5 best mobile browser games. Choose and play!

Are you ready to find out, which games got into our TOP-5 mobile browser games? Here we go!


1. The first position of our best mobile browser games rating is worthily occupied by the fantastic “Angry Racer” game. You are absorbed by this TOP mobile browser game from the very first second; you will undoubtedly fancy it. It's very dynamic, it needs your absolute attentiveness, but at the same time it brings you unlimited pleasure from the power of your racing car, it's roaring engine and for sure – glory of the victory. Everybody, who starts playing this amazing TOP mobile browser game, will enjoy this game, because its creators did a great job. And besides – it's so easy to play “Angry Racer” - the best mobile browser game ever, because you only have to switch your mobile device on, connect to the Internet and check your browser – that's it! It wouldn't be a problem to find a partner for your duel, since so many players are on-line every second – it means, that you can enjoy this TOP mobile browser game any moment, 24/7. All this features confirm the fact that “Angry Racer” deserves to be the best in TOP-5 mobile browser games without any hesitation. Try it yourself – you won't waste a single minute.


2. The second place of the TOP-5 mobile browser games is confidently taken by the “Dead Frontier” game. It's an incarnation of a zombie Apocalypse, but at the same time it's a great mixture of an rpg and a shooter successfully represented in one of the TOP mobile browser games. Awaken your fantasy, since you never know whom you can meet around the corner, be fearless and shoot as precisely, as possible – this will make you a winner of the “Dead Frontier” – the second best mobile browser game at our TOP-5.


3. Meet the “Dragons and Titans” at the third place of our TOP-5 mobile browser games. This one of the best mobile browser games gives you the unique opportunity to participate in the multiplayer on-line battle arena, to become the Lord of the Dragons. You can choose various kinds of weapons and also choose the dragon you like personally – this will make you closer to the victory. So many people all over the world estimated this great mobile browser game with rpg elements, so the third place is reasonable.


4. The “Transformers Universe” are on the fourth position in our TOP-5 mobile browser games. In order to win this tactical game you have to develop your skills and equipment, be super active and stick to your strategy. Meanwhile you can enjoy the unique opportunity transforming and the impressive battle effects of this decent game, that this time is the fourth at our TOP-5 mobile browser games.


5. And finally the last, but not the least – “Heroes and Generals”, at the fifth place in our TOP-5 browser games. This is a first-person shooter, stuffed with incredible battles, crucial moments and various weapons. You may choose what do you prefer – playing in first person within the battlefield or to promote yourself and to become a commander to rule the army in this one of the best browser games. There's no excuse not to try being a general – try the fifth of our TOP-5 browser games, become someone new. Now that you have studied our TOP-5, we are damn sure you know what to play right now! Just select one of these games – and play it non-stop! You will definitely like the game. Enjoy! We’ve worked for you!

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