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Source of Funds Salary Business Income Agriculture Investment Inheritance Rent ICICI Bank reserves the right to open an account at any branch in India at its. Proof of Identity. PAN card issued by Income Tax Dept / UTITSL/NSDL; Valid Passport with photograph & gignature; Voter ID card; Aadhaar card issued by. ICICI Bank offers corporate salary saving account to employees & employers. ICICI Bank Salary Accounts benefits you in many ways like remittance costs will be.

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Icici Bank Salary Account Opening Form Pdf

1/ We request you to open my / our account in the name of _ U Transactionsofpersonal nature e.g. depositingthe amount of savings/salary etc. and. Find relevant answers to frequently asked questions related to Recurring Deposit such as how to open salary account, documents required, facilities provided. 1/We have read the rules of the Bank and agree to abide by the same. I/We agree to inform the Bank whenever any change occurs in.

It also become one of the first in the country to ask for claw back of bonuses and benefits [36] Inhumane debt recovery methods[ edit ] A few years after its rise to prominence in the banking sector, ICICI bank faced allegations on the recovery methods it used against loan payment defaulters. A number of cases were filed against the bank and its employees for using "brutal measures" to recover the money. Most of the allegations were that the bank was using goons to recover the credit card payments and that these "recovery agents" exhibited inappropriate and in some cases, inhuman behavior. Incidents were reported wherein the defaulters were put to "public shame" by the recovery agents. The bank also faced allegations of inappropriate behavior in recovering its loans. These allegations started initially when the "recovery agents" and bank employees started threatening the defaulters. In some cases, notes written by the bank's employees asking the defaulters to "sell everything in the house including family members", were found. Such charges faced by the bank rose to a peak when suicide cases were reported wherein the suicide notes spoke of the Bank's recovery methods as the cause of the suicide. This led to a lot of legal battles and the bank paying huge compensations. The Bank received the first prize for the year —11 in the Private Sector Bank category and 2nd runner up for the year —12 in the Commercial Bank category. They were honoured by Arun Jaitley. The Bank was also felicitated with a special award for issuing the largest number of RuPay Platinum cards.

We will send monthly updates to the branch on additions and deletions to our list of employees. This can be given along with the data for salary credits 4. The minimum quarterly average balance requirement as per offer would be Rs. Employees shall be individually responsible for maintaining this balance otherwise would be charged as per the Banks rules and regulations.

Only legitimate payments due to the current employees e. For office use only: Also, the following documents have been collected: Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Fax, on Fax no: Namrata Narang. Hitesh Jain. Vinay Prabhu. Branch locations: Although most of the banking transactions can also be made through internet and mobile banking, there are many services that can only be availed at bank premises.

This is where the importance of the location of the branch comes into play. For your own convenience, the bank branch should be ideally located either near your office or your residence.

Branch and ATM density: You should only convert your old salary account into a savings account if that bank has a good branch and ATM network, especially in places you frequent. This can save you from the headache of carrying cash with you.

Account closure certificate format

Also, if an urgent need arises, you can easily go to a branch or an ATM. Change in communication address: Many a times, your communication address in your salary account would be that of your workplace. The communication address is the one where the bank would send you the physical monthly statements, cheque books, debit card pins, new debit card or internet banking pins.

Therefore, do remember to change your communication address once you leave your present employer. Make recurring payments like LIC pre mium, bank savings account. A few examples of the same are as below: installments etc. A Value added savings account allows you to set a m inimum balance subject to a minimum of Rs.

Any amount in excess of this, automatically gets as specified by y ou. So you enjoy a higher effective rate of interest on your deposit. When you n eed the money, you can withdraw it by issuing a cheque or through an ATM. The de posits get broken in multiples of Rs. Thus, you don't lose out on liquidity either.

Can I minimum balance to be maintained in my saving account and automatically tr ansfer any excess amount to an ICICI Bank fixed deposit? Yes, the value added sa vings account allows you to do that. You can set a minimum balance subject to a minimum of Rs.

How do I transfer my account from one branch to another? The b ank will close the customer ID and arrange to open a new Customer ID at the other branch and will issue will tissue new chequebook, etc.

How is the payment of interest done in savings bank account and FDs? Interest is paid on the minimum credit balance maintained between the 10th day and last day of each calendar month in savings account at the rate in f orce in accordance with RBI directives. Interest is paid every half year in Sept ember and March. What is customer identification number? Each relationship with a customer is represented by a customer identification number Customer ID , which is for the present, branch specific, for instance, a relat ionship in a single name is different from a relationship in joint names.

