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Barron's TOEIC Practice Exams (PDF + Audio) แจกไฟล์ Tacticsfor TOEIC ( Listening and Reading Tests)Tactics 1 + 2 พร้อมไฟล์เสียง (Big Step TOEIC 3 ) Mozilge New TOEIC Actual Test Part (Ebook+Audio). Big Step 2: Giai đoạn 2: Luyện ĐỀ Economy TOEIC: Bộ sách được đánh giá là bố sách luyện thi TOEIC hay nhất + Economy Vol 1 RC +. tr n b big step toeic 1 2 tr n pdf. Genealogie van Aken 3 1. Elisabeth van Aken, geb. 17 maart 2. Jan Baptist Cornelis van. Aken, ged. 6 aug. , schepen.

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Sach Big Step Toeic 2 Pdf

Economy TOEIC RC Vol2 - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online Economy TOEIC LC Volume 2 eBook Big Step Toeic 1. Download as DOCX, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate Key, Scripts Big Step Toeic 3 - Actual Test 2. Uploaded by. trung Cd Book Longman Preparation Series For The New Toeic - [FREE] CD u b? sách luy?n thi Big Step TOEIC Big Step TOEIC do 2 tác gi? ng??i Hàn Qu?c.

You are on page 1of 0 Search inside document A Two men are walking past a bench. B People are moving the chairs nearthe trees, C One man s leanng on the other. D Some people are restng outdoors A He s walkng own the corridor. B He is entering the room. C He s wpng the ha!

A The woman is looking through the microscope. B The woman is putting on the protective glasses. C The woman is using laboratory equipment. D The woman is pouring liquid into a glass. A They are paving the road. B They are walking across the street. C They are stuck in the middle of traffic. D They are moving along the road. A People are leaving the stadium. B The sports game has begun. A There are some chairs around the round table. B There are glasses and plates on the table.

C Some diners are ordering in a restaurant. D The glasses are being filled. When did you buy this jacket? A About two weeks ago, B Any time now. A The construction site is open. B The construction vehicles are digging in the ground. C The man is stopping traffic. D The man is stacking up some construction materials. C He needs to run some tests. Do you have change for five dollars? A Well, let me just check. B At the bank, next door.

Is there a gym in this neighborhood? B They used to be so cheap. A People are sweeping the path. Where do I park my car? B The ground is covered with leaves. C The leaves are being raked. B in the basement right over there. D The trees are being cut down. Could you explain this table to me? A Ml try, but it looks complicated. C Wood and glass, I think.

Who requested the dental records? A She is the best dentist. A The aircraft is landing onto the ground. B The data is recorded accurately. C One of our patients. C The sky is clear. D The plane is parked at the airport. C Pm leaving next week to London. O ' C '21 B A Ten-thirty sharp. B In the seminar room. C Delivery schedules. Why is Kevin always late? A I always knew these machines were slow. B I have no idea. Someone should speak to him. C Until eleven, most of the time.

Would you like to throw the boxes away or keep them? A They are kept in the supply room. A The former sales director is in charge. B The market is very competitive. How many copies should we take? B Actually, it was a bit boring. B About twenty, I think. C No, Craig is making a presentation this time. C I took one yesterday. Have they agreed to our conditions? A Yes, I believe so. B It will go on for some time. C They find it cold here. C Yes, just give me a minute.

Do you know which bus goes downtown? B It only takes 30 minutes from here. C Sorry, I am a visitor here. Can I leave a message for him? Would you prefer a window table or a table in the center?

A Whatever comes first. C He had to leave in a hurry.

Tài liệu Key, scripts big step toeic 3 - actual test 1

C They said they would send out the mail. How many people came to the shareholder meeting? B I placed it by the window this morning. Do you want me to take you to the airport, Mr. A It will be next week. A Because the flight has been delayed. B Fewer than B To Berlin at 7 p. C It was pretty positive. C Thanks. That would be great. Did he explain the procedure to you? Could you tell me how I can cancel my reservation A He said it is two blocks away.

C Oh yes, quite clearly. B May I have your name, please? C I can get there by 3 p. A Yes, do you need any help? C It costs 20 dollars. Should I have someone bring you the file or will you pick it up yourself? A Yes, Michael brought it in this morning.

B I think I misplaced the file somewhere in the office. If the shipment arrives late, I think we should take the rest of C I will come over after lunch.

Chia Se Cuc Lon Kho Sach Thi IELTS TOEFL TOEIC

A Yes, I worked very late yesterday. B That sounds like a better idea. C Shipping costs are getting high. A It was a lovely party.

B I can help you with it if you want. Could you recommend any good place to eat around here? C The food there is so fresh.

Review Sach on Thi Toeic

B You need at least one recommendation. C Yes, I already ordered my lunch. IS :' C ' C A [] W; We need pictures of our employees for our silver jubilee brochure.

Can you arrange to get them by this evening? A lm not a big tan of meat. B Medium, please.

Vocabulary toeic 2 pdf

C Of course, I liked it a lot Have you found a new place to live or are you still looking? A I carVt decide on a locaton. Why dont you come wth us to dinner on Friday? A I ddnt bring anyone along.

B That would be great C I saw one on the dining tabe. Do you live down by the river? A The teny terminal s on the river. B The river runs north to South. C Yes, thats where I reside. A I hope prices haverVt increased too much. B My Computer was updated yesterday. C The second prize. A You bet I did. I passed the test C I bought it yesterday. Are you going to obs retirement party or do you have to work on the project?

A Pd better stay in the offce. B Yes, I heard about his retrement from my boss. C No, lm too tired. This new network system is much easier to use, dont you think? A I think its a new system. B Yes, its qute an mprovement. C ts a brand-new Computer. D 47, C A 52, C W: Yes, it is, Can have your name and the company to whieh you belong so that 1can write up your name tag and assign you a seat?

