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Today online games market is saturated with racing, action games, MMO RPGs. However, very few games can combine these genres. Angry Racer is a unique MMO RPG race mobile game that will keep you on the tiptoes from the point you log in until you wrap up your tablet and get back to your daily routine. Besides, it’s a unique combination of racing; combat action and MMO RPG game, where even the most sophisticated gamer can find something attractive. If you are looking for classical racing – select a car and go for victory in the main game online.


Are in in search of an old good fight with crossfires and blood on the road? Equip your car with a machine gun, a cannon or a missile launcher and become an invincible angry racer defeating numerous opponents. Or, otherwise, if you prefer a nice story line and development – participate in events and quests or upgrade your battle car in the garage. All in all, online Angry Racer mobile game is likely to attract most online game fans. Don’t miss your chance to become the luckiest and the most notorious racer in the history of the game! Log in!

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