4 #0 – 52 + Extras (): A “New 52” initiative title, featuring Barry Allen as The Flash, both written and illustrated by Francis Manapul. The Flash Vol 4 (New 52) TPB Vol. 1 - 9 () FREE Comics Download on CBR CBZ Format. Download FREE DC, Marvel, Image, Dark. Flash - DC Comics celebra o fim dos Novos 52 com capas especiais - veja | .. Stitch Pattern Counted Cross Stitch Chart Pdf Formatd Instant Download/

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Por se tratar dos primeiros volumes do Flash nos novos 52, eu achei que o roteiro desse quadrinho teria mais sobre a origem do Flash, mas ele já começa uns. PDF - The Flash () O PDF do primeiro capítulo ainda não está disponível Sua versão no universo dos NOVOS 52 é sem dúvida uma de suas melhores. The Flash #28 [aracer.mobi] - Download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. novos

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Barry Allen's powers have come a long way, but they were never dumb. Because he's more than just a cosmic track star. Yes he runs, on a treadmill no less, but the man manipulates physics.

Creates vortexes and throws lightning, runs on water and up and down buildings, thinks at the speed of light, vibrates through solid objects like a ghost. Let's be honest: You can't deny it. And that's coming from a die hard no-powers Batman fan.

His illustrations are fantastic. Detailed and inventive like Frank Quitely but people look normal. He draws clean if sometimes sketchy, with Flash's complex actions looking crazy yet effortless. The title pages for each issue are probably the best I've ever seen, cleverly incorporating "DC Presents: The Flash" into the page every time.

Brian Buccellato, who colors and eventually co-writes subsequent volumes, colors really well, they're bright and dark and textured, moderating for tone like the best of colorists.

The writing is dynamic, sometimes jumping from present to past to create a complex layered narrative. The story overall is part sci-fi adventure, part crime procedural, part romance, coming together to form a wonderful balance that keeps you turning pages.

View all 21 comments. Oct 24, Anne rated it liked it Shelves: I guess I'm not really attached to The Flash one way or the other. I have yet to read anything about the character that makes me go WOW! I love this guy! I'm holding out hope that at some point that will happen, and that's why I keep reading titles like this.

I think Barry Allen has the same problem as Clark Kent. He's just so darn nice. Which is great Otherwise, he's not all that interesting as a person. Which is so sad when I think about it.

I mean, he's a goo I guess I'm not really attached to The Flash one way or the other. I mean, he's a good guy who always does the right thing. Does that make him boring? Unfortunately, yes. Yes it does. Moving Forward 's plot wasn't awful or anything. It just wasn't great. The villains aren't mind-blowing, either. There's Captain Cold, who now has the power to freeze things without his lame guns.

That could turn out to be a good thing, but I'd like an explanation as to how he got the powers to start with. He just kind of showed up and Ta-da! There's a new guy I think he's new? He's an old friend of Barry's who due to military experiments involving pig DNA can clone himself by chopping off a body part. Is he good? Is he bad? I don't know.

The Flash #28 [aracer.mobi]

Next up is a guy who has been trapped in the Speed Force for so long that he's not only developed 'hurricane hands', he's also become a bit unhinged. Not really sure what happened to him after his encounter with Flash.

And finally, Gorilla Grodd eats his father's brain and becomes king of Gorilla City. That storyline really didn't go anywhere.

Also, if you're expecting an origin story just because this is a reboot It's kind of glossed over in a few flashbacks. Stuff spilled on me! I got electrocuted! I'm really fast! Origin story complete. Fade To Black View all 11 comments. Having never read any of Flash's comics before, and with my intro to Green Lantern being so disappointing, I honestly had no idea what was in store here. Thankfully I ended up pleasantly surprised with this one. I'm in love with the art style!

It's a lot less As the series progresses, it starts to look more like a cartoon than a comic, but I don't mean that in a bad way. It's not easy drawing a character lik Having never read any of Flash's comics before, and with my intro to Green Lantern being so disappointing, I honestly had no idea what was in store here. It's not easy drawing a character like The Flash and giving him so much life and movement on a still page, but Manapul and Buccellato manage it beautifully.

The Flash is an easily likeable character , maybe because he feels like a less uptight Superman to me. I'm also enjoying his supporting cast although I'm a bit over the whole "my loved one can't know who I really am" trope , and also Captain Cold is such a Mr. Freeze ripoff but I'll admit I don't know who came first! I thought maybe I'd have to slog through this one but then ended up with a completely different outcome.

I'm sticking with this series and am actually eager to continue. View all 3 comments. Jun 14, Chad rated it really liked it. This run on Flash may be the best work of Francis Manapul's career. The art is gorgeous.

I love how pays homage to Will Eisner by incorporating the titles into the backgrounds. Manapul and Buccellato treat Barry as a shut-in professor uncomfortable around women he's interested in and it works. I thought Mob Rule was an interesting villain. I think I actually prefer Patty over Iris as a love interest. Jul 30, Bookwraiths rated it liked it Shelves: I liked the art.

