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Because, dear readers, your Kindle e-books never die so long as you keep your account open. They are immortal. I have this from the e-book. By now, even the Luddites among us have taken the plunge into e-books, online videos and digital music. But here's something that few think. Learn everything you need to know to run a successful online business with our free ebooks and marketing guides.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Antony is a renaissance media executive, as clearly illustrated by Strategy: Integrated Communications Planning in the Digital Era eBook: A. Young: Read with the free Kindle apps (available on iOS, Android, PC & Mac), Kindle . Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die. An electronic book, also known as an e-book or eBook, is a book publication made available in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on the . There are a ton of free eBooks out there, no matter what eReader you own— site's Kindle, Barnes & Noble's Nook, Sony's Reader, etc.

In , Michael Hart was a student at the University of Illinois when he was given unlimited computer time on a huge Xerox mainframe computer in the Materials Research lab probably because his brother's best friend was one of its operators. Hart tried to come up with a good use of the computer time he had been given. The machine was used primarily for data processing, but it was also connected to ARPAnet , a part of what would later become the internet. When Hart was given a copy of the Declaration of Independence at a grocery store in the buildup to the local fireworks on July 4th, he found his inspiration. He typed the text into a computer, all in capitals as there was no lower-case option at the time, and sent out a message on ARPAnet saying that it was now available to download.

Learn to control costs through smarter scheduling, inventory tracking and less food waste, better suppliers, and menu design.

Everything you need to get started hiring — from writing the perfect job description to what questions must be asked during an interview. Hire, train, retain, discipline — inside tips on how to get the best resource for your restaurant and maintain a healthy bottomline.

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Think ahead about the expected costs, variable expenses, and employment requirements to keep your restaurant cash flow intact. We walk through what to look for in a new POS system, online reservations, shift scheduling tools, and inventory management systems. Five restaurant marketing strategies to fill your revenue gap during the slow times, without impacting your core business.

Four ways to make a great first impression on your customers, and bring in more sales, with an attractive menu design.

Trouble hiring? We walk through the process step-by-step, from writing a job description and reading resumes to how to set a salary. Focus on these three forms of restaurant advertising to get the highest returns on investment ROI on your budget.

Update your restaurant design, expand your space, and take your business to the next level with our exclusive restaurant remodeling tips. Are you doing all you can to differentiate yourself in the market?

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We walk through how to build your brand from the ground up. How new and repeat customers can impact your marketing plan and help you increase overall sales at your restaurant today.

Is your employee handbook covering enough? Tips on conflict resolution, handling harassment, and how to talk to Millennials. Explore how women are changing the restaurant industry, and what challenges they still face today in financing, pay, and benefits.

Why are your customers making return visits to your restaurant? Self-publishing has since exploded, particularly in romance, fantasy, and science fiction.

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For the past few years, mega-selling romance writer H. Ward has been making a seven-figure salary across self-publishing platforms, more than half of which came through site. Even though an author could get a big advance from a traditional publisher, advance amounts vary widely—and this assumes she can get a book deal at all.

But only site knows its true scale. The information asymmetry between site and the rest of the book industry—publishers, brick-and-mortar stores, industry analysts, aspiring writers—means that only the Seattle company has deeply detailed information, down to the page, on what people want to read. But since hundreds of thousands of authors are behaving as individual publishers on site without being tracked, any picture painted by the group has a gaping hole in it.

Project Gutenberg's books are now downloadable on the Kindle, Nook, iPhone and Android phones, as well as on personal computers, or via print-on-demand services.

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As Hart wrote in , "we are happy to bring e-books to our readers in as many formats as our volunteers wish to make. Most are public domain books, though some have been donated to the project by their copyright holders.

Their most popular book , with 25, downloads as of today, is "Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana" , followed by "Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" and "Pride and Prejudice".

Before Hart's creation, the public domain was mostly of interest to libraries, small publishers and academics. Though the Internet Archive has more resources and hosts more free books than Project Gutenberg, it was the vision of Michael Hart, and his fundamental belief in both literacy and access to information despite many setbacks , which helped to shape the world of electronic books in which we live today. On his personal webpage, Hart wrote : "If what you did yesterday Still seems great today, Then your goals for tomorrow Are not big enough.