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The Red Queen: The Obernewtyn Chronicles Volume 7: The Obernewtyn Chronicles Book 7 (The Obernewtyn Chronicles series) by Isobelle Carmody. Ashling: The Obernewtyn Chronicles Volume 3 (Obernewtyn Chronicles series) by Isobelle Carmody. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Engaging characters, pacing, and plots.”— Publishers Weekly aracer.mobi: The Farseekers: The Obernewtyn Chronicles 2 eBook: Isobelle Carmody: Kindle Store.

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Obernewtyn Chronicles Ebook

The Farseekers: Obernewtyn Chronicles: Book Two (English Edition) eBook: Isobelle Carmody: aracer.mobi: Kindle-Shop. An ebook containing the first six volumes of award-winning and bestselling author Isobelle Carmody's beloved epic fantasy series The Obernewtyn Chronicles. The Farseekers: The Obernewtyn Chronicles Volume 2 eBook: Isobelle Carmody : aracer.mobi: Kindle Store.

An ebook containing the first six volumes of award-winning and bestselling author Isobelle Carmody's beloved epic fantasy series The Obernewtyn Chronicles. Read more Read less. Word Wise: Enabled Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled Page Flip: Enabled Language: Browse our most popular books based on sales. Find your next great read.

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The Obernewtyn Chronicles: Books 1 - 6

I saw the moon crack and open like an egg, and a seethe of transparent beasts emerged. I heard a sound like thunder inside the earth and the ground shook and broke open like a vast stony maw.


It spat out fire and I saw wolves falling into a molten gold stream. I made my way along the ancient tunnel, following Maruman, who ran lightly ahead of me.

I did not ask how he had come to be here.

He was the Moonwatcher as I was the Seeker. This was where we had been destined to come together. Before Elspeth Gordie can continue her journey to find Sentinel and prevent it unleashing the horrors of the Great White, she must fight free of a strange prison, where people are laid to sleep forever or cling to a suffocating existence, believing the world beyond their walls is already utterly annihilated.

But Elspeth must also seek out clues left by the long-dead seer, Kasanda, vital to her quest to destroy the Beforetime weaponmachines.

One clue is lost in the past, forcing Elspeth to travel the Dreamtrails, stalked by a terrifying winged beast, with the cat, Maruman, as her guide and guardian.

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Only there can she learn more of the Beforetimer Misfits and their enemy, Govamen. Gradually Elspeth realises that her quest is intimately linked to the Misfits' refuge Obernewtyn - its past and its future Book 5: The Stone Key There was a great crash and wood splintered. I had a brief glimpse of a group of Herder priests, bald and robed, peering at me, and then the sundered remnants of the locker door were torn aside and a rough hand reached in to haul me out by the hair.

A Hedra captain stared into my face with eyes that burned with a fanatical fire above a thin nose and a lipless slash of a mouth. When Farseeker Guildmistress Elspeth Gordie sets out from Obernewtyn to travel to Sutrium at the end of Wintertime, she quickly learns that not everyone welcomes the changes brought about by the rebellion.

Capture by an old and vicious enemy, she is drawn into the heart of the Herder Faction, where she learns of a terrible plot to destroy the west coast. To stop it, Elspeth must risk everything, knowing that if she dies, she will never complete her quest to find the weaponmachines that destroyed the Beforetime.

But if she succeeds, her journey will lead her to the last of the signs left for her by the seer Kasanda.

Book 6: The Sending It came to me then, like a chilly draught from an unseen gap, that I had always known in my deepest heart that it would be like this, a slipping away from a life full of people I had come to love, in a place I had helped to shape, in a land I had helped to free. The time has come at last for Elspeth Gordie to leave the Land on her quest to find and stop the computermachine Sentinel from unleashing the deadly Balance of Terror arsenal.

But before she can embark on her journey, she must find a lost key.

And although she has long prepared for this day, nothing is as she anticipated. Elspeth's search will take her where she never thought to go, and bestow upon her stranger companions than any she ever imagined.


It will lead her far from her destination to those she believed lost forever. And it will test her, as she has never been tested before.