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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. NYT and USA Today Best Selling Author Melody Anne has written the popular series, Billionaire Bachelors, Surrender. pdf submit surrender 2 by melody anne - ksocmkokn - get it now submit submit surrender 2 melody pdf criminal procedure(the bar lectures. Submit (Surrender, #2) by Melody Anne () Pdf Book ePub Hunter by Melody Anne. Posted by Mason Epub on November 7, Fiction; Contemporary.

Rafe and Ari continued Oh for God sakes sister What are you doing to me?? This was just as first-rate, if not better than Surrender. Unquestionably not a light hearted read, but not necessarily a uber dark read either. It's so hard to put it into words Hmmmm, let's see I was literally holding my chest through most of this one! I even shed some damn tears over this one Oh and the sex I'm moist just thinking about it!! Hot, Angry sex!!! Rafe was a little less cynical in this installment, but was every bit the asshole he's so good at being.

The homes and businesses they built in Third World countries changed lives. Rafe was surprised by how much he wanted to be a part of it. My manager can run things from here.

He was used to being yanked away, and he always came back as soon as the task was finished. This was a brilliant idea.

He just needed to get away from this mess for a while. His infatuation with one woman was out of character; hell, it was completely insane. They will eat you alive. No matter how many times she chanted this in her head, she could feel the sweat beading on her brow, and what felt like ten-pound weights sitting on her chest.

What if she messed up? What if she threw up? What if everything just went black and she face-planted in front of the entire room?

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You will not psych yourself out! That takes guts, determination, and stamina. This is nothing in comparison. A class of fifty students will not intimidate you.


OK, she was feeling a bit less faint as she dimmed the lights and turned on the screen projector. This was her first job and she was grateful to be teaching. The most difficult of times was being with Lia and Rachel. It seemed that not a single day could pass without a thought of him fluttering through her mind.

Missed his smile and his laughter, missed the way his hands had caressed her body. No man could measure up to Rafe Palazzo. She would never settle for less than love, but she did miss the excitement the man provided. Missed the hunger that swelled into desire from deep within whenever he touched her. No man had stirred her the way he had, and she missed him desperately, though she never admitted that — not even to herself.

What good would it do her? Shaking off the melancholy thoughts, Ari focused on the meticulously written out notes in front of her as she began her carefully planned-out lecture.

Too nervous to focus on the students, she was relieved when class was nearly over and it came time for them to ask questions. Please, someone have something to ask was her only hope in that moment.

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The next few minutes passed with several questions, and the stiffness eased from her body. Only a couple of minutes more to go and she could call her first class a success. Will you join me for dinner tonight? She would never, ever forget that voice — it haunted her in her dreams, making her wake up aching and empty.

Sitting comfortably in the back of the classroom, he took her breath away with his confident grin.

Several students turned his way, the girls batting their eyelashes, the guys wanting to be him. It was obvious to anyone present that he was a man who would always get his way. One more quote. His dad said it best. I'm sorry but I didn't enjoy it. I like the story with ari and rafe but there wasn't enough in the book.

Compared to all the drama in book one this one had hardly anything.

Too much with Shane and lia for me. They should have a separate book as it took the story away from main two. Didn't like ending either, 6 months was too long and too much could have happened. I can't wait for the 3rd book but hope its more based on them and doesn't keep jumping too far in the future. You have to read this book in order to understand this series since the stories continue throughout the book.

So, yes, there are cliffhangers. Not a bad second book, but still it is a bit annoying that the book has a cliffhanger. Wow this book was even better then the first the Depth of emotions and the hints into the characters vulnerability made me feel for them. I loved seeing Rafe start to find himself again and Ari being brave enough to let her true feelings be out in the open has given me a new respect for her character.

The addition of Shane and Lias relationship is a huge bonus and I'm routing for both couples to find their happily every after. The story has a great flow and Melody Anne's descriptions of places a Wow this book was even better then the first the Depth of emotions and the hints into the characters vulnerability made me feel for them.

The story has a great flow and Melody Anne's descriptions of places and emotions is so real that you can't help but feel involved in the journey these characters take.

I also love how she manages to write this story while never taking it further from her comfort zone in the romance genre, she manages to write sex scenes that anyone would be comfortable reading and yet are still very hot. I'm looking forward to book three and hope it gives answers to the many questions invading my mind. I usually don't mind secondary characters and their stories.

For me, I think it would have worked better as a short story, Submit 2. What the hell Rafe?! The reason for his distaste and disregard for women was becoming ridiculous.

What happened to him was terrible, but to hold on to that hate even when he started having true feelings for Ari was just pathetic.

I was so proud of Ari in this book. It was fun reading the parts with her and Rafe's sisters. She actually got to act her age. View 2 comments. Ari and Rafe are at it again in this second installment by the talented Melody Anne. From steamy love scenes to heart-wrenching confrontations, these star-crossed lovers will take you on a journey you won't soon forget. I laughed and I cried as I followed along and at times I even wanted to scream! Can Rafe finally let go of past heartaches and open his heart again?

