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Donald J. Trump - Gandeste Bine Si in Stil Mare in Viata Si Afaceri - Download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. ''Gandeste Bine Si in Stil. gandeste bine si in stil mare pdf to word. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for gandeste bine si in stil mare pdf to word. Will be grateful. Gandeste Bine Si In Stil Mare Pdf Download -- fa8cf8 pdf-.

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Gandeste Bine Si In Stil Mare Pdf

EXISTĂ CĂRȚI DE DEZVOLTARE PERSONALĂ CARE mi-au influențat definitiv modul de a gândi, de a trăi și întreaga mea dezvoltare ulterioară. Unele dintre. convingatoare si e spusa intr-un stil simplu, nepretentios, avand chiar si accente de umor. LE PA RI S I EN Profund si emotionant, roma- nul lui Agnes Martin- Lugand F a c e a m to tu l c a sa m a r e in te g r e z i n lu m e a c e lo r v ii §i sa n u m a i p lu te. Cât era ziulica de mare, nu-şi mai strângea picioarele; dintr-o parte venea şi în alta se ducea. Câştigă bine, are o casă mare şi o maşină frumoasă. c.

Looking for gandeste bine si in stil mare pdf to word. Will be grateful. Do you think Romanian newspapers and magazines are comparable to those in the Western countries? Mass communicators have a set of common characteristics which distinguish them from other groups and institutions. Black speaking.

Femeile au lucruri vitale sa spuna si totul sa daruiasca. Povestiri haioase - es. Toti oamenii din vechime. Povestiri haioase - fr. Povestiri haioase - id. Am patit-o de prea multe ori: "ia o carte, iti imprumut eu, si invata despre bani, marketing etc!

Se uita la mine ca la un nebun. Si in mintea mea ma gandesc "tie-ti place sa fii sarantoc! Ma las in voia lui. Citesc in adormire. Doamne, numai sa nu uit, numai sa nu uit atunci cand ma trezesc. Trip Daca stau si ma gandesc bine, altfel nici nu putea fi. M-am nascut intr-o familie de genii: tata poponar betiv si mama curva. Aceste doua animale, un mascul si o femela, Totusi, daca exista o slabiciune in femeie, aceasta e ca Scribd adalah situs bacaan dan penerbitan sosial terbesar di dunia.

Cursul iti da solutii la probleme. Intre omul de la munte care bea apa puternic magnetizata si aproape pura si cel de la ses sau de la oras care primesc apa cea mai infecta, cel de la munte va dizolva si elimina mult mai repede chimicalele!

Nu uitati ca nu suntem la fel, ca nu avem aceeasi grupa sanguina, ca difera si RH-ul purtatorul de oxigen din sange! Iar sarea formeaza pricipalul electrolit care, scos din sange, reduce de 11 de ori viteza transferului informational catre creier!!!

Mai simplu spus, lipsa sarii din sangeprosteste!!! Intuitia imi spune ca asta este scopul lor real: sa devenim legume! La munca si inapoi acasa, la televizor. Unde ni se repeta zilnic prostiile astea: excesul de sare zahar si grasimi dauneaza grav sanatatii! Dar excesul de alcool, tutun si medicamente? De ce nu se fac campanii la TV cu acest subiect? De ce nu se fac campanii contra drogurilor??? Nu este vorba de boala si moarte, mai ales in randul tinerilor?

Ba da! Dar este vorba si de bani, de multi bani, atat de multi incat viata copiilor si a tinerilornu mai conteaza!!! Este vorba de profituri imense, accize si taxe! Si in fond este bine sa ai multe legume in sistem! Another important factor that characterises the mass communicator is the presence of multiple gatekeepers. A gatekeeper is a person or group which has control over what material eventually reaches the public.

Gatekeepers exist in large numbers in all mass communication organisations, some being more obvious than others. The third rule is that mass communication organisations need a great deal of money to operate, so that they have to have strong financial resources in order to penetrate the market. Another characteristic of mass communicators is that these organisations exist to make profit. The consumer is the ultimate source of this profit, but there are various secondary means of financing.

Last but not least, mass communication organisations are highly competitive. Since the audience is the source of profit, mass communicators compete with each other as they attempt to attract the public. Which are the five characteristics of mass communicators?

What is a gatekeeper? Why should mass communication be formalised? Which is the ultimate source of mass communicators? Why do mass communication organisations compete?

What are mega-media concerns? Complete the missing words in the following texts: The struggles which ………to transform the legitimate hierarchies through the legitimating of a still ………art or genre, such as photography or the strip cartoon, or through the ………of minor or neglected authors, are precisely what creates legitimacy by creating belief in the value of the ………in which the value is produced and reproduced.

