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Salvador Freixedo, (O Carballiño, Ourense Province, Galicia, ) is a former Spanish Dogmas Fly); El diabólico inconsciente — Parapsicología y Religión ( ) (Spanish: The .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Ebook Download, Free Ovnis Download Pdf, Free Pdf Ovnis Download. Ovnis La Leva E . Salvador Freixedo El Diabolico Inconsciente Pdf. EL DIABOLICO INCONSCIENTE PDF - El diabolico Inconsciente de Salvador Freixedo. 12 likes. Book. El Diabolico Inconsciente updated their.

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Salvador Freixedo El Diabolico Inconsciente Pdf Download

next. out of Download salvador freixedo English] Visionaries, Mystics and Contactees 1 Salvador Freuedo; translated by Scott Corrales. p. em. Translation of: salvador freixedo el diabolico inconsciente pdf salvador. What if kodi wont download. How to learn good urdu words. Catullus 65 translation. Salvador freixedo el diabolico inconsciente pdf. Flash e paper download. -salvador-minuchin-michael-p-nichols-pdfpdf weekly -out-aboutworkbook-download-audio-edpdf- -la-granja-humana-salvador-freixedo-pdfpdf .. -la-dinamica-del-inconsciente-seminarios-de-astrologia-.

No part of this publication may be reproduced or trnnsm1Hcd in any focm or by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system now known or to be invented, without permission in writing from the publisher, except by a reviewer who wishes to quote brief passages in connection with a review wriuen for inclusion in a magazine, newspaper or broodCBSL Library Of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data Freixedo, Salvador. Translation of: Visionarios, Misticos y Contactos Extraterrestres. Includes bibliographical references. Parapsychology-Religious aspects-Christianity. Unidentified flying objects-Religious aspects-Christianity. Title BRII5. P85F He explodes into it, full of dynamic energy, bristling with ideas, anxious to bring about change. His many books have caused a great stir in the vast Spanish-speaking world but this is the first one to appear in English. Over twenty years ago, I was living in a hotel on Capitol hill in Washington, D. It was not an easy place to find and only my closest friends knew where I was.

There are occurrences which fill the pages of newspapers and magazines and which are newsworthy only because of the skill of interested parties or the ineptitude of those in the news media. A celebrity getting a divorce, for instance, is of no importance but to the vast unenlightened masses looking for something to assuage their endless boredom.

A politician's statements should be of interest to no one either, because politicians waste their time in games and declarations which not even they treat seriously. Their one belief is that of their need to stay in power. And others of their rank - a great many, to be sure - believe only in making the news. But there are events which do not appear in either newspapers or magazines and are nonetheless of great relevance to humanity.

Some are not made known due lo the inability of the news media to recognize their significance. I 3 derly fashion designer or the sum of money paid for a baseball player. Others remain unknown due to the existence of forces which choose them to remain unknown, harkening back to the days when kings and feudal lords chose to keep their subjects ignorant, as thinking can become a dangerous sport. By occurrences I do not mean bombshells such as the assassination of a president , but currents or trends that arise in the moral, cultural or intellectual fabric of human societies.

Many times, sudden events that shatter nations or continents are but a reflection of more profound trends taking place in the human mind, albeit unconsciously. Human history is full of transcendent events which went by totally unnoticed by those who were alive when they occurred, and it was not until much later that these events were awarded their proper merit and place.

Salvador Freixedo

Three Fundamental Events 1. The Discovery of the Powers of the Mind The first event is directly related to parapsychology.

Humanity is growing increasingly aware that the capacity of its mind is greater than had been suspected. What we mean by humanity's increasing awareness is to be interpreted broadly. Sadly, the greater part of the human race ignores this and many other truths.

A small part of mankind has achieved the economic security to allow itself a few moments of spare time, and unfortunately wastes it on trivialities rather than improving itself and evolving its intelligence and conduct.

