Download CA Inter Study Material May & Nov in PDF format Students who registered for CA Inter will get physical Text books / ICAI study material. Students can download the study material and practice manual provided by the ICAI from this article through the below given link for CA Intermediate and CA IPC. Download the Study Material for the CA Intermediate from the below given link - Want IPCC, CA Intermediate VSI Mock Test. You may download CA Inter/ IPCC study material in PDF format. ICAI Intermediate Books May Exams | Best Reference Books.

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Download CA Exam Books in pdf format from top publishers like Schand, Bharat law Shuchita Prakashan Solved Scanner CA Intermediate (New Syllabus). Free Download PDF CA IPCC Study Material For Nov and Students who registered for CA Inter will get physical Text books / ICAI study. Download CA Intermediate | CA IPCC free books for November ca ipcc books free download pdf for group 1 and group 2 for Nov

June 16, The first group consists of 4 subjects,which includes accounting,costing and financial management,ethics and taxation. The second group includes mainly 3 subjects that consists of advanced accounting,audit and ITSM. It is a theoretical test. Student need to have working knowledge on all the subjects in the course. So student need to have strong subjects in each group from which he can Score marks each. Second group is difficult as compared to 1st group because there is only numerical paper of accounts in this group. So students have the option to give both the groups together the benefit is there is sett off marks from one group to another. This option is not available if a student wishes to give tests individual group wise. Visit cakart.

The articles below will help you with everything you will need to register for the IPCC Exam with dates,admit card and result. IPCC Registration. IPCC syllabus. IPCC Result. Most of these study materials are available for free. These are curated by exam experts who have been toppers in the past. Click on the links below to access.

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IPCC scanner. IPCC best books for self study. IPCC question papers. IPCC Notes. IPCC study plan.

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Referral url: Select from the following domains -. Secondly, it is also good to stay updated about the latest case laws. They do appear in the examination as case study questions. The three subjects which form a part of Group 2 are as follows: Paper 5: Advance Accounting marks As you have seen, the first subject of Group 2 is also accounting.

Company Accounts plays a role in this subject as well. Useful Tip: As mentioned earlier, solving is important for Accounting.

CA Intermediate Study Material for May 2019 Exams

What you also need to understand is that your final solution may be wrong may but the steps involved in solving the question also carry weightage.

So do not jump to the final solution. All detailed working should form a part of your answer. If accounting is the heart of the Chartered Accountancy course then Auditing is the soul of the course. In simple words, auditing is the process of ensuring the completeness and accuracy of Financial Accounts.

Useful Tip: Try and think that you are the owner of a multi-national company who want the accounts, processes, etc. And you will yourself conduct audit of the company. Paper 7: Information Technology and Strategic Management marks Part A — Information Technology 50 marks With the advent of technology, the accounting and auditing profession has undergone changes as well.

Information Technology is introduced to understand the integration between IT and Accounting. Part B — Strategic Management 50 marks Accounting function has always taken a backseat when it comes to strategic business decisions but the role of a Chartered Accountant is evolving and this subject gives a fair idea about the role of management in strategic decisions.

Useful Tip: IT will have a lot of jargon. Be sure to use the jargon well in the exams to score some extra marks. Case studies in Strategic Management exam are interesting. Try and visualize things in a real life scenario before answering the questions. Apply logic as far as possible. These are the best source of information and knowledge.

They are very extensive and cover every topic in detail. The volume is huge, students find it rather difficult to keep revising from modules. Making personal notes is a good way to revise and brush up concepts during and before exams. Apart from the modules, Institute also has the following material readily available on their websites and can also be available in hard copy from their listed centers: Previous year exam papers along with suggested answers Revision Test papers It is advisable to go through these test papers thoroughly.

They are available separately for each exam and the latest two RTPs should be referred at the least PowerPoint presentations and webcasts are also available for many topics Also note, other reference books are available in market.

Many students prefer these publications rather than the modules.

CA IPCC Exam Weights, Study Plan, Tips, Pass Rates, Fees

As already mentioned above, Institute has given you the liberty to choose the groups as per the convenience of the students.

This decision is a tough one and following pointers might help you decide: The most important advantage of giving both the groups together is the group totals are added up while considering the sectional passing cut-offs. This means that if you clear the individual subjects in both groups and receive in group 1 and in group 2, you will still pass the exam because you meet the overall cut-off of marks. There is always an overall amongst subjects. If you study the entire curriculum in one go, you understand the holistic point of view and it helps in conceptual understanding.

The syllabus is not rocket science but it is definitely vast and there are many things to understand and retain. One reading does not suffice. So people with good retention power can opt for both the groups together.

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