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The kill order / James Dashner. — 1st ed. Random House Children's Books supports the First Amendment and celebrates the right to read. v Name: Ade Teguh Ramadhan Lecturer: Irwan Sulistyanto,, NPM: 2B1/ (Second Book) The Name of Book: The kill Order Writter. The fourth book in the blockbuster phenomenon MAZE RUNNER SERIES now features chapters from The Fever Code, the highly-anticipated conclusion to the series—the novel that finally reveals how the maze was built! Before WICKED was formed, before the Glade was built, before Thomas.

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The Kill Order - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online the quiet places she went to read some of the books theyd salvaged from an old. Author: James Dashner Pages: Publication Date Release Date ISBN: Product Group:Book Read Free Book. Read The Kill Order PDF. Times bestselling Maze Runner series—The Kill Order is a modern classic This novel works well as a stand-alone.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Mark and Trina were there when it happened, and they survived. But surviving the sun flares was easy compared to what came next.

You seem chipper today. She smiled at that; Mark had known she would. I do tend to get straight to business sometimes, dont I?

Though I have a lot of wiggle room before I get as grumpy as Alec. The sarge? Yeah, youre right. On cue, the old bear grunted. Sorry about being late,Trina said. Id make up a great excuse, but honestys the best policy. Mark made me go up to the stream and we. It took a lot to surprise Mark these days, even more to make him. He stammered as Lana rolled her eyes. Oh, spare me. Lana waved and added,Now go grab some breakfast if you havent already and lets get packed and marching.

I want to be back within a week. A week out in the wilderness, seeing new things, getting some fresher air. He swore to keep his mind on the present while they traveled and just try to enjoy the hike.

Have you seen Darnell and the Toad? What about Misty? The Three Stooges? Alec asked, followed by a bark of a laugh.

The man thought the weirdest things were funny. At least they remembered the plan. Already eaten, gone to pack. Should be back in a jiffy. Mark and Trina were halfway through their pancakes and deer sausage when they heard the familiar sound of the other three friends theyd picked up in the tunnels of New York. Take that off your head! Mark was convinced the kid had never taken a thing seriously in his entire life.

Even when the sun had been trying to boil him alive a year past, he seemed to be ready with a joke. But I like it! Helps keep my hair in place and protects me from the elements. Two for the price of one!

A girl walked in after him, tall and thin with long red hair, just a little younger than Mark. They called her Misty, though shed never told them whether that was her real name.

She was looking at Darnell with an expression of half disgust and half amusement. The Toadshort and Give me those! He was the shortest nineteen year-old Mark had ever seen, but thick as an oak treeall muscle and sinew and veins.

Which for some reason made the others think it was okay to pick on him, because they all knew he could beat the crap out of them if he really wanted to. But the Toad liked being the center of attention.

And Darnell liked being goofy and annoying. Why would you even want those nasty things on your head? Misty asked. You do realize where thats been, right? Covering up the Toads nether regions? Excellent point, Darnell replied with his own look of feigned disgust, just as the Toad nally was able to snatch the underwear off of his head.

Very poor judgment on my part. Darnell shrugged. Seemed funny at the time. The Toad was stufng his recaptured possession into his backpack. Well, I get the last laugh. I havent washed those suckers in at least two weeks. He started up with that laugh, a noise that made Mark think of a dog ghting over a piece of meat.

Whenever the Toad let it out, every other person in the room couldnt help but join in, and the ice ofcially melted. Mark still couldnt tell if he was laughing at the subject matter or just at the sounds coming out of the Toad. Either way, such moments were few and far between, and it felt good to laugh, as it did to see Trinas face light up.

Even Alec and Lana were chuckling, which made Mark think maybe it was going to be a perfect day after all. But then their laughter was cut off by a strange sound. Something Mark hadnt heard in over a year, and hadnt expected to hear ever again. The sound of engines in the sky.

Puffs of dust shot between the hastily stacked and mortared logs. A coughing roar swept past just overhead. Mark covered his ears until the sound faded enough that the Shack stopped shaking.

Alec was already on his feet and heading for the door before anyone else could even process the turn of events.

