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Jane Eyre is a part of the A Stepping Stone Book A Stepping Stone Book Classic Orphaned at an early age, Jane Eyre, leads a lonely life until she finds a. URL: http:// english-e-books. net / jane-eyre-charlotte-bronte /. - PART -. A child at Gateshead. CHAPTER ONE. The red room. We could not go for a walk that. Orphaned at an early age, Jane Eyre, leads a lonely life until she finds a position as a governess at Thornfield Hall. There she meets the mysterious Mr.

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Jane Eyre Adapted Book

In this realistic fiction book, we are told the story of Jane Eyre's life. She is the narrator and tells us how she grew up and where she ended up. Jane's parents. jane eyre – a study guide by francis gilbert page 1. Jane. Eyre. Charlotte Brontë. A. X. O. S. Y .. 'You have no business to take our books; you are a dependant. , , English, Book edition: Jane Eyre / by Charlotte Brontë ; adapted by A simplified, abridged version of Jane Eyre's experiences as a governess for.

Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether you'll like this book. In early nineteenth-century England, an orphaned young woman accepts employment as a governess at Thornfield Hall, a country estate owned by the mysteriously remote Mr. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising. Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. Gerver , Charlotte Bronte. Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Conversations 6 , 3. Add to Your books. Add to wishlist.

Later, back at Thornfield, she learns that this man is Edward Rochester, master of the house. At Jane's first meeting with Mr. Rochester, he teases her, accusing her of bewitching his horse to make him fall.

Jane is able to stand up to his initially arrogant manner, despite his strange behaviour. Rochester and Jane soon come to enjoy each other's company, and spend many evenings together. Odd things start to happen at the house, such as a strange laugh being heard, a mysterious fire in Mr.

Random House

Rochester's room from which Jane saves Rochester by rousing him and throwing water on him and the fire , and an attack on a house-guest named Mr.

After Jane saves Mr. Rochester from the fire, he thanks her tenderly and emotionally, and that night Jane feels strange emotions of her own towards him. The next day however he leaves unexpectedly for a distant party gathering, and several days later returns with the whole party, including the beautiful and talented Blanche Ingram.

Jane sees that Blanche and Mr. Rochester favour each other and starts to feel jealous, particularly because she also sees that Blanche is snobbish and heartless. Jane then receives word that Mrs. Reed has suffered a stroke and is calling for her. Jane returns to Gateshead and remains there for a month to attend her dying aunt. Reed confesses to Jane that she wronged her, bringing forth a letter from Jane's paternal uncle, Mr.

John Eyre, in which he asks for her to live with him and be his heir. Reed admits to telling Mr. Eyre that Jane had died of fever at Lowood. Soon afterward, Mrs. Reed dies, and Jane helps her cousins after the funeral before returning to Thornfield.

Townsend Back at Thornfield, Jane broods over Mr. Rochester's rumoured impending marriage to Blanche Ingram. However, one midsummer evening, Rochester baits Jane by saying how much he will miss her after getting married and how she will soon forget him.

The normally self-controlled Jane reveals her feelings for him. Rochester then is sure that Jane is sincerely in love with him, and he proposes marriage.

Jane is at first skeptical of his sincerity, before accepting his proposal. She then writes to her Uncle John, telling him of her happy news. As she prepares for her wedding, Jane's forebodings arise when a strange woman sneaks into her room one night and rips her wedding veil in two.

As with the previous mysterious events, Mr. Rochester attributes the incident to Grace Poole, one of his servants. During the wedding ceremony however, Mr. Mason and a lawyer declare that Mr. Rochester cannot marry because he is already married to Mr.

Mason's sister, Bertha. Rochester admits this is true but explains that his father tricked him into the marriage for her money. Once they were united, he discovered that she was rapidly descending into congenital madness, and so he eventually locked her away in Thornfield, hiring Grace Poole as a nurse to look after her.

When Grace gets drunk, Rochester's wife escapes and causes the strange happenings at Thornfield. It turns out that Jane's uncle, Mr. John Eyre, is a friend of Mr. Mason's and was visited by him soon after Mr. Eyre received Jane's letter about her impending marriage. After the marriage ceremony is broken off, Mr.

