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karya muhammad isa dawud ebook, karya muhammad isa dawud pdf, karya muhammad isa dawud doc, karya muhammad isa dawud epub karya muhammad. File Format: ePub, PDF, Kindle, AudioBook ardha qablana muhammad isa dawud' ebooks collection uses the portability, searchability, and. A short synopsis of an interview conducted by an Egyptian journalist with Ibn Knajur, a Muslim jinni. It was published in a book written in Arabic, translated into Indonesian (and Malay) entitled Dialog dengan Jin Muslim. Unfortunately, Ibn Kanjr did not tell us the approximate.

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Far From Simple: Life After Being "Not Your Average Teen" written by 20 year old Canadian author, Brittany Krystantos, recalls the ever-so common high school. Buy Dialog Dengan Jin Muslim by Muhammad Isa Dawud from Waterstones today! Click and Collect from ePub File Size: Mb. ISBN. ISA DAWUD. File Name: Dialog dengan jin muslim muhammad isa dawud. File Format: ePub, PDF, Kindle, AudioBook. Size: Kb. Upload Date: 08/02/

Then the whale swallowed him, and he was blameworthy. Had he not been of those who glorify Allah, he would certainly have stayed in its belly until the Day of Resurrection. I bent my body and struck the turbulent ocean tides with my tail with a sound like rolling thunder. After my tail struck the water, it surged forth in waves, leaping again to the surface of the sea like a giant waterfall. All things turn downward on both land and sea including the breath of creatures, the falling fruit and gushing waterfalls. The great whale of the sea breathes out forming a waterfall that churns upward then spirals down again into the sea from whence it came. The whale does not need hands to propel the water that surges around it. Every splashing gush of water propelled by the movement of the massive whale praises and glorifies Allah, the Creator of all things. I hit the waves again using my tail and listened to the sound carried by the wind as it exploded into the air like the first one. I know that when I collide with the waves, the sound of the clash can be heard from miles away and frightens thousands of creatures in the sea but in fact, this is simply a small part of the power of Allah, as the sea and wind trembles with fear in front of the Owner of all power.

The third person was a girl named Ashaar. Sam came out of his grave. Half of his hair was white. Sam said, Perhaps this is the final day of judgment. Now Sam had lived in the world for five hundred years yet his hair had not whitened. But at the said hour his hair turned grey for fear of the Day of Judgment. I can mould a bird from clay and give it life. I am the one who can cure people who are blind from birth.

Give us some other proof so that we may become faithful believers. Some of them believed in him but others still remained adamant on their disbelief. He was also ordained by Allah to propagate all the related things.

Allah had revealed Injeel to him and took some vows from him as He had done from other Prophets. It was ordained for them in Torah that they should establish prayers and pay the poor-rate Zakat , order good and prohibit evil and pronounce the divinely permissible things as permissible and the unlawful as unlawful.

There were admonitions and examples in Injeel. The criminal code and rules regarding punishments and rights and inheritances were not therein. Allah had given some relief in the hard and fast commandments given by Torah. Thereafter he did not talk with them for seven or eight years after which he began propagation among The Israelites and started to tell them what they had eaten and what they had stored in their dwellings. He began to raise up the dead, heal the blind and leprous and to teach them Torah.

He is dead. The grave opened and the son came out alive. When mother and son saw each other, they wept.


He asked whether it would be with provision, and food and a span of life or without all of it? That youth thereafter lived for another twenty year, got married and reared his children. So he enlivened Sam, son of Noah and asked him whether he wanted to live in this world or to revert to his past position. Sam said he did not want to remain alive as the agony of his former death was still painful to him.

If they remain alive they will create trouble and disturbance for me and if they die they will only give me grief and gloom! He remained hungry most of the time. At night, the moonlight was his light. During the cold season his holdings were the entire east and the west under the sun.

He was always on the move. The grass which sprouted from the earth for animals provided him with fruits and fragrance. He had no woman whom he would love nor a son to worry about.