The Kill Order (Maze Runner, Book Four; Origin)

Lana was quickly at his heels, with everyone else following. No one said a word until they were all outside, the bright morning sun beating down. Mark squinted, hand shielding the glare, as he searched the sky for the source of the noise. Its a Berg, the Toad announced needlessly. What the. It was the rst time Mark had seen one of the enormous airships since the sun ares happened, and the sight of it was jolting.

He couldnt think of any reason a Bergone that had survived the disaster would have to come ying through the mountains. But there it was, big and shiny and round, blue thrusters burning hot and loud as it lowered toward the middle of the settlement. Whats it doing here? Trina asked as their little group jogged through the cramped alleys of the village, following the path of the Berg.

Theyve always left supplies in the bigger settlements, like Asheville. Maybe theyre rescuing us or something? Taking us somewhere else? No way, Darnell scoffed. They wouldve done that a long time ago. Mark didnt say anything as he ran along at the back of the group, still a bit stunned by the sudden appearance of the huge Berg.

The others kept referencing some mysterious they, even though no one knew who they were. Thered been signs and rumors that some kind of central government was organizing itself, but no news that was even close to reliable. And certainly no ofcial contact yet. It was true that supplies and food had been brought to the camps around Asheville, and the people there usually shared with the outlying settlements.

The Berg stopped up ahead, its blue thrusters pointing downward now as it hovered fty feet or so above the Town Square, a roughly square-shaped area theyd left bare when building the settlement.

The group picked up their pace and arrived in the Square to nd that a crowd had already gathered, the people gawking up at the ying machine as if it were a mythical beast. With its roar and its dazzling display of blue light, it almost seemed so. Especially after such a long time since theyd seen any signs of advanced technology. Most of the crowd had gathered in the center of the Square, their faces pictures of expectation and excitement. Like theyd all jumped to the same conclusion as Mistythat the Berg was here for rescue, or at least some spot of good news.

Mark was wary, though. After the year hed just been through, hed been taught many times over to never get his hopes up. Trina pulled on his sleeve, then leaned in to talk to him. Whats it doing? Theres not enough room here for it to land. I dont know. There arent any markings or anything to say whose Berg it is or where it came from. Alec was close and somehow overheard their conversation over the burning snarl of the thrusters.

Probably with his superpowered soldier They say the ones that drop off supplies in Asheville have PFC painted in big letters on the side. Post-Flares Coalition. He was practically shouting. Seems strange that this one has nothing on it. Mark shrugged back at him, not sure Alecs information really meant anything. He realized he was sort of in a daze. He looked back up, wondered who could possibly be inside the vessel and what their purpose might be.

Trina squeezed his hand and he squeezed hers back. They were both sweating. Maybe its God inside, the Toad said in a high-pitched voiceit always came out that way when he shouted.

Come to say hes sorry for all the sun are business. Out of the corner of his eye, Mark noticed Darnell taking in a breath, his mouth opening, probably to say something smart and funny back at the Toad. But the action was cut off by a loud wrenching sound from above, followed by the groan and squeal of hydraulics. Mark watched in fascination as a large, square-shaped hatch on the bottom of the Berg began to open, pivoting on hinges to lower like a ramp.

It was dark inside, and little wisps of mist came swirling out as the gap grew wider. Gasps and shouts rippled throughout the crowd; hands raised and ngers pointed upward. Mark tore his gaze from the Berg for a moment to take everything in, struck by the sense of awe surrounding him. Theyd become a desperate, desperate people, living each day with the weighty feeling that the next one could be their last. And here they all were, looking toward the sky as if the Toads joke had been more than that.

There was a longing in many of the eyes he saw, like people truly thought they were being saved by some divine power. It made Mark feel a little sick. A fresh wave of gasps spilled through the Square, and Mark snapped his head to look up again. Five people had emerged from the darkness of the Berg, dressed in outts that sent a chill racing down Marks spinal Green and rubbery and bulkyone-piece suits that covered the strangers from head to toe.

The suits had clear visors in the headpiece through which the wearers could see, but the glare and distance made it impossible for Mark to make out their faces. They stepped carefully in big black boots pulled up over the green material until the ve of them lined the outer edge of the lowered hatch door, their tense body language showing the effort it took to maintain balance.

