Reveal your Angry Racer hidden deep within!

Nothing can feel better, than flashing by at a speed of light in a new exciting mobi angry racer game! Feel that gigantic joy of being the King of the world. The desire to drive at high speed cannot blur, it cannot be replaced or be forgotten. Racing is not just a game; it’s a real part of your life!


Become and angry racer, mobi and Internet is all you need to start it right away! You will feel the pleasure of being a real winner on the track! Be the best mobi angry racer, feel everything that you would feel in a real race. No! You are not a loser! You are a real mobi angry racer!


Learn how to enjoy the road, how to become a winner and bring this feeling of being exceptional in your real life! We provide only realistic experience, that can be comparable to the experience that you have in a real rally! Find angry racer mobi. Become the best angry racer! 

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