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You Can Sell book. Read 33 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. If you want to:• gain success and avoid pitfalls • meet and exceed you. You Can Sell [Shiv Khera] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the author of the bestselling You Can Win, comes another fantastic book. Read You Can Sell by Shiv Khera for free with a 30 day free trial. I was given the rate book, some training and told, 'Boy, go and sell!' For the next 3 months I.

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Shiv Khera Book You Can Sell

Not sure how many avid readers have the habit of underlining good lines when you read a book so that you can come back later on when you. Read “You Can Sell”, by Shiv Khera online on Bookmate – It is often said that in order This book explains how to:· Gain success and avoid pitfalls· Meet and . Amazing books author of this book is international motivational speaker and trainer in this book 30 chapters starting with motivational quotes in this book auth.

I definitely do that all the time! This post will be divided into 2 sections: Lines and Quotes. Lines: Words of Shiv Khera. Quotes: Words from other famous people. Do we have to be ten times smarter than our competition?

This post will be divided into 2 sections: Lines and Quotes. Lines: Words of Shiv Khera. Quotes: Words from other famous people. Do we have to be ten times smarter than our competition? The answer is No!

39 Best Quotes of “You Can Sell” by Shiv Khera

All we need is the nose and the rewards are ten times bigger in real life too. Most people fail in life not because they lack talent, but because they lack a burning desire to succeed. Selling is nothing but the transfer of enthusiasm from the seller to the downloader. Getting motivated is probably easier than staying motivated, especially in the face of receiving rejection a lot to the time. Some are motivated by positive rewards; others are motivated to avoid negative consequences.

Wise people learn from their mistakes but wiser people learn from others mistakes. Where you will be five years from now will depend upon the kind of books your read and the company you keep. Difference between PR and Advertising is that in an advertisement, you promote yourself to solicit business whereas in PR, a third party recognizes you and your work and because of that, people want to deal with you.

Continuous education is like sharpening your axe. Good professionals are always on a continuous education program in order to sharpen their axes. A person who can read but does not read is no better than the person who cannot read anyway.

You Can Sell

Our objective is really to reduce the risk factor and increase the reward trust factor, which will raise our closing ration and improve our average. It takes less effort to retain a customer than to gain a new one. You have not picked your field. In fact, the world is waiting for you! Please leave my office. I left the office very depressed and dejected. That night I had an appointment about 30 miles away and I wanted to keep it, because all our appointments were made one week in advance.

It was around 6. I knew that I had no job the next day. In my bout of depression, involuntarily, I just started crying. I kept crying and I kept praying. Finally, half an hour later, around 7 p. I reached my appointment, got myself composed, went up and started selling. I started my presentation. By the time the man looked at his watch it was No wonder life insurance agents are called pests.

This was another polite way of saying get out now. But somehow I was not moving that night. That was one of my first sales! It is a small one but it is a bound one a bound one is one with a cheque, because an application without a cheque is also without a commitment! Joe, will you let me stay? I make a commitment to you that I will not let you down. Please withdraw the papers. This is your big one and I will only let you stay here if you make a commitment, not to me but, to yourself and your family.

I will withdraw the papers. He withdrew the papers and let me stay. After I moved to the US, I got into 3 businesses, and bought out a pension and contract administration franchise around early 80s. My wife and I started an office in New Jersey with no clients and finally sold our practice in the mids with close to clients.

Leadership is not a popularity contest.

He spoke to me as a parent and as a teacher. What a message!

All my life I kept failing and blaming the whole world for my failure, not realizing that I was my biggest problem. Nothing changed outside, but something changed inside me and gave me a new direction in life. Between will and skill, will is more important than skill. The winning horse that comes first, wins 3 to 1, 5 to 1 or 10 to 1, depending on the odds. The question is whether the horse that wins 10 to 1 is ten times faster than the one behind him?

The answer is no. The winning horse may only be faster by the nose, but the rewards are ten times bigger. Is it fair? Who cares? What difference does it make? Those are the rules of the game. Whatever happens at the horse races is exactly true in our human life, too.

The question is — do we have to be ten times smarter than our competition? The answer is No! All we need is the nose and the rewards are ten times bigger in real life too. The difference between winning and losing, many times, is very little. At the Olympics, the gold-medal winner beats those behind him by probably a fraction of a second.

Michael Phelps created a world record by winning eight gold medals at the Olympics in Beijing, China. A candidate at a job interview. The candidate is selling his candidature and the interviewer is selling his company. A boy and girl proposing to get married.

