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Durjoy Datta (Goodreads Author) (shelved 2 times as indian-lovestories) I Too Had a Love Story (ebook). A Romantic Girl: The Story of a Small Town Girl Sorry!!! I am not that romantic girl, you thought of! One who is passionate and obsessed about love and its side. eBooks - Category: Romance - Download free eBooks or read books online for free. Free eBooks - Romance Part 1 as a pdf you can find here http://​www.

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Indian Romantic Novel Pdf

Results 1 - 10 of Download Romance Books for FREE. All formats available for PC, Mac, eBook Readers and other mobile devices. Large selection and. Sudeep Nagarkar All Novels free pdf download Book Lists, Reading Lists, Free Novels,. Visit download Love Will Find a Way Book Online at Low Prices in India | Love Will . Books Kindle eBooks Kindle Store Literature and Fiction Romance |. This one is from the popular Indian romantic novel writer Durjoy Datta. The novel portrays the tale of a lazy rich spoilt brat named Benoy.

Blame all those rain songs or the larger-than-life movies of Shahrukh Khan or perhaps the magnificent Taj Mahal, which was built by Shah Jahan for his beautiful wife Mumtaz Mahal. Even the ancient epic 'Ramayana' centred around the love story of Lord Rama and Sita. So it's only fair that we have some contemporary Indian romantic novels. Indian novels have a huge following [well, we can thank our own population for it! Moreover, they provide an insight into the lives of people from various parts of India. Top 10 Must-Read Books About Racism Though these 15 novels are quite different from each other, the only thing that combines them is love. Come, find out the 15 best romantic novels written by Indian authors. And let me warn you!

They search for the lady love of an unknown victim in the Delhi High Court blasts.

Best Love Story Novels By Indian Authors: 25 Books You Must Read

The story revolves around the trauma of the blasts and the eagerness to get over this trauma by finding an unknown person through a clue found at the blast site. The story is thrilling and well-paced, keeping the reader engrossed in order to find out what happens next. Written by Durjoy Datta and Nikita Singh, this novel is a definitely a must read!! download it here 3. It is a story of two culturally different lovers — Ananya and Krish, who wish to convince their respective families to let them get married.

The movie 2 States is based on this novel.

As life moves on, Akash finds out that his ignorance for his love towards Kasam has become a fight with love itself. Things reach a point that he has to decide whether to propose to her or let go of his love forever. Do download this one. Just Married, Please Excuse Author: Yashodhara Lal This is one is a light-hearted book about the challenges mismatched individuals face in matrimony. The protagonist of the book Yashodhara named after the author is a city girl who ties the knot with a small town guy named Vijay.

The two never agree on anything and argue most of the time. With the arrival of their daughter, their arguments move to the next level since the couple have contrasting views on parenthood. Will the constant bickering bring an end to their marriage? Surely an interesting read with some decent amount of humour in it. While Saransh is a saucy guy, Samvedna on the other hand is a simple-minded girl with tons of innocence.

Free Romance Books Online | Download pdf Ebooks and Novels

The love story continues with bits of humour here and there till the last moment where things go awry. In the end, Saransh has to choose between Samvedna and something that he had always wanted.

Arranged Love Author: Parul A. She has everything, even in the love department, since she is dating a handsome Indian American guy. But one day she finds herself packing her bags, and back with her parents in India. To her surprise, her parents announce that they have chosen a guy for her to marry.

She pulls her socks up to ensure she rejects the guy in every way but before she makes her move, the guy rejects her. An interesting love story full of funny elements.

They stay committed to each other in spite of how far they move in their lives. As time passes by, they realise that they will have to move away to different locations to pursue their dreams. Their love withstood the test of time, but can it handle long distance?

7 Must Read Romantic Novels – By Indian Authors

Arnika and Shadab have to work on a plan to ensure that. Accidentally In Love Author: Nikita Singh This is another brilliant on our list of best love story novels by indian authors by the popular Indian author Nikita Singh where she tells the tale of Chhavi, a young woman who had just made her career in the world of modelling.

Chhavi soon finds herself feeling attracted towards Tushar, a fashion photographer. But since she does not believe in love, the duo decide to have a no-strings relationship. As time passes by, Chhavi realises that Tushar has started to mean a lot to her.

Eventually she has to make a choice of either expressing her true feelings or sticking to her ideology about love. Oh Yes I Am Single…! Joy is a regular next door type of guy who has trouble having stable relationships. Even when he feels attracted towards Manika, he goes on to have another relationship only to be dumped.

Romance , werewolves , mating , thriller , paranormal. This is Edward's point of view. This is completely unedited. My friend on https: Part 1 as a pdf you can find here http: Twilight , Edward Cullen , Vampires. Jason Cohen was like the guy from typical books; rich, popular, sexy - the 'it' guy, but as the girl he had been hearing about all his life, enters his life, everything changes.

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Vanessa Halt didn't know that everything was arranged ever since she was born. They didn' Eva Shaw has spent 17 years of her life in the shadows- without holding anyone close to truly know the true Eva.

One day she defends her only friend Peter from the relentless attacks of the football team and its team captain Nick Lewis. But for some unknown reason he takes Love , Werewolves , supernatural , sex , lust , romance , high school , bully , pain , family. Elissa has always been cold hearted. When boys get klingy she used to push them away. When she doesn't want a guy anymore she drops them like hot rocks. But an unexpected surprise happens between the couple and they will never be the same.

Then she realized that moving was the best thing had ever happened to her.

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