Woud you be abe to seat me with the representatve trom Global Artvvord?

W: Well, lets see. There are many representatives from nternational tirms at that table. I booked a cab last night under the name Winslow to pick me up for an eariy tight today. Ifs now I M; Ah, yes, Ms.

Wnslow, I tound your booking. Youre at Queen Street West, right? W: No, rm at Queen Street East. What am gong to do?

M Dont worry, Ms. Pve aready dispatched another cab drver to your address, and he wll be there n two minutes. Were very sorry about the eontusion. Thank you for bringing a dairy-free version. At the last office potluck party, accdentaly ate some that had eheese in it, and I had a stomachache for the rest of the attemoon.

I W: Matt, j-m atraid that the dip I made hasnt been put out yet. Cheryl put it in the trdge because she thought that there was enough food out already, and more peope from accountng w be coming later.

Perhaps it wont be so bad.

I ony ate about two or three mouthtus. I W; Have ou tried that new medcine for people who can5t dgest dairy toods? My sister takes it, and she says it5s very effectveYou can buy some from the drugstore downstairs W: Mr.

Silver, I inaly tracked down Carl. He came down with a sudden case of the flu this moming and wont be able to make the one oc! M; Weil, okay. W: Carl told me to get the report and give t to you. Get it to Bryan as soon as possbe, and tell him that hes going to have to present Carls report.

Ill meet the partners and try to give Bryan enough time so that he can famliarize hmselt with the key points. Lsten, before we go, tell me quickly how the retirement party for your od boss went. The party was supposed to start at p. They werent competey set up by the time everyone started arriving. W: Have you tried Urban Caterers?

Theyre a new company, so : I havent had a chance to check them out, Do you have a contact number for them? I already have to start planning for the annuai Chrstmas party. Ths is lan trom Wi-Fi Neighbors. W; But ve aready been without my Internet Service for the I whole moming now. M; have already put n a request for a technician to vist your offce, but m atraid I cant tel you exactly when he will arrive.

Can you give the technician my cel phone number? Im gong to an Internet cafe just down the road to e-mai these documents. Please have him caH me as soon as he reaches my offee. Smith, youre going to be staying at the Dhaka Plaza Hotel for the tirst two nights of your trip, then yoiTII be going up to Bogra, where youll be staying with the tield officer Roland Headly, for three nights.

Then, youll be heading back to Dhaka Plaza for the iast night. M: Thank you, Penny. Have you had a chance to find a different travel route? Those stopovers will consume a lotottime. W: Yes, Mr. Smith, I tound you a red-eye tlight from Toronto to London with just one stopover of two hours and then directiy onto Dhaka. M: Very good. If lm eaving on the red-eye, it wil mean I can make that tamily dinner with the Singhs. NI most likely sleep during the trip, which wi!

M: After you complete your presentation points, I can go over the detais of the new hardvvare features using the prototype blender. W: I took the hardvvare home last night so that I could do more graphcs for the presentation. Its stl there. M: All right. Its only 10 a. We still have time to bring jt back to the offce. How long wil it take you to go home? W: Actually, I dont think I have time for that.

I have a meeting right after I inish rehearsing this with you. If I give you my house keys, can you bring it back to the office? M: Did you go to the annual sale at MandaTs? I hear the offers are really good. W: Not yet, but I plan on going this evenng atter work.

I need to tinish shoppng for Christmas M. Good, can you check out the kids wear secton? I have to buy something for my daughter. W: Sure, I can even buy something for her if Its really nice.

It may not be there tomorrovv, you know. W; Yes, this s she. How may I help you?

I hope m not interrupting your dinner. I notice that your subscripton with us has endedAs you know, we depend greatly on the support of generous donors like yourselt so that we can provide high quality televison programming without commercials. W: Yes, thats right! I really enjoy the British mysteries you import. I was meaning to renew my subscription but I torgot. Thank you for reminding me.

But would you mind calling later? I understand that you vvould like an estimate on a possible renovation to your kitchenI believe you want to have a new set of cupboards installed as well as a larger kitchen window built. Although I do not know exactly what type of wood or other materials you vvould like to use, generally such a renovation would take approxmateiy two weeks to complete.

Our cupboards can be built using oak, maple, or birch. If you can let me know what type of wood you would preter to use, we can determine a better estimate for the renovation.

I wiil be available Monday and Tuesday evening to drop by your home and see what the job entas. Please call me at to determine which evenng is best for you. My name is Sheryl London, and I would like to show you what Products Intelliverse s creating to make your home safe and secure. Frst, we have a tiny gadget called the Saesensor, which will automaticaly lock the front door of your home. Another new product Intelliverse s quite proud of is the Quicklock. The third product is the Keyvaut.

The Keyvault is a small device which stores house and car keys on the back of a persorVs moble phone. The key Chain will be soon obsol ete thanks to the Keyvault. Welcome to The Daily Money Minute. Im your host Benson Hollinger, and oday were taking about time management. Companies strive o do thngs more efficiently and quickly each and every day. First, set houry goals durng your vvorking day. Do not aliovv yourseif to waste ime through dle chatting or being distracted by others.

Secondly, be reasonabe in plotling your work schedule. Planning to do 20 things in one day when perhaps only 10 things can be tully accomplished leaves empoyees teeling hepless and depressed. Aiso, rushing to f inish those 20 tasks coud otten result in errors that could cost the company money and time. Remember, it is al ways a good idea to set goals throughout the day. Reaching those goals W result m ateeling of satistaction and self-confidence after a productive work day.

The main reason for this increase has been due to the ris in home construction.

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