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PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version aracer.mobi also suggests that Hollow Planets must have Polar Holes of some kind. He pointed out that. Jan Lamprecht, in his book, Hollow Planets, gives solid evidence that the mirage You can find a full color expedition brochure in Adobe PDF format online at. by Jan Lamprecht. from HollowPlanets Website. Contents. PART I – HOLLOW PLANET BASICS. CHAPTER 1 – Hollow Planet History. CHAPTER 2 – Newtonian.

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Hollow Planets Jan Lamprecht Pdf

[Jan P. Lamprecht, Billy B. Baty] on aracer.mobi *FREE* shipping Hollow Planets and millions of other books are available for site Kindle. Learn more. Jan 26, am. Jan Lamprecht Hollow Planets Seismology. http:// aracer.mobi aracer.mobi The most exciting. Jan Lamprecht Hollow Earth. I like his hour video, Also, his book on PDF: [ science hollow earth] Hollow Planets - by Jan Lamprecht. A web search on the.

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An early twentieth-century proponent of hollow Earth, William Reed, wrote Phantom of the Poles in He supported the idea of a hollow Earth, but without interior shells or inner sun.

The spiritualist writer Walburga, Lady Paget in her book Colloquies with an unseen friend was an early writer to mention the hollow Earth hypothesis. She claimed that cities exist beneath a desert, which is where the people of Atlantis moved. She said an entrance to the subterranean kingdom will be discovered in the 21st century. He placed an interior sun in the Earth and built a working model of the Hollow Earth which he patented U. Patent 1,, Gardner made no mention of Reed, but did criticize Symmes for his ideas.

Around the same time, Vladimir Obruchev wrote a novel titled Plutonia , in which the Hollow Earth possessed an inner Sun and was inhabited by prehistoric species.

The interior was connected with the surface by an opening in the Arctic.

Ossendowski said he was told about a subterranean kingdom that exists inside the Earth. It was known to Buddhists as Agharti. One man entered the tunnel and never returned. Kolosimo also claimed a light was seen from underground in Azerbaijan. A book by a "Dr.

Raymond Bernard " which appeared in , The Hollow Earth , exemplifies the idea of UFOs coming from inside the earth, and adds the idea that the Ring Nebula proves the existence of hollow worlds, as well as speculation on the fate of Atlantis and the origin of flying saucers. The magazine's editor, Ray Palmer , ran a series of stories by Richard Sharpe Shaver , claiming that a superior pre-historic race had built a honeycomb of caves in the Earth, and that their degenerate descendants, known as "Dero", live there still, using the fantastic machines abandoned by the ancient races to torment those of us living on the surface.

As one characteristic of this torment, Shaver described "voices" that purportedly came from no explainable source. Thousands of readers wrote to affirm that they, too, had heard the fiendish voices from inside the Earth. Other than the North and South poles, entrances in locations which have been cited include: Paris in France, [38] Staffordshire in England, [39] Montreal in Canada, [40] Hangchow in China, [41] and the site Rainforest.

Humans live on the interior, with the universe in the center Instead of saying that humans live on the outside surface of a hollow planet—sometimes called a "convex" Hollow Earth hypothesis—some have claimed humans live on the inside surface of a hollow spherical world, so that our universe itself lies in that world's interior.

This has been called the "concave" Hollow Earth hypothesis or skycentrism. The main colony survives as a preserved Florida state historic site, at Estero, Florida , but all of Teed's followers have now died.

Jan Lamprecht Hollow vs Solid Seismology | Seismology | Earthquakes

Teed's followers claimed to have experimentally verified the concavity of the Earth's curvature, through surveys of the Florida coastline making use of "rectilineator" equipment. It has even been reported, although apparently without historical documentation, that Adolf Hitler was influenced by concave Hollow Earth ideas and sent an expedition in an unsuccessful attempt to spy on the British fleet by pointing infrared cameras up at the sky.

According to Gardner, this hypothesis posits that light rays travel in circular paths, and slow as they approach the center of the spherical star-filled cavern. No energy can reach the center of the cavern, which corresponds to no point a finite distance away from Earth in the widely accepted scientific cosmology.