He had no wealth which could deter him from the remembrance of Almighty Allah nor did he entertain any greed which could bring about disgrace.

His vehicle were his feet and his servants his hands. The earth is my bed and my pillow the rock. The sun is the warmth giving fire for me and my lamp during the night is the moon. My food is hunger.

My clothing is fear of Allah and my covering is thick rough clothes made of hair. My fruits and flowers are the grass which animals eat. I pass my night without possessing any belongings. When I awake I have nothing with me on the surface of this earth yet no one is more rich or needless than me.

Another narration mentions that the wife of Kinaan had a son who was physically disabled. Dogs obtain food from the tablecloths shaken off by the rich. So you too, through your wisdom help us and do not turn us out in despair.

Once he had suffered from an ailment which generally troubles seamen. He requested his mother to bring a little honey mixed with olive oil. Maryam gave it to him.

The holy mother asked as to why he was showing dislike after calling for it himself? Yet he took it and was cured. Feed me with the powder of the skin of such and such tree so that my pain will subside and I will stop crying.

Islamic Folklore The Whale of Prophet Yunus AS (Jonah) English Edition

Maryam asked him why he cried even more when he himself had desired it. It is blissful and pure, it softens the heart and increasing weeping tenderness. Allah raised him up to heaven. He will ascend to the world in Damascus and kill Dajjal.


He had a red face, curly hair and was of moderate stature. After him his twelve Haaris associates became his successors. In between them six hundred Prophets had been appointed by Allah.

He has given me the Book and made me a Messenger! And he was a Prophet of Allah and hujjah of Allah for those who heard his words at that time. Then he became silent. Thereafter when Zakariyya returned to Allah expired , Yahya became his deputy. He inherited his property and wisdom when he was still very young. Since the advent of Adam until the Resurrection Day the world is not to exist without the hujjah of Allah.

If it so happens who will be our Imam leader? Safwan exclaimed that he was only three years old. In one day he grew as much as others grow in two months.

When he was seven his mother took him to a school and seated him in front of the teacher. The teacher picked up a lash to hit him. Do not hit me. If you know the meaning tell it to me otherwise ask me to describe it.

Did you throw away a part of your food? It carries a great reward. Allah has taught all His 72 Names to us reserving one for Himself that has not been taught to any one. Thus 72 Names in all were taught. Once during such tours his companions included a short stature gentleman who was always keeping close to him. Immediately he began to drown. What thought did your heart nurture, which resulted in this calamity for you? Therefore Allah regarded him as His enemy.

He repented and got his earlier status. He asked them why were they so joyful? He was informed that the daughter of such and such person was marrying the son of such and such person. How would it be so on the next day?

They were informed that she was alive. On every Friday night a beggar comes to me and I give him away what suffices him until next Friday. Since last night all in the house were busy due to my marriage ceremony no one attended to the calls of the said beggar.

But I heard him so, I stealthily so that others might not recognize me went to the beggar and gave him something as usual. Accordingly she rose and swapped the bedding beneath it snake resembling the branch of a palm tree came out holding its tale in its mouth.

Allah Almighty asked Archangel Gabriel to hit the Shaitans with his right wing. It is not so. Only One Allah is the Greatest. The one who has empowered me to talk in the cradle. Only He will remain ever alive. Nafsih meaning Highly Exalted is Allah above all that you utter. I will glorify him so much that both the heavens and earth will be full of it and the ink writing his never-ending knowledge will finish and the weight of his glorification will equal his throne so that he may be pleased with me.

Hearing these words Iblis ran away and jumped into the sea of Akhzar. A female jinn going towards the seashore saw Iblis prostrating on a hard stone. Tears flew from his wretched eyes across his inauspicious face. Woe unto you. What the hell do you expect to get by making such a long prostration? I hope that Allah, after throwing me into Hell according to His swearing will also free me from hell by virtue of His Mercy.