These arts, not yet fully legitimate, which are ………or neglected by the big holders of educational capital, offer a ………and a revenge to those who, by appropriating them, try to remove the existing systems, having in the same time a great impact over the ………. Missing words: What makes a best seller?

This is a sixty-four dollar question. It can be answered, ………largely by guess and summarise, and never satisfactory to the ………who wants a formula. The creation of a best seller does not follow an exact ………anymore than does the making of a ………man.

Moreover, since there is not just one ………audience, no single formula could be expected. There are certain elements of………appeal, as religion, sensationalism, information and guidance, or adventure, democracy, humour, ………, juvenile suitability, timeliness and so on.

Write an essay about the themes, plots, character type, spatial and temporal structures, stereotypes used in soap operas. Try to define melodrama in the context. Explain your opinion. Make use of the table below. It would be suitable to watch the most popular serials for a week, to make a fresh opinion, and then to try to find several theoretical materials. Just after you have passed through these stages write down your essay.

Point of comparison High culture Mass culture Folk culture Degree and type of Recognised, protected Left to media and Originally neglected. Not universal but persists in time Audience and effect Relatively small, being Everyone in principle, All members of the trained or educated, heterogeneous. Intellectual satisfaction Immediate and direct Continuity, custom, Prestige. Diversion solidarity, integration Enlarging experience D.

Give the synonyms and antonyms of the following words: Join the halves: If money were not spent on advertising, it 1.

Some firms spend large sums of money on 2. The target audience is the selection of the 3. A jingle is a short tune to statements about their products, services. Ego bait is intended to 5. Many manufacturers see advertising as an pedestrians and motorists. Advertising can be seen as a means to benefit from those goods and services. The advent of satellite television has 7. Reduce large numbers of their workers. A hoaring is a site for poster advertising 9.

If manufacturers do not advertise when The Trade Descriptions Acts were passed The purpose of much advertising Protect themselves against their own too- expenditure on established brands is to optimistic forecasts. Translate the following sentences, using the following verbs and phrasals: Then build up your own sentences containing the phrases given at the end of the text: Complete the sentences with these phrases: Despite being a critical disaster, the film was a huge ……… 2.

The orchestra and their conductor were given a………at the end of the concert. People who are addicted to a particular ………seldom miss an episode.

gandeste bine si in stil mare pdf to word

At the local arts cinema, foreign films are usually shown with ………, and only occasionally dubbed. Compared with most American blockbusters, it was a ………film, as very little funding was available. Programmes on ………television attract the greatest number of viewers. Although the lead actor and actress were excellent, the ………were very well acted, too.

Official phone calls and letters. People often find themselves in official situations, in the company of their superiors or in relation with public institutions, and they feel embarrassed, they do not know what to do or how to express their opinion. We have already seen that information is usually standardized according to certain criteria as channel of communication or type of sender and receiver, and we have discussed the necessary procedures for sending and getting correct data through telephone or in writing.

Official situations make us even more formal, more polite. Compare the formal phone invitation with the informal one. Compare the formal letter of invitation with the informal one.

Then compare a phone invitation with a letter of invitation. Is there George? Maybe you should also bring a friend. But what is on that day? Do you know the opera? And thanks for the invitation. See you there. Black, please? Black speaking. What can I do for you? David Wilson, the director of the Opera House. Wilson for the invitation. A cultural evening away from the office is always a pleasure.

I shall be there. But could you be so kind so as to tell me whether the invitation is for two, because I would like to also bring my wife? Thank you again. Good bye, Mrs. Consider the letter of invitation at point A1 in course number 3 and then conceive another one from your part to one of your friends whom you want to invite to a symposium you know he would be interested in. Attendance is limited so we must have our confirmation by November 25th. We sincerely hope that you will be able to join us on this occasion.

Yours faithfully, Andrew Patterson A2. Translate into English a letter of request and a letter of application: Stimate domn, Ref.: We have to learn a new part of the letter, used in the official correspondence, the reference number, which makes easier the filing and storing of information.

Compare the Romanian polite formulas with the English ones. Rearrange the following paragraphs in the correct order to make up a covering letter. Bear in mind that extensive letters for job application are drafted nowadays in case the applicant sends his professional documents to all firms likely to employ his services even if they have not made a public announcement of vacancies. Try to apply this technique to your situation. At the moment I am working part time as an independent agent for Romanian and German importers of Chinese textiles and chemical products.

I find the relevant Chinese factories for the downloaders, negotiate for them and translate their contracts into Chinese, Romanian or English. I would appreciate if you considered meeting or speaking with me within the next two months about the possibility of my working for your company. I am writing in order to enquire about the possibility of an opening in your company. My goal is to find a position in an international company and I would be interested in either research and development or marketing and sales.

