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It had been intended to re-arm the EIC battalions with the Enfield in and partial issues had been made. In rejecting the Enfield, they embarked upon insurrection with an inferior weapon, Several cavalry carbines had been under trial since [0 find a replacement for the smoothbore, muzzle-loading, percussion Victoria, as used in the Crimean War and still in general use, This had a in.

One of the carbines on trial, Ihe American breech-loading Sharps, was issued to the 2nd Dragoon Guards, the 7th and 8th Hussars before leaving for India in It had an t8-in. The outbreak at Meerut began with the refusal by sowars of the 3rd Bengal Light Cavalry to handle cartridges at a parade to learn the new loading drill.

This might suggest that they, and other Ele cavalry, were being armed with some new, rifled carbine.

In fact their carbines were smoothbore and Ihe cart- ridges of the old pattern, but the sowars' fears were too deep-seated for them to take the cartridges- - though this did not prevent them using the same ammunition after they had mutinied. There was no carbine version of the Enfield in India at that time.

There was much variety among the firearms of Irregular cavalry, particularly those raised in t8ji, owing 1'0 the 'silladar' system under which they were recruited and equipped see MAA , p. The matchlock was a fairly common type; and the Scinde Horse uniquely had double-barrelled carbines. The same applied to their swords, which were usually of the indigenous type known as 'tulwars'.

Often these were supplemented by lances. Ilighland officers of course had broadswords. Congenital penile anomalies are among the most common human birth defects; approximately one out of every 1, children is born with atypical genital or reproductive anatomy that raises the question of cosmetic and func- tional correction.

Many of these anomalies, specially rare one, are not fully investigated and usually the practitioners and researchers spending a lot of their time and effort looking in the scientific media to find out the full description and the proper management of such cases they are facing in the daily practice without a productive achievement. The extent and complexity of these malformations require a thoughtful approach to timely surgical management and consistent care through their transition from childhood to adulthood.

The newborn with abnormal genital development presents a difficult diagnostic and treatment challenge for the primary care paediatrician.

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It is important that a definitive diagnosis be determined as quickly as possible so that an appropriate treat- ment plan can be established to minimize medical, psychological, and social complications. Alongside more than 30 years working in the field of genitourinary anom- alies, a considerable number of widely variant cases of congenital diseases affecting penis were collected and it is time now to put all in a text work as a guide for proper dealing with such anomalies.

Therefore, this textbook will stand to provide a comprehensive but concise data for almost all congenital diseases and anomalies affecting the penis; explaining the embryological and anatomical background, incidence, histori- cal notes, appropriate investigations, imaging and proper management, this book is packed with colour photographs of the abnormalities of the penis, as well as abnormalities of the prepuce, and male urethra.

To find out exactly which subjects have been covered you can go to the index to see the wide variety of topics, but they vary from the common, e. This book is valuable for the experienced paediatric urologist to use as an occasional reference, and probably very use- ful for teaching as it will form the basis of discussions of both the common and rare abnormalities. Many congenital penile diseases like penoscrotal transposition, median raphe and intact prepuce megameatus anomalies are re-classified with new entities added to the previously described categories; like central penile scro- talization and caudal scrotal regression in penoscrotal transposition, and cen- trally located megameatus without hypospadias or epispadias in megameatus chapter.