TOP-5 thrilling Online Games for Symbian

Are you desperate to see our latest MMO RPG review for Symbian OS? This is where you can read about 5 top online games for Symbian and, probably, choose something you want to enjoy over and over again.


• Our main intrigue today – what’s online MMO RPG for Symbian No1 today. Angry Racer is among those online games that make you keep yourself glued to the screen for hours. It’s original gameplay made two game genres meet: classical car racing and real-time arcade combat action. Now you not only can race and take over your opponents. Now you can crush them with cannons, missiles and machine guns. This makes the game more attractive for fans of both styles. Another great feature is that you can upgrade your car installing new equipment and weapons on it to make your wheels deadlier. When you get tired of constant battle racing, drop a few lines in the forum or in chat – exchange your ideas and experience with co-thinkers and other gamers. By far, Angry Racer is believed to be one of the most unexpected and fresh releases this year. Whenever you hook on public transport or a boring lecture at your school, take out your mobile with Symbian OS and enjoy the game!


• Neverwinter Online is not solely an RPG. First thing you notice about it is a highly dynamic gameplay: standing at one point is a promised way to die. You will be also happy to see stunningly beautiful scenery, which is wonderfully designed. You say you can’t afford to spend much time on games? With Neverwinter Online it’s no more an issue – there is a number of things you can make within half an hour: arena tournaments, quests, etc. Do you want to spread your quest routine among other characters – there you go: give tasks to your subordinates and achieve experience points yourself. Indeed, Neverwinter Online is a finding for MMO RPG fans having Symbian OS.


• Do you feel like playing a game having WoW design – Order and Chaos Online is an answer to your request. Make your choice - join the battle as part of the Army of Order or become a legionary in the Horde of Chaos. The battle interface for your convenience was simplified to the utmost to focus mainly on the storyline and upgrading schemes. MEanwhile, you appear in a strikingly picturesque world full of deadly creatures and berserk warriors. To make this game for Symbian even more attractive, the developers allowed a great deal of effort to make quests as memorable and entertaining as ever possible.


• Are you in for post-apocalypse inspired games? Get a new Russian release dedicated to post-human history: the Lost Sector. It’s set in a total war-torn world and has a well-developed plot and a deep idea. Lost Sector is a highly original MMO RPG game adopting the best solutions from Fallout and the vividness of Metro-33 game. Gamers will be happy to find a great number of smartly-designed quests and tasks. Battle interface is step-by-step, which gives much room for maneuver. Truly, it’s a fine specimen of the post-apocalypse game genre.


• The last, but not the least item in our review for games for Symbian is Dark Legends – agothic-set clone of Vampire: Masquerade. All vampire theme features are to be found: blood-sucking bastards, horror and exclusively intricate world of dark creatures and backstage intrigues between vampire and werewolf clans. That’s a must-have for your Symbian. Now that you have studied our TOP-5, we are damn sure you know what to play right now! Just select one of these games – and play it non-stop! You will definitely like the game. Enjoy! We’ve worked for you!

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