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Ibne Safi was a versatile and trend setter novelist of Urdu who authored dozens of the books. Tajori Ka Hangama is a part of Imran Series by Ibne Safi. Main Abdul Qadir Hoon by Sarwat Nazir. Main Abdul Qadir Hoon by . Saltanat- e-Usmania Urdu Pdf Book Free Download. Download or read. Click on the following link to read online or download Main Abdul Qadir Hoon by Sarwat Nazir novel in Pdf format for offline reading.

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Main Abdul Qadir Hoon Novel Pdf

Main Abdul Qadir Hoon Novel by Sarwat Nazir. Main Abdul Qadir Hoon By Sarwat Nazir Novel Pdf Free Download. Download. Labels: Sarwat Nazir. Sarwat Nazeer is a popular writer who wrote many social, romantic novels in monthly digests. She is famous among females for her writing. “Main Abdul Qadir Hoon By Sarwat Nazir” is a romantic urdu novel from khawateen digest. it is also adopted by Pakistani TV Channel and its.

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Main Abdul Qadir Hoon Full Romantic Urdu Novel | PDF Free Download

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After living for 9 months abroad, Abdul Qadir surprises his mother on his return by sporting a beard and wearing a cap. On her inquiring, he tells her that he wants to be a religious scholar. Zareen is now divorced twice and lives in poverty. Zareen initially refused the offer from Meera, but afterwards, poverty gets the better of Zareen, and for the sake of money she takes her offer.

Zareen runs into Abdul Qadir while jogging one day, both meeting each other. They go out a few times. Meanwhile, Pasha, Zareen's ex-husband, finds out about the plot and blackmail's Zareen into giving him money to stop him from telling Abdul Qadir. On Zareen's birthday, Abdul Qadir goes to Zareen's house, where Pasha is already there, the door stays open, as Abdul Qadir overhears the plan his mother has laid out.

Pasha, at this time tries to rape Zareen, but Abdul Qadir steps in and protects Zareen.

Kitab Dost: Main Abdul Qadir hon by Sarwat Nazir Online Reading

Abdul Qadir soon leaves the house. His mother now wants him to marry her best friends' daughter, who initially was going to marry Jawad, an old friend of Abdul Qadir, who had extremely ill mannered habits.

Abdul Qadir notifies Meera's best friend about Jawad, and her daughter also catches Jawad in the presence of other girls. Then Meera's best friends daughter now wants to marry Abdul Qadir, but while all this is happening, Faiz, his friend abroad is sick, and his father wants Abdul Qadir to bring him back.

Abdul Qadir leaves the house without greeting his mother, she thinks that he left because of her, and that he will never come back.

Sarwat Nazir

Meera becomes sick and is hospitalised. When she returns from the hospital, the absence of Abdul Qadir dawns upon her. She slowly comes to love everything Abdul Qadir loved.

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