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It Doesn't Hurt To Be Nice book. Read 59 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Kiara is a dynamic, thirty-something girl who has reache. See details and download book: Free Download Online Books In Pdf It Doesnt Hurt To Be Nice Volume 1 By Amisha Sethi Ibook. See details and download book: Ebook Magazine Free Download It Doesnt Hurt To Be Nice Volume 1 x Chm By Amisha Sethi.

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It Doesnt Hurt To Be Nice Pdf

See details and download book: Google Ebooks Free Download Pdf It Doesnt Hurt To Be Nice Volume 1 x Pdf Chm Epub By Amisha Sethi. See details and download book: Free French E Books Downloads It Doesnt Hurt To Be Nice Volume 1 x Pdf Epub Ibook. See details and download book: Best Free Pdf Ebooks Downloads It Doesnt Hurt To Be Nice Volume 1 Mobi By Amisha Sethi.

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Enough said. The computers may have different preference settings. His articles have been published by many other organizations, including MarketingProfs and the Direct Marketing Association. But I read it when I was a bit low and loved the positive, overly cheery mood of the book.

In an angle, the book is way different from what I expected from it. Go for this one if you like philosophical stories told with a tone that speaks as if to youngsters. Nov 03, Aradhna Tiwari rated it liked it.

I must say Ameesha Sethi did a good job with this philosophical work even though her background is one of management, but as you must know, knowledge comes from experiences and not just education and this is one hell of an example. I correlate with this book at a personal level due to the turbulences my life served me till now and I know will do in the coming future as well.

Something Different: I liked the prac I must say Ameesha Sethi did a good job with this philosophical work even though her background is one of management, but as you must know, knowledge comes from experiences and not just education and this is one hell of an example.

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I liked the practical approach Kiara has embedded in her life even though she believes in karma, as people say one who is philosophical or spiritual in nature tends to get indifferent towards people and situations in their life, but here Kiara has fought her way from bottom to top with love for her parents and friends. Dilemma of mine: It is a good read for people who are trying to be themselves in this slaving and chaotic era but do you think by reading this book or we can say any other book for that matter can help them?

I know the importance of this book as I can relive my life through some of the instances in this book, but I find it difficult that it can help at the crucial stage. To understand spirituality, one needs to be a best friend with themselves and then and then only there can be any scope of going a level ahead.

With the help of her personal situations, author Ameesha Sethi has managed to come up with something that an educated layperson can follow. The arguments and justification about every philosophical point she has included which makes you feel comfortable in a way that yes, I am not the only fool who thinks like this No pun intended. What could have been an advantage: I little bit too fast paced to cope up with as author takes you on a journey of life i.

It could have been a little better. It is full of verses from Bhagwad Gita which I enjoyed immensely because I believe in philosophy and spirituality, but when I try to explain anything to my friends or even my siblings, they are not at all interested in listening to me, so I would recommend this book to people who are into philosophy, spirituality, and wisdom because it is really good for those who knows the value of it.

Oct 27, Rahul Khatri rated it really liked it Shelves: Read Detail Reviews on My blog: Book Reviews From Heart I received this book as a review copy from Author paradise in exchange of an honest review. So , " It doesn't hurt to Nice ' revolves around the a Marketing professional , Kiara , who left her highly placed office to surrender herself to the supreme truth and 'cause it's narrated in first form by Kiara so She depicts her journey to spiritual world since her birth to the very stage when she resigned.

In her narration , she covered all majo Read Detail Reviews on My blog: The book helps you to always stay ' Nice' with people no matter what happens 'cause being 'Nice' is itself a legacy.

Author has beautifully quoted hymns and lines from different religious books which let the reader believe in himself. Points Flagged up by Author through book: Pet names which turned permanent but cause embarrasement.

True meaning of being a corporate professional. A leader is one who walks with his whole team Anger , just mess up things , better to work out things patiently. Believe in what Parents say. Traditional Methods sometimes works the best.

If you call someone friend, stick with'em in their highs and lows Never lose your identity for making someone else comfortable. Live your life without any fear. Love God No need to be scared from God.

Be Kind. Always and with everyone. Biggest Religion on Planet is love. Kiara without any fear tabled her words when she was framed as a suspect in her first job for passing codes. Author , with Kiara's character , has embed some very good Quotes from various Vedas and Upnishads but its no where mentioned in whole fable , from where she had learned or stumble into Vedas.