Each of them held a black tube in their hands as if it were a gun. But the tubes didnt look like any guns Mark had ever seen. They were thin and long, with an attachment at the end that made them resemble plumbing parts someone had ripped out of an industrial pump.

And once the strangers settled into their positions, they held up the tubelike things and aimed them directly at the people below. Mark realized that Alec was screaming at the top of his lungs, pushing and shoving people to move them away.

Everything around them was erupting in chaosshouts and panicyet Mark had fallen into a trance, watching the strangers with their odd outts and their menacing weapons come out of the Berg as everyone else in the crowd nally woke up to the fact that these people werent there to save anyone.

What had happened to the Mark who could act fast? Who had survived the year of hell after the ares ravaged the earth? He was still frozen, watching, as the rst shot was red from above. A blur of movement, a quick ash of something dark and small and fast bursting from one of those tubes.

Marks eyes followed the trajectory. He heard a sickening thunk, his head twisting to the side just in time to see that Darnell had a ve-inch-long dart sticking out of his shoulder, its thin metal shaft planted deep within the muscle. Blood trickled down from the wound. The boy made a strange grunt as he collapsed to the ground.

That nally snapped Mark out of it. Mark bent down, grabbing Darnell by hooking his elbows under the boys arms. The sound of ying darts cutting through the air to his left and right, nding targets, urged him to hurry, erasing any other thoughts from his mind. Mark pulled on Darnell, dragging his body along the ground. Trina had fallen but Lana was there, helping her up. Both of them ran over to help, each grabbing one of Darnells feet.

With synchronized grunts they hefted him up and moved away from the Square, away from the open space. It was a miracle no one else in their little group had been struck by a dart. Swish, swish, swish. Thunk, thunk, thunk. Screams and bodies falling. The projectiles kept coming, landing all around them, and Mark and Trina and Lana shufed as quickly as they could, awkwardly carrying Darnell between them.

They passed behind a group of treesMark heard a few hard thunks as darts buried themselves in the branches and trunksthen they were in the open again. They hurried across a small clearing and into an alley between several haphazardly built log cabins. There were people everywhere, knocking frantically on doors, jumping through open windows.

Then Mark heard the roar of the thrusters and a warm wind blew across his face. The roar grew louder, the wind stronger. He looked up, following the noise, to see that the Berg had shifted position, pursuing He saw the Toad and Misty. They were urging people to hurry, their shouts lost in the Bergs blast. Mark didnt know what to do. Finding shelter was the best bet, but there were too many people trying to do the same thing and joining the chaos with Darnell in tow would only get them trampled.

The Berg stopped again, and once more the strangers in their odd suits lifted their weapons and opened re. A dart grazed Marks shirt and hit the ground; someone stepped on it, driving it deeper. Another dart hit home in the neck of a man just as he was running pasthe screamed and dove forward as blood spurted from the wound. When he landed, he lay still and three people tripped over him. Mark only realized that hed stopped, appalled by what was happening around him, when Lana yelled at him to keep moving.

The shooters above them had obviously improved their aim. The darts were hitting people left and right and the air was lled with screams of pain and terror. Mark felt utterly helplessthere was no way to shield himself from the barrage. All he could do was lamely try to outrun a ying machine, an impossible task. Where was Alec? The tough guy with all the battle instincts? Where had he run off to? Mark kept moving, yanking Darnells body along, forcing Trina and Lana to match his speed.

The Toad and Misty ran alongside them, trying to help without getting in the way. Darts continued to rain down from above, more screams, more falling bodies. Mark turned a corner and lurched down the alley that led back to the Shack, sticking close to the building on his right for a partial shield. Not as many people had come this way, and there were fewer darts to dodge.

The little group hobbled as fast as they could with their unconscious friend. The structures were built practically on top of each other Were almost to the Shack! Trina yelled. Hurry, before the Berg is back on top of us! Mark twisted his body around so that he was facing front, gripping Darnell by his shirt behind him. Shufing backward had strained his leg muscles to the max, and they burned with heat and were beginning to cramp. There was nothing in their way now to slow them down, so Mark sped up, Lana and Trina keeping pace, each holding one of Darnells legs.

