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The ultimate example of depth control fishing. PTD's apps and PTD stickers contain invaluable dive curve data to control depth of your lures. Tips in picking the best book The Trollers Bible Precision Trolling 5th Edition By Dr. Steven Holt,. Mark Romanack, Tom Irwin to read this day can be acquired by . trolling aid for anglers who fish spoons, shallow diving crankbaits and crawler Precision Trolling Data Dive Curve for the Tadpole divers is.

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Precision Trolling Pdf

Finally, the book: precision trolling by mark romanack is a tool that i consult regularly. it tells me, the distance my lure is below my downrigger. Precision trolling guide pdf. PDF Run AcronisTimounterMonitor C Program. Files x86 Acronis TrueImageHome TimounterMonitor. Archived discussion on. Does anyone know of a good source to find a printable(PDF) or Cheap guide for Trolling Depths and Lengths? The "Precision Trolling" book is.

Finally, the book: Choice for trolling crawler harnesses at speeds from 1 to 2 mph and spoons at My preference is b'n'm trolling rods in the 8', 10' The precision trolling book is primarily based on 10 mono. Pro anglers rely on a book titled " precision trolling " created by steve holt, tom erwin and mark romanack. Ties on walleye and is the author of " precision trolling " Added to the precision trolling bible in the future is how many feet you move Book 4; pb class patrol boat Precision trolling book: Welcome to the lowrance price book Back of this book. He is author of the book design and application of the worm gear

[PDF Download] Precision Trolling: The Troller's Bible [Download] Online

The Precision Trolling Data staff uses modern scuba diving techniques to document, confirm and also replicate the actual diving depth of popular crankbaits, diving planers, sinking lines like lead core and a host of other common trolling devices.

Lures and trolling hardware are tested by trolling past a scuba diver using a series of lead lengths to determine the natural diving ability of a lure or device.

During the testing process, the variables associated with trolling including line diameter, line type, lead length and trolling speed are closely monitored to establish a set of standards that are easily duplicated by any angler who wishes to get the most from Precision Trolling Data. All of Precision Trolling Data information, whether in written or app, is protected by Copyright.

Should you need assistance please email us. If you don't get a response immediately be patient.

We may be out of the office testing lures, filming tv or just plain fishing! Tech questions are specific to your device so have that information available.

Please email Mari with all questions and she will respond as time allows. Now Available!

[PDF Download] Precision Trolling: The Troller's Bible [Download] Online

The 6th Edition of Precision Trolling. This handy, water resistant flip chart is packed with trolling knowledge and includes dive curves for over popular crankbaits and trolling devices. What's in It For You It includes several detailed chapters on trolling , including a three dimensional look at crankbait trolling fundamentals, Off Shore Snap weights, planer board trolling, Dipsy Diver trolling and much more!

We've added laminated covers and coated pages to help protect it from the elements. After all, you won't want to go fishing without Precision Trolling anymore than you would want to hunt without your gun scope, now you can put your bait "precisely" on fish.

Click Add To Cart 1st Order now and show your friends how to use differant lures trolling and put those lures exactly where you want them - in front of your fish's lips and save money doing it.

The majority of the time your order will be shipped the same day and you should receive it within days. This is how site recently got a patent on white-background photography.

Or how a yoga studio got a patent on filming a yoga class. Different kinds of fishing lures run at different depths depending on the kind of line used.

[EbooK Epub] Precision Trolling: The Troller s Bible Unlimited

It can be useful for anglers to have this information accessible. For many years, a company called Precision Trolling painstakingly collected data about lure depths and published this information in books. In late , the company filed a patent application suggesting putting its data on a computer and making it searchable. This is a decent, useful idea, but should it be patentable?

Of course not. Lots of people have digitized information from books. We think the 7,, Patent is clearly invalid.

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