So ' It doesn't hurt to be Nice ' is a healthy read which could raise anyone's morale and is surely a must read! Aug 31, Komal Priyani rated it liked it. My Verdict: This book is a relishing read.

My fav Quotes from the book: Whats new: Rating — 3. Sep 29, Bookish Indulgenges with b00k r3vi3ws rated it liked it Shelves: Though it is meant to be a sort of a self-help kind of a book, the lessons are dealt out in part fiction. Each chapter has some illustrations, some life lessons and then those lessons imparted through the experiences of Kiara — a fictional character.

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It is clear from the book and meeting the author at the book launch that Amisha Sethi has been studying the scriptures from quite some time. She often quotes them to make her point shine through.

Instead, I like to learn from my own mistakes or from watching others handle situations. It was easy to imagine Kiara as a real person and learn from her experiences just as she learnt from them.

As a self-help book, this one really stands out because of two simple things. Secondly, the author has dealt with some very basic concepts that normally a person would think that they know about. Yet the book will atleast make you deliberate upon these points and maybe even reflect upon some past events to see and realise how things could have been handled differently.

The author has kept her narration, in all parts, simple which made it easy to read. However, I found the illustrations in the book distracting and a bit off-putting. Apr 30, Tushti Bhatia rated it really liked it. Sometimes you come across a book which teaches you in a very profound way and help you in discovering your inner self..

Sep 06, Nivi Selvaraj rated it it was ok. First of all I would like to thank my friend for recommending this book to me. It is the greatest deed she has ever done for me! And I hope that the enthusiasts here benefit from this review as well.

This book is nothing short of astonishing and blissful. It takes you to places where a person can only imagine of being there. But let me make one thing clear, this is not a fiction that one would not believe it or at least tend not to believe it. Amisha Sethi, the author, has beautifully crafted he First of all I would like to thank my friend for recommending this book to me.

Amisha Sethi, the author, has beautifully crafted her various episodes of life in a way that only a few can express.

The frequent flashbacks to her life and the texts from the ancient Indian literature have been artistically blended together. And therefore the concept of God and spiritualism never used to get into my head. My friend on the other hand, who recommended this book to me, is a spiritual person and that is why this book caught her interest easily.

Again thanks to her, I have been able to finally understand what I had been missing all this while. Get into the voyage with this independent and down-to-earth girl and you will surely have a journey of your lifetime!

I finished this book in under three hours at one sitting as I just could not put the book down for even a second. I am sure there are a lot of people like me who think like me about life. Trust me, start reading this book once and you will feel like you are the most peaceful person on earth. I am eagerly waiting for other releases from this author as I cannot wait to put hands on it! Sep 11, Shilpa Garg rated it liked it. As she moves from school to college, falls in love and gets married and moves her way up the corporate ladder and chasing her dreams, through the ups and downs of life, she finds pearls of wisdom from her experiences.

The book is part fiction and part self help. Through each chapter, one gets to learn about lessons such as giving unconditionally, trusting others, fearing nothing, the art of detachment, being kind and thankful, kindling the light within you and mastering your thoughts.

The lessons shared in the book are not something that one is not aware of, but it makes you think and reflect on them through a story. Usually, self help books sound a bit preachy and pushy.

I quite liked the concept of the book. The writing is simple and flows effortlessly.

The illustrations though are not important but could have been better. Nov 04, Divya Ramnath Bandodkar rated it really liked it. We humans, are the most unsatisfied creations of God. We always keep our greed before our need. We crave for success, freedom and happiness. We are prisoners of hatred, jealousy and anger. Apart from these, there are many more things that are existent in this nature that we usually neglect or turn deaf ear to!

Its love, sacrifice, kindness and responsibility! Have we ever given a part of our meal to those hungry kids on the street? Have we helped our colleagues with their work?

Have we ever loved someone selflessly? As for me, the answers to all above questions are NO! Reading this novel changed my vision of looking at things. I have started to feel a kind of positivity within me. I have started to believe that love is the only religion that must exist in this world.

