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High school senior, Autumn Falls, has important decisions to make, so when she receives a magical watch that enables her to time travel, Autumn hopes she. New friends, new enemies can a magical journal change Autumns crazy life? This funny and sweet novel by FAMOUS IN LOVE star Bella Thorne-is perfect. Autumn Falls has 4 entries in the series. Autumn's Wish. Autumn Falls (Series). Bella Thorne Author (). cover image of Autumn Falls.

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Autumn Falls Bella Thorne Epub

Read / Download Autumn's Kiss (Autumn Falls, #2) by Bella Thorne Full There's also other available format to download: PDF Kindle ePub. The second novel in the new series by teen star Bella Thorne! Bella Thorne unveils the book cover for her debut novel, Autumn Falls! Autumn's. We promise you're going to love it.' Teen on Autumn FallsAutumn's Wishbook three in the AUTUMN FALLS series by FAMOUS IN.

See Featured Authors Answering Questions. To ask other readers questions about Autumn Falls , please sign up. Answered Questions 9. Just wondering, how many books will be in this series? Nicole Chang Three, I believe. Autumn Falls 2. Autumn's Kiss 3. Autumn's Wish. Anyone else a little disapointed that Bella Thorne didn't actually write the novel, Elise Allen did? Katelyn Johnson I've been researching this and I can't find anything saying that someone else wrote the entire book, but Bella Thorne has her as her editor. Madison I liked it but i think it was a bit old for me. Load 4 more questions. Unanswered Questions Why is Bella Throne a wannabe Cardi B now???

Te three of us could have had a spectacular day together. Ten I picked up a framed photo on the end table. Its my dad, from our vacation in Bermuda just last August. Hes standing on the pink sand in a superhero pose, pulled up tall with his hands on his hips. Hed lost his sunglasses the day before, so he was wearing a pair of mine that were round and bedazzled, and board shorts covered with Tiki- faced caricatures of U.

Hes unbelievably goofy, but hes happy. You can tell. You hold the picture and its like you cant help but want to jump in and hang out with him because you know youll have the best time ever. I love you, Daddy, I said. Ten I walked out the door. As I pass a steady stream of single- story houses with pink roofs and huge picture windows, Jenna nally texts me back: There is no U in Suck!

I miss her like crazy. I still cant believe Im living in Florida.

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And thats the season Im named after. Is it any wonder Ive never found my Ting? No, it isnot. He named you twice for what he thought was the most outstanding season of the year, Mom said.

Tats what he thought? I asked. I know the story, but I wanted to hear her tell it. I had a whole list of other girl names, but he only wanted Autumn. He said hed spent a lot of time getting to know you, and you were denitely Autumn Falls.

Getting to know me. Tats what he said. And he said you were meant to be Autumn because autumn is complex. Its hot and its cold, its a wild mix of colors, and even when its leaves dry out and wither, its still beautiful.

Autumn is strong and intri- cate, he told me, and our daughter will be too. So youre saying I have to go to school?

I asked, sigh- ing heavily.

Im saying youre tougher than you think. Whether you go to school or not is up to you. Ive got to drive Erick now. I love you, Autumn.


I opped back on my bed, fully intending to go back to sleep. Stupid story. I wanted to be strong for my dad. Te bump was still a problem, but a little makeup and a strategic shifting of my bangs helped.

When I got downstairs, my mom and Erick were gone. I like him right away. Partly because hes funny and condent, partly because hes a fellow pale in a land of golden tans.

Im walking to Aventura High, I say. Autumn Falls. He looks like hes thinking about it so I clarify. My name is Autumn Falls. Tats not just a statement Im telling you.

A Lustful Man, he says. Excuse me? Anagram of your name. Austin, which tragi- cally has no good anagrams. Tis is what you do? I ask as we start walking again. You make anagrams? He nods. I like word stu. Anagrams, crosswords, acrostics, the jumble. Te jumble?

Is that even a thing if youre under eighty? It is if youre a member of my family. Its what we do together. Weird, I know, but its kind of our thing. A full- family Ting?

I ask, impressed. I didnt know that was possible. I explain my theory and how the Family Ting will be a welcome addition to the treatise. I argued that moving meant wed lose our home and friends and everything familiar, which was one thing before, but now everything had changed.

As a good mother, shouldnt Mom want us to hold on to what little stability we had left? Tat made her cry.