Sarea Zaharul Si Grasimile

Please find enclosed my CV containing further details of my educational background experience. I am particularly interested in finding a position that would offer me management training, and that would involve my knowledge of chemical processes and my foreign language skills. My long experience of actively participating in committee meetings as a representative of my student unit has given me good presentation skills, as I am able to present ideas clearly and concisely to an audience.

The liaison work I have been doing has been challenging. I have learnt a great deal about the cultural differences in conducting business with Asian and European clients.

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I see my strong points as my ability to lead teams and manage tasks and groups, take the initiative, solve problems, make decisions and open and maintain friendly relationships with people from all walks of life, I have limitless energy and I am willing to work hard to achieve all the goals of any task I am set. Make up phone dialogues or letters on the following topics: You are a student.

Arrange through the telephone an appointment at your dean with the secretary of the faculty. Write a letter of thanks for the scholarship offered to you by the board of the faculty. Write a polite letter of refusal to take part in the opening ceremony of an organisation.

Conditional Clauses B1. The latter denotes an action whose fulfillment is conditioned by the fulfillment of the action expressed by the verb of the former.

The conditional clause can be introduced by if, provided that , suppose, supposing that , in case, so long as, on condition that, unless. Conditional sentences are not difficult to understand, because there are three types of conditionals in Romanian and in English, too. You have got a present if you have come with me. This emphatic structure is possible only for type 2 and type 3. The topic of the sentence is that of the interrogative.

Had they informed me about the meeting, I would have attended it. Supply the correct tense of the verbs in brackets: I will call the electrician if the lights to fail again. If more governments to wake up to what is happening, perhaps he would be able to avoid the disaster. It would be risky if you to drive this old car to Spain. I would take the day off if I to have stomach ache.

I to stop working if I won a lot of money. If they to change more money, they could have stayed in a hotel. Even I had run as fast as I could, I to miss the bus. Complete the following conditional structures: If a driver sees a zebra crossing the street ……………….

I shall be happy if ………………. I should be rich and successful if………………. I won the prize unless ………………. If I went to visit London, ………………. I should have called you if ………………. I would have bought myself a new car in case………………. Had I been in your place ………………. Unless he had told me differently ………………. Write compositions on the following topics: What would you do if you were the president of the state? What would you have done if your best friend had cheated on you?

In case you become the director of an advertising company, how will you treat your employees? Where would you have liked to use your skills unless you had been born in Romania? When we talk about mass communication, we also need channels to carry the message.

We will refer to these channels as the mass media. Our definition of a mass medium will include not only the mechanical devices that transmit and sometimes store the message TV cameras, radio microphones, printing presses , but also the institutions that use these machines to transmit messages.

When we talk about the mass media of television, radio, newspapers, magazines, sound recording, and film, we will be referring to the people, the polices, the organisations, and the technology that go into producing mass communication.

There are seven main and different mass media: Of course, these seven are not the only mass media that exist. If we choose, we might also include billboards, comic books, posters, direct mail, matchbooks, and buttons in our discussion. Answer the following questions: Which medium influences you the most? Do you know any specialised Romanian newspaper?

What kind of British television do you know? Is there a gap in the media market? What kind of new magazine, newspaper, TV or radio programme would you launch if you had adequate funds and a creative team behind you? How important is the image or presentation of an organisation or public figure?

Is employing a public relations firm a good way of improving this? Read, translate and comment the following text: We define the term communication as the process of sending, receiving and interpreting messages through which we relate to each other and to our larger world.

It means that, if for centuries speech has been considered entirely individual, at the moment it represents social interaction, with established targets and expected feedback. Contemporary theories of language prove our tendency to conceive utterance as connection between people, rather than self-expression of personal ideas.

In conclusion, communication is a process involving groups of people, of words, of gestures, of interests and of new realities facts , so we can say that starting from this point it is not difficult to reach organisational communication, mass communication or issue management. Organisations consist of independent goal-oriented activities of people who work together within a system of rules, norms and routines. While there are important differences between the different media and between national societies and types of social system, there are also some similarities on which to base a generalisation.

Any social institution comprises a set of activities, carried out by people occupying certain roles, according to rules and shared understandings. The special features of media institution, as it is widely constituted, are as follows: This is in response to collective social needs as well as the demands of individuals.

These are not only the physical channels of the communication network, but also the channels of custom and understanding which define who should, or is likely to, listen to whom. The media institution also has a public character in that mass media deal with matters on which public opinion exists or can properly be formed i.