The Toad and Misty squeezed in and each grabbed an arm, taking some of the load. They slipped through the narrow paths and alleys, over jutting roots and hard-packed dirt, turning left and then right and then left again. The roar of the Berg was coming from their right, muted by the buildings and rows of trees in between. Mark nally turned a corner and saw the Shack across a small clearing. He moved to make a nal sprint for it, just as a horde of eeing residents swarmed in from the other side, frantic and wild, scattering in all directions, heading for every door in sight.

He froze as the Berg rushed in overhead, closer to the ground than Mark had seen it before. There were only three people standing on the hatch door of the craft now, but they opened re as soon as the Berg settled into a hovering position.

Little silver streaks shot through the air, rained down on the people surging into the clearing. Every projectile seemed to nd its mark, slamming into the necks and arms of men and women and children. They screamed and crumpled to the ground almost instantly, others tripping over their bodies in the mad rush for cover. Mark and his little group hugged the side of the closest building and laid Darnell on the ground. Pain and weariness slogged through Marks arms and legs, making him want to collapse beside their unconscious friend.

We shouldve just left him back there,Trina said, hands on knees, struggling to catch her breath. He slowed us down, and hes still right in the thick of things anyway. Dead, for all we know, the Toads voice croaked. Mark looked sharply at himbut the man was probably right.

They mightve jeopardized their own lives to save someone who had no chance in the rst place. Whats happening now?

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Lana asked as she moved up to the corner of the building to look around at the clearing. She glanced back at them over her shoulder. Theyre just picking people off, left and right.

Why are they using darts instead of bullets? Makes no sense, Mark replied. Cant we do something? Trina said, her body trembling with what looked like frustration more than fear.

Why are we letting these people do this? Mark stepped up to Lana and peeked out with her. Bodies littered the clearing now, impaled darts sticking up toward the sky like a miniature forest. Still the Berg hovered overhead, its thrusters raging with blue heat.

Where are our security guys? Mark whispered to no one in particular. They take the day off or something? No one answered, but movement over at the door of the Shack caught Marks attention and he sighed in relief. It was Alec, waving frantically, urging them to join him. The man held what looked like two huge ries with grappling hooks on the ends attached to big coils of rope. Ever the soldiereven after all these yearsthe man had a plan, and he needed help.

He was going to ght back against these monsters. And so was Mark. Mark pulled back from the wall and looked around. He saw a piece Without telling the others what he was doing, he ran over to grab it, then sprinted out into the clearing, heading straight for the Shack and for Alec, using the wood as a shield.

Mark didnt need to look uphe could hear the distinct swoosh of darts being shot at him. Heard the solid thunk of one of them hitting the wood. He ran on.

Darts thunked into the ground around his feet; a second one hit his makeshift shield. As he ran through the open space, Alecstill clutching those riesmade a beeline for the middle of the clearing. The two of them almost crashed into each other directly under the Berg, and Mark immediately leaned in to try to protect both of them with his shield.

Alecs eyes burned with intensity and purpose. Gray hair or not, he suddenly looked twenty years younger. Weve got to hurry! Before that thing decides to take off! The thrusters burned overhead and the darts continued to slam into people all around them.

The screams were awful. What do I do? Mark shouted. The now familiar blend of adrenaline and terror surged through him as he awaited his friends instructions.

You cover me, with this. Alec shifted his ries under one arm and pulled a pistola dull black one that Mark had never seen beforeout of the back of his pants. There was no time to hesitate. Mark took the gun with his free hand, and by the weight of the weapon he knew it was loaded. A dart slammed into the wood as he cocked the pistol. Then another one. The strangers on the Berg had taken notice of the two people scheming in More darts thumped into the ground like a sudden hailstorm.

Fire away, boy, Alec growled. And aim well, cause youve only got twelve bullets. Dont miss. With that, Alec spun and ran to a spot about ten feet away. Mark pointed the gun at the people on the hatch door of the Berg and red off two quick shots, knowing he needed to get their attention immediately so they wouldnt notice Alec. The three green suits backed up and dropped to their knees, hunching down to get the metal ramp between them and the shooter. One of them turned and clambered to get back into the ship.

Mark tossed the wood shield to the side. He clutched the gun with both hands, steadied himself and concentrated. A head peeked over the edge of the hatch above and Mark quickly set it in his sights, red a shot.

