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You can download free hindi novels and other books like Story,Biography, Ayurveda & Religious books is this site:Free Hindi PDF Books | Largest Collection Of. These are top 20 hindi novels by famous Indian writers that you must read and are available for free. The ebook edition of Madaari in pdf format. - · Pdf. Jan Ahankar by Munshi Premchand Hindi Novel ebook pdf. Munshi Premchand was a famous writer of modern Hindi-Urdu literature (on the Stamp).

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Here is the list of all hindi books that are published on this website and are available for free. Download free hindi books in pdf format from the links given below. Premchand's novel Gaban. You need Google Play Books for opening EPUB file on your mobile. Download Free PDF Download Free EPUB for mobile. Download free Hindi novel's PDF or eBooks. Download hindi literary Book's pdf of famous indian hindi novel writer (Premchand, Saratchand.

Check out this list of sites that offer free public domain books in electronic and audio format. Every year, new publications enter public domain. Anyone is free to use or reuse it. Users are not only allowed to legally download the ebook edition of the title that entered the public domain. Everyone is also free to reuse and remix it, for instance, publish a new edition. Therefore, in major ebookstores, you may find public domain books that are not free. My advice is that if you want to get an ebook version of a classic novel like Pride and Prejudice, you should first check out the sites listed below.

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Best Love Story Novels By Indian Authors: 25 Books You Must Read

Mehta, Suhaan. Austin: University of Texas Press.

As expected, they always end up arguing even on the simplest matters due to their contrasting ideologies. Their arguments always end with a kiss until one day, after 11 years of relationship, they realise they are close yet feel so far away. Have they reached a saturation point in their love? Or is it something else? They have to figure it out soon! A Half Baked Love Story Author: Anurag Garg While the name might suggest otherwise, this one makes an interesting read in case you are looking for a nice love story by an Indian author.

In his inebriated state, he narrates his love story with Anamika to his friends, and the story then goes back to the past tense. The thing is when we return back to the present, does Aarav still have a relationship with Anamika or is he just grieving about lost love?

Untruly Yours Author: Smita Shetty If you love reading books with relatable characters, then this one must be on your best love story novels by indian authors list. It tells the story of Natasha, a Bengali woman married to a Tamilian guy named Rakesh.

The couple are NRIs, and both are equally absorbed in their professional worlds. Natasha yearns for romance, excitement and companionship but Rakesh seems too busy in his world. She makes a chance visit to India with one of her handsome colleague and bumps into an ex-flame in India. Will Natasha have a self-discovery about love or will she have to make a choice? You should really be downloading this one right away. This one is a touching love story about Deep and Ahana.

Deep is a young man who enjoys spending time with books rather than human beings. One day, he gets an internship offer in Hong Kong where he meets an Indian girl Ahana. She is a beautiful woman but is blind.

The 30 Best Websites for Downloading Free eBooks

Deep and Ahana explore Hong Kong together, slowly falling in love. Now how does Deep deal with things? Niharika is a fresh entrant to the college, and in the first few days becomes friends with a shy guy named Tanmay.

Tanmay is a good guy but not boyfriend material so therefore Niharika starts dating Akshat. But as time passes by, Akshat starts revealing his true colours. At the same time, Niharika notices a transformation in her bestie Tanmay. Was Tanmay actually the right guy for her? She strives to find an answer and this is her tale. Although Yatharth knows everything about the topics he studies, he has trouble fathoming love. Thanks to the coaxing of his friend, he falls in love with a girl Sanchita, who is a sweet and sentimental girl.

It is first love for both of them. Project Gutenberg Project Gutenberg is a top destination for free ebooks on the web.

Hart in Over 44, publications were digitized by PG volunteers and are available for download.

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The site offers also a very convenient way to get complete works of selected authors in one file. Internet Archive The website is a huge repository of text, audio and video files, including public domain titles. You can browse and read online over 5 million books and items from over 1, collections. The collections include the Library of Congress, American libraries, Canadian libraries, books from Project Gutenberg, and from the Million Books Project, as well as books for children.

25 sources of free public domain books

On Internet Archive you will find book files in over languages. There are over 1,, free ebook titles available.

If the book is available in digital form, a Read button is shown next to its catalog listing. Feedbooks This French ebook site is designed with mobile reading in mind.