Correlative is the association of media use with leisure and free time and its disassociation from work and duty. Relate also is the formal powerlessness of the media institution: These features are not all unique to the media, but their existence in combination gives the mass media their distinctive character and particular significance in a modern society.

We can find other characteristics, of course, but these ones are the necessary minimum for a proper definition. Try to find other possible feature of mass media and discuss them. Think of the good and bad parts of the media, of written and electronic press. Discuss the ethics of mass media.

invata sa desenezi lucruri minunate pdf to excel

Read and translate the following text and then answer the questions. What do you think about such an approach, is it functional or not? Have you read about other theories of the kind? Can you conceive a theory of your own about the use of media?

At the individual level, the functional approach to media is given the general name of the uses-and- gratifications model. In its simplest form, this model posits that audience members have certain needs that are satisfied by using non-media and media sources. The actual needs satisfied by the media are called media gratifications.

Our knowledge of these gratifications typically comes from surveys that have asked people a large number of questions about how they use media.

Several researchers have classified the various uses and gratifications into a fourfold category system: Cognition means the act of coming to know something. When a person uses a mass medium to obtain information about something, than he or she is using the medium in a cognitive way. Diversion can take many forms, including: Psychologists have also identified a set of social integrative needs, including our need to strengthen our contact with family, friends and others in our society.

The media function that addresses this need is called social utility, and this usage can take several forms: On the other hand, humans occasionally need to escape from certain activities and they use media not only for relaxation but also for purposes that are best described as withdrawal uses.

At times, people use the mass media to create a barrier between themselves and other people or other activities. For example, the media help people avoid certain chores that must be done. Which are the main gratifications obtained through the media? Which are the basic forms of diversion through media? What is social utility? What is parasocial relationship? What is withdrawal? Translate into English and comment upon the categories of media described in the text. Try to give examples for each type.

Write an essay giving your opinion about the role of media in one of the following situations: The rise and fall of super-stars in music industry example: Michael Jackson. The image of the president of a country for the citizens example: Explain the following words and phrases and make sentences with them: Complete each sentence with a word formed from one of these verbs: Choose the correct word or phrase from the pair in brackets to complete each sentence: The actors have been ………the play all this week.

The audience applauded wildly when the director appeared on the ……… to take his bow. Although the play has a large number of ………, it is comparatively easy to follow the plot.

The latest television dramatisation was filmed entirely ………in a country village not far from here. Which ………did Marlene Dietrich play in her last film?

Translate into English the following sentences, using the verbs to notice, to observe, to perceive and to remark. Try to make sentences with the phrases related to these verbs, thus learning to use them in the suitable contexts: Commercial correspondence It is a well-known fact that any letter is the equivalent of a visiting card for the person who sends it.

This is of capital importance in the case of commercial correspondence, because a firm is appreciated by the people with whom it establishes connections through the quality of the letters sent by the members of the organisation. Thus, writing business letters represents an essential element within a transaction, and the techniques have developed and refined along the ages, commercial correspondence becoming almost a science.

For being considered well done from the technical point of view, a business letter should be clear, concise, polite, accomplishing a union of the style with the message.

Read and translate the following business letters. Bear in mind their names. We are a large chain of retailers and are looking for a manufacturer which could supply us with a wide range of sweaters for the teenage market. We would like to know about your usual terms of a contract. If these conditions interest you and if you can meet orders of over garments, please send us your current catalogue and price-list. We hope to hear from you soon. Yours faithfully, Lionel Crane General Manager This type of letter contains in the body of the letter data about the source from which a firm has found out about the other firm, a brief presentation of the activities of the requiring company, the description of the terms of a possible contract or understanding and the enquiry for catalogues and price lists.

The shortest form of this kind of letter would include a presentation and a polite request of information. Remember the structure, the pattern of this type of letter and try to conceive an enquiry yourself.

Letters of reply and quotations Satex S. Crane, General Manager Dear Mr. Crane, We are pleased to receive your enquiry and to hear that you liked our range of sweaters. There will certainly be no trouble in supplying you from our wide selection of garments which we make for all age groups.

However, we would be prepared to review this once we have established a firm trading association with you. Enclosed you will find our summer catalogue and price list. We are sure you will find a ready sale for our products in England as have other retailers throughout Europe and America, and we do hope we can reach an agreement on the terms quoted.

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours sincerely, D. Causio Notice how, in the reply, Mr. Causio does not turn down the request but suggests a counter-offer. Observe two newly introduced parts of a letter, the letterhead antet and the attention note for the addressee attn.