A politician making speeches to get votes. More filters. Sort order. You Can Sell by Shiv Khera is a motivational book of management. He tells us about his life adventures and offers various examples that inspire very much. Apr 08, Pragya rated it liked it Shelves: Do you sell something? Do you want to gain success and avoid pitfalls?

Dymocks - You Can Sell by Shiv Khera, , PaperBack book.

Do you want to meet and exceed your goals? Do you want to gain a competitive edge? Then, this book is for you. This book is a step by step tutorial into the art of selling. You have to engage actively in reading it, discuss the concepts and make most of your strengths and weaknesses.

You will find anecdotes and real-life examples that are not only interesting but teach less Do you sell something? You will find anecdotes and real-life examples that are not only interesting but teach lessons on selling.

The book starts simply with the concept of selling and moves on to success determinants, qualities of a winning professional and how to be one. It talks about the psychology of selling, importance of quality and credibility and how to gain referrals and testimonials. It also teaches the rules of letter writing and telephone calling. You gain knowledge of positive communication, negotiation, goal setting and time management.

The principles that the book discusses are not only useful in the selling business but in every business you want to achieve success in. The lessons on communication, time management and goal-setting are applicable to every job and life in general. You summarize and revise your learning after each chapter and think about how they apply to you particularly with the help of the workbooks at the end.

This book helps you learn the lessons of selling and all the principles that help you tread toward success slowly but assuredly. Jun 16, Amit Gupta rated it it was ok. A candidate at a job interview, apolitician making speeches to get votes, a boy and girl dating with the intention of getting married.

You Can Sell addresses time-tested principles which make a successful sales professional. Tactics are manipulative whereas principles Who is not selling? Tactics are manipulative whereas principles are based on the foundation of values. Reading Shiv Khera' s 'You can Win' around 10 years ago in the hostel dormitory, i laughed my guts out. I thought it was a book definitely not written for the people of earth, it was so away from the reality. I remember arguing then with a fellow nerdy student how the author sees the world from a rose tainted canvas which very few can relate to and a world which only some of us can think of inhabiting.

In short, even though it was a ridiculously successful book the self-help book never worked for me. Now, years later after reading his latest venture, i can't help laughing again. This time, out of sheer boredom.

Published first in by Rupa Publications and short-listed for Vodaphone Crossword Non-fiction Award , the book has been repackaged and released again by Westland. The book has more of exercises and tests after each chapter that the previous version, which i conveniently skipped. They add to the length of the book and quite unoriginal to put it politely. The best bits of the book are the one where the author decides to put real-time examples of selling from his own life.

They are not only interesting to glance through, but also effectively communicates the points of selling across the spectrum of business verticals.

These are the portions which people in Sales, Marketing or Business Development will find most useful applying in a professional set-up.

There are few good pointers to those people too who are starting up their career and can have a deeper look into their positives and negatives.

The most sore point is that it does not tell anything new on personality building and selling skills which you have not heard before - Same cliches about dressing well, listening to customers, understanding the situation, being patient, following up with them and many more. It is the same jazz you have read so many times and it sounds just so damn familiar. I just wish it was a much better book than any other self help bible you come across on a bookstore shelf. In its current form, it is just a one time read which you may like to pick up if you hadn't read a self-help book in a long time.

Oct 10, Aparna Gautam rated it really liked it. This one will fill you with positive ideas. Aug 30, Jaimin Dave rated it it was amazing. Every business person would love this book. This also, like You Can Win, will always remain with me, as a brain food for lifetime. Aug 08, Ranu TejSingh Rajpurohit rated it really liked it. Nice book, every sales person should read it once at least. Many insights and learning one can have from this book.

You Can Sell

Feb 13, Priya Mohan marked it as to-read. I know I have, only to have regretted it later. Procrastination leads to a negative attitude. You will pick up random books if you are in DC books though you are a minimalist! Being the normal practice to spend whatever left as Indian Currency after a luxurious short vacation at home, which is normally less than a three thousand, I was searching for Harry Potter Series this time, to satisfy me and my son simultaneously with this leftover currency.

Instead of searching for two levels and genres, adult can often compromise on such things especially on reading, if it is Harry Potter. The experience and tactics I gained during the time while working with Sales team especially with Mr. Mohan Satish Kumar, a seasoned sales professional was similar spending years in Management College. No other experience catalyzed my HR profession as Sales did! While working with him, with his valuable support, I managed to make my own tactics starting from initial rapport building till the closing of the deal though I could manage to close only one deal of my own during that tenure.