Online Games for Blackberry, Choose and play now!

Your mobile is not for communication only. It is your best entertainer. Today on the agenda we have 5 top online games for Blackberry.


• Our list tops, perhaps, the most anticipated game for decades combining classical car racing with combat action elements and unexpected RPG gameplay. Upgrade your wheels in the garage: install new equipment and deadly machine guns to tear your opponents apart. Show no mercy – sweep them off the road! Just in case you may get bored of constant racing and crossfires, take on a couple of quests or try events instead. With all this the game never seems trivial, which is an obvious advantage compared to other mobile MMO RPG games of this genre. On the forum or chat you get a chance to share your experience, impressions or boast your victories with other gamers. With Angry Racer game for Blackberry you will never say no to another racing round while travelling to work on public transport. Don’t miss your chance to become a champion. Bring it on! Enjoy the game!


• If you’re looking for a nice game for your Blackberry, explore a unique fantasy world of Avabel Online. In our review it goes second for having a truly realistic gameplay. The game has a steampunk setting. The action goes around a huge tower full of deadly malicious underworld monsters. Wherever you take your Blackberry with you, click on the game and spend a few minutes crushing enemies with various weapons upon your choice and building the history of your character’s success.


• Legendary Crusaders is another great game to have on your Blackberry. It has a number of favourable features, among which, for instance, an opportunity to play three characters simultaneously. Another unusual feature is marriage with other heroes with real wedding and an opportunity to play together. This is a world where you will encounter incredible diverse opponents, which ensures you won’t get bored. Choose between 9 classes of characters and build your unique character. Pave the path to victory with blood and gore – start your own legendary crusade!


• Another fantastic game to appear in our online games for Blackberry review is Armed Heroes made by Chinese developers. With its Diablo-style interface Armed Heroes challenges your mind and spirit in a neverending series of quests and a legion of deadly creatures you have to confront. A particular thing about Armed Heroes is an unlimited opportunity to upgrade your hero with an intricately built skill lines: teach him/her new skills, tricks and features to make your own way to victory. Write your own story with blood of your enemies


• Have you ever dreamt to quit your routine, get a man-of-war and go to sea as a pirate? With Pirates online game for your Blackberry dreams come true. Teach your character how to be a true corsair developing his/her own specific features and skills, which determine the game style you are likely to follow. Perhaps, the most breathtaking part of the game is navy battles that can hardly leave a die-hard gamer unfazed. For those who can’t do without discovery there is an option to explore and map new lands. If you’re looking for an exciting story, numerous quests will keep your mind in a good shape. Are you desperate to live through a romantic love of an outlaw pirate ceasing ships and sinking ships of your enemies? Then go for Pirates Online! Now that you have studied our TOP-5, we are damn sure you know what to play right now! Just select one of these games – and play it non-stop! You will definitely like the game. Enjoy! We’ve worked for you!

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