His hands jumped with the recoil, but he saw the red mist, a spray of blood in the air; a body tumbled off the ramp and crashed into three people below. Fresh waves of screams erupted from all directions as people saw what was happening.

An arm stretched around the Berg door above, holding the tubeweapon out to take random shots. Mark red, heard a sharp ping as the bullet hit the metal contraption, then watched the weapon fall to the ground.

The Kill Order (Prequel) - Kindle edition by James Dashner. Children Kindle eBooks @

A woman scooped it up and started examining it, trying to gure out how to use it to ght back. That could only help. Mark risked a quick glance back at Alec. He was holding up the grappling-hook weapon as if he were a seaman about to harpoon a whale. A pop sounded and suddenly the hook was ying toward the Berg, the rope spinning out behind it like a trail of smoke. The hook clanged against one of the hydraulic shafts keeping the hatch door open and twisted around it, catching hold.

Alec pulled the rope taut. Throw me the gun! Mark looked up to make sure no one had reappeared from inside to shoot another volley of darts; then he sprinted to Alec, handed him the pistol. The man had barely taken it when Mark heard a click and Alec was shooting into the sky, his device pulling him up the rope, toward the hovering Berg. He held on to the grappling-hook weapon with one hand and pointed the pistol above him with the other.

As soon as he cleared the edge of the hatch door, three shots rang out in quick succession. Mark watched as the man climbed onto the ramp, his feet the last things to disappear from sight. A few seconds later, another greensuited body was launched over the edge, slamming onto empty dirt. The other hook! Alec screamed down at him. Hurry, before more come out or they take off! He didnt wait for a reply before turning to face the main body of the Berg.

Marks heart raced, almost hurting as it thumped rapidly against his ribs. He looked around, spotted the other hulking device on the ground where Alec had dropped it. Mark picked it up, examined it, felt a rush of panic that he wouldnt know how to use the stupid thing. Just aim it up here! Alec shouted down. If it doesnt catch, Ill tie it on myself. Mark held it like a rie and pointed it directly toward the middle of the hatch door. He pulled the trigger. The recoil was strong but he leaned into it this time, felt the bump of pain on his shoulder.

The hook and trailing rope shot toward the Berg, up and over the edge of the open hatch. It clanged and started to slip back, but Alec grabbed it just in time. Mark watched as Alec hurried to one of the hydraulic shafts and wrapped the hook tightly around it. Alec yelled. Push the green retractor butt He was cut off when the Bergs engines roared to a higher pitch and the vehicle vaulted into the air. Mark gripped the end of the grappling device just as it tore him off his feet, yanking him skyward.

He heard Trina shout at him from below, but the ground fell away, the people growing smaller by the second. Fear ripped through Mark as he held on, squeezing his ngers so tightly they turned bone-white. Looking down made his head spin and his stomach lurch, so he forced his gaze to the hatch door. Alec was just scrambling back over the edge of the ramp door hed almost been sent sailing to his death. He kicked and pulled himself to safety, using the same rope to which Mark clung for dear life.

Then he opped onto his stomach and peered down at Mark with wide eyes. Find the green button, Mark! Push it! The air was rushing around Marks body, the wind combined with the power of the thrusters. The Berg was ascending, now at least two hundred feet off the ground, and moving forward, heading for the trees. Theyd clip Mark within seconds and either tear him to pieces or rip him from the rope. He held on as he frantically searched the device for the button. There it was, a few inches down from the trigger that had shot out the hook and rope.

He hated to let go, even for a second, but he focused all his strength into his right hand, clenching his ngers even tighter, then went for it with his left. His entire body opped back and forth in the air, swaying against the wind and jolting at every bump of the Berg. The tops of the pines and oaks rushed in. I think the thing that bothered me the most about this book was that it was not about I can describe this book to you in a single word: I think the thing that bothered me the most about this book was that it was not about Thomas and the rest of the Gladers.

You would think that it would be, right? Sure, a few of my questions about the world building and all that were answered in this book, but I just ended up with so many more questions about everything in the series and specifically this book that will never be answered now. The Kill Order along with having a new set of characters, had a ton of action.

Non stop action, actually. But even me, the teenager who loves action, thought that there was just. I lost interest in the book, because nothing else was going on besides the action.