What you ask for is absurd and hence unlikely to happen and this is not against the perfection of the ability of Allah. I entrust her and her progeny to your fold so protect them from the deceits of Satan and you belong to their progeny. She Mary had taken shelter in the house of a farmer because she was very friendly with the poor and helped in nourishing them too.

He made allegation against those poor people who then were living in his house. This made Maryam very sorrowful.

She said, Yes. When the blind man was asked to pick up the lame man he said he was unable to do so. How is it that you are not able to do so now? The farmer worried as there was not water enough for them all.

He scanned his hand over those pots and all were filled up. Consequently the dead boy came alive. He replied that such and such person had killed him. Then The Israelites asked him who the man standing before him was. The dyer had a lot of clothes to be dyed. All of them were colored in different colors as desired by the dyer. The word Nasara therefore has this connection. Some say those two were Yuhannaa and Shamoun and that the third one was Yunus and according to some the first two were Sadiq and Sidq and the third one Saloon.

On reaching there, they saw an old man grazing his sheep. Both of them saluted told Salaam to him. When habib further inquired whether they possessed ay sign of their being messengers divine they replied in the affirmative saying they could heal the ill and make the blind and the leprous healthy. They asked habib to show them his son. The news also reached the king of that place who was called Shanaakhan and was one of the kings of Room Byzantine who used to worship idols.

He inquired what miracles were they performing. They replied that they were healing the blind and the leprous by the Command of Allah.


They replied that they were sent to tell the people not to worship the idols that could neither hear nor see and to convey the Commandment of the only one Allah who sees and also hears. He said, Perhaps your Allah is someone other than the idols. Later they were arrested by the order of the king. Those two messengers made haste in conveying things in which the people did not believe. So they behaved harshly with the messengers and imprisoned them in their idol-temple. Allah sent a third person as His messenger who after entering the town requested the residents to take him to their king.

When they reached the gate of the royal palace the messenger said, I was worshipping in the forests and now intend to worship the Lord of your king. They conveyed this message to the king who ordered them to take him to their temple so that he may worship his Allah.

Accordingly he was sent to the temple of the idols where he along with the earlier two, continued to worship only Allah. In short, when this third messenger met with the earlier two messengers he told them that it was strange that they acted harshly in their effort to make the idol worshipers leave the religion and embrace a new one and inquired as to why they not took a lenient approach.

Then he told the two not to make it known to the people that they knew him. Then he went to the court of the king. The king told him that he had heard that he had worshipped his god and therefore he was his brother-in-faith and so it was his duty to assist him and hence he may tell him the king whatever he needed. I do not need anything but I have seen two persons imprisoned in your temple. Like humans, a jinni can also be possessed by the devil.

When Ibn Kanjur, the converted jinni, tried to cure a possessed jinni, his qarn appeared in the form of six different jinn, speaking in different languages. When Ibn Kanjur tried to talk to them, one answered in Urdu, another in Arabic, and the others in other different languages. The appearance of Virgin Marys apparition on the top of a church was common among the Christian Egyptians, especially in the 60s.

According to Ibn Kanjur, this was the work a jinni who mastered medical science. He said that medical doctors among the jinn were more knowledgeable and more advanced in their fields than human medical doctors.

They were active in propagating Christianity that had been abandoned by Ibn Kanjur. There is no doubt among Muslims of not only the existence of jinn, but also of their power of reason.

Like humans, they are accountable of what they do in this earth. Like humans, some are good and others are bad, and they will be rewarded or punish in the Hereafter according to their deeds in this world. Allah says in the Qurn, Many of the jinn and men We have made for Hell.

They have heart wherewith they understand not, eyes wherewith they see not, and ears wherewith they hear not. They are like cattlenay, more misguided: for they are heedless of the warning. We have also in the Qurn chapter 72 surah al-Jinn the Jinn speaking about this hidden creatures, as well as chapter 76 called surah al- 11 Insn Man speaking about human beings.