Ive been a real rock for my family lately. A block into the walk, a guy my age with a backpack slung over his shoulder turns onto the sidewalk from another street. Im maybe four feet behind him, and Im guessing hes also going to school because he looks the right age and has a backpack slung over one shoulder, and we make the exact same turns two blocks in a row.

I dont mean to stare at him, but hes right there in front of me, so I kind of do. Hes wearing cargo shorts that reach to just above his knees, and a red T- shirt. I have an ex- cellent view of the back of his head, which features close- cropped brown hair, but Im particularly mesmerized by his neck. Its almost as red as his shirt. He must have for- gotten to put sun block there, because its the only swath of burn I see, and this is a guy whod burn easily. Am I actually as pale as him? Hes pretty translucent.

I hold up my arm and try to judge it against his legs. Its a tough call with the distance between us. Maybe if I get a little closer. Im about to speed up when he wheels around. It has a giant window that opens on the hall, but the blinds are shut tight. Want me to wait? I can walk you to your class. Oh, I say, not expecting that. Im good. I pull my tank top back and forth, trying to cool o. Id actually love it if he hung out and walked with me to class, but I dont want him to hear whatever the principal has to say.

If she brings up my dad, it would just be awk- ward. So, Ill, um. I oer. See you around. He turns and walks away, then wheels back to call over his shoulder, No Arduous Eye!

As he walks o, I rummage in my tote bag for my phone and send Erick a text: He texts back immediately: I know they will. Im awe- some. Sometimes I totally want to be my brother. I hopc wc havc somc classcs LogcLhcr. Maybc 1. Maybc Ill click Lhis casily wiLh cvcryonc hcrc.

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Im supposcd Lo chcck in wiLh hcr. ILs down Lhis way. A couplc wccks ago. Other oenses go through discipline council and result in anything from detention to expulsion depending on the severity and fre- quency of the crime. You received all this in our emails, yes? I have no idea what to say. Is that seriously a problem here? Dorio raises an eyebrow.

I worry shes getting sus- picious because I havent responded. Maybe she thinks she struck a chord with the arson thing. Yes, I say. I got the emails. Ten you know where to go?

She stares at me again, waiting for more, so I pull out the schedule I printed. First Period, Room Tree. Dorio frowns and takes the paper.

Knowles, she corrects me. Room Eight. I would have gotten it right if she hadnt been looming over me. Still, she goes down the rows of classes and loca- tions, pointing to the words as she reads them. Its mor- tifying, but I have to admit it helps. Now I wont have to worry about the letters and numbers playing tricks on me when I look at them later. She nods. Welcome to Aventura High, Autumn. If you need anything, my door is always open. As she says it, she pulls open her very closed door with- out a hint of irony, then shuts it again behind me.

Dorio barely glances up, just peers over her glasses when I walk into her oce after the secretary motions me in. Im Autumn Falls. Im supposed to see you before I go to class? She rises and looks me over. Dorio is young and could even be pretty if she werent so intimidat- ing. She doesnt crack a smile, possibly because shes roast- ing inside her gray pantsuit. Did you get into a ght?

Her words are clipped and almost monotone, as if she doesnt want to waste time or emotion on them. She walks around her desk so she can peer down at my forehead. Talking to J. I, um Batterys an expellable oense. Now theyre all laughing. Even Ms. Knowles puts a hand over her mouth so I wont see her joining in.

I peek over my shoulder at the genius wit who made the comment. I bet if he exed, the whole setup would explode into shrapnel. You okay? Im so busy looking at the Hulk I dont even notice the guy next to him slide out of his chair, but here he is next to me on the oor, and. He is easily the most beautiful human being I have ever seen in my life. No, really. He could give Kyler Leeds a run for his money. Kind blue eyes, creamy dark skin, sculpted arms. Hes picking up my pens and keys and lip gloss, and as he does, his exed bicep curves out from his short- sleeved T-shirt.

I wonder if hed think it was weird if I traced it with my nger. Oh no. Im actually reaching out to trace it with my n- ger. Bad nger. I pull it back and hope he didnt notice. Dont you want them? His biceps? Yes, very much. Ten I realize he means my books. I take them and slide them back into my bag. No problem. Im Sean.

Truly Madly Famously

Nice to meet you. Class has already started. I have my locker information, but theres no time to drop o my stu; Ill just bring my whole bag. I walk as fast as I can, trying to strike a balance between speed and mak- ing sure my shoes dont echo too loudly on the linoleum oors.