The book is divided in to chapters- each giving out a message. The shlokas from Upanishads and other holy books are cherries on the cake. They are very well explained in simple and plain English which makes the reader feel at ease. The illustrations caricatures at the beginning of each chapter give you a brief idea about what the chapter is going to be all about.

The narration is simple and a plus point for this book. Some incidences are narrated which add some more weight to the facts. There are a few messages in between the chapters which are extremely inspiring.

Sep 06, Sourjyadipta Mahapatra rated it it was amazing. One advice.. Do not think twice before downloading this gem of a book! The author has beautifully connected the various aspects of life into one simple yet enthralling experience through her eyes. Amisha Sethi, I salute you for being able to bind the spiritualism with the corporate life for real! The way the connections have been expressed in the book makes it a read-at-one-sitting.

The chapters in the book are pieces of advice for each one of us. The quotes used here and there while going through the One advice..

The quotes used here and there while going through the life events of the author is nothing more than perfectly appropriate.

Sometimes you think what did you learn, after reading a book. This book, my friends, will change the way you look at life. Once you start getting to know about the life events of Amisha, you will feel that if she can do it, then why not me.

A trying-to-be-the-best-working wife, a confused lover thinking whether she married the right person, a caring mother, a successful corporate leader and the best of all, a person who comprehends spirituality with the help of her knowledge of the Upanishads and the Vedas It is a page book that can be finished in less than two hours, if read continuously, which you eventually will!

The quality of the book is better than the best, to say the least! The pages are of good quality and come with a good smell too!

The cover of the book is also attractive as it combines different colours into the text of the title. The bottom line is, I am looking forward to more works from this great author who has surely changed my perception towards life. Sep 06, Raj Appi rated it it was amazing. How can one possibly be a successful or rather more than successful corporate woman in life and still manages to find inner peace within?!

This combination is more difficult to find than trying to mix oil and water for the rest of your life! Each of the chapters of this book teaches you something or the other. After I finished reading the book, I asked myself one question All the things that I have known till now were wrong?

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Coz I had been more of a sceptical person till encountered this book. Some of the depictions of life and nature are just perfect. I do not want to be a spoiler but one instance of pure bliss is the representation of the cave under the starry night, where Kiara meditated and found inner peace.

You will feel as if you are present there yourself meditating under the night blue sky. Many women go through various struggles which Kiara has gone through in her life and therefore you will able to connect with the protagonist pretty easily.

She has also given various solutions on how to handle situations where you are completely broken down but come out as the winner at last. The power is within you and only you can do what is needed to be done.

I will recommend everyone to read this book to have a different look towards your life Sep 07, Sanunoy Dey rated it it was amazing. If you are looking for a book that will teach you how to get the ultimate control of your messed up life, your search ends here. The practical difficult situations that a human being faces while dealing with all sorts of people have been extravagantly put up here. After that stage of surrender starts the process of realising life.

The author vividly depicts that all the solutions and happiness If you are looking for a book that will teach you how to get the ultimate control of your messed up life, your search ends here. The author vividly depicts that all the solutions and happiness is inside you. The way she has intertwined the aesthetic life with the problematic and disturbed situations that she faces, make this piece a truly unique one to possess. I am an avid lover of nature and the depiction of nature in this book just enthrals me to the core.

The fact that she is a vegetarian because she loves animals is why we should stop consuming non-veg food. Many people like me will find themselves in Kiara in one way or the other, irrespective of their gender. The protagonist has mentioned various flashbacks which makes this book more and more interesting as we get to know about her personal life and how the teachings of Vedas and Gita helped her.

Mar 08, Priyanka Batra Harjai rated it really liked it. This book is how Amisha — the author got introduced and attracted to the philosophies of life. Generally speaking, it is believed that we get indications and signals from the cosmic powers which guide our lives. Sadly most of us, do not ever catch hold of such opportunes and miss the train only to regret our actions and decisions, later on.

Through this book, she attempts to join the dots and helps us decipher the hidden hints scattered all around us. One trait that she highlights in her book is This book is how Amisha — the author got introduced and attracted to the philosophies of life. One trait that she highlights in her book is — kindness. This is a fast and pacey read that you will finish off in just one sitting. You will feel fresh and light as if some heavy weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Next time, you plan to download a quick read or a companion in your trip, you know…what to hunt for.

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