Each c ombination of relationship is distinct and unique and hence is identified by a s eparate customer ID. You can approach us in any of the following ways: 2. Apply online Write to us at info icicibank. The minimum average quarterly balance required to be maintained to your Bank campus account is Rs. At what frequently will the interest be paid to me? Interest earned on the balan ce in your account shall be credited to your account on a half yearly basis in t he month of September and March.

You can c hange the nominees by making a declaration to that effect, in the appropriate for m, which is available to any to the ICICI Bank branches. Minimum balance at Rs. A special recurring deposit account with additional features as below: a The p arent would put forward the desired amount to be earned at the end of the tenure.

Based on the prevailing rate of interest, the bank staff would then back calcu late the installments to be deposited now till maturity. The various RD option wo uld be available through the "Annuity to Annuity" product already developed by t he bank.

Special shopping powe rs upto Rs. Access to special zones and links to related websites for making Internet banking a memorable experienc e. Facility to transfer funds from parent account to kid account to enable paren ts to inculcate savings habit amongst children. Facility of setting up a sweep a ccount from the young stars accounts to the RD to enable the parents to let thei r child earn more.

Option of opening value added Provides liquidity and interest rat es saving account of a fixed deposit Flexible recurring deposit "better savings better liquidity" Special offers and discounts at Allows parents to save for the various stores on computer, books, child's music, toys, clothing etc.

A bank account cuts across all age group and connects well with both kids and teens.

A bank account that teaches children to manage their personal finances more responsibility. A bank account that increases child inter action and excitement. ICI CI bank you stars account is a banking service for children in the age groups of years. Write to us at info icicibank. You can just walk in to any of our branches.

Terms & Conditions

The minimum average quarterly balance required to be maintained for a youngsters account is Rs. Will debit cards be issued the name of minors? At what frequency will the interest be paid to me? Interest earned on you saving account balance shall be credited to your account on a half yearly basis in the months of September and March. An introdu ction by an existing ICICI bank account holder is generally required for establi shment a relationship.

Corporate Salary Account

However, no introduction is needed if proof of identify i s furnished at the time of account opening. You can c hange the nominee s by making a declaration to that effect, in the appropriate form, which is available to any to the ICICI Bank branches. The key features and be nefits are: Safety: It is offered by ICICI Bank which is now, the 2nd largest bank in the country with total assets over , crores.

ICICI Bank now has a bank network that spans more than cities across the country with more than branches, ATMs and su pported by phone banking and internet banking.

Liquidity: You can deposit for a period ranging from 15 days to 10 years. And for deposits over 15 lacs, you can invest for as short a period as 7 days.

Also you can withdraw anytime you like a nd for premature withdrawal no penalty on deposits upto 15 lacs is levied. Retur ns: The interest rates are quite attractive Refer latest The interest on cumulative fixed deposits is interest rate circular for more details.

And you can inve st in a recurring deposit on which TDS is not applicable. The other features of the product are: Choice of two investment plans: Traditional Interest payable mo nthly, quarterly or half yearly as per you convenience. Maturity period ranges f rom 15 days to 7 years. Reinvestment Interest is compounded quarterly and reinve sted with principal amount. Maturity period ranges from 6 months to 10 years.

Nomination Nominati on facility is available for relationship in the names of individuals. Unless ot herwise specifically, given in writing by deposits, nomination in deposits accou nts will be at customer ID level.

Auto renewal facility Fixed deposits get renewed automatically on maturity for t he game tenure as the original deposit so that you don't lose interest even for one day.

This facility is available on request. High rates of interest iden tical to the fixed deposit rates. Minimum Balance The minimum balance of deposit is Rs. NOTE: For joint accounts, the above documents are required for both, the applicant as well as the joint applicant, unless the joint applicant is a bl ood relative parents, spouse, children of the applicant. Each relationship with a customer is represented by a customer identificatio n number customer ID , which is for the present, branch specific.

Each combinat ion of relationship is distinct and unique and hence is identified by a separate customer ID. For instance, relationship in a single name is different from a re lationship in joint names. At par cheque book Personalized pay in slip boo k Debit card personalized photo signature card with enhanced limits as of now l imit is Rs.

Exclusive private banking phone banking services available with mobile banking free of charge. Home loans administration fee 0.

Demat download and Sell Rates 0.

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