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Ebook Novel Johanna Lindsey Bahasa Indonesia

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She thrived on the flattery. And anytime someone showed up whom she didn't particularly want adoring her, she'd belittle and subtly insult him until he stopped coming around.

So she had her favorite group of admirers and she'd had them for nearly a year. But she didn't favor any single one of them to the point of deciding which one she'd like to marry. More's the pity. Marian wished she would. She prayed each night that her sister would get married and move elsewhere, so she could get on with living a real life herself instead of hiding away, fearful that some man might try to court her and end up one of her sister's targets.

The two times she'd shown any interest in a man, she'd learned her lesson well. She wasn't going to be responsible again for seeing them cut to the quick by Amanda's tongue because they'd dared to ignore Amanda in favor of her. Which was why, even though they were twins, Marian went to a lot of trouble to disguise that unfortunate fact.

Not wanting to draw attention to herself, she chose dresses that were unflattering in color and extremely plain in design. She wore her hair in a severe style better suited to someone's grandmother than a young woman barely eighteen. But her disguise wouldn't really have worked without the spectacles she wore. The frames were large and the lenses so thick, they magnified her eyes to nearly twice their size, giving her an odd, bug-eyed look that was very unattractive.

They sat in their father's study, listening to the reading of his will. Amanda looked beautiful as always, even in mourning black. Her dress was stylish; she'd have it no other way. Adorned with lace and tiny beads in artful designs, it was actually more flattering than some of her fancier gowns.

Her coiffure wasn't as frivolous as usual, the golden ringlets more tightly contained for once. Marian, on the other hand, was as unnoticeable as usual. There were no intricate frills on her black dress to be admired, no stylish bangs to frame her face or detract from the ugly spectacles that dominated her appearance.

She was the moth next to the butterfly. While she suspected it was easy to be the butterfly, she knew for sure it was hard work being the moth. The room was almost unrecognizable, with Mortimer's lawyer sitting behind the desk, rather than Mortimer.

They knew Albert Bridges well. He had often been invited to dinner when their father found himself strapped for time and brought his work home with him.

Albert usually called the sisters by their first names. He'd known them long enough to do so.

But today he addressed each of them as Miss Laton and he seemed uncomfortable doing his job. There had been no surprises in the will so far.

A few family servants had been left small bequests, but the bulk of Mortimer's estate had been left to his daughters -- equally. Once again, it was only his affection he hadn't divided equally, never his wealth.

There were interests in a half dozen businesses, income property in town as well as other parts of the state, a bank account larger than either girl could have imagined. But no real surprises -- until the end. So other than for essentials, none of his estate will be transferred to you until you marry. And until that time, his sister, Mrs. Frank Dunn, will be your guardian.

She was frowning, but she hadn't yet fully grasped the implications. Marian watched her, waiting for the storm to erupt once it sunk in. Albert Bridges had expected more of a reaction as well, and looking at each girl somewhat warily, asked, "Do you understand what this means?

Is that what you mean? I know it may seen daunting, having to move so far away from everything and everyone you know, but it can't be helped. I have no real attachment to this city -- " The storm arrived. Amanda shot to her feet so fast, she dislodged not one but two blond locks from her coiffure, both on the same side, so she now had a long wave of golden hair curling around and beyond her breast.

Her dark blue eyes were flashing like sapphires under a jeweler's light, and her lips had thinned to form a snarl. Do you have any idea where this unknown aunt of ours lives?

When Love Awaits - Di Ujung Penantian

It's the other side of the world! You go live in the wilds of Texas and rot and die for all I care. I'll get married immediately and stay right here, thank you very much. He gave Marian a long-suffering look. As your guardian, your aunt must give her approval, for either of you to marry. That doesn't matter though, because once Dominic realises what's on Brooke's mind and how eager she is he's totally into it.

All thoughts of the danger they're in and their planned escape go out the window because it's sexy time.

The Present

And that's the end of the chapter, the next one starts with them waking up in the morning, realising that they've missed their chance to escape possible death not that they're all that bothered about that missed opportunity to not die. Then there are barely any consequences for the most stupidly-timed sex scene of all time. Dominic bargains the leader down from a flat payment of pounds to and gives him his coat.