The bulk of humanity, meanwhile, as a result of the tyrannical interests of ruling cliques, slaves away barely able to put bread on the table. This vast portion of humankind has in no way discovered the unsuspected capacities of the mind, nor even that they are endowed with them. Rather, they have been conditioned by their overlords to expect the crumbs to fall from the edge of the table, or else they will sweep them off in a violent surge when the overlords grow careless.

Nonetheless, a minority has become aware of the wonders encased within our skulls, and not only within the skull, but throughout the divinity which composes a human being and endows it with endless potential.

The main symptom of this state of awareness is the surge of interest in parapsychology. When these powers appeared in ages past, they were quickly monopolized by religions and manipulated accordingly. They were wielded as "proofs" of God's approval of the clergy, since God was their source.

When these powers occurred outside a religious framework, or in those unwilling to abide by the rulings of the theocrats, then they ceased being miracles and became the devil's work. The psychic then had to exercise great care to keep from being burned to a crisp.

In my book Parapsychology and Religion I discussed this subject in the chapter on paranormal events in religion so I will not repeat myself here.

Let it just be said that parapsychology has provided us with undeniable proofs that these events have natural or extra-natural explanations which should not be, by any means, offensive to God. As far as telepathy goes, mathematics has given us proof that on numerous occasions, the human mind has been able to read the thoughts of others or jump ahead of current events.

I 5 used as a means of diffusing this doctrine.

Salvador Freixedo - Wikipedia

The fact that we do not know how it is possible for such things to be done does not mean that God must be involved in the explanation.

But it is not only telepathy and clairvoyance that have made man aware of his potential. There are a host of other phenomena which go far beyond the reading of thoughts. Man is now aware that the mind is quite capable of dominating matter, making it appear out of thin air.

Olof Johnson, a psychic working with NASA during telepathic events on the Apollo missions has made entire decks of cards appear and disappear at will on many occasions. Any fairly decent text on parapsychology will provide the reader with accounts of all these events, which have been well-documented. To doubt the existence of the vast array of paranormal events at this late stage is to demonstrate a remarkable strong-headedness.

Disbelievers are invited to continue doing just that.

salvador freixedo

I am sure that they will find something more to their liking in political debates and TV sitcoms. The paranormal healings one reads about in recent years have naturally thrown the medical community into a panic. Its members know better than most how hard it is to master the complexities of the human body and the subtle psycho-physical balances that govern it. Thus, it is inconceivable to them that there should be an illiterate out there wielding utterly inadequate and dangerous tools, or worse yet, achieving with bare hands what they cannot do with years of training.

But it would seem that mankind is realizing that the "impossible" is actually quite possible.

As a result of this, the word "impossible" is being used less and less, not only by the medical pro- fession but also by physicists. I must remind those doctors who insist that these healings are tricks, that indeed many have been, are, and will be, but that many others have been researched by professionals as trained as they, and have been declared genuine.

It just requires one genuine psychic cure for humans to realize that their minds are endowed with a power capable of doing the impossible. Many years ago, the power of hypnosis led many to suspect that the depths of the mind were more unsoundable than it seemed.

But on account of the dogmas and shackles which imprisoned the minds of the learned in those days, hypnosis was regarded skeptically by not only the Church hierarchy but by men of science. There was something magical and unreal about it. Today we have learned that there exists a great many things which surpass the bounds of rationality.

On the other hand, the Church has forgotten that many of its rites and practices are no more than the remains of rites and practices from other times the matter and form of the sacraments are what is left of the ritual magic of antiquity.

Today, hypnosis is a valid scientific fact and its use is widespread. It shows us the unfathered depths of the soul and makes us aware that within us are things of which we have no knowledge, and that our free will is not quite as free as we had thought. He has also appeared in a number of TV and radio shows dedicated to these subjects.


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Archived from the original on 3 February This page was last edited on 22 Novemberat Since the s he has dedicated himself to research in the field salvador freixedo el diabolico inconsciente parapsychologyin particular the UFO phenomenon and its relation to religion and human history. CP misidentified pulsar CTA misidentified quasar. El diabolico inconsciente libraries that hold this item Find a copy in the library Finding libraries that hold this item Please frdixedo the message.

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