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Sweet Addiction (Sweet Addiction, #1), Sweet Possession (Sweet Addiction, #2), Sweet Obsession (Sweet Addiction, #3), Sweet Love (Sweet Addiction, #4). Sweet Addiction Series. SA SMALL JACKET Wedding hookups never amount to anything. Those who partake in this wicked little activity know the rules. Get in. Editorial Reviews. From the Author. To read an excerpt of Sweet Addiction, please visit aracer.mobi About the Author. J. Daniels is a New York Times .

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Sweet Addiction J Daniels Pdf

Read Sweet Possession read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. Sweet Possession is a Romance novel by J. Daniels. of the Alabama Summer series and the Dirty Deeds series, comes a sexy new companion novel to Sweet Addiction. J. Daniels - Sweet Possession. Dokument: pdf ( MB) The crazy-in-love future Mr. and Mrs. are what keeps Dylan's Sweet Tooth afloat, and without weddings, .. pdf. J. Daniels - Sweet Addiction wyświetleń, stron. download EBook - Sweet Addiction By J. Daniels - Epub + Mobi + PDF in Singapore, Singapore. Get great deals on Books & Stationery Chat to download.

Release date: September 22, Cliffhanger: No HEA view spoiler [Yes hide spoiler ] There aren't too many authors that I can say give me a positive reading experience every single time. The odds of that are extremely low and I could probably count on one hand the authors that deliver the goods with every new release. Daniels is one of them. When I pick up one of her books, I know that I'm going to receive the following things: Pages brimming with delicious naughty behavior An addiction to those pages that prevents me from setting the book down Memorable stories that without fail I always want more of Characters that make me laugh with their outrageousness That recipe concocts a feast that I gorge on and leaves me pleasantly sated. This book was especially fun and even more exciting to get my hands on. Sweet Obsession is a crossover book that joins characters from both of her series, the Alabama Summer series and the Sweet Addiction series. Getting to visit characters from both of these in one book? Win-win situation here. If that weren't enough It's Brooke.

The two of them started dating a few months ago and she is already head over heels for him. Due to our busy schedules, this is our first time actually meeting and from what I can tell by the way he looks at her, he seems just as infatuated. Ian glares at the blond who laughs around his drink before he turns back towards me. Ian is tall and built, very muscular with nearly jet black hair that is barely long enough to pull into his pony. His brown eyes regard me kindly. Trent, who made the pussy whipped comment, is the shortest of the group with almost white blond hair that curls at the ends.

And Billy, who only has eyes for Joey at the moment, has sandy blond hair that is kept super short, diamond stud earrings in both ears. I begin biting the inside of my cheek as I turn my body towards Reese.

His perfectly tailored dark gray suit frames his hard body almost unfairly and as he smiles, the tiniest little lines appear next to his eyes. I sigh. His attractiveness is a bit unnerving. Still holding my hand he leans in a bit, his breath warming my face.

That would be weird. Stay strong. Resist the urge. The man is too beautiful not to stare at. And I am now suddenly jealous of his beverage. I shift on my feet, flicking my stare back up to his eyes.

They had picked the name Dylan before finding out the sex and decided that no matter what, that was going to be the name. And so, here I am. Do you like any of his music? He clears his throat and runs a hand through his hair, making it even more of a perfect mess. God even his hair is sexy.

He smiles behind his glass. He invited the four of us. I shake my head as I realize that Billy and Joey are already missing. Predictable Joey. Why, sweet Dylan, does it sound like you really know the groom? Oh my. I glance up into his eyes.

That sucks. Why are you even here? The party has arrived! I feel a pair of lips brush against my ear and freeze, my pulse instantly racing. He smells like citrus and I have a sudden urge to bury my face into his neck and inhale him deeply.

Nodding once, he grips my elbow and pulls me through the crowd, stopping in front of the dessert table. I smile and beam at my creation. It really does look fabulous. I thought the flowers were real. You can really eat those?

Sweet Addiction

They are insanely sweet and practically dissolve on your tongue once the heat of your mouth touches the sugar. I shrug as if to silently portray that I always made things sound dirty which seems ridiculous even in my head. No big deal, just how I talk. Beautiful and highly intelligent?

