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Kingdom End Stations: Shipyards: 1. Docks: 2. Asteroids: 4. Rolk's Drift Stations: 9. Asteroids: 5. Queen's Space Stations: Asteroids: 2. Menelaus' Frontier. X3:TC Terran Conflict, German · Polish · English · Czech · Italian · Spanish · French · Russian · Simplified Chinese · Traditional Chinese. X3:AP Albion Prelude. Find the sector in the Galaxy Map more easily and quickly. - Various menus . The other gamestarts in X3: Albion Prelude will be more familiar. They place you .

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X3 Albion Prelude Map Pdf

Map versions are the same as the game version they are updated for. The PDF Printable (PDF kb): X3TC Print Friendly TCplots-AP. X³: Albion Prelude/Map. From Argonopedia. Albion Prelude. Jump to: navigation, search. Kingdom End · Rolk's Drift · Queen's Space. I've been trying to find a good universe map of the game and came across a ton of player made maps, but not all of them were for Albion.

So you have a bit of experience in the universe, but still need that extra edge? This section covers the upgrades which could give you just that. After all more upgrades equals more performance. It also allows the following commands: Attack.. Attacks the specified target, plain and simple. Attack All Enemies. The ordered ship proceeds to attack all enemies in its current sector. Protect Me. The ordered ship follows the player ship and if an enemy attacks the player ship, it will retaliate.

Can anyone recommmend a good map add on :: X3: Albion Prelude Discusiones generales

I just cleaned the article up and made it better. Also, I aim to expand it with the help of you knowledgeable readers, that way in the future the people who read this may also become knowledgeable readers.

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Do it for swag. Now, an important note: you do NOT have to follow my blabbering exactly, and I encourage you to be creative, and make your own decisions on what you want to do and how you want to do it. I try to tell you how the mechanics of a game work, and give you suggestions on how to use them, but the whole reason I tell you how they work is so you can actually use them to achieve a goal which is unique to you — perhaps building the largest spork production company in the galaxy, with an outstanding artistic quality to your sporks.

Because of my geekiness with games I like, I usually know the technical little tiny details about how the geeky nerdy stuff works.

X3 albion prelude map pdf

It is also hand-picked, aged, designed, and crafted to be useful for both newcomers and long-time X3 fans, and everyone in-between. Similarly, different starts should be able to use the general rules and tips on trading, regardless of start, as any start can trade.

This is really a general trading guide, with some locational tips for the Humble Merchant, because if you like to trade a lot, chances are you may be playing a Humble Merchant.

Finally: and of course, you can also follow along in my weekly Humble Merchant journals, the first of which is here. Good for you.

Make a Humble Merchant or load your already existing one. If your PC can handle it I used to run it on a laptop with a Pentium 2. This will allow you to accomplish much more in real time much quicker. Arrow keys, holding your left mouse button, or pressing spacebar and then moving the mouse, allow you to steer your ship.


X and Z control speed. Most people will NOT recommend selling your Mercury, as this is your best ship for trading at the start. The choice is yours. Highlight the Discoverer in the top and use the arrow keys to sell it, and then press enter. Travel straight across Argon Prime, through the South gate once again, and then again, take the South gate from Home of Light. Dock at an ore mine, and see if it needs energy.

If not, find another mine that needs the energy. NOTE: the market is based entirely on supply and demand, so if a station has little resources, it will pay more for them, and vice versa. This works the same with products. Another TIP: You can only buy products.

You buy products, and sell them at a station that uses them as resources. Loriel , PM Inconclusive, but there have been reports that the Plugin Manager appears to break Extended 2. General advice seems to be "Avoid it if you can". That includes selling random ecells to stations they dock at, or choosing to fly to destination or home despite adequate ecells. As for the second link, all I can say is that I had never experienced any breakages with plugins via the plugin manager when I played XTC 2.

But I stick with safer mods, that don't tamper with anything major like ship designs or mission scripting, as well as digging up all information I can about a plugin before I install it. I'm well aware that anything can break for any reason and its not possible to bulletproof XTC. Theres far too many things that can interact poorly.

But I do consider mods an important part of this game, so wanted to give as much feedback as possible. X3 is an amazing game, and XTC makes it even more amazing. I don't see anything else like it coming out any time soon not very hopeful for Rebirth; seems to be intending to change too much IMO. Entering every sector plays some default music instead of the custom music for the sector.

I really don't know how all the scripting works in this game.

X3: Tips and Links

I did doublecheck it in a clean install as well. No luck. I only noticed this when I finally got my Paranid notoriety high enough to explore their sectors, and couldn't find the sector that played "that Mass Effect-like music that I liked". Dillpickle , AM I only just now realized theres been a problem since the beginning: the custom XTC music is missing. AP utilizes a lot of TC's assets, and as the music is already there it's possible it uses it from the main folder.

However, if anyone knows how the soundtrack files are referenced, I could try tracing the issue on my end. I don't know how the scripting works, but I'm comfortable opening and editing a script if needed.

I don't know why there are 2 maps, but i remember that both are used by the game; in one there are mostly all the galaxy data, sector by sector, including type of sector, dimensions, sun force, objects planets and default stations , gates and so on, while in the other there are or were other data, again sector by sector, regarding asteroids, possibly type of background and atmospheric fx, and the specific tracks to be played.

So if this second map has gone missing or overwritten, one sure thing is that the custom sector tracks will never be played the battle music tracks are picked random by scripts, so those should not be affected by this possible cause. I'm sorry i am on my work pc and don't have access to the game files, so i can't give you the correct filenames of the maps to check, but this might be a way to see if a missing mapfile might be the cause of your issue: custom tracks not playing, but custom battle tracks are working fine.

Scoob Hey all, Just a quick bug report The Argon Griffin is visually broken - the turrets and engines are "exploded" from the ship, i. Additionally, when the drones are docked, they're not in the proper place, rather they too are floating in space.

Still playing Xtended 2. Cheers, Loriel , PM The Argon Griffin is visually broken - the turrets and engines are "exploded" from the ship, i. Loriel , PM I think that was enough for me to go on. Looking at the original X3TC, I opened Looking through that, I found all the details of every sector and the stations in it, but more importantly, an "m" identifier that seemed to match with the soundtrack music. Makes perfect sense, so far. Nor do I find any extracted version that would replace that file.

So I'm stuck at this point, because I'm looking at a version that clearly works, but I can't find the references. When I used a program called "X Editor 2" to look into the. Armstrong is at 14,10 and plays And I think I see the problem. It doesn't seem to override in the AP version. Because when I enter Armstrong, the music I hear is I tried extracting this and editing the file to reference Well done. Plain and simple if all you want to know is where a place is and how to get there.

Grid maps are more informative,but yours is more in keeping with the in-built universe map. Not My Sites After this version is finalized work can progress to step 2 and possibly step 3 being a map with far more information and not printer friendly, though it would look cool if printed.

Don't know if it was updated for TC. Now that would look good as a large wall poster. As a topological map it is an excellent representation and is great for people wanting to know how tp get from A to B quickly. Print is OK with smallish text but I do not like that the Earth sectors are perpendicular. However the map is of little use to me personally. Other maps show Shipyards, core sectors, Eq. Docks etc.

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