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Read The Course of True Love [and First Dates] read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. The Course of True Love [and First Dates] is a Fantasy novel by . Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood might fall in love—but first they have a first date. One of ten eBook short stories in The Bane Chronicles, a series about the enigmatic warlock from The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices. When Magnus Bane, warlock, meets Alec Lightwood. Start by marking “The Course of True Love [and First Dates] (The Bane Chronicles, #10)” as Want to Read: Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood might fall in love—but first they have a first date. When Magnus Bane, warlock, meets Alec Lightwood, Shadowhunter, sparks fly.

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The Course Of True Love And First Dates Pdf

The Course of True Love (and First Dates) is the tenth released short story in The Bane Chronicles. Contents[show] Description Magnus Bane and Alec. Alec and Magnus' first date. A story we are shown through Cassandra Clare's beautiful story from the Bane Chronicles —The course of true. the Bane Chronicles 10 The Course of True Love (and First Dates). Home · the Bane Awful First Dates: Hysterical, True, and Heartbreakingly Bad · Read more .

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The very first multi-chaptered story I finished in the TMI series. I hope you enjoy and lots of love and glitter!

See the end of the work for more notes. Chapter 1 : The Warlock, Sexual Tension, and a Shower Chapter Text It was Friday night in Brooklyn, and the city was still bustling awake: teenagers, partygoers, and beings with an unmentionable professions littered the main streets and back alleys.

It was the residential parts of the city which relatively hushed down.

the Bane Chronicles 10 The Course of True Love (and First Dates)

Magnus's bare feet padded the floor of his loft apartment and wondered, with a curling ball of excitement in his stomach that he would never admit, what he should wear for his date tonight. If being asked out by a Shadowhunter had been among the top ten strangest and most unexpected things that had ever happened to Magnus, realizing that he was actually fond of the said Shadowhunter definitely ranked among the top five.

He surprised himself with the growing fondness he had for the Lightwood's eldest son. Their first date was far from faultless; it had been filled with misdirection, discrimination, and kissing--lots of kissing. The last part of their date was Magnus' favourite. Ragnor would have laughed in his face and Catarina would give him a sympathetic look that was almost pitying if Magnus had told them about his first date with Alec.

Which is, of course, the reason why he had kept it between himself and Chairman Meow. The whole incident was a curious affair. Magnus discovered that Alec was nothing like the previous Shadowhunters that he has encountered--except for a few. Then he realized that he did not know how to date Shadowhunters at all, a rare occurrence given his more than three hundred years of experience in the dating arena. He thought, pompously, he had seen it all. Apparently, this was not the case.

The last one had some promise. Dating--the word was one only created recently. Earlier in his life, the concept of dating was close to nil, since everyone who was anyone was either engaged or promised at birth.

Thankfully, the modern world has matured and showed some promise. Dating, he repeated the word in his head as he walked into the bathroom to shower, realizing that he did not dislike the idea of dating Alec Lightwood. Perfectly tempered water was the best, it was magic plus contemporary plumbing at its finest. Magnus took pleasure on the droplets of water cascading down his dark skin.

It was better than magically cleaning himself, which to him, always left a distinctive itch that he was not cleaned quite enough. It also gave him time to the time and space to think.

Magnus closed his eyes, half-listening to the sound of water hitting the tiles. He allowed himself to remember their first date: Alec looking like he has just ran a marathon, Alec embarrassed that he had dropped his drink and sullied the floor, Alec and his mouth-watering abs illuminated by the streetlights in the middle of his apartment, Alec being self-conscious on the subway, Alec with his hair slightly tossed and his boot on the mugger's throat, Alec clawing at his waistcoat like an animal in heat.

Magnus groaned, the last picture in his mind struck chords in darker places. He would be--should be--apologetic for debauching the memory of Alec in his mind but the fiery kisses, desperate touches, and Alec's weight pressing delectably on top of him were clear signs that the Shadowhunter wanted him too.

He replayed the kiss in his head and the warm hands with fingers shaking against his skin. Magnus was yearning to touch that pale muscular chest and broad shoulders again. It welled up guilt and want deliciously coiling in his stomach, and it was not the only things rushing to his nether regions. Impotence--he humorously recalled the subway ad was not a problem if one was stuck in a immortally youthful body.

One of his hands steadied himself against the shower wall while his back pressed firmly on the cool tiles. He summoned up images in his mind: the swell of Alec's shoulders and down the long lean curve of Alec's back.

The Course of True Love [and First Dates]

More and more details of that night came into mind: the shy look on Alec's face while undoing his waistcoat, the sweet careful line of kisses down his neck, the taste of sweat and soap and skin. He remembered the feel of Alec's heated mouth pushing against his own. Creativity was a lucky thing to have, Magnus thought as he fantasized about those lips reaching him elsewhere.

The door blew open, hitting hard against the wall. There was Alec in a gray shirt that stretched fabulously on his well-toned biceps. His legs strong legs were covered with a pair of black cargo pants, which to Magnus's astonishment, lacked the usual holes, frays and demon blood stains.

The gush of wind also brought a whiff of heavenly masculine cologne to Magnus's nose. It was a far cry from the unholy gray sweatshirt from two weeks ago--the boy was certainly trying.

Magnus felt something summersault in his chest. It did wonders for Magnus' imagination and the warlock gave another hearty groan. The Shadowhunter appeared to have kicked the door open, with stance that exuded balance and stability: his hands were placed protectively in front of him, one slightly farther than the other, holding twin blades that glowed the familiar glow of angelic power.