Te walls are white, but with giant random swaths of turquoise and hot pink. I wonder if whoever painted the school was color- blind. Teres a window in the door of Room 8, and I can see theres one open seat. Its across the room, but toward the back, so maybe I can slide in without the entire world com- ing to a screeching halt. It helps that I can hear the mued voice of Ms. Knowles calling roll, so I know Im not that late.

Its possible theyll barely notice me. When I open the door, a hundred pairs of eyes turn and stare. Okay, maybe not a hundred. Maybe only twenty- ve or so. It just feels like a hundred. I smile casually and walk toward the empty seat. Im almost there when Ms. Knowles picks her head out of her attendance book. Au- tumn Falls? I jerk my head up, which means I dont see the out- stretched legs in front of me. Big surprise: I trip and sprawl to the ground and my bag spills open, stu ying every- where.

A few people laugh, including the guy with the hazard- ous legs. Ten he gets inspired. Check it out, he says. Au- tumn. Stupid sky cam. Stupid Erick. I feel like walking right back out of this place, but its not in my DNA to do something like that.

I have Good Girl on autopilot. So I stay in school. I keep my head down and my mouth shut, and reach up every two seconds to tug on my bangs and make sure they cover my forehead deformity. In other words, I look like a mental patient. Te one time I do open my mouth, its to practice r trills in French, and I end up trilling a piece of gum out of my mouth and onto my neighbors desk. Lunch oers a welcome relief. At least I expect that to suck. After I nally drop my stu in my locker, I walk through the Tube, the long cafeteria building where every one downloads their food.

I take my time snagging the least toxic- looking options. Knowles, or do you still need to sni each others rear ends? More laughter. I quickly slip into my chair and slouch down. I feel bad for Sean. But hes laughing right along with everyone else. He even catches my eye and ashes a smile so bright I have to smile back. As a rule I dont like to pigeonhole people, but Seans pretty easy to peg: Condent, gorgeous, fearless in the face of embarrassment. Probably has been since birth.

Good for him. And good for me. He was nice to the new girl; maybe thatll start a trend. I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn to face a girl whos obviously just slumming here between takes for her swimsuit- issue cover shoot. Hi, she whispers, ashing a smile. I just wanted to let you know she leans over her desk and whispers a little louder you have a growth on the front of your head.

Everyone in earshot turns to stare, and its like their eyes push down on the giant clefted lump, making it hurt worse than ever. I dont have to reach up to check. I know my bangs have shifted and its out for all to see. Teres a terrible moment of silence; then a few people start to laugh.

And its ocial: Ive denitely been noticed. Just not in the way I hoped. Ten she turns to me and adds, Esta como una cabra be- cause she wouldnt go out with him but she went out withJ. You speak Spanish? I ask. Fine, so shes not evil, Jack says. She just has crap taste. Or she likes talking about things other than villainous plans to take over Megalopolis, J.

Metropolis, dude. Jack turns to me, but gestures to J. Hes a Yeah? Well, youre a Amalita holds up a hand to ward them o and turns back to me. Solo un poco, I say. Im half Cuban. Me too! Amalita says. Im a PuertoMecuadorbano Jew. With me, its my dad, I say. Hes Was. He was. I blink back tears and hope they dont notice.

Give me your face, Amalita says. Tats a bad idea. All shell do is give me crap about my forehead and I swear I cant handle any more of it. I also cant handle ghting back right this second, and theres no room in her eyes for a no.

I lean forward, and Amalitas earrings and all her bracelets jangle as she sits up and takes my chin in her hands. Better to sit alone than stand around looking lost.

I head for an empty spot on the grass, o to the side where I wont be noticed. Its Jennas lunch period back in Still- water too. Maybe shell have her phone on. I wheel around and see J. Hes with two other people: Shes sprawled sideways on the lawn, propped up on one elbow.

Hey, J. In keeping with your theory, Amalitas Ting is cosmetics, while Jacks is comic books. In other words, Ames is dedicated to inspiring attraction between men and women, while Jack is dedicated to poisoning it. Dude, youre crazy, Jack retorts. Girls love super- heroes. Girls love guys who play superheroes in movies, Amalita counters, not pasty boys who read about them.