Several of the revamped Flash mythos were good. But the story fell rather flat for me.

Comics, Toys & Travels Review [quadrinhos]: Flash - Seguindo em Frente

It wasn't bad, just not terribly exciting. View 2 comments. This is the first volume to the New 52 Flash series and it is quite impressive. The artwork alone is marvelous and really elevates the game. It not only brings life to the Flash's speed, but it delivers it with grace and originality. There's a 3D type of artwork that is integrated within the story that works wonders in playing with time past, present and future and I always ended up being impressed by it.

Even more impressive are the full two-page panels before every chapter issue where it s This is the first volume to the New 52 Flash series and it is quite impressive.

Even more impressive are the full two-page panels before every chapter issue where it says "DC presents The Flash" that are truly remarkable in the way it is all presented. While the artwork really could save any bad writing, Francis Manapul however still does a fantastic job in portraying Barry Allen as the Flash.

The puns are nice and the plot twists are pretty cool. There's around three different story arcs that thrown into this first volume that each focus on a specific villain that is part of the Flash's universe Mob Rule, Captain Cold and Grodd.

Every character is well-fleshed out and gives us a nice taste of what the Flash is capable of. But what exactly is the Flash capable of?

That is the focus of this volume. This sort of explores the Flash's slow and sure understanding of his powers. Sure, he can run fast, but is that it? Aw, hell no. Flash's ability to run fast also lets him vibrate his molecules at an insane speed. What that means is that he can rotate his arms so fast that he creates tornadoes out of them. What else?

He can run so fast that he breaches time and space. Yes, that's right. Dude can time travel and that is one of the best things about the Flash. The Flash: Move Forward explores his abilities and the Speed Force and is simply a fantastic beginning for this series. Can't wait to see what else this series has to offer. Nov 19, Sam Quixote rated it it was ok.

Like a lot of "New 52" titles, "Flash" doesn't go into the origin of the character - Barry Allen, the Flash, comes fully formed and jumps straight into action from the opening pages. This might frustrate new readers who've never read "Flash" before as his origin isn't well-known like Batman or Superman's, but this choice is endemic of a larger problem with a lot of these new titles: Barry Allen is a forensic pathologist with Central City's Police Department and is about as vanilla as they get with the bland sweaters he wears symbolising the lack of personality he has.

He is better as the Flash as his powers are pretty awesome. Everyone knows he's fast but his ability to tap into the Speed Force, the source of his power, enables him to vibrate his molecules so fast he can pass through solid objects as well as other objects he touches. Despite this though the dull enemies Flash faces are what really bring this book down.

The laughably named "Mob Rule" is an old friend of Flash's who can cut off a piece of himself and grow a full size copy of himself from it - this leads to dozens of versions of the single host. I don't know what to say about this character except what a stupid power and what a boring character he was.

Next up is an old favourite of Flash's, the rogue Captain Cold, who sounds like a cereal mascot. In other Flash books, Cold's power derived from his ice guns but in this new book - for no explanation whatsoever - he is able to generate ice with his hands, like Iceman. There's more but these are the two main baddies of this book and neither were interesting. The art is the book's saving grace. Francis Manapul crafts some excellent pages utilising the comics format perfectly like when Flash falls out of a building and vibrates through the street into the sewer - it's a really well laid out page.

There's also a strong sense of motion on the page when Barry changes into Flash or fights a group of soldiers or even uses the Speed Force to see future events - the sense of motion is crucial to get right in a comic like this and Manapul does an excellent job at drawing this. I also really liked that the title pages of each issue were drawn into the scene to become part of it, it was really creative and eye-catching.

But imaginative art aside, the weak story, unconvincing dialogue and paper-thin characters weren't enough to interest me in the Flash's new adventures and I can't imagine this series is going to win many new readers to this character's side. What should've been one of the major series of the reboot is one of the most missable.

View all 4 comments. Feb 22, Bhanuj rated it it was ok. You know how they say, your first may not always be the best; the best comes later. After having seen the amazing TV adaptation of The Flash recently, my expectations were through the roof, but they came crashing down. Unlike other superheroes, the trademark of Flash a.

Flash is a man who is still a boy at heart ready to sweep you off your feet with his speed and his 2 stars for the story, 5 stars for the artwork. Flash is a man who is still a boy at heart ready to sweep you off your feet with his speed and his jokes. But sadly somewhere while making a rejuvenated leap, DC dropped the fun part. The Flash Volume One collects issues The first five issues have a good story line but things get intolerable sixth issue onward. The story goes into the origins of flash more seriously.

The mystery that is the Speed Force is quite complex and intriguing. Flash is tapping the speed force and as a consequence breaking the very fabric of space and time. Flash was not just running faster he was thinking faster too, making his brain tap into the speed force and determine the immediate future by consolidating all possible outcomes.