Rochester asks Jane to go with him to the south of France, and live with him as husband and wife, even though they cannot be married. Refusing to go against her principles, and despite her love for him, Jane leaves Thornfield in the middle of the night.

Jane Eyre (stage version)

She accidentally leaves her bundle of possessions on the coach and is forced to sleep on the moor. She unsuccessfully attempts to trade her handkerchief and gloves for food. Exhausted and starving, she eventually makes her way to the home of Diana and Mary Rivers, but is turned away by the housekeeper.

She collapses on the doorstep, preparing for her death. John Rivers, Diana and Mary's brother and a clergyman, rescues her. After she regains her health, St.

JANE EYRE (adapted level 6)

John finds Jane a teaching position at a nearby village school. Jane becomes good friends with the sisters, but St. John remains aloof. The sisters leave for governess jobs, and St. John becomes somewhat closer to Jane. When Jane questions him further, St. John reveals that John Eyre is also his and his sisters' uncle.

They had once hoped for a share of the inheritance but were left virtually nothing. Jane, overjoyed by finding that she has living and friendly family members, insists on sharing the money equally with her cousins, and Diana and Mary come back to live at Moor House. Proposals[ edit ] Thinking that the pious Jane will make a suitable missionary's wife, St. John asks her to marry him and to go with him to India , not out of love, but out of duty.

Jane initially accepts going to India but rejects the marriage proposal, suggesting they travel as brother and sister. As soon as Jane's resolve against marriage to St. John begins to weaken, she mystically hears Mr. Rochester's voice calling her name. Jane then returns to Thornfield to find only blackened ruins.

She learns that Mr. Rochester's wife set the house on fire and committed suicide by jumping from the roof. What is the sinister secret that threatens Jane and her new found happiness? Step into Classics TM adaptations feature easy-to-read texts, big type, and short chapters that are ideal for reluctant readers and kids not yet ready to tackle original classics. But after she falls in love with her sardonic employer, her discovery of his terrible secret forces her to make a heart-wrenching choice.

Ever since its publication in , Jane Eyre has enthralled every kind of reader, from the most critical and cultivated to the youngest and most unabashedly romantic. She died during her pregnancy on March 31, , in Haworth, Yorkshire. Join Reader Rewards and earn your way to a free book! Join Reader Rewards and earn points when you download this book from your favorite retailer. Read An Excerpt. Gerver Best Seller.

Paperback —. download the Ebook: Add to Cart. Also by Charlotte Bronte. See all books by Charlotte Bronte. Product Details. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Solving for M. Jennifer Swender.

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But it soon devolved, and not just in the predictable, no-film-is-ever-as-good-as-the-novel kind of way. The luxury of lengthy mini-series, in contrast, offers a broader canvas and, thus, is often more successful. But, if a director is going to attempt to reinterpret a beloved classic with far fewer strokes than a literary text affords, he had better ensure that they are well-placed.

Too little sense, too much sensibility. Found out by her brutish cousin John and senselessly struck across the face for taking an object that, John claims, does not belong to her, she fights back, only to be locked in a haunted bedroom and then sent off to Lowood, a prison-like boarding school for indigent girls. This treatment prompts her decision to rein in her emotions, no matter how great the psychological strain.

Jane grows into a woman of quiet good sense.

Jane Eyre (adapted, Oxford Progressive English readers) by Charlotte Brontë | LibraryThing

Faced with the ghoulish laughter that disrupts her nights at Thornfield Hall, she remains tight-lipped. Upon discovering that her true love is secretly married to a madwoman who is kept locked in the attic, Jane sheds not a single tear. The literary Jane is, in sum, a paradigm of composure, a woman who feels intensely but has also learned that mastering her feelings is essential to her survival. Fukunaga, however, would have us think otherwise.

Rather than an introduction defined by strength and inner resilience, Jane debuts at her lowest, with no explanation of how she came to be in such a position; she is, at first glance, a mute hysteric. As the film continues, Jane cries frequently and with abandon. She either tightens her lips or snidely quips, demonstrating little attachment to reason and sagacity.

This is understandable; the interior battles to which the reader is privy cannot make for compelling cinema.

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