He simply nods and studies my face with a small grin. The guy that does my taxes has psoriasis and looks more like my father. I close my eyes and shake my head, hearing a small chuckle from his direction. The DJ comes over the speaker system and halts him. Sara looks beautiful in her strapless gown with intricate beading and Justin looks decent in his suit.

A familiar song softly plays overhead and I cringe. You have got to be kidding me. What a tool. I loved it so much that I made it our song two years ago.

He was never one for change or originality, especially when it came to our sex life. He bites it hard and lets it slide down his throat as he leans down, his nose brushing against my temple.

I freeze. Tell me. Did he just say that? My eyes shoot open and my mouth drops. Can I honestly respond to that? Would he like it if I told him exactly what I wanted to say, that I only wanted him to fuck my brains out at this wedding or any wedding for that matter?

I shift on my feet and search my head for the appropriate wording when Joey appears at my side, out of breath. I glare at him. Oh please, you look so desperate. Joey straightens his tie and pulls his jacket off, slipping it on the back of his chair. But back to the important matter at hand, Billy just gave me the best blow job of my life.

He nods just as Juls storms up to our table. I brush my hair off my shoulder and smile sweetly at her. The music picks up and Juls jumps on her heels, reaching out for our hands. Come on. The other boys are talking amongst themselves. My heart beats roughly in my chest at the gesture. Relax, it was just a wink. I stop in front of Reese and lean down, pressing my lips to his ear as he lifts his face to mine. His fingers curl around my arm and the contact makes me momentarily dizzy.

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Our eyes are locked and our faces inches apart. I straighten and see the lingering intensity in his stare as Joey reclaims my hand and pulls me out onto the floor which is now packed with guests. Joey and Juls dance next to me, the three of us trying to out dance the other. My hands move up my body, brushing over my stomach, up my chest and up and around my neck as I close my eyes and let the music take over. I love to dance, especially with my best friends.

My hands run through my wavy hair and I feel the hem of my dress rise a bit, brushing the middle of my bare thighs. For a man so tall and muscular, he can move his body as if he was professionally trained. I sway my hips and move in the most overly flirtatious way possible, hoping and praying that Reese is watching me but not having the balls to glance over and know for sure.

A pair of strong hands wrap around my tiny waist from behind me and I still, feeling hot breath in my hair. His hips move against my back as he pulls me against him, his hands slipping around my stomach.

Sweet Addiction Series by J. Daniels

I close my eyes and feel his hands move up my rib cage, his thumbs brushing along the bottom of my breasts as I rub my ass against his lap. My pulse is hammering in my throat and I can feel my face heat up from the contact. His hands spin me and my chest presses against his.

We continue to move against each other, his impressive erection digging into my stomach and my hands gripping tightly around his neck while he holds on to my hips. If either of us were to move in slightly, we would be kissing. Were you dancing just for me?

Holy shit. This is it. I inwardly highfive myself as we move quickly between the guests. I follow closely behind him, my heels preventing the faster walking that I would have preferred as we move down the staircase and down the hallway that leads to the bathrooms. My chest is rising and falling rapidly and my nervous energy has kicked in, causing me to practically bounce on my feet.

I lick my dry lips as he opens the door and smiles. No fucking way. His hands grab my face as his lips softly brush against mine, tasting and teasing me.

My bottom lip is pulled into his mouth and I moan, granting him full access as I part my lips and his tongue sweeps inside. Holy hell this guy can kiss. His mouth expertly explores mine for what seems like hours and I slowly feel a pull building in my core. This kiss actually makes me feel bad for all of the other kisses I may get from guys in the future. The bar is being set ridiculously high here, certainly unattainable by the majority of the male race.

My hands rake through his hair, holding his head to mine as my body responds to his touch with moans and whimpers. He tastes like spearmint and liquor as I lick him off my lips while his mouth moves down my neck. I bet every part of you tastes like this. His lips move along each collarbone and over each shoulder, tasting and nibbling every inch of exposed skin. His fingers slide along the length of my panties and his eyes meet mine. Deep pools of emerald. My panties are quickly slid down my legs, my eyes widening as he tucks them into his pants pocket.