We were left with a bajillion more questions, and there was way too much action for me to even remotely enjoy this book. View all comments. Jeth Robles I know right!! This is so boring and dull! This book should not been made so it would leave a mystery to its readers in regards to the cause of the Fl I know right!! This book should not been made so it would leave a mystery to its readers in regards to the cause of the Flare. This is so dull!

Stephanie Thoen This was my favorite book of the series. Apr 12, Nov 07, Miranda Reads rated it did not like it Shelves: Get rid of them How about all the plot-holes from the first three books? Double them Should we give it a decent ending? We get front-row seats to the start of the apocalypse.

There's a whole new expendable cast that provides quite convenient fodde [Conversation in the editing room] Remember all of the semi-likeable characters from the original series? There's a whole new expendable cast that provides quite convenient fodder and a enough plot holes to bury all of them. The pacing of this book really threw me for a loop. Every second of the book was spent in heart - pumping action. Literally, all we did was race from plot arc to plot arc without taking time for character development or anything decent to happen.

And when things finally did calm down, Dashner only upped the tension by having everyone shout their plans and ideas. And the arguments I can't even.

The science. Incoherent rage. But seriously, when you are going to go for a science-based explanation for your series What was the author thinking. Audiobook Comments Read by Mark Deakins and he did an okay job. It just felt a bit bland overall. Could've just been the text though Blog Instagram Twitter View all 40 comments. Nov 22, Stephen Mcintosh rated it liked it Shelves: I would just like to say: How on earth can you rate this without even reading it?

What are they thinking? Anyway, I don't think I'll be making a real review because I'm terrible at writing as evidenced by my mistake before this edit: View all 22 comments. My first ever 1 star review. Well done 'The Kill Order', you deserve it. Before Reading it -Oh I hope this is good! During and After reading it So here's what I didn't like about this book basically everything -I couldn't get myself to read more than 50 pages per day. Then just put whatever he could in the middle to fill up space.

Or state the obvious -dreams that somehow show flashbacks in chronological order -telling me things instead of showing. View all 21 comments. Jun 29, Blythe rated it liked it Recommends it for: Those who don't need character development along with their action. Actual Rating: The Kill Order tends to fall in the latter category of books, and I'll bet that was where Dashner was intending The Kill Order to fall.

The plot for The Kill Order is simple - it's the end of the world, sun flares are destroying the Earth, and a group of teenagers are they teenagers? Along with the solar flares, men in green suits are coming out of the sky in blimp-like vehicles called Bergs, shooting random people with darts that contain a deadly virus. The group of teenagers try to discover the cure to the virus by doing incredibly stupid things all while trying not to get synched by the solar flares.

Now, the execution for The Kill Order is anything but simple and looking back on the synopsis I wrote, even that doesn't sound too simple. With the above synopsis, Dashner could have had a somewhat simple - but entirely enjoyable - book. While The Kill Order was still enjoyable, Dashner just had to add more to the book. And more. From cults, to ritualistic burnings of people, to governmental deceit, The Kill Order just had too much.

With the aforementioned plot points, and much more seemingly random other plot points, you'd expect for there to be non-stop action, right? Well, if you thought that, then you would be correct. A large portion of this book is comprised of thrilling action, and while that might be your perfect cup of tea, it won't be others, and it wasn't mine, exactly. Action isn't the only thing that makes a book a good book.

If you don't have enough action, your readers will be bored. If you have too much action, your readers will have whiplash. But, no matter how much action - or lack of it - your book may have, it can't be the only thing going for it. This is the case for The Kill Order. With action, you need to have character and relationship development, especially in a book like this, where the characters are put to the test in an apocalypse. My feelings towards all of the characters in this book were pretty lukewarm - I didn't hate them, I didn't love them, and I didn't like them.

They were just That's not to say that they're unlikable characters, because they're not. It's just that Dashner didn't provide me as a reader with nearly enough character development for me to care for the characters and what they're going through, or to like them.

That being said, if you're the type of reader who just wants mindless action after mindless action, pick up The Kill Order - you won't be disappointed in it. The action scenes are very well written and, for the most part, thrilling. However, if you're a reader who values character development in books as opposed to action, The Kill Order won't be the book for you. While I do consider myself the reader who values character development as opposed to action, I found The Kill Order to be a fun, thrilling, and quick read, but sometimes mindless action just isn't enough.