Write a quotation of your own. Complete the following sentences which open and close business letters: Our firm is aware that you are exporters of ……… b. Your name was given to us by……… c. We are informed that your firm produces………and we would be interested in……… d. If you are interested in downloading our merchandise we inform you that……… e.

We are very interested in your offer as so ……… f. If you agree with our terms, please ……… g. We are looking forward to ……… h. We thank you for your confidence in us and ……… i. Having favourably solved our first offer, we hope ……… j. We would certainly appreciate ……… k.

You may be sure of ……… l. Enclosed to this letter ……… m. With our best thanks ……… n. Translate into English the following letters, adding to them the missing parts: Cu respect, Lionel Crane Director general b. Cu respect, Lionel Crane Director general A4. Choose a topic and write a letter: Request for a catalogue from a firm of tapes and cassettes whose products you have seen at a fair.

You are the director of an advertising agency, answer to the proposal of co-operation of a television station. Answer the two letters you have translated before, on behalf of Mr. Write a letter of complaint for the products you have ordered from a company of cosmetics.

The items arrived to you very damaged. You are the manager of a firm which offers shipment for goods. Write a reply to another company, explaining the ways in which you can help them with transport. You are the manager of a small company. Write a letter to a larger company in the same field, proposing to co-operate in certain activities. The Subjunctive B1. In English, we should try to remember the phrases requiring Subjunctive, which usually express: There are two types of Subjunctive in English: Subjunctive 1 synthetic: Rules Examples 1.

In sentences expressing greetings or Long live our Queen! So be it! Curse the wind! In sentences expressing an order or a demand Everybody come here. After verbs expressing order, decision, I doubt that he be here on time. I doubt that he suggestion, condition, doubt, purpose, fear, should be here on time. In expressions taken from the Medieval If need be, I shall be there.

English Language: After phrases like would rather, had better, I would rather go to the mountains than stay in had best, would sooner, would have town. You had better leave now. Subjunctive 2 analytical: Sometimes Subjunctive 2 can be used instead of Subjunctive 1 in situations 3 and 4 mentioned in the table above, but anyhow the specific form for these cases remain Subjunctive 1.

It is better that we went now. I doubt that he were here on time. It expresses a desire introduced by an Oh, that it were possible! I wish I were you. After phrases like as if, as though, even if, I asked him if this were what he wanted.

L-am even though, rather than, than that. After the expressions with —ever: After be afraid that, fear that, be terrified I am so glad that you were here.

I am afraid lest he missed the train. Lest is a negative form, so it is used with a verb in the affirmative form. Finish the sentences: It is important that this paper ……… 2. My mother took me to the cinema so that I ……… 3.

I wish you ……… 5. I suggest that he ……… b. Replace the Infinitive in brackets with the appropriate forms of the Subjunctive: You had better to listen to me. It is likely that he to be awarded a prize. I wish you to learn better. I asked her if this to be what she meant. You look as if you to be tired.

Whoever they to be tell them to wait. Even though she to ask she would not have been given an answer. It is high time you to make up your mind whether you want to do the job or not. She had rather to come with you. I should like to have a rest rather than to join you on the trip. Cezar Petrescu — Fram, ursul polar B4. Conceive a composition on one of the following topics: Things you would rather do.

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If you were the first man on the moon, what would you write back home? Which are your secret wishes? Newspapers are publications usually issued on a daily or weekly basis, the main function of which is to report the news. Newspapers also provide commentary on the news, advocate various public policies, furnish special information and advice to readers, and sometimes include features such as comic strips, cartoons and serialised books. In nearly all cases and in varying degrees, they depend on the publication of commercial advertising for their income.

Periodicals are publications released at regular intervals, often called journals, or referred to as magazines when designating those for recreational reading. Periodicals differ from the other major form of serial publication, newspapers. Most newspapers are issued daily on pulp paper and have relatively large, unbound pages; periodicals generally appear on finer paper, with smaller bound pages, and at intervals longer than a day weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, or even annually.

As a whole, periodicals feature, often exclusively, material of special interest to particular audiences. The contents of periodicals are often unrelated to current new stories; when dealing with the news, they tend to do so in the form of summaries or commentaries.

Do you regularly read newspapers? Which newspaper do you prefer? Do you read any magazines? Which one do you like from the Romanian market? If you were the editor-in-chief of a newspaper, what would you do to improve its circulation? Which target-audience would you choose? Do you think Romanian newspapers and magazines are comparable to those in the Western countries?

Are they better, are they worse? Which part of a newspaper would you rather write: Which articles do you consider the most interesting in the Romanian newspapers? What kind of magazine would you like to work for, one for entertainment, one specialised on politics, one for the teenagers, or one specialised on informatics?

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