In surah al-Ns chapter it is mentioned that the evil whisperers are among jinn and human beings. In surah al-Rah. Young people who venerated cows jumped into it in order to free themselves from the dirty life. Then a devil appeared in the form of the young man, saying, Now, I am in the sate of bliss and happiness.

Jinn servants and slaves Prophet-King Solomon enslaved a group of jinn. There were even jinn among his army. He has treated tens of In Indonesia a person can buy a jinni to work for him.

One example is the jinni who worked for the person who bought him.

Hayat Al-Qulub, Vol. 1, Stories of the Prophets | Books on Islam and Muslims |

The jinni who repaired the body of the car could do it easily in the area where it was difficult for humans to do. The problem was that the repaired area did not stay permanently. In Indonesia it is called ketok majik magical pounding and is done behind a curtain.

The jinni that we buy as a servant can go and steal for us. We can order him to bring something, but we do not know its source, most probably from stealing.

Moreover, because we do not see him, he does what he likes, and there must be something for him in return.

It is not totally a free service. As a matter of fact, we do not know who is really serving who. There has to be mutual benefit, namely, we have to serve him the way he wants, not the way we want, although we are the master, the buyer and he is the servant.

Otherwise, he would not obey us. The jinni might even make fun of us because we do not see him. Therefore, buying or employing a jinni could be a dangerous deed, and he could turn to be an invisible enemy if we do not answer his demand. To the jinn we say to you your world, to us our world, we have not hing in common--except if you become Muslims, then you become among our bro thers and sisters in faith. There was a man who was bewitched, controlled by jinn. His hands became paralyzed for seven years.

He went abroad for treatment, but unsuccessful. Eventually, he died strangled when one the jinn came out of his body. Among the kinds of black magic are: a. Being possessed by devil is among the dangerous black magic. There are two symptoms of it: 1 sudden isolation 2 sudden change in a part or the whole face, such as red and black colour, and sudden attack on people, occasional nightmare; having the feeling of falling down from a high place that scares him and feeling the pain.

How to Know if a Person is Being Possessed by Jinn In order to know if a person is being possessed by jinn, according to Ibn Kanjur, read the following Quranic verses in our right palm:. Practicing black magic is one of the grave sins. Even learning it is prohibited h. After reading these verses put your right palm in front of the patient and ask him to look at it.

If the patient: a. Contract between the Magician and the Jinn A contract between a magician and a jinni is possible to make. The jinni will do whatever the magician wants him to do and vice-versa. If the contract were revoked the jinni would punish him by blinding his eyes or kill him, unless he repented.

There was a female magician who was given a condition in the contract with the jinni that he would have sex with her from inside her womb every four hours. Ibn Ikanjur said that he killed a jinni called Marid who live in the womb of a Muslim woman and claimed to be his wife. He also killed a jinni called Musawwa who remained inside the chest of a young man and refused to go out.

He can float in the air, lift up by thousands of jinn. The woman he cut inside a box was actually a female jinni appearing as a human being, disappeared when the box was being cut off, and then appeared again uninjured when the box was opened.

It is like electricity in the electric cable. It can cause the loss of memory, the willingness to quarrel with people, and even loss of consciousness. Ibn Kanjur claims to have seen such a thing.

When they go out the jinn like to enter their bodies. A woman who is pure from h. The Prophet has warned us against being controlled by our own emotion, especially when one of our beloved ones is passing away, and women tore their clothes, hurting their heads or bodies. It is mentioned in the Quran, as follows: Remember when his Korahs people said to him. Do not exult with riches, being ungrateful to Allah.

Verily, Allah likes not those who exult. They can even imitate our handwriting, for they know us very well, having been with us for so long, as long as we live Jaylangkung In the early 60s, an instrument to communicate the spirits of the dead was introduced in Indonesia.