You can read this review and others on my blog, Finding Bliss in Books. View all 36 comments. Now I enjoyed this book. It's before the maze runner, I think it said 13 years. Anyway, it was a pretty dark book. I felt bad for this group and what was happening to them. And holy crow, what those evil people did to Lana.

I mean they did evil things to a lot of people but this was one of the group and these freaks were off their nut! Also at the very end we get to read about Thomas as a young boy before all hell broke loose in his world. It was just a page or so. View all 6 comments. It was quite action packed, with a whole new host of characters. We meet Mark, Trina, Alec and Lana, part of the human population who have survived the sun flares, but now face a new terror.

They fight for their lives as an awful disease ravages the human race. No one knows where it came from, or why. Despite the constant action and violence, at times I felt it was almost too much. It relied heavily on the drama and excitement rather than actual plot.

As I got to the end, a few questions were answered. Like where the disease originated and what it's point was, which was really interesting to find out. It was a good read if you are in need of some excitement, and watching characters risk their lives constantly, it was a good space filler. May 25, Hayden rated it it was amazing Shelves: First let me start off my saying that I am extremely disappointed about the fact that the series is now done. I started this book yesterday afternoon, and now, at 2 in the morning, I've finished it.

I CAN'T. I thought all the other three were good, but this book made me so overwhelmingly I don't even know. So many feelings. Can I just vent? I'm going to vent, OK? Alright, let's j Well.

Alright, let's just start with the end. I honestly was so sad reading the ending. I felt so sorry for them. All of them were going completely insane, and trying to keep it all inside. They hardly even talked at all, and it hit me really hard when I realized that none of them even had the strength to try to help Mark when he fell out the window of the Berg. They were all holding onto their last thread of sanity, and that struggle was honestly pretty hard to read.

Even if it didn't outwardly say how he was feeling, their actions spoke louder than their words. When Trina and Mark didn't even talk to each other. What the heck happened to Deedee? I was hoping that the Epilogue would give me some insight into that, but nope. It was about freaking Thomas. So that was a bit disappointing. I haven't stepped away from it and then come back to write this when I'm not all worked up Five stars.

Dear lord, well done. Well done. How do you do this, I don't know. But you are my favorite action author. Favorite author, I'll go all the way for you James. Not like that, I just really like your books. I know I should stop writing but I can't I'm just so worked up. Can I contact James Dashner? I wish I could have a conversation with the man.

Honestly, I need to talk to him. Like, now. Jul 09, Natalie Monroe rated it did not like it Shelves: The entire area around them shook as it rose, and it took all of Mark's effort not to fall again. He knew that what was happening had to be impossible, and it made him wonder about his mental state. I'd actually started this before The Scorch Trials and experienced the heart-wrenching downward spiral of a promising series because in a derp moment, I'd mistaken it for the second book.

But then, I thought maybe it could shed some light on the crappy world-building. I wanted to find out about the Sun Flares and how the civilization ended. Plus, I'd already started it, so what the hell. How bad could it be? Apparently, very bad. I expected the apocalypse. I expected scenes of the climate growing hotter and hotter by day and baffled weatherman advising people to always wear sunscreen outdoors.

I expected scientists running around like headless chickens trying to figure out the problem, while sweating world leaders tried to calm the masses. I expected the inevitable spark to the keg of hysteria, with all hell breaking loose, and people breaking store windows for supplies, acquiring guns to protect said supplies and fleeing to forests where there's more natural shade. I expected a grand mess in the footsteps of the The Stand , or on a smaller scale: The Mist.

Instead, I get thrown in a world a year after all the excitement has happened. The murder, the plundering? Where are the religious nuts, like Carrie 's mom, that come out and say, "I told you so! Now repent for your sins! If it were the end of the world, I'd gladly trade my iPhone for a maxi pad. No proper world-building, no excitement. And I do mean no excitement. We're talking watching-the-paint-dry levels here.

Even when the characters were running for their lives, I couldn't work up a speck of emotion to care. The main characters, Mark and Trina, were really bland, like the characters whose names I have already forgotten in The Geography of You and Me.

