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Speed breaker Power Generator (SBPG) is the most emerging Mechanical rotation is used to rotate the shaft of the generator through a belt. PDF | In the present situation power becomes basic need for human life. Energy is responsible for major developments of any country's economy. Conventional. PDF | Electricity is generated by replacing the traditional speed breakers with some Ankita and Meenu Bala in ”Power generation from speed breaker” [6] have.

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Power Generation Using Speed Breaker Pdf

Power Generation through Speed breaker. Submitted by. Sr No. Name. Email-ID. Mobile no. 1. Abdulrazzak Pathan [email protected] These PDF reports and journals explain the mechanism of electricity generation from speed breakers by an electro-mechanical unit known to. POWER GENERATION USING SPEED BREAKERS - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. POWER GENERATION USING.

Large amounts amount of electricity can be generated saving lot of money. And if implemented will be very beneficial for Government. There is a system to generate power by converting the potential energy generated by a vehicle going up on a speed breaker into kinetic energy. When the vehicle moves over the inclined plates, it gains height resulting in increase in potential energy, which is wasted in a conventional rumble strip. When the breaker comes down, they crank a lever fitted to a ratchet-wheel type mechanism a angular motion converter which in turn rotates a geared shaft loaded with recoil springs. The output of this shaft is coupled to a dynamo to convert kinetic energy into electricity.

Design of the speed breaker: Design of the speed breaker The material used in construction of speed breakers is steel.

The shape of speed breaker is parabolic. Height: cm; Width: 3. The downward motion of speed breaker makes the shaft to rotate in dynamo and hence electric power generated. Electric dynamo: Electric dynamo Working of Electric Dynamo.

Electrical power generation through speed breaker - IEEE Conference Publication

The magnetic lines of force are cut by the rotating wire coil, which induces a current to flow through the wire. The mechanical energy of rotation is thus converted into an electric current in the armature.

Sprocket mechanism: Sprocket mechanism Transfers rotary motion between two shafts. Gear mechanism: Gear mechanism The input gear transfers power to the output gear.

Rack and pinion : Rack and pinion Converts rotational motion into linear motion. Constructional details: Constructional details Working procedure: Working procedure Here the reciprocating motion of the speed-breaker is converted into rotary motion using the rack and pinion arrangement.

Rack and pinion gears normally change rotary motion into linear motion, but sometimes we use them to change linear motion into rotary motion.

The axis of the sprocket is coupled to a dynamo. Finally the dynamo is coupled with the battery. And with the help of battery we can light a bulb. More2 Yashpal A.

Malkhede3 Abhishek V. When the on electricity and a human being needs to consume more rack moves in downward direction the gear start rotating in and more energy, but unfortunately the conventional energy clockwise direction sources are limited and depleting very fast, that is why it is time to think of alternative and to shift our focus on utilizing the non-conventional energy sources for generation of electricity and also reduce the share of greenhouse gases which is responsible for global warming.

Power Generation Using Speed Breakers Seminar Report PDF | 2018

So this paper is presenting the study of generation of power from speed breaker and the possible mechanism required for it. So, in this project we have tried certain rpm in clockwise direction and generator start to produce the electric power from the thing which is used generating the dc voltage at output terminal but at another day to day life which is nothing but the speed breaker.

By instant of time the speed breaker moves in upward direction. So the for providing the electric supply for traffic signal system. Now we have to convert this power into mechanical component such as rack and gear and electric one way which is done by the bridge rectifier which will circuit like inverter and battery.


Now, this dc current from rectifier should II. Rack And Pinion Gear: generator mechanically with rack and pinion so This Combine rack and pinion gear is used to convert the rotating prototype model is developed by rack and gear mechanism motion into linear motion or vice-versa.

DC generator is based on the principal When vehicle is passed over the speed breaker then speed that when a conductor is rotated in a dc magnetic field a breaker dome is pressed in down ward direction also at the voltage will be generated in the conductor.

It uses rotating same time spring which is attached to the dome is coil of wire and permanent magnetic field to convert compressed.

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