Best Mobile Strategy Games for real gamers

Here is our rating of the TOP-5 mobile strategy games for you, the curious ones!


1. The main trophy this time is taken by a super mobile strategy game “Angry Racer”. Let's examine the winner. This TOP mobile strategy game combines the simplicity and the apprehensible interface with all the best features of the racing game. Each player can estimate the wide choice of the cars, enemies for the duels and the weapons in this TOP mobile strategy game. However, weapons are to be bought in the “Angry Racer” game's shop and in order to do that you have to fight hard, get to the higher levels, perform achievements and get various bonuses, because not everyone can get any weapon he/she likes. This game is well worth every minute you spend on it – you will get the immense portion of adrenaline, unforgettable emotions and the sweet delight from being the winner of the TOP mobile strategy game. Distract from the real life, live at the game's arena, let your enemies know who is the the daddy. Don't forget to check your ratings, bonuses and to discuss all the questions at the games' chat – this may be helpful to learn something from the other players and to improve your strategy. So don't waste your time – turn on your mobile device and enjoy the winner of our TOP-5 mobile strategy games – the “Angry Racer”!


2. The silver award of our TOP-5 mobile strategy games is taken by the “Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventure”. This is an amazingly nice and vivid multiplayer on-line mobile strategy game. Here you have a unique opportunity to build your own star colonies, defend them in various ways, attack your countless rivals in real time battles, meet the most unthinkable extraterrestrial creatures – all these features make this game the second in our TOP-5 mobile strategy games.


3. The bronze of our TOP-5 mobile strategy games is taken by the “Total Conquest”. In order to win this game you have to use various skills: build your authentic and powerful Roman province, create and train an invincible army and finally develop a decent strategy to strive for the victory with your army. You have to be always on the alert – the danger can be hidden everywhere. As you can see you'll never be bored with this one of the best mobile strategy games. It surely deserves to be the third in our TOP-5 mobile strategy games.


4. Meet the “Battle Dragons” at the fourth step of our TOP-5 mobile strategy games. You will be absolutely absorbed by creating your own dragon army, building the unassailable fortress and crashing the enemies' fortresses in the fight for the victory. The oriental style of the game is a distinctive feature among the others and makes the “Battle Dragons” well worth its fourth place of our TOP-5 mobile strategy games.


5. And the last step of this TOP-5 mobile strategy games is occupied by the “Friendly Fire!” game. You are the Commander, your duty is to create a battle-worthy army, to build-up your best base, choose the most effective weapons and strategies to protect your people and the base. Smash and crash your rivals in this one of the best mobile strategy games! And note, that the games uses your precise GPS or network-based location, so that the battles take places in the real-world locations! Protect your city, become the best Commander with the fifth mobile strategy game in our TOP-5! Now that you have studied our TOP-5, we are damn sure you know what to play right now! Just select one of these games – and play it non-stop! You will definitely like the game. Enjoy! We’ve worked for you!

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