TOP-5 exciting Online Games for Android

If you fancy online games, you would be interested in our TOP-5 online games for Android ratings. Let's look through the games.


1. This time the “Angry Racer” is chosen as the best online game for Android. When you start it, you will be firmly convinced, that “Angry Racer” is a really cool game. If you are fed up with numerous shooters, with all kinds of supernatural creatures like dragons, orcs and the like, you definitely will enjoy the simple but nevertheless exciting “Angry Racer” game. So what helped “Angry Racer” to become the TOP online game for Android? The intuitive interface, the understandable course of this game, the ability to choose your enemy for the battle from the numerous players, who are already online, the bonuses which you get after a successful fight – these are the features of the winner of our TOP-5 online games for Android review. And don't forget about the immense portion of the adrenalin, which you will get while having the most vivid battles on the “Angry Racer's” arena and crashing your rivals, while feeling your monster on the wheels, while performing new achievements and upgrading your car and weapons. This fantastic game really deserves the golden trophy and the name of the TOP online game for Android.


2. The silver trophy of our TOP-5 online games for Android is snatched by the “Call of Duty: Strike Team”. “Call of Duty” is one of the best-known shooters with impressive graphics and effects all over the world. This version gives the players a unique opportunity to play in first-person, as well as in third-person when the reconnaissance and the organized squad attacks are necessary. What's more, this time you find yourself fighting with an unknown enemy – so, you have to be as attentive and self-collected, as possible in order to win this one of the TOP online games for Android.


3. Meet the “NBA 2K 15” at the third position of our TOP-5 online games for Android! This is an amazing basketball simulation video game, so now you can enjoy your favorite kind of sports everywhere by means of your mobile device. Polish your playing skills, outwit and beat your rivals and finally become the winner of the third online game for Android in our TOP-5!


4. The “Deer Hunter 2014” is the fourth in our TOP-5 online games for Android rating. You will definitely agree, that this is quite an unusual game – this is one of its distinctive features. Thanks to the “Deer Hunter 2014” you will satisfy your ambition of a hunter without harming a single alive animal – isn't it great? So explore the living world, customize your weapon and get the trophies – enjoy the fourth best online game for Android.


5. The last one from our TOP-5 online games for Android is “Leo's Fortune”. You will certainly like this awesome adventure game, where you have to chase the witty and mysterious thief, that stole your gold. The bright and rich graphics will catch your eye and the physics-based puzzles won't let you be bored. Try “Leo's Fortune” and you will love this one of the best online games for Android. Now that you have studied our TOP-5, we are damn sure you know what to play right now! Just select one of these games – and play it non-stop! You will definitely like the game. Enjoy! We’ve worked for you!

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