Knuckles gripped the hilts tightly that blue veins sprung on Alec's pale skin. His expression was a blend of fear and worry but to the closer eye, Magnus suspected, Alec was ready to strike at any moment. He expected the shy seventeen year old boy to blush, shrink away, and mumble and apology before exiting the bathroom.

What Magnus didn't expect was the clink of seraph blades hitting the bathroom floor and Alec's hot mouth kissing him. Magnus stood frozen with his breath caught in his throat. A hand snaked through his wet hair leaving a tingling sensation where they passed as fingers caressed his scalp marvellously, and served somewhat as a padding for his head when Alec kissed him deeper.

Alec's free hand rested on the other side of his head, just above his shoulder with palms laying flatly on shower tiles. A brawny leg rested between his darkly coloured thighs, trapping the hand on his member between their bodies.

The damp fabric of Alec's cargo pants creating delicious friction. Magnus would have drooled if not for the water already spraying them.

Alec's mind was a frenzied mess. He had arrived at the warlock's apartment, shocked to find the front door unlocked. At first, a fear struck through him that something might have happened to Magnus.

Unlocked doors in Brooklyn was not the safest for mundanes, downworlders, and shadowhunters alike--Hence, the Institute being kept under lock and key. His worry lessened when he picked up the sound of running water and Chairman Meow stretching lazily on the sofa.

His adrenaline spiked a hundredfold when he heard Magnus cursing loudly followed by a thundering noise that sounded like flesh on walls.

His Shadowhunter instincts kicked in: assess-strategize-attack. He reached for the twin seraph blades tucked on the holster behind him, a warrior's habit never to leave home unarmed--it had come in handy during their last date. The sound had come from somewhere inside the bedroom.

Alec feared that some demon had come in and attacked Magnus while he was asleep. He located the origin of the noise and was quick to kick it open. All the training and all the heightened senses did not prepare him for what was in front of him: Magnus leaned against the shower walls, water delectably tumbling over his lean muscular frame, one hand against the cracked wall which Alec suspected was the source of the crash , and the other holding a very intimate piece of flesh.

Alec swallowed hard. Through voyance, he was able to see each droplet of water trickling down Magnus' divine abs. Bare flesh displayed shamelessly before him--he has everywhere to look and Alec did, drinking in the sight of Magnus naked and burning it into his memory: Magnus' hands still wrapped against his hardness, legs slightly parted, and bangs falling sexily on his face.

Then Magnus smiled mischievously and invited him. Those stunning amber eyes were all it took to break Alec's stasis. He drove himself into Magnus, touching all the handsomely dark flesh presented before him. He kissed Magnus' soft wet lips, nose brushing against Magnus' wet cheek. Water furiously drenched his back and Alec suspected that if stayed underneath the showerhead any longer it would drench through to his underwear.

Wet undergarments was the least was on the back of Alec's mind.

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It was only Magnus and the smell of soap mixing with freshly washed skin. Magnus' hair was pliant under in fingers. He could feel Magnus holding his breath, the stillness of the smooth caramel chest, the tensed muscles of Magnus' tight stomach, and Magnus' mouth left half-open giving Alec everything he wanted. He savoured the taste of Magnus' mouth which had a hint of chai tea and old pizza, tongue grazing over sharp incisors as their tongues danced between them.

He could feel Magnus losing his footing, he adjusted his footing in response, thanking the heavenly angels for his thickly soled boots that withstood the slippery surface. Magnus had thrown his head back, pressing hard into his hand making Alec flinch slightly.

The sight was something to behold. Magnus long lean neck was strained, flaunting a dark blue vessel on his neck. Rushing over to the Beauty Bar , they see mundanes panicking about a "monster". Inside the bar, they see several mundanes frozen in horror, as well as one bloodied mundane, Adrienne , who asks them not to hurt her werewolf friend Marcy , taking the blame for convincing her to go out on a full moon. Taking into consideration Adrienne's request, Alec held himself back to not harm the girl, all the while trying to protect Magnus, both of which surprised and pleased Magnus.

When they were able to draw out the human out of the werewolf girl, they watch as Marcy reunites with Adrienne, the two girls of different kinds turning out to be a couple. Alec and Magnus also promise not to tell anyone of what conspired that evening, not even the Clave.

Seeing Adrienne enter, the civilians outside soon follow in suit, piling back into the bar. Alec and Magnus are thought to be dogcatchers, and they do not deny this and leave. The pair walk back to Magnus' apartment for a drink. Along the way, Alec admits that he had been nervous the whole evening and apologizes for being a horrible date, adding that Magnus was "glamorous. Just outside Magnus' apartment, Alec initiates a kiss with Magnus, doing what Magnus had done when they shared their first kiss days before.

Magnus realizes that he would have regretted leaving Alec and was thankful to have gotten to know him. After a while, the two proceed into Magnus' apartment. Realizing that things may be moving too fast too soon, Magnus stops himself. When Magnus gives Alec an out, though reluctant, Alec agrees that he should go home.

They share another kiss, meant to be quick, before Alec breaks away and asks to see Magnus again the following Friday night. Magnus thinks of his previous heartbreaks but agrees nonetheless, hopeful that Alec would not break his heart. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The Course of True Love. Contents [ show ]. Add an image. Retrieved from " https: Preceded by City of Bones.

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