However the saga of Mob Rule had a very indigestible ending. But when they eventually did die, instead of being happy and free, he blamed the Flash. It is as if the refrigerated milk went sour on the sixth day. The artwork is artsy and spectacular. For the first time I was reading the book solely for the artwork. The angles from which some of the scenes are drawn, are remarkable.

The sequential little boxes that appear amidst the big picture falls perfectly into a big whole. Will I read the next volume? Probably yes, if not for the story then definitely for the artwork and for a lot of things that were left unresolved in this volume. Sep 26, Eric rated it liked it Recommends it for: Hardcore fans of The Flash. A resounding meh.

I picked this up because I wanted to know more about The Flash ahead of his spin-off show coming to television this fall. Despite the 1 on the cover, this latest reboot is not the story you are looking for if you are not terribly familiar with the character. And let's be honest, while he and his red tights are familiar, he is not Batman or Superman, so they could have done a lot more than totally skipping his origin and giving just one very brief paragraph top right corner of A resounding meh.

And let's be honest, while he and his red tights are familiar, he is not Batman or Superman, so they could have done a lot more than totally skipping his origin and giving just one very brief paragraph top right corner of the picture below explaining how his powers come from the "Speed Force" and showing how he can now change into his costume using some sort of magic ring. One highlight was the art, which was gorgeous, and the story, while bland, wasn't bad, it just wasn't what I was looking for.

I'll scout around elsewhere for a different iteration of his origin and some "must read" story lines. Oct 08, Steve rated it really liked it Shelves: I liked this one, but it wasn't what I was expecting. Instead, it starts a relatively short time later months? The artwork is very good, and it's interesting how t I liked this one, but it wasn't what I was expecting. The artwork is very good, and it's interesting how they capture his high-speed movement, which can't be easy on the a "printed" page.

Note to DC: I really liked a couple of the variant covers included, but most left me wondering how they were ever included; they were simply terrible. I was quite taken by Manapul's art while reading the "road to Flashpoint". This series is no exception: The writing is just fine. This being the first volume in the New 52 there's some building of his world, and the first story arc smartly gives Barry some backstory but also ties to the current "bad guy" who has an inventive and creepy origin.

Wisely, the resolution of the first arc l I was quite taken by Manapul's art while reading the "road to Flashpoint". Wisely, the resolution of the first arc leads right into the second. All of this while dealing with Barry's personal life as well as the Flash's reputation in the city. Intertwining and constantly flowing plot threads make for an engaging book.

Overall, very pleased so far. Sem brincadeira, gente. Aug 18, Zeynep Ceyda Demirkan rated it liked it. The story's interesting enough but the art is the highlight of this volume, it's simply stunning. Can't wait to read more! Mar 16, Shawn Deal rated it really liked it Shelves: I thought there was s lot to like here.

Liked how it started, with a good redefinition of the main characters.


Loved the art style. And I liked the story. A nice starting point for anyone jumping into the flash. Sep 01, Kyle rated it really liked it Shelves: Flash fact: I was drawn to comics by the Flash, not by Batman, so I have always had a huge soft spot for the scarlet speedster.

Thus, I had a bias heading in to the book. I really enjoyed it. I didn't love it and I'm not saying it is a great collection, but I still really enjoyed it. Francis Manapul has done a nice job in creating situations and building relationships in these issues. Backed up by some of the best artwork in the New 52, it looked and felt the way it should The only thing mis Flash fact: The only thing missing for me was the characters; there was no character development whatsoever and there were barely any discernible character traits for the core cast.

Still, I can appreciate the changes they are making to the Flash universe. I like the new costume, I like the tweaked relationships, the artwork is lovely, though the story boarding seems a little off-pace at times. It hits the ground running and it feels like its heading in the right direction. View all 8 comments. Sep 19, Anton rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is the beginning of one of the best Flash runs ever. I really love how they included a mental aspect to The Flash's powers, and I enjoyed this book as much as the well received title, Flash: Rebirth, which is widely heralded as the best Flash novel of all time.

As I read this, all I kept thinking about was how this story would make for one hell of a motion picture! My only gripe is that they left one story arch hanging, and we don't get any closure regarding one of the main antagonists This book is the beginning of one of the best Flash runs ever.

My only gripe is that they left one story arch hanging, and we don't get any closure regarding one of the main antagonists. I also thought that Buccellato's artwork was lazy at times, but I usually judge graphic novels by the writing, and not the art, so no point deductions for that.

This book is easily one of my favorite of the new 52 titles. Writer Francis Manapul has reinvented this character in a great, new way and I can't wait to read volume 2! Apr 08, David Church rated it really liked it. I have to admit this…this is my first Flash graphic novel. I always felt I got my fill with his appearances in Justice League or other titles.

The Flash I enjoy, Barry Allen…eh his scenes were ok. For some reason I cannot latch onto his alter ego persona. Holy Shit! Maybe if Barry Allen had some edge to him…. I am sure I will read vol.

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