My fingers work frantically at his suit jacket, prompting him to slip it off and place it next to us. I need to see him bare in front of me. Two fingers slip inside of me and I cry out. He hands it to me. My eyes widen at his length and I groan loudly as he works me with his fingers, his thumb circling my clit. I swallow against his mouth and feel them curl up on my skin. Going without sex for a year has been worth it if it leads to it happening with Reese. Regaining my focus, I rip the wrapper with my teeth and slide the condom down his length while he stills in my hand, his heavy breathing mixed with mine filling the room.

I stare fascinated by how much it has to stretch to form around him and trail my fingers underneath, hearing him inhale sharply. The man is gifted. Crazy gifted. Will he even fit in me? My mind scrambles at the thought. Pulling out his fingers, he wipes a line of my arousal on the top of my breasts and immediately licks if off as I lift into him. Darting his tongue out, he licks his bottom lip before pulling it into his mouth, biting on it as I stare mesmerized.

Rocking my hips into his thrusts, I feel him deeper than I had ever felt anything in my life. His green eyes are burning into mine, full of intensity and desire.

His words to me echo in my ears as he tries to control our quickly climbing orgasms. So fucking good, Dylan. Let me hear you. Scream for me.

Sliding his hand between us and under my dress, his thumb presses against my clit and begins to move, bringing my climax to the surface. My nails dig into his neck as I throw my head back and erupt. I reach up and pull his hair as he comes, his eyes never leaving mine and my name escaping his lips at his release. I thought that most guys closed their eyes when they climaxed, but not this one. And something about him watching me, letting me see him completely unravel makes this even hotter somehow.

He stills inside me and pulls my face towards him, bringing our lips together. His kisses are soft and sweet, going from one corner of my mouth to the other.

Mind blowing. Beyond anything I could have imagined. He shuts his eyes and pulls out of me, tossing the used condom before he pulls his pants up and tucks himself back in. Turning his body towards me, he picks up his suit jacket and slips it across his broad shoulders, his face completely impassive. The awkward aftermath of sex with a stranger. I avoid his eyes as I hop down and turn to fix my dress in the mirror, realizing that he still has my panties in his pocket.

Fuck, is he going to give them back? Or does he expect me to ask him for them? I meet his eyes briefly in the mirror, breaking the contact almost immediately at the sight of his tight jaw and creased brow. Fuck that. The door rattles. What have we here? Jesus Christ what was his problem? What the fuck was he sorry for? I make my way to my table where my two friends sit, picking at the food on their plates.

Their eyes both lock onto my face and Joey grins wide while Juls studies me questionably. You missed the cake cutting. He looks thoroughly fucked as well, his hair a sexy disheveled mess. I make it down the stairs and to the front door before she stops me and demands answers. I forgot your question. She crosses her arms over her chest and glares at me.

Can I go now please? What a scumbag. I drop my hand and clench my fist. I could kill him. How the hell was I supposed to know he was married? Well this night just keeps getting better. I snap my eyes back to my best friend, ignoring the cheating loser on the stairs.

I open the door and walk out to the valet attendants, reminding them that I am the owner of the delivery van as they laugh amongst themselves. One scurries away quickly towards the parking lot. Congratulations Justin. The ceremony was lovely. My hand comes hard and fast, slapping him across his face as he stumbles back, wide-eyed and smiling. I should have never come to this stupid thing. Hooking up with a married man at the wedding of my ex-boyfriend. Jesus Karma.

You are one hateful bitch. Three Sunday was a complete blur. I spent the entire day in bed unless I had to use the bathroom or get something from the kitchen. After several missed calls and texts from Joey, I finally turned my phone off and kept it that way the rest of the day. Juls probably made him aware of Reese being married, but whereas she was into lecturing me about the topic, Joey would high-five me, insisting I tell him every juicy detail about the hook up.

Because he was married. And then there was my jerk off of an ex-boyfriend. Talk about a scumbag.