At least I was emotionally invested in Thomas, no matter how much I hated him in the aftermath. Mark and Trina, on the other hand, I care no more for them than I do about the hundreds of tinted food pictures my elementary school acquaintances post on Facebook.

Oh, wait, I do care about Trina a bit. I care that she, like Teresa and Brenda, are perfect, unblemished specimens of the female sex. She turned a page, her green eyes following the words Her short blonde hair shifted in the wind, and she appeared the very definition of peace and comfort.

Why can't she have a big nose, or be overweight, or have a weirdly-shaped hairline? I don't like this trend in male love interests in YA and I certainly don't condone the opposite, especially since girls are often objectified in manga and comics.

No matter what way you argue it, I highly doubt Wonder Woman wants to fight crime in a cleavage-baring bustier. Or heels. Now I can finally rest in peace, knowing The Maze Runner series is genuinely a one-book wonder. Bland characters, shitty world-building, mediocre writing.

Might see the movie, if only for Dylan O'Brien, but other than that, me and this series are done. Don't call me, I'll call you.

View all 13 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I was only informed that this book was coming out when I was scouring through my Kindle store, looking for free books. And I saw this and I was like, "Hmm And then I looked at the info and found out that's a prequel.

A prequel. I wanted to know what happened to stupid Brenda and idiotic Thomas. Not Teresa and Thomas who, by the way, should have been together NOT Brenda and I was only informed that this book was coming out when I was scouring through my Kindle store, looking for free books. But you know what, I won't complain.

Perhaps I will get my Teresa and Thomas fill when I read this prequel gag. However, I must say that I probably won't be rushing out to read this. But once I do I hope it doesn't disappoint like the last book. Which isn't saying much at all.

Now, I'm thinking that this would actually be pretty interesting. Who the heck are they? But I don't think they are, so I'm not. I don't know if this book will be getting my attention any time soon. I'm so ticked off I can barely even look at the cover which is pretty, by the way, but that's beside the point. I actually downloaded it. And then I forgot that it was even in my possession until a week later. And then I read about ten pages of it. And then I remembered what someone said on the comments of this review.

And then I kinda got upset about that. Then I stopped reading. And then I was going to try reading it again because after some thought I decided that what a commenter said view spoiler [they all DIE!

But then the invisible librarian took it off my Kindle and now its gone and I don't feel like making any effort to retrieve it. View all 38 comments. Nov 23, Emily rated it it was amazing Shelves: And yeah, people, this is a prequel. It's before The Maze Runner even took place.

I don't know what other people thought, but this trilogy is one of the best I've read and I don't like this genre of book. I am thoroughly looking forward to this book. I do have high expectations for it, and I do think they'll be met. October 5, So, starting to read this, I kind of said to myself "what do Mark and Trina have to do with everything else?

So I read it. And it was really effing good. I can only assume that Deedee became Teresa, because of the epilogue. Apparently there's a version with an extra chapter? I'm not sure which that is, so I don't know what went on in it. If Deedee did in fact become Teresa, than it was nice to have this backstory.

I liked all these characters a lot - even Misty, Darnell and the Toad. Even though we really didn't get too many glimpses at them, I was sad when they died. But the one character I really liked was Alec.

When he had to vaporize Lana, my heart broke. When he flew the Berg away for good, even when he got sick, my heart broke even more. I get these weird emotional attachments to characters and Alec was one of them.

And of course, those are the characters that die or something. Anyway, I thought this prequel was great. I want to reread the whole series - they are one series I recommend to anyone and everyone who needs something to read, and this book didn't let me down.

Does anyone know if he's writing another one, or was this it? View all 18 comments. Apr 21, Kassidy rated it it was ok. So disappointing. I liked the prologue and the epilogue, I felt the rest of the book was completely pointless except for the character Deedee and the explanation of the origins of The Flare.

Which a whole book was not needed for those things. It was a ton of action which got really boring, and I just don't see the point of the story. It was fairly entertaining at times, but compared to the rest of the series it was pretty crappy. View all 5 comments. Jan 03, Rachel Reads Ravenously rated it it was ok Shelves: First DNF of the year.

I got to about 75 pages in and realized: I loved the Maze Runner books, devoured them back when they were released but I think this book is a perfect example of reading tastes changing over time.

View 1 comment.

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