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Rocket Surgery Made Easy: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Finding and Fixing Usability Problems (Voices That Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. DOWNLOAD Rocket Surgery Made Easy: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Finding and Fixing Usability Problems (Voices That Matter) By Steve Krug [EBOOK EPUB . Steve Krug's Book: Rocket Surgery Made Easy: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Finding and Fixing Usability Problems Online EPub/PDF.

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Rocket Surgery Made Easy Epub

Steve Krug's second book, Rocket Surgery Made Easy, explains exactly how to do your own fast, effective, low-cost usability testing. Rocket Surgery Made Easy: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Finding and Fixing Usability Problems (Voices That Matter) - Kindle edition by Steve Krug. Download it. A Technique for Producing Ideas - Young, Rocket Surgery Made Easy epub (pdf) Design.

And yet very few organizations do usability tests. In fact, I wrote Rocket Surgery because I know from years of experience that valuable, effective usability tests can be done quickly and easily, with little or no cost. Like Think, though, it assumes that testing isn't your full-time job, so it tells you only what you absolutely need to know. Unlike other books about usability testing, Rocket Surgery also explains how to fix the problems you find: How to decide which problems to fix, the kinds of changes you should make to fix them hint: the smallest changes are the best ones , and how to make sure the changes actually get made. Check out the sample chapter , the table of contents , and the site reader reviews. Or watch the demo test video that I created to go with the book. It shows an actual test, so you can see just how simple and powerful do-it-yourself usability tests can—and should—be. By making usability testing so effortless, he teaches us how to eliminate the frustration from our own products, without the wizards with the lab coats and the clipboards. Get this book. Do I need to read this one, too?

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Rocket Surgery Made Easy: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Finding and Fixing Usability Problems

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Rocket Surgery Made Easy

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Rocket Surgery Made Easy

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