The leader agrees to give them a pair of horses for them to continue on their journey It turns out the old woman is the leader's mother and she couldn't bear to stand in the way of the young lovers. Prior to that scene it was going along at about three stars, some juvenile writing especially for an author as experienced as Lindsey , but it was reasonable.

I had no objections to the characters or general plot, in fact the plot was sorely misused it could have been quite enjoyable , but after that scene things just got worse. After spending over half the book showing the reader how much Dominic disliked and distrusted Brooke, his near-instantaneous off-page about-face during the storm was completely unbelievable.

Many friends suggest me to read this book. They said this book is good. But after read it, I feel This book tortured me a lot, both physically and mentally. Never get so emotional when read before. I don't get about the captivate things and rape, yes what Dimitri do to Katherine is rape. What make me curious is why Dimitri is not realize that Katherine is noble instead maid?

And then what happen to Katherine, her abused condition, make me almost cringed.. The Revised rating to 2 stars.. The good part of this series is Katherine determination to get out from Russia. She is though, ass kicker, and can't be intimidated. For Dimitri, even though he's Alpha, he's not my favorite hero: Worse hero, heh! Don't like with what he'd done to Kate and not help her, when she need him. I dunno if I will read another Johanna Lindsey's book, because of this book with all captive and abused things.

Will never read her books. All about rape, abuse and pillaging are getting old! View all 19 comments. I first read Secret Fire years ago, and liked it better then than I do now upon a second reading. I had three specific issues with aspects of the story which lessened my reading enjoyment: Dmitri's second forced seduction of Katherine.

Once was pushing it already, but twice? Dimitri commanded the order for Katherine to be drugged with the Spanish fly. He did it out of anger and regretted it afterwards. His desire to hurt someone he supposedly cared about smacked of immaturity a I first read Secret Fire years ago, and liked it better then than I do now upon a second reading. His desire to hurt someone he supposedly cared about smacked of immaturity and diminished my opinion of him.

The drug causes extreme discomfort if one isn't sexually appeased. Placing Katherine in that position was about retribution and power, not about sexual enjoyment which is how I viewed the first seduction. That first seduction of Katherine didn't bother me as it was not Dmitri's idea, but that of his servant. Granted, he did go along with it: How "generous" of him. At least his intent was to pleasure, not to punish. So my displeasure really boils down to Dmitri's character. He's a bit spoiled and reckless.

The extreme Russian promiscuity, particularly of Dmitri's sister, Anastasia. The depiction of the very loose Russian sexual mores seemed unbelievable considering the time period the story is set in Victorian Age. I found it hard to believe they could act that way and not be ostracized to some extent, if not in Russia then in England where part of the story takes place.

Finally, I'm not a fan of how long Dimitri and Katherine were separated. It took almost a year for Dimitri to reunite with Katherine. Yes, he was delayed by an illness for 1. View all 3 comments. Aug 04, Tukang Kueh Keren rated it it was ok Shelves: Ceritanya standar sih Gak suka aja sama adegan kekerasannya, kok pake pukul-pukulan pake balok segala, perasaan kalo cerita romance tu gak begini View 2 comments.

I read this book in high school, all in one night. At the time, I thought it was incredibly hot and emotional, though also extremely frustrating for the main character.

The Present (Malory-Anderson Family, #6) by Johanna Lindsey

Now, though it was written carefully, I think the non-consensual aspect of it is pretty appalling. Apr 04, L. You like my book? Gee, thanks. Just bought it.

Prisoner of My Desire

Perhaps it was bad timing. I had just finished a book where a young girl is gotten drunk and gang raped by a group of Russians. Then I read this book where a young girl is abducted, drugged and raped by a Russian.

The difference between the books is Lady Katherine St. John's reaction to the crimes committed against her is at best a mild irritation. Everything in this book irritated me. Her rapist, Prince Dimitri Alexandrov, is so full of himself he can't wrap his little pea brain around the fact Perhaps it was bad timing.

Her rapist, Prince Dimitri Alexandrov, is so full of himself he can't wrap his little pea brain around the fact there is one woman on the face of this planet who doesn't want to sleep with him.

Also, I got a frat boy kind of kick out of the fact one of the side characters is named Semen.


At least in my version of the book that's his name. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Begitu tahu ada novel Johanna Lindsey yang diterbitin, gue langsung kayak cacing kepanasan pengen ke toko buku. Begitu bukunya dah di tangan, begh, nggak sabar pengen buru-buru baca.