MMO RPG Games. Review on TOP-5

Are you interested to know the TOP-5 mobile mmo rpg games? Look through our rating then.


1. The golden award is given to the fantastic mobile mmo rpg “Angry Racer” game. This game allows you to plunge into the exciting world of the racing. If you like unique racing cars, if your heart starts beating faster when the engine starts to roar, if you have the strongest inclination to win – this best mobile mmo rpg game is right for you. There many players on-line 24/7, so you don't even have to wait until you find a rival for a duel – nothing can stop you from playing and winning this TOP mobile mmo rpg game. You will definitely enjoy this game since the very first moment, since you start your first fight at the TOP mobile mmo rpg game's arena, it would be impossible to stop playing. What's more – there are many encouraging bonuses in this game – getting to the new levels, performing new achievements, gaining new chips and filling your tank with a fuel, ability to choose the partner for a fight according to his/hers personal score and characteristics. Make sure yourself, that “Angry racer” is really the best mobile mmo rpg game among our TOP-5. Try it, enjoy it and make your heartbeat sound like your car's engine!


2. At the second place of our TOP-5 mobile mmo rpg games rating is the “Book of Heroes”. This is an incredibly addictive game for nearly everyone. You have to create your hero – this would be your character in this one of the best mobile mmo rpg games. You can customize it with countless options, equipment, upgrade powerful and vital skills and abilities. It's of high importance, because your hero will have to fight fearful monsters, explore dungeons, which are full of danger and finally save your home from any dark forces. “Book of Heroes” definitely deserves the silver award of our TOP-5 mobile mmo rpg games.


3. “The Avengers-Destroyers” got to the third position of our TOP-5 mobile mmo rpg games. It's a really awesome game, because you will have to collect more items and improve your character, fight monsters – Orcs and Dragons, as you develop your skills and take part in the numberless battles on the Arena in the Coliseum of Thrones. Besides, you may like the simple and intuitive interface, so nothing would distract you from enjoying the third best mobile mmo rpg game in our TOP-5.


4. The fourth in our TOP mobile mmo rpg games rating is the “Heroes of Camelot”. The main idea of the game is to explore the world searching for the adventures and glory. This one of the best mmo rpg games is a real prize for those, who fancy rpg multiplayer battle card game. Still the game development leaves much to be desired, so we gave only the fourth place to the “Heroes of Camelot” in our TOP-5 mobile mmo rpg games.


5. The last position we have to present in our TOP-5 mobile mmo rpg games is occupied by the “Order & Chaos Online”. The very first thing you notice at once is that graphics are colorful and nice. You can choose the race, class and the appearance for your character. Than you will travel the virtual world using the map and cope with the system of quests, you will fight the enemies and get the new items. All these features helped “Order & Chaos Online” to get the fifth place at our TOP-5 mobile mmo rpg games. Now that you have studied our TOP-5, we are damn sure you know what to play right now! Just select one of these games – and play it non-stop! You will definitely like the game. Enjoy! We’ve worked for you!

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