 appears. This is the step number, 04 being the transmit frequency. Another random frequency appears. The PL tone for you to transmit is next.

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It says OFF right now. The next question 6 refers to "busy carrier lockout", which has to do with scanning. As hams, we use WIDE transmissions. It is not too bad if you choose the narrow function; but you will not sound very loud at the other end, IRLP users may want to experiment.

If you are told that you are too loud or "hot" try "narrow" here. Question 10 is for the channel Name. You will see six dashes, which are changed to letters, numbers and some characters using the knob.

Play with the knob to see for yourself the available characters. Turn the knob for the letter "O". You step to the next position using the [ ] key on the keypad.

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Put in the letter "M" and hit the [ ] key. Likewise for the "E". Now, to put a space in, hit the next key and rotate the knob for a blank space. It is between Z and the number 0. Similarly program in the digits 9 and 4.

You can select the method in the radio's menu, item 15. You can do this either before or after the channel is programmed. You have now finished your first channel.

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