The procedure looked like ouija table known in the West. Instead of holding the table in ouija by several people, jaylangkung is much simpler. Tie a pencil or a pen at a piece of stick, put a piece of paper under it, hold the stick and say some magic words, such as jaylangkung, jaylangkung etc. A spirit will come and will write on the paper answering your question. A student asked a question, Shall I pass the coming examination?. He got the answer, study hard!

It indicated that this spirit did not know the future. Not everyone who holds the stick will make it move. You have to have a kind of confidence with it. My sister who was a religious teacher and skeptic about it, held the stick very long without success.

The stick would not move and write. The success of the jaylangkung depends also on the place you perform it. My friend Agil Alaydrus told me in Jeddah that it happened a man from Indonesia tried in Mecca to call the spirit of the Prophet through the jaylangkung.

The man vomited and became sick. A well-known journalist of al-Ahrm newspaper, Anis Mansour, visited Indonesia in the 60s. He visted Jakarta, Bandung and the island of Bali. He said that Bali was not the most beautiful island in the world, but the strangest one. What he had in mind was the culture and religion of its 17 people.

They are Hindus but eat meat; their religion is Balinese Hinduism. Then Anis Mansour talked about the jaylangkung and how it was practiced in Indonesia. He said, perhaps jokingly, that the world might come from the Arabic language j liyakun , meaning he comes to be [there]. To me, it sounds like Chinese jay lang kung. Anybody knows what does this mean, if any? Since the appearance of Anis Mansours account in al-Ahram newspaper, some people in Egypt tried the jaylangkung and succeeded.

There was a person who got a message in hieroglyph writing ancient Egyptian writings symbolized in pictures. Another one, a woman calling the spirit of her dead husband through the jaylangkung.

She was sure that it was the spirit of her husband who sent the message, because he asked her to take care of their daughter such-and-such, a name known only to the couple. This was, based on the opinion of Ibn Kanjur, the converted jinni, the work of a jinni, the qarn of the dead, or any other curious jinni.

In the human world, a scholar spends time to study and make research, and at the same time the moment of death is also approaching. He might not have time to record all of his knowledge and findings before his death. Therefore, many of his knowledge and findings are lost with his death, a big loss for humans.

He must be replaced with another scholar who must start learning from childhood. One of the apparent sophisticated knowledge of the jinn in the field of medicine is the following story: The Kuwayt daily newspaper al-Qabas in its supplement published on Monday 26, March , states that a woman of a Coptic Christian family suffered from cancer for five years. She lived in Manial at the outskirt of Cairo.

Her name was Mrs. Samya Wadi, age She suddenly suffered severe headache as a result of pain in her stomach. Her husband, Mr. Safwat Jiryes took her to the hospital. The doctor told her that she suffered from cancer and he could not make the operation as the cancer hided inside a tiny vein in her stomach.

She was brought home. One month later she fell into coma for one month, and the doctors fed her through glucose injection and by giving her pure blood. When she awoke, she found herself paralysed. Her husband called a priest who ordered him to practise certain religious rites, but they could not help her. During this period the cancer reached her liver, and the doctors said that she could live only for counted days, and she would die. A neighbouring Muslim woman who had just returned from pilgrimage advised her to recite certain verses of the Qurn.

She did and felt better. She could sleep after months of staying awake.

Her husband brought her some Qurnic tapes for her to listen. Samya Wadi asked her husband to bring her a bottle of the best perfume he could get, eau de cologne lit. Then she begged him to turn off the light and leave her alone, because she wanted to enjoy complete darkness of that night.

The husband thought that this might be her end, that she would soon die. Therefore, he prayed to God to relieve her from her pain. In the morning, he knocked at the door, no answer. He knocked again, and again no answer. He opened the door by force and found his wife in a very strange condition.. He was shocked to see her. Her upper part was covered with medical bandage, and her lower part was covered with white sheet. She was unconscious.

