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Here is a plugin that can help you with this kind of concerns. Post PDF Export plugin is a simple plugin that gives instant post download in PDF format. You can . Description. This plugin enables your blog readers to create PDF files of one or more articles in your blog. To realize that a little box is shown below or above. Description. Mass convert PDF documents to WP posts, by: extracting all text data and adding it to post content; extract all images included in PDF and attach.

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Wordpress Plugin Post As Pdf

At most 10 PDF files can be uploaded to each post. just install the plugin and update setting from Settings-> Custom Pdf Attachment. Upload files in your. By default, WordPress cannot generate or embed PDF files in posts or pages. In this article, we have hand-picked some of the best PDF plugins. Check out these 12 best WordPress PDF viewer plugins to enhance of the PDF plugins offer other useful tools for converting a blog post to a.

Simply to make things easier for those who want to view your documentation. With a PDF plugin in place, your users can flip the pages of the document, zoom in and out, and print out any material which they deem necessary. But that is not all! Or you can generate a cover image for the PDF post that you want to upload on your website. Considering its importance, here is a list of 8 best PDF plugins that will take the trouble out of the document viewing process. Likewise, the embedding of documents into your WordPress can be equally convenient with the help of this plugin.

This means that your PDF is unlikely to be shared outside your site where you have no control over who views, prints, or shares it. You can use them as featured images in posts containing an embedded version of the PDF, or as a visual clickable link to download the PDF directly.

Now translation-ready! Recalculates fresh viewer size more often in response to resize events. Previous versions attempted to increase performance by only recalculating viewer size when it had changed, but this missed some required resizing after Javascript-based tabs are clicked.

9 Best PDF Plugins for WordPress

Fixed some issues with zoom appearance. Mouse scroll wheel is now more consistent across all browsers in terms of scroll speed. When scrollbars are always visible, no longer cuts off edge of PDF underneath.

Latest version of pdf. Mouse wheel scrolling in Firefox no longer also scrolls the window unless at very top or bottom of page. Improved responsiveness and redraw of pages.

WordPress, by default, does not allow you to upload and display a PDF file. You can only link to a portable document file which lands the end user to a PDF viewer in the browser or an option to download the same. The below listed wordpress pdf viewer plugins will help you in embedding any PDF document on your wordpress blog.

What you need to upload the pdf file in the same way you upload an image in your WordPress blog. This plugin is not based on any third party service, which is the reason why the display is flexible and speedy.

12 Best WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins

Its also displays a toolbar which lets the users zoom, navigate, and also download the file. The plugin will automatically recognize the PDF file and create a shortcode when you click add media. The configuration is very easy and quick in the free version of the plugin where you can only set global height and width and decide to either show the toolbar on hover or permanently displayed.

Along with pdf files, Google drive Embedder , also lets you attach other documents to your webpage like word document, zip files, and videos.


You can also upload documets from Google Drive like spreadsheets or presentations onto your webpage. To embed the file, You can access all your files on Google drive from a pop-up box and select the desired file which you want to embed on your webpage.

Custom Post Type Attachment ( PDF )

You and your users can view, read, print or download the files without using flash or Pdf browser plugins from your website. It is simple and also lightweight. You can easily add PDF files to the website and set the height and width to be displayed on your website. The best thing about the plugin is that, Short-codes are also available. When the links are provided, the visitors can download the blog post with that hyperlink.

You can offer a PDF download feature only to the registered users also. Custom Fonts, headers, footers, logo, margins and watermark options are also available. This perfectly fits the situation when you want to add large pdf files to your posts or pages.

The plugin can display multipage pdf files as flipbooks by using JavaScript library.

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