The Hollow Earth - revised expanded 6 DVD-ROM boxed

A drill, Gardner says, would lengthen as it traveled away from the cavern and eventually pass through the "point at infinity" corresponding to the center of the Earth in the widely accepted scientific cosmology. Supposedly no experiment can distinguish between the two cosmologies. Gardner notes that "most mathematicians believe that an inside-out universe, with properly adjusted physical laws, is empirically irrefutable".

Gardner rejects the concave Hollow Earth hypothesis on the basis of Occam's razor. The transformation entails corresponding changes to the forms of physical laws.

This is not a hypothesis but an illustration of the fact that any description of the physical world can be equivalently expressed in more than one way. The time it takes for seismic waves to travel through and around the Earth directly contradicts a hollow sphere. The evidence indicates that the Earth is filled with solid rock mantle and crust , liquid nickel-iron alloy outer core , and solid nickel-iron inner core.

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Massive objects tend to clump together gravitationally, creating non-hollow spherical objects such as stars and planets. The solid sphere is the best way in which to minimize the gravitational potential energy of a physical object; having hollowness is unfavorable in the energetic sense.

In addition, ordinary matter is not strong enough to support a hollow shape of planetary size against the force of gravity; a planet-sized hollow shell with the known, observed thickness of the Earth's crust would not be able to achieve hydrostatic equilibrium with its own mass and would collapse.

Based upon the size of the Earth and the force of gravity on its surface, the average density of the planet Earth is 5.

If any significant portion of the Earth were hollow, the average density would be much lower than that of surface rocks. The only way for Earth to have the force of gravity that it does is for much more dense material to make up a large part of the interior. There is supposedly land masses and water bodies that exist on the Inner Earth, the same as the outer surface except the vibration and energy in the Inner Earth is more pure and of a higher vibrational frequency some say a 4th dimensional frequency.

For people who have claimed to travel to the Inner Earth, they state that the people they encounter in this region are usually very tall. Some other individuals have speculated that descendants of Atlantis and Lemuria live in this Inner Utopia and therefore they are thousands of years ahead of us technologically and spiritually.

Some others say that possibly the Mayans may have gone into this location as well, to explain where they disappeared. Again, according to our channeler Michael Kant, he claims that 12 galactic races came to our Earth long ago and created their first city underground in the 4 Corners area. Each race brought with them a crystal skull and body which contained the genetic coding of their race and cosmic knowledge. Six tribes decided to stay on the surface of the Earth and Six tribes went into the Inner Earth.


Now all twelve tribe exist in the Inner Earth. It is also believed that other Extraterrestrial races may have bases in the Inner Earth as well. Michael describes in our book being taken by a Pleiadian Space Ship and given a tour of the Inner Earth. In , while traveling on faith throughout the western part of the U.

Ed told us a very strange tale about how he was an exchange baby, that he was originally from Orion but when he was very small, the true Ed Palmer was exchanged for him. He claimed that when he has had a physical examination that there are some differences in his body and also that he has some type of mental plate in his head in which if a UFO comes close, he hears a buzzing sound.

Even though Ed was in his 70's or 80's, he definitely had more energy and excitement of life than I at this time being In any case, Ed gave us a pamphlet that he shared with others about the Hollow Earth. In this pamphlet it said that all planets are Hollow in Bernard's book, Mr.

Bernard explains that what appears to be the pole cap we see of Mars, is actually the light of Mar's inner sun shining out of the pole. Furthermore Bernard states that the Aurora Borealis that is only visible up north is the reflection of the inner sun off clouds passing over the opening of the pole.

Also that some explorers of the North Pole have discovered the closer they get to the Pole, the warmer it gets instead of the colder.

Could the Mammoths discovered frozen in Siberia with fresh food in their mouth be actually Mammoths that live in the Inner Earth which has a warmer climate, and somehow got lost and wondered into the outer surface? And that Ed even had a ride on a UFO to the moon which is hollow and that the ETs use the moon to construct spacecraft inside, hidden from our prying eyes. Ed explains that when a planet is formed it is first just gas which is rotating. He said that the heavy particles eventually expand out and create the planet's surface and the lighter particles contract to form the central sun.