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PDF | On Sep 6, , Mohamed Mihlar Abdul Muthaliff and others published The Kalki Avatar which will be discussed in the next section. “Avatar” which means the descent and which usually implies a deliberate descent into mortal Kalki Avatar which will be discussed in the next section. Hindu Prophecies and the Incarnation of the. Kalki Avatar. In the prophecies of the Hindu religion there also exists the notion of an awaited one or Avatar, which .

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Kalki The Next Avatar of - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page THE KALKI AVATAR PROPHESY The Rose Red Shawl of Shirdi Sai IV The Rose Red Shawl of Shirdi Sai Red sunset in the West reborn, bright sunrise from the.

Everyone will become godless. Thus, they will flee the cities to live underground in caves or high up in the mountains, or simply disengage from the earthly plane of existence. That is the time when the dark influence of the age of Kali will become so dominant, unleashing all of its influence, that all of the prophecies, as described in Chapter Four, will manifest without hindrance. Things will become so bad as the years go by that this world will be like one of the hellish planets in which people are born to suffer. There will be corruption in government and police, and they will be no better, worse in fact, than common criminals. Common citizens will have no protection. They will be subjected to the worst of crimes with no solution. Everyone will be fighting with each other. The world will slide into a state of constant war and chaos. All others are His plenary portions, or parts of His plenary portions, who descend into this material world to carry out certain responsibilities and to do specific things. This is especially the case when the planets are overly disturbed by miscreants and atheists. At this time the rulers of the earth will have degenerated into plunderers. He will be born in the family of Vishnuyasha, an eminent Brahmana of Shambhala village, as Kalki, endowed with eight superhuman faculties. He will possess great energy, intelligence and prowess.

It is not bound only for Indian culture or French culture. So we say the gold as a universal thing for all. Similarly, the prophets are universal beings and can be identified differently in different cultures. Recently in India, a fact-revealing book has been published.

Dharmayoddha Kalki: Avatar Of Vishnu

The book has been the topic of discussion and gossip all over the country. If the author of this book were a Muslim, he probably would have been arrested or murdered. Perhaps all copies of this book would have been confiscated. Maybe, even a ban would have been extended.

A riot and violence would have broken out against innocent Muslims and their blood would have been shed. Amazingly the author of this book, Pundit Vedaprakash Upadhyay, is a learned and famous Hindu professor.

The book is Kalki Avatar. He is a research scholar at Allahabad University.

KALKI AVTAR in English

After years of research, he published this book, and no less than eight pundits have endorsed and certified his points of argument as authentic. According to Hindu belief, the Hindu world awaits "the guide and leader", named Kalki Avatar.

These are the facts verified and supported by eight other eminent pundits.

What the author says is that Hindus, who are still anxiously awaiting the arrival of Kalki Avatar, are simply subjecting themselves to never ending pain. Because, such a great messenger has already arrived and departed from this world fourteen centuries ago.

(PDF) THE KALKI AVATAR PROPHESY II | Kathryn LaFevers Evans, Three Eagles -

The author produces the following sound evidences from the Vedas and other holy books of the Hindu religion in support of his claim: In the Puranas Hindu scriptures , it is stated that Kalki Avatar would be the last messenger of God in this world.

He would be for guidance of the whole world and all human beings.

But both the word peninsula and isle has very little difference in their meaning. Whereas the Hindu scriptures are not in English, the general meaning should be taken in identifying the land which indicates Arabia, a birth place is rightly stated by the author.

Here, the author advocated the meaning of a name of the Universal Personality of Prophet Mohammed Pbuh. The prophets ans the saints are universal personalities. Their description may be recorded in various scriptures in different languages.

The Gold is a Universal thing. It is described in different cultures and communities. The olives are available in the world in only two areas. In middle east, and in California of USA. This indicates clear sign for Prophet Mohammed Pbuh 4 It is stated in Vedas holy book of Hindu Religion that the birth of Kalki Avatar would take place in an honorable clan.

God would teach Kalki Avatar through His messenger angel in a cave. God would provide Kalki Avatar with a very speedy horse to ride and travel the whole world and the seven skies.

Some Hindus questioned that Kalki Avatar would not require the help of Angel. He himself is Brahma. The answer is that Prophet Mohammed had the ability to transform fully in the state of annihilation to God for power demonstration if needed and then come to the state of normalcy as an ordinary human being to guide the people.

Angel jibrael was assisting him in his normal human state to receive divine verses.


When the divine verses were being received, clear signs like body sweating, body tremors, very calm atmosphere etc observed. If the husband fall sick, will wife also try to become sick for the gratification of her husband and is it chastity? Book works latest edition and English translation are under process….

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