Will Ari accept his proposition or will she walk away for good? In this book we get to know Rafe's sisters more along with best fri Ari and Rafe are at it again in this second installment by the talented Melody Anne. In this book we get to know Rafe's sisters more along with best friend Shane. The chemistry between these characters will pull you in and make you wish you could be one of them. My only complaint is that I have to wait till September for the next book! Oh my goodness, seriously?!

Sooo frustrating! And even more so that I have to wait for the 3rd book! I'm not sure if I liked Shane and Lia's added story, I'm way to intrigued about Ari and Rage's "relationship" to read about another.

I'm really hoping I get my happily ever after soon! Oct 10, Daphne rated it it was amazing. This is such a great story. Everything about this book from the plot to the amazing characters is worth reading! Sizzling bedtime stories Wink wink. Nov 16, Megan rated it it was ok Shelves: Wasn't impressed by this. Found it boring and completely not for me. Giving it 2 stars as I think I may have been the problem not necessarily the book.

Loved it! The relationship changes and grows between Ari and Rafe. It is exciting and tense at the same time. I can't wait to read the next book in the series. Sans moi merci! Loved this book!!! It starts back off where book 1 stopped and allows us to grow closer to each character. Rafe and Ari each come to an agreement but neither expected to fall for the other. The grow to care for one another and expect to have the other's presence around.

We also get to see more of Shane and Lia's relationship evolve. I could go on and on about this book, giving everyone detail after detail but the point is, I loved this book and it is an amazing read! This series has yet to let m Loved this book!!! This series has yet to let me down and I can't wait to continue to read the last two books and see what will happen for Rafe and Ari as well as the rest of the characters in the series.

Rafe is by far hot and anyone who reads this series will grow to love him! View all 7 comments. Oh my God! The story continues and it is Rafe and Ari's arrangement is starting to take an unexpected turn and now Rafe's best friend Shane and Rafe's sister Lia are making their own sizzling story come to life.

These two couples are so intriguing you you don't want the story to end. It's more than just the sizzling and erotic sex, and fun get-a-ways.

It's about healing, soul searching and the courage to open up your heart and feel. Ari does just that and finds her self worth in the p Oh my God! Ari does just that and finds her self worth in the process. Even though she proclaimed her love to Rafe, he is still hurt from his past and doesn't give her the response she hoped for, so she leaves him.

He wants her back but doesn't know what to do. This second book in the surrender series has been a pleasure to read on a sunny Friday in May. Along the way Rafe's sisters add another branch to the story which helps to balance the book. I don't want to spoil the story but if you are looking for a leading lady with a backbone this maybe the series for you.

Wh oh Melody Anne what a bad women you are! While there is sex in the book its more a romantic book that a fsog book. Would I recommend the series? A big Yes but be prepared to be left wanting more at the end. So please Melody Ann hurry up with confirming the release date of Suduced because I'm one reader who wants more. Really enjoyed this book. I feel the pain in my chest. Rafe is such an alpha male! He just hasn't figured out women!! I liked how Ari knows what she wants and doesn't back down when it comes down to letting her feelings be known.

I hurt when these characters hurt and who can complain about that. I am routing for these two.

Series: The Surrender Series

I just really hope that she s dating the Prince when he finally realizes that he needs her. He needs a little bit of gr Really enjoyed this book.

He needs a little bit of groveling and can we all agree The Prince just makes me swoon!!

I guess we will have wait and see. This series keeps getting better and better It has every emotion the human soul can experience when it comes to falling in love and letyung down your defenses and it totally engulfs you in the story. Several times I found myself in tears if not close to it. I finished the first two books of this series in two days and just picked up the third I can't wait to see where this journey ends up!

She was his! Without another word, Ari lifted her head high and began the short walk to the back of his jet — straight to his bedroom. Excitement pooling inside him, Rafe rose from his chair, his senses tuned in to the soft sigh of her shoes as she moved before him.

He turned to tell his pilot they were ready — the doors could now be shut — then he followed Ari into his room. Anticipation made him almost unsteady as he circled her. They had only a few things to settle and then she was his for the taking.

Her eyes caught his every movement and he liked the uncertainty she was trying so valiantly to hide. A slight smile lifted the corners of her mouth as she began her slow approach. Still, disappointment filled him at how easily she was bending to his will. If he managed to break her so soon, would he enjoy her nearly as much?

Part of her appeal was her defiance. Ari moved to the other side of the chair he was holding out, then lifted her arm and let her hand trail along the backrest just inches from where his hand rested. Oh, the anticipation of sinking inside her was burning through his veins. This is a power game to you; you wield your business agreement and your Snidely Whiplash words like a sword and shield.

But it is only a game and I refuse to play.

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