He called his children to see their mother. Neighbours also came to see her. Then he called the doctors. They came and made some medical tests.

They said that she had been under a highly delicate operation, and recommended to bring her to the hospital. She was still unconscious. In the hospital the doctors declared that the cancer had been completely uprooted from her stomach and her liver, the operation was very successful, and she was cured.. What did really happened to her? After her recovery a correspondence of al-Qabas met her in Cairo and asked her to tell him the true story.

While trying to stop her tears, she said that at that night, after her husband left, she felt asleep while reciting some verses of the Quran. At about one oclock at midnight, she felt she was completely naked, and some persons whose faces she could not see were around her bed. She was half-conscious, and yet she felt what was going around her. She thought that she saw her belly was being opened without pain, and the hands of the unknown visitors started to deal with her sick parts and uprooted the illness.

She felt bandages and a piece of cotton was put into her mouth. She went into coma for three days. Her neighbour Umm Ahmad told her that believing jinn made operations for people of pure hearts. The end of the story is that the whole family converted to Islam. They were, H. Budi Ashari, Lc, H. Ahmad Junaidi, Lc. Ahmad Zairofi, Lc. Ruqyah literally means protection through duc supplication, prayer ; technically it means recitation of Qurnic verses and transmitted ducs and in transmitted way from the Prophet for the purpose of protection and treatment against devils.

In a pamphlet Mr. Junaidi stated, after three years of treating thousands of patients disturbed by devils, he found two motives for peoples dependant on jinn, namely, 1. Lack of faith, lack of knowledge of the religion of Islam, wrong way of worship, and the mix up of religious law with tradition.

He cites the following Quranic verse, If anyone withdraws himself from remembrance of Allah Most Gracious We appoint for an evil one to be an intimate companion to him.

Alis translation. Lack of faith leads to restlessness, worry and sadness. Instead of returning to Allah one resorts to dukun indigenous medical practitioner, shaman, fortune teller , amulets, and visiting places claimed to possess supernatural qualities.

Lack of knowledge of religion renders a person to fall into Satans misguidance by turning truth into falsehood and vice versa, for example, believing that every supernatural thing is karmah miracle worked by a saint given by Allah.

Many Muslims learn witchcraft thinking that it is karmah. Mistakenly they divide it into black and white magics, whereas in fact it should be divided into white and black witchcrafts. People practising innovated way of worship are liked by devils who are ready to serve them, such as reading Surah al-Jinn such-and-such times with the intention to see the jinn, or any other similar intention.

There are still many rituals and 21 beliefs based on culture contradictory to Islam are still being practiced, and usually with the assistance of Satan. Taking a short cut to gain ones goal. Allah says in the Qurn, Verily all thing We created in proportion and measure. Therefore, since Allah has passed His judgment on everything, one should not rush to get what one wants. It is Allahs divine decree that will come to pass, whether we shall eventually get or not what we want.

Many Muslims have forgotten this principle. For example, a poor person would come to a dukun seeking wealth. A woman who is afraid to become a spinster would go to a paranormal, hoping to help her in finding a husband. An employee who wishes to be favoured by his employer and to get a quick promotion would buy an amulet for obtaining authority, and a merchant who is short of customers would seek and keep things that have magic power to stimulate sales, such as a figure or design with mystical properties written in Arabic script written at the door, and perfume given with magic spells, salt spread in the yard.

A man seeking invulnerability to bullets, knives, etc , instant mastery of martial art, the ability to hit from a distance and to break a manual water pump with bare hand, would come to the kyai title or reference for a venerated scholar, teacher of Islam , or join a training that looked like a mere physical exercise, but in fact it contains something not mentioned to the participants.

Mr Junaidi states further that most of people who are dependable on jinn suffer from: the prayers or do 1. Inconsistency in establishing prayers. They often miss c them very lately, or on time but without khush humility , and feel sleepy when they listen to the recitation of the Qurn or to the Friday khut.

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