Sweet Obsession

Of course, he did get cheated on at his own wedding which could not delight me more. That bastard got everything he deserved and whatever else is coming to him. I like to get a run in every morning before I open up the shop, mainly because of the large amount of sugar consumption that happens regularly between Joey and me during work hours.

Dressing in my running gear, I grab my phone and keys off my nightstand and go downstairs into the large kitchen. I live in a small loft above the bakery and have since I opened the place three years ago. My loft consists of one large room that I separated into two with a decorative screen, giving my bedroom area some privacy from the living room and kitchen.

It is small, quaint, and cheap.

He never misses a run. I step outside and lock up behind me, seeing his angry expression glaring at me as I spin to greet him. What the fuck? I called you a million times yesterday. I needed to mentally check out yesterday. The wedding was a bit much. Stretching my hamstrings, I stand up and press my hand against the window of the bakery to steady myself. That really sucks. He ended up driving me home and I did him in the back of his Denali as punishment.

The man is a mountain of muscle. Well I guess you showed him.

Now, what surprise? And why did my heart physically ache at the sound of it. I stop running and look back at Joey who is frozen on the pavement, his blond curls already sticking to his forehead with sweat. Fucking married. Are you sure though? Apparently, Ian told Juls that he was married. Oh and I almost forgot, to top the night off, Justin followed me outside and alluded to me fucking him since married men are my thing now.

Joey snaps his head towards me, eyes wide. Where the fuck was I when all this was happening? Your legs are miles longer than mine. I really am. If the sex was that good, why give it up?

I am not going to be his fuck buddy on the side. Fuck that shit. Was he huge? It is way too early to talk about dick sizes and which way they curve. I read it in 2 days. What do you mean I need to cook? I love the wit and sarcasm.

The level of heat, body heat, is through the roof. A great read. By sheheheane45 I loved this book! Could not put it down. Daniels books. What a sweet romance between Dylan and Reese. Sweet Addiction By Crazy not lazy I loved this book! Any resemblance to real persons or events is coincidental. No part of this book may be reproduced, storied in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior permission of the author.

Designs To my readers, for all the love you have shown me. This is for you. I know, that sounds insane coming from a person who makes a living off creating decadent wedding cakes for the happy couples. The crazy-in-love future Mr. Until now. Joey lets out an irritated sigh and gestures toward the direction of my mother and soon-to-be mother-in-law who are loudly arguing at my consultation table. How many times have I suggested to you that we keep hard liquor in the back?

We could totally make a drinking game out of this mess. I only had a few stipulations: Who the fuck cares about napkins? Did you hear her say she wanted to come out with us for your bachelorette party?

Can you imagine? We will be going to a strip club if I have to throw you over my shoulder and pull a Reese on you myself. Why the hell do my two best friends not know that? Who says we have to go to a strip club? I flick my gaze between the two mothers who are both silently pleading with me to pick their choice. I grimace and nervously tap on the glass display case.

People are going to be wiping their mouths with them. Since when does it matter if the napkins match the bridesmaid dresses? I look back and forth between the two of them before turning toward Joey.

I reach out and feel both choices between my fingers. Beautiful choice. Who cares about napkins! Am I completely crazy for not giving a shit about this tiny, insignificant detail? The guests could wipe their mouths on their coat sleeves for all I care. Ever since Reese and I got engaged, our mothers have been in a battle of who can plan the better wedding, and poor Juls and I have been stuck in the middle, trying to rein in the madness.

Unfortunately, my soon-to-be husband is dead- set on marrying me in front of all our families and is having no part of that discussion. Every time I suggest he steal me away for a quickie wedding, he just shuts me up with his mouth, or his cock. The front door chimes and I look up, smiling as my best friend strolls into the bakery.

She takes one look at the mothers waving napkin swatches into the air and immediately goes into wedding- planner mode. There will not be any changes made. Give me those. This is the Juls I know and love, the one who knows how to run shit. And really, the napkin issue? In fact, you two are the only people I know who have ever cared about the napkins. For the love of God, let it go.

The moms both walk around the counter and smother me with affection.

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