Watch with the pasty, J. I prefer vampire chic. Jack looks up at me for the rst time. Oh, hey you spit gum on Carrie Amernicks desk in French class. Well done. Shes evil. Tere was an article in the paper about your moms dog rescue, he explains. It mentioned what happened. Im really sorry. I dont know if he means hes sorry about my dad or looking me up, but I guess it doesnt matter. I know the ar- ticle Jack found. Mom had worked hard to set up the Aven- tura branch of Catches Falls before we even left Maryland, and shed been happy to do an interview about it.

She just didnt expect them to go with the tragic angle. It actually feels good that someone here knows, but I cant say that out loud without crying again so I just nod. Oh, hell. Ten I realize hes looking at Amalita, whos getting to her feet.

Hey, its me! Dont you want to come hang out? Shes going to get us killed, Jack mutters. I follow Amalitas gaze and my stomach turns. Shes waving across the lawn to Miss Supermodel from rst pe- riod. She walks in a pack with a tall blonde, the beast from class, and a couple of his equally beefy friends. Whats the matter, Tee? Amalita cries. Did you lose your hearing and vision along with your memory?

Im right here! People everywhere are staring. Te blonde looks fu- rious.

Autumn Falls by Bella Thorne

You need to stay natural. Swap the lipstick for gloss. Kill the eye shadow. Brown liner. Smudge it on top. On the bottom you need powder, the tiniest bit. Right now its running down your face. Just a little, dont freak out, but it wont do that with the powder.

Tiny bit of bronzer right here, on the apples of your cheeks. I see you wear- ing more, I smack you and take it away.

Well go to the mall after school and get everything you need, fty dollars tops. Plus a little arnica gel.

Put that on your head, ice it up tonight, the lump is gone by morning. Tis time I dont even feel the tears coming. I just start to cry. Its ridiculous. All she did was give me a beauty regi- men. Now she probably thinks Im crazy. I clench my sts and take a deep shaky breath. Two more and Im back to normal. I blot my eyes with a napkin and laugh it o. Sorry, I say. Tat was weird. Amalita, J. Ten Amalita puts her hand on mine. Were sorry about your dad, she says softly.

Tears well up again and I have to swallow hard to stopthem. How did you know? I Googled you, Jack says sheepishly. Beginning of lunch.

Shes a cou- ple inches shorter than Taylor, but its pretty obvious shes the one in charge. She smiles down at J. Guys, I dont know if youre aware, but theres still a ban on pit bulls in Miami- Dade County. Id recommend you get yours to stop barking, or itll have to be destroyed. Hi, Reenzie, Amalita says. How was your break? Did you talk to Kaitlin? You know, the friend you ditched be- fore you stole away Tee?

Or how about Evelyn, the one be- fore her? Its funny, youd kind of have to be brain- dead to think youd actually be loyal to anyone. Do you seriously think this makes me want to hang out with you again? Taylor doesnt wait for an an- swer. She stalks o. Lighter fabrics, Reenzie says to Amalita. Tey wont bunch and wrinkle so much in unsightly places.

Ten she turns to me. Glad to see youve found your people. Pro tip,she adds, gesturing to my forehead, you want to take care of that out here. Heat can make breakouts even worse. Dont forget I have pictures of you dressed as Super Grover! From last year! She plops back on the grass and turns on the guys. What is wrong with you? You didnt stick up for me.

What are you, afraid of her? You started it, Jack points out. And no, were not afraid of Marina Tresca, J. But yes, if possible, wed rather avoid her steroid maa.

Te guys stand around with their arms folded, like angry bodyguards. Ten the blonde shakes her head and walks ourway. At least shes alone, Jack says. Ames, let it go, J. No good will come of this. If Amalita hears him, she doesnt show it. She waits for the girl with a huge smile on her face.

Whats going on? I ask J. Tats Taylor Danport, he says, nodding at the blonde. She and Ames were best friends until exactly three months ago, when Taylor ditched her to start hanging out with Reenzie. Marina Tresca. One more excellent framed artwork for sale. Marshall Goldsmith, Mark Reiter What. There is more to success than wealth. We are not all cut And if you can really afford it, by all means get the big house, the fancy car, and the power watch even though Anonymous is right, it won't really make you happy—and it might make you miserable.

He won't even say which particular TVRs he's owned in the past if any on the grounds that he doesn't want the new TVR to be pre-judged in any way whatsoever. There is success in being comfortable in your own skin, success in achieving your goals, success in doing the right thing — like putting your family ahead of your career so you can be with your children.

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